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    I agree with you but the idea may have some merit if only it weren't for the fact that next to a snake, the democrats of todays are the least trustworthy critter on this here earth. Little steps, little steps, little steps and pretty soon you have a country enslaved. Sound familiar?
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    Can't argue any of what you said, and yep it sure does sound rather familiar Mein Herr.
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    You're pissing up wind if you think gay rights sways more votes than gun control. Even if it is New York we're disgusting.
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    This man is obviously ignorant of the law. A juvenile CANNOT legally purchase a handgun, whether or not he has a felony record. You must be 21 to legally purchase a handgun, and must have no felony convictions. Inner-city gang bangers don't undergo NICS checks, or purchase their guns at FFL Dealers, or at Gun Shows. At the latter, there are too many COPS either buying, selling, or working security in civilian clothes. There are also some retired police officers who now have FFL Dealer Licenses and shops. Gang bangers don't want to risk being seen at a gun show and recognized and get locked up just as they're trying to buy a firearm. It's easy for drug dealing gang members to get guns in their own hood, in anonymity, and with little danger to themselves. Besides, many gangs already have 'arms rooms' of 'community guns' and they don't need any more, especially ones that can be easily traced due to their recent manufacture and date/place of sale. As a well-known Albuquerque shrew likes to say: "You're pissing up a rope, dude". Somewhere in this guy's bill there's something that has absolutely nothing to do with getting inner-city criminals to lay off guns and everything to do with making it harder for law-abiding gun owners to sell or buy theirs. Let his fool and others who rush in with him talk and talk and talk and spread his message. He's shooting HIMSELF in the foot at the polls, lol. Don't know how many more times I can cite these to people that are totally oblivious to facts. The following are all findings of the US Department of Justice's Office of Justice Programs, National Institute of Justice and/or Bureau of Justice Statistics: "Illegal Firearms: Access and Use By Arrestees", NCJ163496 "...the illegal market is the most likely source. In fact....arrestees say it is easy to obtain guns illegally". "The study helps confirm the link between guns and gang membership and guns and drug markets. Among the arrestees, the groups that have the easiest access to firearms are drug sellers and gang members." (page 1). "Guns Used in Crime", NCJ148201. "Surveys of inmates show they prefer concealable, large caliber guns. Juvenile offenders appear to be more likely to possess guns than adults." "Studies of the guns used in homicides show that large caliber revolvers are the most frequent type of guns used in homicides (My Note: Don't have to worry about ejected casings with fingerprints on them), BUT the number of large caliber semiautomatic guns used in murders is increasing".(page 1). "Firearm Use by Offenders, NCJ189369. "78.8 percent of state inmates possessing a firearm at the time of arrest said their guns came from friends, family or an illegal street seller".(page 1). No matter what laws these IDIOTS enact, these 'youthful offenders' won't care. The risk of being killed by a rival gang member because they were unarmed trumps any possible prison sanction they could get by being either a minor in possession of a firearm, or a felon in possession of a firearm, or minor, felon in possession of a firearm while also being in possession of drugs, separate offenses all together. You have to LOCK THEM UP and keep them there until they are old and gray; or EXECUTE THEM if they wound or commit murder with a firearm; or the best solution, decriminalize/legalize drugs for a marked reduction in gun crime/gun homicide/drug dealing.
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    That's why I opposed would only open up another door to control, registration, and government control...I've had enough already!

    However, I do strongly encourage ALL Dimocrats to push the gun control issue very aggressively...hehehe.
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    "This man is obviously ignorant of the law."

    Really? Or is it just that you are ignorant of what was said? Because he clearly states: "It's scary to think that someone who committed a violent crime as a minor could easily purchase a gun just a few years later because of a loophole in current law,"

    I think he knows the law a LOT better then you do.
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    Gee, maybe they should go after the gang banger? Oh, that's right, we can't, that might come across as racist. Wonder why that is?
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    @boombatic No. You are just as ignorant of the law, and of how criminal justice background checks are conducted, as he is. Even when 'adjudication is withheld' an individual's record is STILL available to criminal justice practitioners. I know you won't believe that, but I really don't care. I worked in the criminal justice profession for MANY years after my honorable discharge/retirement from the US Army. I know. G-d knows, and PEOPLE WHO MATTER know.
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    @GedankPol Well, as long as you and God know I guess....

    too bad, the people making the laws don't seem to know....maybe you and God should go tell them.
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    THe bill states:'Under that landmark legislation, individuals who have been convicted of a crime and serve more than one year in prison cannot own a firearm."

    Oh the gun control Horror!
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    Funny, I can't find that anywhere in the Constitution. I also can't find authority for the Congress to pass such a law. Help me out. Article and Section, please. Thanks ever so much.
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    @S_Bumgardner lol, we both know you are no constutional scholar. Why pretend?

    Can you tell me what the 7th amendment states without looking it up? I didnt think so?
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    Maybe we can use some of those inappropriate public disclosure requirements they have on groups and individuals as a means to those ends. Bwahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!
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    I have problems with the life long gun ban after they have paid their debt already. I know I will be attacked for this but once their time is served and probation is over they should have all rights restored. If we feel well enough try aren't a threat we can release them then they should have their rights back.
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    I agree with you. If they can't be trusted, they should not be released, but once released they should have all the rights of any citizen.
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    I agree to an extent. If the law they broke that lead them to prison was fun related, then guns shouldn't be there for them later. It's like an alcoholic, if you keep taking him or her to the bar, eventually they will drink.
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    Agree. Especially if a kid makes a bad decision, then grows up to become a responsible adult. Also, if you live in a rural area, a gun is a necessity.
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    @Food4thoughts Please point out where it says in the U.S. Constitution that Congress, or anyone, has the right to pass "gun control" legislation. It says EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE.
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    Gun control has repeatedly been a losing issue for Democrats

    Remember Bundy Ranch People!!!

    Just say NO to anything The Liberals want..........Period!!!
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    This sounds like a lame attempt to claim he's making the world a safer place.

    First, just how big a problem is this really? How many have seen a recent story involving such a scenerio?

    Next does such a law stop anyone from getting a gun? A criminal doesn't care what the law says. If the kid is a criminal, a new act of Congress isn't going to solve the problem.

    As another poster said, charge them as adults for violent crimes and the issue is answered.

    We have 20,000 gun laws on the books. Now we need them enforced.

    If gun bans work, why not just ban criminals?
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    Yes, because gang bangers and other criminals follow the law,:rollseyes:NO they will instead get one from Mexico, what is so hard to understand about this? they make these stupid laws thinking its going to solve anything when it does NOTHING when our boarders are left wide open unchecked so these illegals can walk in and sell drugs and firearms straight from Mexico.
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    Slippery slope.
    Most everybody does something wrong in their youth. But it doesn't mean they are more likely to do the same thing again grown up. In fact, they may be less likely.
    This is another electioneering scam, plain and simple.
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    So a teenager gets arrested for fighting with another teen and loses his rights for life? That ain't right. This is just another mechanism for taking Second Amendment rights away from as many people as possible.
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    Same reason they push for more drug laws, back door approach to gun control, then Federal agencies smuggle, deal, kill, and steal then holler evidence gathering.
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    Enough already - we have plenty of laws to deal with people committing crimes with guns - I AM SICK OF DEMOCRATS IN A FRENZY FROM EVERY ANGLE ON GUN CONTROL - THEY SHOULD OBSESS ON KEEPING CARS OUT OF THE HANDS OF DRUNK DRIVERS BEFORE THEY COMMIT THE CRIME - a federal database for a check before any car purchase - private sales illegal. Seriously, any democrat speaking sensible gun control, is seen by me as another step in a staircase to take my constitutional right to bear arms. I see their goal to be total disarmament of US citizens. I see their intent to take any and every incremental step towards their final goal. NOT ONE MORE INCH!!!- ENOUGH ALREADY - DEMOCRATS ARE OUT OF CONTROL ON GUN CONTROL!!! SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED - WE ARE ALREADY WAAAAAAY TOOOO INFRINGED! NOT ONE MORE INCH!!!
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    Punishing any person for a crime that did not exist is a complete heinous violation of a persons rights to life and liberty.
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    @DaQuietOne EXACTLY MY POINT!- That's what they're doing with guns - a kid goes crazy in Connecticut & now the gun control frenzy is on to prevent future crimes - every one is a potential mass murderer -(best excuse to advance the most common agenda of a totalitarian regime - disarming the people)
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    Huh..? What..? Really..?
    What a idiot. Is he not aware of currently existing laws..?
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    So a 16-year-old can make a phony vehicle insurance card (a felony offense) and lose his or her natural right to keep and bear arms because of such foolishness? This is bad legislation.
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    As it stands now, and 18-year-old who does the exact same thing DOES get banned from ever owning a gun.

    Some states also ban anybody who's convicted of a felony from voting for the rest of their lives.
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    They want our guns. This is just a stepping stone. The 2nd Amendment is being challenged... again
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