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    I don't really care about her hashtag, that's pretty minor, what isn't is she and so many others are putting OUR children at risk by not vaccinating their children. It's been known for a few years now, but there was a big article in USA Today on Monday about the children that are getting diseases that we thought were eradicated through vaccination. Some of these children are dying. Some unvaccinated because their parents won't do it and others because they were too young to get the vaccination and are being infected by the unvaccinated. So here's the new rule, let's call it Tralee's Rule for Children, if you are so irresponsible or so deluded that you actually believe the false stories of autism being related to vaccinations, then do what you will with your own children, however, you MUST homeschool them, may not go to any Pediatrician or any public area where there are or could be other children. Got it? You may take the risk with your own child, I hope they do not get sick and die, but you may NOT put any other child at risk. And, I just want to give a big BRAVO to several groups of doctors who will NOT accept any new patient if that patient is not vaccinated. All schools should also have this rule, I seem to recall they used to.
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    "...she and so many others are putting OUR children at risk by not vaccinating their children.""
    If your children are vaccinated then how is her children putting your children at risk?
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    @sociald One reason is that it's not unknown for a disease to mutate ('flu' does so with almost alarming regularity which is why we have to have annual "jabs", but even the most stable germ or virus can change). The more children that are unprotected, the more likely a vaccine resistant strain of a disease appearing becomes.
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    @klishnor that doesn't not make sense at all. if a person is not vaccinated then why would they trigger a virus to become vaccine resistant?
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    @sociald What part of what I wrote that some kids were being infected BEFORE they were of an age to be vaccinated did you miss? And, in the USA Today article there is a phenomenon that is related to more being vaccinated that cuts down on the infections. KIDS ARE DYING, I don't care if you don't want to vaccinate, not my business, it IS my business if one of mine is infected with measles, whooping cough, polio or so other easily eradicated disease because YOU or someone like you, decided to not vaccinate and inflict your diseased carrier on the general public. So - keep your disease carrying kids away from the healthy ones. Oh, any you may want to do a bit of reading on the measles epidemic in either Wales or Scotland that is killing or retarding all those kids who were not vaccinated. Or, read the USA Today article, check out the kid with no legs, arms and the deformed face, read about the bloated body of the weeks old child who died, horribly, of whooping cough. Simply because some irresponsible parent didn't get a vaccination and inflicted their infected kid on the general population. How would it feel to know that because of your actions some mother lost a loved child?
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    @sociald Germs and viruses don't need to be in contact with an antibody to change, they can do so due to things like unusual blood chemistry (high metal content such as lead, or unusual pH) putting the germ or virus under stress, even a random cosmic ray hitting just the right (or wrong from our point of view) genetic base pair will make that disease source change/mutate/evolve. The more incubators (non protected people) you have, the greater the chance of a random mutation producing a vaccine resistant strain of the disease.
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    Science deniers are a dangerous lot. This lady is one example of a much larger problem where individuals think they know better than the experts.
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    Science is far too overlooked and dismissed in our society, it (real science) should be held in the highest regards and respected as it is more so worldwide.
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    She's doing something more then denying science. It's easier to blame vaccines for her kids problems than to blame her fake boobs. That would entail a certain amount of personal responsibility she isn't capable of.
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    @TRex84 - That's a bit harsh, man. Just sayin'. I don't think she's irresponsible, just severely misled, and in turn misleading others.
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    The experts have also sold us some pretty toxic stuff.

    Remember thalidomide?

    Currently many drugs on and off the market caused liver failure. Whether isn't vaccinations or treatment drugs, there are always side effects and more frequently than not until there is a significant cluster of SAE's the pharmaco's and FDA aren't inclined to take the public seriously.
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    @The_JillyBeans Nothing in this world is perfect and that includes modern medicine. Clinical trials of drugs which include double blind studies and placebos are highly useful in determining the efficacy of medications and what and at what frequency they are likely to occur. All drugs are poisons, but they are targeted and provide for a better outcome on average than not. The flue vaccine is about 70% effective in preventing the flue. The shingles vaccine about 50% effective. Chemo has all kinds of harmful effects on the body. Some vaccines can make you sick.

    The bottom line is this is risk management, and science establishes the probabilities. You are far better off getting your vaccinations.
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    The anti-vaccine, raw milk, only real organic crowd needs lessons from the real third world. Malaria kills, measles kills, spoiled milk kills, etc. Of course, maybe they are good with people dying???
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    Those of us with illnesses that are made worse by chemicals DO appreciate and respect science. But it's not a one-size-fits-all world. Those old vaccines haven't changed in all these years and there should be new research in that area. I've never had a flu vaccine in my life. I'd rather take my chances than make an already impossible autoimmune disease angry.
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    The fact remains that the risks associated with vaccinations are outweighed by the risks of not being vaccinated.
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    I wouldn't lump "only real organic" in with anti-vaccine and pro-raw milk activism. I've been eating organic since the beginning of the year, avoiding GMOs and processed foods, and I'm much healthier for it.
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    @2kingsdaughter those old vaccines are constantly being changed and there is continuous research in this area. All wild viruses and bacteria can mutate and change their characteristics, including both their susceptibility to vaccines and antibiotics. Science is in a constant war with disease in this area.
    The seasonal flu virus changes every year - there are several variables and we may have a partial immunity from previous outbreaks if it doesn't mutate too much, but we need a new vaccine every year. The problem is when it changes more radically by incorporating the genetic material from animal borne flu viruses. Thus we get avian flu and swine flu pandemics. An early example was Spanish Flu which swept the world in 1918/20 and killed more people than died in the first world war. Some estimates put the figure (conservatively) at 20 million.
    I don't take the flu vaccine as I am not in the vulnerable category but I would if it was advised. Oh yes, I should say. The flu virus is already angry. Also, arthritis, Crohn's Disease, ulcerative colitis are or can be autoimmune diseases. The flu virus is not.
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    @Jasamac52 I know that the flu virus in not autoimmune disease. I HAVE an autoimmune disease and cannot take the flu shot or the pneumonia vaccine. Both cause my illness to flare-up and I would likely end up in the ER. I also eat organic and stay away from as many chemicals as possible. Trust me, I didn't ask for this illness and it's not an easy life. But I won't subject myself to anything that will cause it to become worse.
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    Define hypocrite: Jenny McCarthy. When you peddle Blu-eCigs yet scream bloody murder over someone getting vaccinated for measles or polio....
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    @Denizen_Kate they aren't fda approved and no one is for sure the long term benefits or con's but she is in a commercial going on about how much better for you than cigs....but there is no solid proof they are.
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    There are only several ingredients in the liquid for e-cigs. Vegetable Glycol and Propelyne Gycol are both FDA approved and found in many common food items. Nicotine in itself has no carcinogenic properties such as tar and the thousands of other chemicals used in cigarette tobacco. There are hundreds of studies by science and medical professionals that can be easily found online stating that e-cigs are much safer than cigarettes. You can also find many peer reviewed studies that also bolster these claims. The FDA is currently under the thumbscrews of big tobacco. We all know how dangerous cigarettes are so why doesn't the FDA do something to ban them?
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    Vaccination Mandates: The Public Health
    Imperative and Individual Rights

    Vaccines are safe and effective.
    However, they are neither perfectly safe nor perfectly effective.
    Consequently, some persons who receive vaccines will be
    injured as a result, and some persons who receive vaccines will not be protected.

    Whether an adverse event that occurs after vaccination was caused by the vaccine or was merely temporally related and caused by some totally independent (and often unknown
    or unidentified) factor is often difficult to ascertain.

    Decisions about use of vaccines are based on the relative balance of risks and

    An important characteristic of most vaccines is that they provide both
    indi­vidual and community protection.
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    The parents who do not vaccinate their children should be held criminally liable if their child contracts one of the diseases and passes it on to another child.
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    @DarylL Possibly. But the kid would have to go to school and come down with the disease. This would be known by the authorities. Another kid in the school who was vaccinated would then have to come down with it. I think that should be sufficient evidence.
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    I generally try to be objective and/or tolerant of other views, but the anti vaxxer crap instantly puts you in the f*cking idiot category. Only in the West would people be so comfortable that they could support something this god damn stupid.
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    Scientists are awesome! Although I really enjoyed experiencing some midlife whooping cough during an outbreak here this winter...wait, no I didn't. Thanks Jenny!
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    And bye the way, I object to the characterization of those who are scientifically literate as 'science lovers'.

    Better to brand those who are not scientifically literate as 'primitives'.
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    It's unfortunate that someone who lacks even the most rudimentary science education apparently can have an effect on something as important as vaccinations. People always have a tendency to find patterns where there is none. In this case, Jenny fell into the same mistake that many, many people do. Unfortunately, because she was a "celebrity", most people confused her celebrity status with her IQ or experience in immunology. If I want advice on how to get paid to take my clothes off or how to keep my name in the tabloids, I'll ask Ms. McCarthy. If I wanted advice about vaccinations, I'll ask around reputable doctor.
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    No! It makes her a total jerk who thinks nothing of putting other people's kids at risk just to promote her stupid, vicious anti-vaccine movement and to totally disregard science and other forms of education. That Jenny McCarthy is a real piece of work, if there ever was one, imo.

    The anti-vaccine movement is rooted in raw, unbased fear of autism, a poorly-understood biologically-based neurological disorder. The now ( unlicensed) Britain-born Dr. Andrew Wakefield (who got his license to practice medicine lifted due to his having deliberately used falsified data for his so-called study on this matter.) and Jenny McCarthy, who was nothing but a nude model poser before becoming part of this vicious movement, are both manipulative charlatans who prey on people's worse fears of a poorly-understood disorder.
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    The gall of ignorant people like her makes me sick. As someone above said, "Only in the West." Right? Parents in third world countries would give their lives to get basic vaccinations for their children. To be so narcissistic to deny decades of scientific knowledge and think you know better. This is what happens to the narcissistic, ignorant and poorly educated. Because they can't comprehend the finer details, scientific and/or political, they are convinced they know better and it is their responsibility to teach others of their misguided ways. Jenny you are a danger to others and now you are trying to whitewash your culpability in the return of deadly diseases making a comeback because of your anti-vaccine pulpit. Shame on you.
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