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    Have a heart Jimmy. I am 72 and like them closer to my age and always have. There are plenty of hot females IMO older than 60. My wifes friends are great examples. My wife is the best example though. How I love following her up a flight of stairs!
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    You can still keep your wife but with my immigration plan you would also be able to have a few extra young gals around the house to help you out with your needs.
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    So all latinos are illegal aliens? No. And all illegals are latino either. That is just how the media portrays it. I want every single black, white, yellow, brown, green illegal alien deported back to their country of origin.
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    I know a few Illegal Irish, and a couple Polish. I couldnt care less about their legal status, they are good hard working people!
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    @Poltal I am Irish. I'm only the third generation of my family born in America.. but my family came here legally. No way would I support Irish or any other people here illegally, because no one should be rewarded for breaking the law. Whether they work hard or they are lazy, rich or poor, or any other way one can be labeled... illegal is illegal.
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    @YouSickenMe LOL, I am second Generation irish, and my parents came here legally too....they just showed up! Thats all it took!
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    @YouSickenMe lol, because my parents came here 80 years ago. Your ancestors didn't apply and wait in line, they just came. That's all it took to be legal back then
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    Rocket science? Well we know for sure that does not include liberals.
    Jeb will not get the nomination because amnesty is a no go.
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    Lmao. So now it's an "act of love" to break the law. Tell ya what Jen. I'll come break into your house and steal some really nice things(cause I know damn well you got more than I do) to support my family. Let's see if you call it an "act of love" then.
    Nominate this clown and the GOP can lose 3 in a row.
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    I wouldn't call surrendering our sovereignty and rule of law an "act of love." But a political act for votes from a segment of the Mexican populace that are poor and ignorant. Which makes for good democrats and the "great society" that conditions one for dependency on gubment. Actually, It's an act of Stupidity!
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    @S-N-A-F-U EXACTLY. As I said, Jen offers them amnesty, the socialist party wil off them, their parents, cousins, in laws and best friends amnesty. You can't out liberal a liberal and these poor, uneducated, ignorant illegals don't give a damn about anything but getting a free ride into legal status.
    You can equate them to the freeloaders here. They don't give a shite that their robbery of the coffers is hurting the country, they only care what they can get now.
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    "So now it's an "act of love" to break the law."

    Can you think of at least one example where that might be true?
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    That's the liberal way. Any expectation that a person suffer the negative consequence for the actions they take or to be held accountable is seen as "hateful".
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    "Because they couldn't come legally?" Why couldn't they. No body stops them from coming legally. Call it what it is. They didn't WANT to come legally. Why worry about breaking the law when the liberal god does nothing to them? Millions of uneducated immigrants flooding this country, depressing wages, sucking up welfare(as if we don't have enough teet suckers already) and the answer according to socialists and socialist lites? "We have to give them amnesty because their criminal behavior is an 'act of love.'" Pathetic.
    And jeb. You can't out liberal a liberal. Promise to give 'em $5 and the socialist liberal will just promise $10.
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    Would you have turned away all of the Irish, Germans, and Italiens that can here well over 100 years ago. They were for the most part uneducated and depressed wages.
    Now I'm sure you will argue. "But they came here legally!" Lol yes that's true but, we had nearly zeros immigration standards then so it's basically the same.
    Also you can't argue "Well we had the wild west and they had a place to go! Now we don't have room!" Please visit the Dakotas or Wyoming and then tell me that.
    I'm really sure that an average mother and her children in Mexico have the financial abilities to jump though our maze of legal loopholes and requirements or the time to waste waiting for approval as a drug cartel wages war in their town.

    I will agree that social programs need to be reformed to halt abuse. But most of the abusers and native born Americans so....want to deport them to? We can set up a British prisoners to Austriala type deal. Seems like something you would like.
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    I also see your profile marked "L" for libertarian. Come on man really? You going to be so statist as to get all angry about an arbitrary government boarder?
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    @RONPAULFAN that's right, they came here LEGALLY. I got no problem with LEGAL immigrants. Guess what. When those poor Irish immigrants came here we didn't have the welfare nation redistributing money to the hordes of uneducated, whether immigrant or native born.
    The native born abusers are citizens of this country. Illegal criminal aliens are not citizens.
    Your argument sounds like "citizens kill people too" when responding to the fact that hundreds of Americans are killed every year by illegal criminal aliens.
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    @RONPAULFAN and I don't care about the drug cartels and what they do. If the gument wasn't so corrupt, they could clean it up. Aren't you one of those that wants to stay out of the affairs of other countries? Yet, now you're in favor of open borders? What do you think is going to happen when we let anybody and everybody flood into this country?
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    @RONPAULFAN I'm not a wracked out "anything goes" open border nut job. You don't have boarders, you don't have laws, you've got chaos. This country would collapse, it's economy would collapse and we'd become a third world country with open borders.
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    Sheer Act of Hate for our Rule of law, and Equality, under that Rule of Law.

    To say, we are going to support Tens of Millions of Illegals, breaking several of our laws every day, because they hare of a certain Ethnic group, is a form of RACISM.

    We must ENFORCE our laws EQUALLY, which means, ILLEGAL ALIENS must be Deported to restore Equality to all Americans.
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    Not that I totally disagree with Bush on this, the truth of the matter is that he and legislators like him allowed this situation to get this far out of hand and now they are ALL scrambling to cover their own asses, they are pointing their incompetent fingers at humanity. "THEY", our greed ridden government allowed this to happen and now, they want the tax paying, legal people of this country to give them a pass for another of their failures. Where and when does this abuse of powers stop?
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    You don't have to worry about it from good ol' Jeb Bush. Just because he talks about immigration reform doesn't mean he's going to enact any. He had plenty of chances to while he was governor in Florida to make reforms to that states policies. What did he do? I'm sure he fast tracked some baseball players off a raft from Cuba but that's not exactly reform. Aside from talk what has Bush actually ever done?
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    Please... I only do drive offs and steal from grocery stores because I can't afford to buy these things.. It's no big deal right ? It's out of love form my family that I do these thing... I am NO criminal..... AH GEEZ !!!
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    For the umpteenth time:

    Reform the current immigration laws. And end anchor babies.
    Enforce the existing laws.
    Secure the borders.
    Remove the criminal illegals.(By any means including executions.)
    AFTER these are done, then we can talk about the illegals that are left.
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    @Cincinnatus here it is, and it needs to all be stopped. women come here daily only to drop anchor and get a free ride.
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    Funny how he now stands for illegal immigration as an "act of love", when he wrote his book that it was a violation of law as should not be rewarded.

    Flip-flopping won't change the face of the GOP, other than making them look more indecisive than they already do.
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    @Cincinnatus no. The Republicans have no platform anymore. It is a piece-meal/patchwork/hodgepodg e of bad ideas and half ideas. It is a joke to listen to people like Jeb.
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    I agree that the world of conservatism is in turmoil just now, but it's been that way before and come out okay.
    The same can be said for the world of liberalism.

    The problems happen when the old ways of thinking become obsolete. There will always be some who cannot adapt. They generally do not go quietly.
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    @Cincinnatus I disagree about Conservativism, but the Republican Party has issues. Democrats and Liberals will be having issues soon. The cracks are forming in their platform. The Progressive movement is their Achilles heal.
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    “Not everybody in that picture is White, just the overwhelming majority, and the data shows it's a very representative picture. If Republicans want to continue to exist as a major party in the future, they have to no choice but to broaden the appeal of their message”.

    OK, 56% white, 24% black, 14% Latino, 14% Asian and 2% other. That looks like an overwhelming percentage of whites to blacks to me. These are Barry’s numbers. Another biased story from a liberal to TRY and mislead the unknowing into believing something is when it really isn’t.
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    Editorial Assistant
    @DontBlameMe2 Black people make up 13.1% of the total US population, but 24% of Obama voters were Black. 2012 was actually the first time a higher percentage of Black people voted than White people, so it can hardly be argued that Obama failed to connect with Black voters.

    Non-Hispanic Whites account for 63% of the US population. That's not an overwhelming majority, it's just a simple majority — roughly six out of every ten people in the US are White. You'll notice "Barry's" numbers (56% White) are actually a bit lower but still represent about six in ten people.

    In fact, if you place the national percentage of Latinos (16.9%) and Asians (5.1%) next to the demographic breakdown of Obama voters (14% Latino/4% Asian) they match up pretty neatly as well.

    In other words, Obama's message didn't just resonate with more people than Romney's, it enfranchised a more representative cross-section of society. Romney voters looked like America in 1950, that or present-day Sweden — roughly 90% White.

    So unless the GOP's voter outreach strategy involves cracking the space time continuum or orchestrating a Putin-style intervention in Stockholm, they should earnestly contemplate finding some way to connect with the country as it actually exists — no need to shoot the messenger.

    Thanks for reading and commenting.
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    if the republican party wants to remain a voice in American politics, they need to be come relevant to the demographics of our nation. Jeb Bush is right to understand that the party needs to diversify and embrace the American that we really are, and that includes the Latino vote.
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    what does latinos have to do with illegal aliens? that is a crime and shows no values of rule of law. it says a lot about anyone who thinks do to being a certain ethnic they can break laws and be rewarded for it.

    when you look the other way on these things it grows like the huge problem we have right now showing some see not difference between right or wrong legal or illegal.

    it is not good for the country yet it is good for the country these folks left.
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    That is true.

    But it won't ever happen. It can't happen. Until something changes for the good in the hearts of the average Regressive Republicans.

    They want an America back where blacks and all non-whites know their place. An America where THEY remain the superior race while all other are subject to them.

    Just look at those pictures of the RNC as compared to the DNC. Democrats are the REAL face of modern-day America that many of our fore-fathers dreamed of.
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    @Denizen_Kate He is, Kate. He was our Governor in Florida. He is the BEST of the Bushes. I know a lot of folks will mock that statement but he is a GOOD MAN in the noblest sense of the word 'Man'. He is married to Columba, who is a naturalized US Citizen of Mexican birth, and he and she have 2 sons and a daughter together.
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    Are there any actual journalists at Politix that write non-biased stories that just give the facts about the news and let me come to a conclusion? This site is overrun with biased and liberal editorials.
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    According to my Ahobe Liberal Speak Translator "Humanizing people who are usually vilified in discussions about immigration policy" means making the perpetrator a victim and the victim a perpetrator...Which pretty much sums up the liberals progressive idea of immigration reform.

    How about somebody...anybody address the REAL PROBLEM! MEXICO!

    Hell, we feel the need to police the world but won't do a damn thing about Mexico...A bigger threat to US than Syria.

    12 million illegal aliens! Why?

    It's not US that needs to reform IT'S MEXICO!
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    there is a war going on there as well as human rights violations and it is all overlooked ,they are all but a failed state that the gov has no control over.
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    I said it once, and I'll say it again. If people could only get over the man's last name. He is probably the cream of the crop of the Bush family. Intelligent, good-hearted, educated-Master's Degree, articulate, genuine, fiscally conservative, protective of the environment, not only does he hold family values that conservative Republicans and conservative Democrats and Independents could wrap their heads around, he walks the walk and talks to talk. He is married to a Latina, Columba, whom he met while studying in Mexico. He has 2 sons and 1 daughter by her, he speaks THE BEST Spanish of any Native-Born non-Hispanic I've ever heard; he was very popular in Florida's diverse population of native-son Southerners, Hispanics, re-located Noo Yahkkers, Blacks and Jews from everywhere. I urge Independents and Republicans, if it is a contest between Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush, "Let Jeb Do It". You won't be sorry. He should have been The One in 2000. But..........
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    I will preface my comment by stating
    That I voted Dem each of the last two presidential elections. BUT, I voted Repub the prior five. I heard Jeb speak at a business conference 4 yrs or so ago, right in the heart of my Democrat conversion but I was VERY impressed by him and came away from that event thinking "we got the wrong Bush son in office in 2000". To me, he embodies a good balance of viewpoints, far more representative of the political center than most "candidates" on either side. I'd def consider voting for him
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    Even if he was the best man in the world, I don't think he will EVER be elected President...

    We've had 2 Bush's already, and it almost lead to the complete ruin of our country. That's enough for most sane people.
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    Talking the talk is always a good political strategy. Obama is aware of this so he speaks so kindly about immigration even though he's deported far more than any president in history. Yet he remains popular with immigrants, many of whom are NOT sympathizers of their undocumented cohort. Personally knowing many immigrants, some of them here illegally, I see the human side of the equation, but the main consideration should be what benefits the USA. IMO we need to legalized those who are contributing and therefore benefit the country, and deport those who don't. The sooner the better. Put it all on the table, even the 14th, and solve the problem for good rather than settle for another sham like RR's '86 amnesty that did nothing to change the broken system. Put us right where we are now in fact.
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    comes off as a bunch of failed parents who should not have kids to me. teaching them right from wrong is something not one illegal alien can do.

    this gets me. saying they are not good parents do to someone else has to keep their kids out of trouble do to not knowing how to do it themselves like real parents.

    this is more of an open borders reward than anything else, why else are laws not being enforced and even rewards given for. our own gov lets these folks get away with other crimes citizens are put in prison for.,
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    Illegals should never be granted citizenship, we shouldn't even give them any kind of legal status until the border is properly secure. Then and only then should we look at any kind of legal status.
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    @Cincinnatus comparing apples to zucchini aren't we. One is infringing on American citizens constitutional rights the other is foreign nationals violating our sovereignty and laws. Not comparable in the least.
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    "comparing apples to zucchini aren't we. "

    Yes, if you mean laws that you like vs laws that you don't like.
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    @Cincinnatus so you think just do to some attacking the constitution we should allow every single person who was sly enough to get here stay here?

    we have crimes that can be prevented," all crime done by illegal aliens can be prevented" if they was not here they could not commit other crimes so that all falls on their supporters and those who refuse to enforce that law.
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    Maybe if all these hard-working people who just want to support their families stayed in Mexico they could fix their own country so the don't have to break the law to do so.
    And, why are so many of them not paying their way in this country?
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