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    Wait til she gets older. Hopefully her cancer won't come back. But under Obamacare, if the treatment costs more ...if she's older. she will just get a pill and told to go home. As Obama said Himself.
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    @drpeeper Oh yeah, the Obama death camps for the elderly, I remember hearing about those....they're going to round up all the old people and kill them in Nazi style concentration will be a major blow to Republicans, since most of them are the 60+ crowd.....I heard Obama came up with the idea growing up in Kenya, when he was forced onto a deserted island with a bunch of other kids, and they killed all the adults and formed their own society, which quickly broke down....He learned form his mistakes though, and wants to try again here in America....

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    @boombatic There are numerous cases of those with cancer who had plans canceled & unable to find an affordable plan under ACA. Plus many said their cancer drugs and/or doctors were not on the plan.
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    @drpeeper He in no way said that if her treatments cost more then she would be denied them.

    What he did say, was he wanted to curb the spending on unnecessary tests or treatments that in no way help to improve a persons health or quality of life.
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    I'll say the same thing I said a day or two ago-YES we like that people in need get help, regardless of how they get it, no one likes to see someone die from neglect..........but NO, NO, NO, NO, NOooooooo, we don't want to spend the next 7-8 months until November election time being inundated by both side's gazillion-dollar campaign ads touting either "I was a victim of"/"I was rescued by" ObamaCare promos.
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    if Republicans don't run against Obamacare, which will require those adds, they have nothing else, perhaps switch the TV off.
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    Were insurance companies allowed to deny based on pre-existing conditions prior to legislation through the ACA? How is that propoganda?
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    @Food4thoughts this is the third article on Politix in the past two days touting how good the ACA is. Where are the articles of people's rates increasing, outrageous deductibles Etc...
    One other thing worth mentioning. This added entitlement will be carried on the backs of middle class Americans. The poor gets subsidized, the rich with connections will get a loophole. It happens all of the time.
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    @Food4thoughts and for that one provision we should have wrecked the entire health insurance marketplace? Why weren't Democrats out to just cover those w/o insurance? I know: b/c they want a single-payer system & they had to destroy the free market to get it!
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    She beat cancer in three months? Wow! Must be some super drugs out there that are only given to those who sign up for Obamacare. So we have one who was saved vs. many who have died because of it. And yes we lost 23 veterans last month who were refused treatment for cancer and other illnesses.
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    Perhaps you misread. She beat cancer and then, because a history of cancer is a preexisting condition, she could not buy new coverage. Fortunately, and not just for this lady, preexisting condition exclusions have between illegal since 2011.
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    @Cal "Always extend the benefit of the doubt - you never know when you might need it yourself" - The Book of Tragic Logic
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    @Cal This is the only "saved" life I can find from Obamacare, however there are more that I have read about who have died from it.
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    Well, she probably just had a "lump" that required minor surgery and radiation. Many women have that while others have more serious types or stages. That is what is meant by the different stages of cancer...One, Two, Three A, Three B, Four.
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    "Fought the insurance companies?" LMAO. They were on board for this socialist scam. Why? Because when they lose their asses on this unsustainable farce, they get multi billions in bail outs.
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    Now that was easy, just come up with a heart warming untrue story about someone who loves obamacare and how it saved them. Well, the truth is that if she had no insurance, the cancer centers would have helped her get Medicaid. This is a load of crap!
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    And I thought the insurance companies were not allowed to deny. Now that was a part of this deal. If one part of this story is not true, I reject the other parts. It is false.
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    This is like a glass of water. It has surface tension but shake it just a bit and it all spills out in a big mess.
    That is obamacare, a few surface things sound good but if you look just a bit deeper it all becomes one big mess.
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    Our feckless press loves to trot out anomalies fed to them by this WH. Why not FACTS about gubment run health care, hmmm?

    Not to sound repetitious....Most Americans have never been exposed to schemes such as this, nor do they have any idea of how gubment run health care really functions in the real world. Simple fact of the matter is, efficiency, quality and cost containment never comes from government running anything!

    The following is a precursor of what will happen when this scam of controlling our lives and one sixth of our economy is allowed to continue in completing the destruction of America as we know it.

    Note: The following examples are countries that have embraced a "single payer" system that this president and his surrogates are directing their efforts towards:
    The 'Father' of (single payer) CANADIAN health care admits its a Failure!!
    "For example, Angus Reid, a well-respected Canadian pollster, asked Canadians to rate their health care system. When they started doing this polling in 1991, a clear majority of Canadians gave the system top marks: excellent or very good. Last year, when they did the poll again, under one in four gave the system that rating.
    Angus Reid has done other polls as well. A year and a half ago, a poll sent shock waves across the country when 73 percent of Canadians described their health care system as being "in crisis." Reid actually went back and redid the poll six months later: 78 percent of Canadians now thought the system was in crisis"
    (Quoted in part from: )

    In SWEDEN their dumping 'Single Payer' Nanny State run health care for the private Insurance market. And for good reasons--"Sweden is often looked upon by liberals and statists as a shining beacon of what all countries should aspire towards"..
    "SWEDEN'S Single-Payer Health System Provides a Warning to Other Nations -- by David Hogberg, Ph.D."

    "Gammon's Law"--
    Gammon's Law is what Milton Friedman has named the "Theory of Bureaucratic Displacement" developed by Dr Max Gammon after studying the British National Health Service. In his words, in "a bureaucratic system … increase in expenditure will be matched by fall in production …." Such systems will act rather like 'black holes' in the economic universe, simultaneously sucking in resources, and shrinking in terms of 'emitted' production.
    As Friedman put it: "I have long been impressed by the operation of Gammon's law in the U.S. schooling system: Input, however measured, has been going up for decades, and output, whether measured by number of students, number of schools, or even more clearly, quality, has been going down."[1]

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    Good links lots of good info in them.
    I have friends in Canada and it is a well known fact that the people with money come to the States for treatment rather than use the Canadian system.
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    @URBS I feel sorry for my podiatrist. he left Ontario to practice in a free market system because the Canadian single payer system was so bad, and now he's trapped in the PnPuACA mess.
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    Yep you would think we could look at other countries and learn but we just run away back down the same road they took to socialized medicine.
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    There are thousands of stories like this.... When people get familiar with using "obamacare" more and more people will start to like the law.
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    And without OC she would have died??? I think not, there a multiple ways she could have found treatment! Remember in Alaska residents get thousands a year from oil sales, more then enough to pay for coverage.
    This is a manufactured story to prop up the dumbest ideas in U.S. medical history!
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    Its "nice" that she now has heathcare. BUT even if "barrycare" is perfect, its still 100% wrong just due to being forced into it. If it was so great then there would be a line waiting for it. You would not need the IRS forcing you into it.
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    I have grown weary of this debate. Even if I were to believe what the right claims I WOULD NOT support repeal. Like this example there are clear parts of the law that are GREAT! Are there parts that may not work for all? Sure, that can be fixed.

    I guess we will just have to wait to see which side has the high ground.
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    The health insurance business model enables bad health habits in a self-perpetuating cycle loved by Wall Street and Democrats alike. Both public and private insurance, which spread the health liability burden among millions of payers, is not sustainable, however.
    Instead, we should have payment networks made up of the patient, their family and relatives (to the 3rd cousin out). Health is a personal matter, not just a public policy issue. Family networks should be billed post-care, with only a small monthly premium to help build a savings account for regular office visits. Anything that exceeds the savings would be split up into monthly payments by the extended family and patients, on sliding scales depending on individual ability to pay, monthly until paid off.
    This will also rid us of employer insurance pools, a costly albatross on job makers that discourages more hiring (and employees often stay with a job they hate because they and their families "need" the insurance). A new system of billing family networks would encourage everyone to help each other stay healthy. It's in their interests to avoid bad health and reproduction* habits. Most health problems come from personal decisions, and the current insurance model is the enabler. A family payment network can change personal habits much more effectively.

    *reproduction is adversely affected by the current model. Public health coverage (all welfare) enables the underclass to have offspring more now, while in the past the underclass would limit their reproduction since they could not care for children without public assistance. This aggravates unskilled labor pools, keeping down wages even more -- further perpetuating generational poverty and dependency. No wonder Wall Street and Dems love Obamacare.
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    Covering more people including cancer patients does not work without the mandate in Obamacare. Insurance is a pool where everyone's premiums pay for your bills and my bills. That is how insurance works...a socialistic process for those of you who claim everything like this is socialist. But boy I bet you like it if your house burns down and you don't have to get another mortgage to rebuild while still paying the initial mortgage. Funny how insurance works.
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    Hate to disappoint you but I still have insurance, just cost a lot more and have to use another dr.
    I'm sure you'd support housing insurance reform too, you know, everybody pays for flood, hurricane, volcano, and avalanche coverage so those people in beach houses and mountain cabins wouldn't have to pay so much? Then the auto insurance needs reform too, we could all get coverage for a $100,000 dollar car so everybody could drive a $30000 dollar car....funny how insurance works, Heres an idea!, let's everybody just give all our money to Washington and let government decide what we need and everybody get an equal share... You could find 1000's of people to make an ad how well they like it, seen one today at the corner holding a sign
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    But if you survived cancer would you still have insurance...the way it was before. We're not talking about beach houses or Ferrari's...were talking about your health.
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    @Ashstop You don't matter though to the left. You're just a "small percentage" of people. Just 1 of 5 million. You're nobody. Just ask a liberal.
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    What about those who have lost their plans and or doctors? What about those cancer patients we heard about who can't go back to the cancer center they were using before their plan was canceled? And why is this website a cheerleader for the failed Obama?
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    "What about those cancer patients we heard about who can't go back to the cancer center they were using before their plan was canceled?"

    You mean the claim that got debunked as a lie?
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    @Cal Afraid I'm not aware of any that got "debunked". I do recall Harry Reid saying that NONE of the "horror stories" about ObamaCare were true. Of course he was proven to be both a liar & an idiot afterwards.
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    @Cal First of all there is NOTHING in that story (from the liberal Huffington Post) that debunks her claim. It simply says that a Democrat says it can't be true. So? I love how people who know nothing about the family's situation just decide that they must be lying. And you cite one case- hardly a debunking of how ACA has destroyed families health insurance.
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    No, it says that she claimed to be paying more under the ACA, when in fact her new plan's MAXIMUM POSSIBLY YEARLY COST is LOWER than the MINIMUM POSSIBLE YEARLY COST was in her old plan. That's not Democrat saying so, it's just math. And then the woman who made the false claim reacts to being proven wrong by declaring it can't possibly be so, because it doesn't "feel" like she's paying less. As if math had anything to do with feelings.
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    Because they want to do stories that are relevant to what's happening in America today?

    On the other hand, they havn't had a Gay story in a few days....maybe that would cheer you up.
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    @boombatic It is good they've cooled it with the gay agenda for a few days.

    And you know many folks are losing healthcare, facing increased costs, etc...
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    i have to question all things like this. i would not put it past the used car salesmen who keep wasting our tax dollars trying to sell obamacare,good products sell themselves.

    wonder how much she was paid,hopefully someone will check her out.
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