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    WHO CARES WHAT THE BASE MATERIAL IS? This is totally amazing. That country comes up with more innovative products than any country near its size. I guess it should not be surprising since Jews win the lions share of Nobel Prizes. Jews represent less than .02% of the world population and have won about 22% of the Nobel Prizes awarded. That is a ratio of 1000 times what it would be expected based on population.

    A Jewish friend recently sent me a video of some amazing things the Jews were doing in the Medical Field. It seems they have the ability to operate on arms and legs without blood loss. They have some method of moving the blood out of the limb and operating in a bloodless area. There were other awesome things in the video.
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    I might feel safer if it were accepted by the EU, but our own laws regarding product safety are too ineffective to satisfy any rational person.

    For instance, a certain amount of lead is allowed in the colors in lipstick, with the FDA stating that the levels do not endanger health.
    But they ignore the fact that the same chemicals or elements are found in many other products as well.
    If you use a variety of products, you chances of exposing yourself to lead in amounts far above the recommended limits are high.
    The effects are especially serious in children, both before and after birth.

    A child exposed to even very small amounts of heavy metals in utero will never reach his true potential, always being a little dumber and a little sicker than his friend with the paranoid parents.

    Why doesn't the FDA consider total lead exposure? Because congress won't allow it.

    Feel better now?
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    @Cincinnatus The only problem I see with waiting on the EU is the tendency they have to boycott Israeli products. But I definitely agree with you on not trusting the FDA or any other of our government agencies.
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    @Cincinnatus "
    Why doesn't the FDA consider total lead exposure? Because congress won't allow it." And, it's highly likely that the congressmen/women have investments in products that would be exposed is the reason its not allowed!
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    @JTHEM "Beat me". My computer keyboard adds and subtracts or adds words, consonants, and vowels at will. Life isn't fair.
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    What ever happened to washing them? If you use real diapers you don't need to worry about degradable.
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    Cloth diapers sound good in theory, but in reality, it can get out of hand quickly. Not to mention the issue with diaper rash. They don't wick away moisture like disposables do. And you have to have those plastic covers on them. And....I tried them. Never could get the darn thing pinned right. They were always too loose.
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    Not that it is any business of yours but yes I did.
    Did you use them on yours?
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    @URBS - Yep. Those were the good old days, weren't they? Eew. They had disposables back then, but I was a single mom and could only afford those for when we were away from home, which wasn't often.

    I meant no disrespect, just wanted to know if you walked the walk.
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    Don't agree with this. I had no problem with them. As to the rash issue, had no problem with that either as I changed them very regularly and didn't let the kid sit in the wet.
    Don't know what you mean about get out of hand. I had no problems as I kept plenty around and sterilized them when ever they got washed.
    So I don't see the problems I see it more a people not wanting to be bothered with the extra work they take.
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    I saw the problems that these red jellyfish are causing in the Chinese and Japanese waters.
    They were trying to develop a method of turning them into people food but are having a hard time in doing so. The diaper idea is great in the fact that they would accomplish two great services in one action.
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    @methinks , you don't mean that you eat soiled diapers? Or are you are in favor of human cannibalism? Or you just don't follow international News and Sceince news?
    Take out time from munching on dehydrated humans and diapers and check out what is happening in the World.
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    Or they can do like they do here and let the kids crawl and toddle around without any diapers. When the kiddies are soiled they dip them in the ocean rinse them off and voila fresh as new and good to go. LOL!
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    They can farm them on land.

    I agree I'm not a fan of humans killing off what they deem as "pests" which are actually a functioning part of another ecosystem. The ocean is where we are interlopers, not the other way around. As we saw in the yellowstone wolf reintroduction, it balanced the herds by adding back a predator.
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    We have so many jellyfish mainly because jellyfish are about the only sea critter that likes the ocean with so much CO2 dissolved in it.
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    This must be a mistake! Politix is actually reporting something positive as a result of 'global warming'.
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    Why can't they make them from hemp fiber ? I think that's a lot better idea then messing around with jelly fish or other paper cotton plastic products
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    Using this material in a paper towel is one thing, but applying it to the skin of a baby for long periods while damp is quite another.

    Have they tested for allergies, or carcinogenic potential?
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    I don't think its going to be wrapping a jellyfish around a baby like most of us are thinking. But we don't have picture or explanation of how the diapers are made of jellyfish. I think reducing the amount of crap (not just diaper crap) in landfills is a noble goal most of us can get behind as long putting jellyfish diapers on our babies doesn't turn into a "individual mandate/tax."
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    If most people, like you say, are thinking it means wrapping a jellyfish around a baby this is a sad state of the human condition.
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    @Cincinnatus No, idiot politicians banned the sale and manufacture of bulbs that actually worked. If they were so lousy we wouldn't have had to have banned them.

    Why on earth should the government dictate what kind of bulbs we buy?: This country's gone off the deep end.
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    they've actually improved the toilets since they first came out. And they are 1.28 or no more than 1.6 gpf now. Most actually flush better than the old 5gpf toilets...
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    I'll keep my 5 gal thank you. And if I move, they're going with me. I'll replace them with a 1.28 for the next schmuck.
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