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    You've got to be a special kind of shitty to do what these guys did. But did social media make them do it? Probably not, some people are just shitty. And this is LA, you may run into an excess of shitty people.
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    Did Social Media 'make' them do it? No, that is absurd you are right.
    Did Social Media 'enable' them to do it? You bet your ass. Everyone wants their 15 minutes.
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    I'd say social media has caused an entire generation to be rude in public. Texting/facebooking while out to dinner, taking pictures of everything to post, inappropriate selfies, and general self gratification and isolation from engaging the world around them.
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    @AceLuby I'd disagree, I've met plenty of millennials who don't abuse social media. Every generation had asses. When I was young there was game-boy and disc-man, when my parents were young it was television and credit cards, and when my grandparents were young it was radio and jazz records. All of those things are alright in moderation, but there are always some people who don't know how to take things in moderation. Those people make the rest of the generation look like asses. Unfortunately because of how quickly information can be sent and received, the asses are getting a lot more attention than they used to.
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    People are definitely more rude in public, but I don't think it's because of social media. A lack of values, lack of morals, lack of manners, poor parenting, lousy schools.....I don't know, but it's more complicated than just blaming social media.
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    Over population?
    I've noticed that in more crowded situations, people become more shitty.
    We are social animals when we want to be, which is not all the time.
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    Tend to agree with you. There have always been jerks but I feel that social media has brought more out and combined with the basic breakdown of the family it is just more prevalent.
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    Overemphasis on the wrong things, like winning at all costs, and this constant need for self-aggrandizement. These people all look like they're in their 20s, maybe 30s. It's a "look at me!" generation fueled by the ability to be seen online instantly by all the world. Why do they want that so badly? smh ...
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    @URBS Has it brought out more, or just made a mainstream way for them to express what they were already doing to a wider audience? I would suspect the later, more than the former.
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    Possibly but I feel that the promotion of low moral values and a lack of responsibility for their own actions has been a main contributer to this.
    I don't think that either can be said to be, "The Cause" but both in conjunction are the underlying causes.
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    No, they were obviously assholes before the invention of the selfie... now they just have more ways to show the world what assholes they are....
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    People who see other people behaving rudely in public through social media are more inclined to behave rudely themselves. Monkey see monkey do.
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    Social media in general makes everyone annoying and self centered. I see people on Facebook, who get a ton of attention, bitch in their statuses about getting no attention too. You see people in the grocery store on their phones bumping into people and shit but still using their phones. There's an appropriate time to use social networking and an inappropriate time to use it, people need to learn that by now. If I was in the situation of someone who was threatening to jump off a bridge and I saw people doing this shit, I'd be more likely to do it to never have to put up with those kinds of people again. When I'm looking around my environment deciding whether or not I should kill myself and I see reasons to kill myself, I'm obviously gonna be more likely to do it. People that do shit like this intentionally should be charged. For the record, I'm not talking about charging the morons glued to their phones in the grocery store.
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    Couldn't agree with you more. The people in that picture are just a small segment of the population that are selfish, mindless idiots who could give a sh..t about anything but themselves. No doubt those pigs met at Starbucks for some phoney artsy fartsy crap coffee and shared an other few laughs at that poor bastards expense. What's up with the hand signals from the bald fat guy in the white tee shirt and the jerk off in the back row far right ?
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    I think a lot of it is the fact that we've become an attention-seeking society. From American Idol to the internet, everyone seems determined to get their 15 minutes and it's become obnoxious. It's become like little children acting out to get mommy's attention while she's busy. Are people really that starved for attention these days?
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    That's how they validate their underachieving lives. It's much easier to have a cheap laugh at another's expense or toil every day at a mundane job....then go to happy hour someplace and pretend you are more than you really are then actually STRIVE to be better. Lazy, pompous, pathetic, you pick the adjective that fits them. Maybe I'm being a little too hard.
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    Kids have learned that they may have 15 minutes of fame if they get the shot.

    It's sad. Look at the kid who slashed 22 people in a high school hallway before anyone did anything to stop him. How many people do you think grabbed for their cell phones rather than take a risk to stop the maniac?

    Everyone gets a trophy. Courage, accomplishment, talent not required anymore.
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    pretty rude of the coward to tie up traffic and everyone's life so he could cry and threaten to jump, to bad he did not fall off in one of the selfie shots.
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    The article sums it up well: It's not that people have changed, it's just that technology has allowed people new ways to expose themselves for the waste of flesh they are.
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    It has brought it out in the open more but it has always been there. I remember back in the 60s when a guy was threatening to jump from a building in New York the media was filming and you could hear people saying things like, "I wish he would just jump I got to get to work", or yelling JUMP to the man.
    So it is just seen more now but people have always been jerks.
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    Same bunch that gives all their work-outs in excruciating details and thinks everyone wants a photo of every meal they eat. The look at me bunch. And they are rude and don't give a rat's azz about anyone. I made the mistake of saying something one time to one of these rude POS' when a person I know was critically ill. It's answer: "Everybody dies". Can't wait to use that one at her father's funeral. We're raising a bunch of narcissistic brats.
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    One - this is not the definition of a selfie, and Two - If you believe for one minute that this person saw someone that far away and thought to themselves, "Wow, I gotta take a selfie while this guy jumps" then you are the one that is in need of some serious help. I don't care how self-centered a person is they aren't going to risk being the person who went as low as to do this. Purely coincidental if you ask me and what does it matter, they were talked down from the jump - People are way too concerned with the wrong issues and I for one am worried about the path of our society when this is the issue that people decide to argue about!
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    On the plus side the selfie makes it look like multi-racial harmony has been achieved. I'd argue the guy tying up traffic because he wants attention and ruin everyone's day is the selfish one.
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