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    If you want to live the easy life without much material possessions, that's fine. Just don't b-itch and moan "he's got more than me it's not fair", and get the gument to steal from the person who DOES work harder to obtain material just to have it redistributed to you. That's the problem with liberals. They don't want to work hard but they don't want anybody else to have the choice to work hard and have more.
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    Agree! I like my stuff, can afford my stuff and still give plenty to charity. So if one is happy with a 15 yr. old car that belches oil smoke, fine, but leave me along with my nice Audi or Porsche - really, what I or anyone else owns (as long as it was legally purchased with legally earned money) is no one's business. Personally I am tired of some liberals who whine that 2 people don't need 3 cars, a house with 5 bedrooms and so on. It's none of their business.
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    @Tralee EXACTLY. These are the same people that tell you it's none of your business that food stamp recipients use your money to buy pop tarts and red bulls at the gas station or use EBT to pay for their nails. But by god you've got no business working 60 hrs a week and having extra things. It's "not fair" that you have more.
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    @Ets101592 - The Liberal "Not Fair" whine has just about run it course! I didn't allow my kids to whine about stuff they were perfectly capable of doing for themselves, it's about time the left grew up and realized that life isn't fair. Too bad they can't redistribute integrity, grit, hard work and brains. Maybe then they would be able to get their own, on their own.
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    I'm sad that the American work ethic is dying. I work 60+ hours per week so my wife can be a stay at home mother and we can travel whenever we want and not have to struggle with money. Our bills and student loan repayments are made. If I want to buy some toys for all my hard work it's no ones business except my wife and I's.

    However I enjoy building things. So on my evenings I've been in the process of building a dresser for my future son. When it's done I am building a head board for the guest bedroom and then a dining room table. It's sad no one builds anything anymore. For a weekend and around $150 in materials I can build a table I would have to pay $800 for at most furniture stores and I know the wood will he sturdier too. Besides it's a piece I can hand down to my son and he to his sons. It's special that way.
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    @DrNickels - Funny, I assume you are a Dr, how many doctor's I know who are into wood working! One I know, orthopedic surgeon, raises orchids. The creativity must be somehow related.
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    Who cares what the French think. They are friends of America in name only. Makes me want some frog legs. Fyi, I'm half French too.
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    Half of you was raised in and currently lives in France? Isn't that painful? You're an american. You're not half french. You're all american. You remind me of Dave Mustaine, whom I used to respect, dedicating a song to the cause in Belfast when he has no clue what the cause is then claiming he's Irish. He's not. You're not french. You're both americans. FYI, the only reason you're an american and not a subject of the crown is because France saved our ass in the revolutionary war.
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    @TRex84 Actually France and the US do recognize dual citizenship. If living in France for more than 5 years or born of a French parent. Each of us has some identity with our past and that is why genealogy is such an interest. Doesn't make anyone any less an American. Identifying with your tribe or ethnic group or religious group etc.. does not diminish the "American" that you seem to feel is the only nom that is acceptable. No divided loyalties. Can be doubly proud about being an American and having French heritage: the reason why you aren't subject of the Crown.

    Or else Germany must have had it correct, according to you, with "Deutschland Über Alles".
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    @Willozwisp None of which applies to the individual I was initially responding to as he was bad mouthing the french and their culture while claiming to be half french.
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    @Ets101592 from the vote downs some people seem to be beyond the scope of humor or understanding
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    There's much more to life than enhancing the bottom-line, and having material possessions that are the biggest, the bestest, and the mostest.
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    You said "not to everybody". How can that be confirmed? "everybody" is a lot of folks. How does one speak for everybody. I certainly did not try to with my statement.
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    I thought the commercial was clever, made a good point and the actor is not hard to look at at all! Other than that, it will take more than a clever commercial to get me away from my Audi!
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    @GedankPol No problem! I am an Audi gal since they first came out with the Quattro! Won't have anything else. We have the Q-5, the S-5 and a Porsche 911 - German engineering IS all it's cracked up to be. ;)
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    @Adolf - Fine, BTW - did I ASK you to give a hoot about my beautiful, efficient and well running Audi Q5? I don't recall that. Enjoy the Ford. I don't care what YOU drive.
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    I didn't have to learn to swear in French while trying to fix a French car, I just started cussing in words I never knew before. It was like God spoke to me and was telling me all these new and colorful words.
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    @Polusalo Seemed appropriate to curse it in it's own language. French cars are an acquired taste. I prefer their wine.
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    @Tacitus01 funny, i never once had a problem with either my renaults, or my citröens... or my fiats. i have had loads of problems with my fords and g.m. products, though.
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    The French have been insulting the "unsophisticated Americans" for years, even after saving their sorry butts in 2 wars. The ad is appropriate.
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    Oh, we're getting there under this administration...Obama's weakness is phenomenal as Putin gives him a birdie every day...and it has nothing to do with golf either.
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    The Cadillac ad is bogus anyway because thanks to obama we are not going back to the moon or anywhere else unless we hitch a ride with the Russians which I don't see happening anytime real soon given the current temperment between us.
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    Cadilac is bogus period. I paid for at least one thru the stupid ass bail outs,, where's mine? Government Motors Corporation, what a joke
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    Thanks to Obama? Where have you been these last 6 years when every anti-science GOP congressman or senator voted down funding for NASA and basic research? Don't expect to be able to sling BS here without being fact checked.
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    Sorry don't get to blame the Repubs when it is on obama's watch. Don't expect to be able to sling that liberal propaganda here and get away with it.
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    A good actor doing a great TV commercial; demonstrating the fruits of hard work and success, getting the goodies without bad lazy behavior or wearing a hoody. "If you like forty-hour work weeks and weekends off, do not get into business." Quote -- Leon Harrison
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    It is an easy pick - because the Cadillac advertising is self congratulatory.
    The ad tells you what you want to hear.
    It re-enforces a vague self congratulatory opinion.

    THAT is why advertising works.

    Both examples are entertaining and amusing.
    Though not necessarily completely correct.

    The French (ever deserving of bashing) have come a long way from the days of the Libyan Air Raid, when they refused US the use of their air space.
    Their sense of world view and globalization at that time was in almost total opposition to any thing the US wanted to do.
    Which is kind of odd, considering our over lapping goals through out our history.

    We still are not team players.
    However, recently, France has taking meaningful stands in certain African nations.
    It has invested treasure and boots on the ground, independent of the US - for ostensibly humanitarian purposes.
    This isn't half bad.
    France may not have much industrial and capital investment in these countries.
    Yet, they are standing up - to arrest un-abated slaughter.
    Not exactly what one would expect out of France - of all countries.

    So, the commercials might be slightly out of sync.
    Back in the days of American Fries, they would be more timely.

    >>>>>>> >>

    The commercial built around urban farming I found most disturbing.
    This is a bad idea on so many levels.
    A most prominent is "the dirt."
    As green, as re-purposeful, as entrepreneurial - as the commercial is..

    As shown it is very, very dumb.

    Ironically, when farming in the city, you can't let the dirt touch to ground.
    Also, you can't use water from any building run off.

    Basically, cities are toxic.
    Cities are not trees.
    Cities do not purge or clean any thing.

    The roof water run off is tainted by the roof coatings.
    The building's side run off is tainted by the urban condensates.
    None of that - do you want "IN" your food chain.

    Meanwhile - back at the dirt.
    No amount of zoo manure is going to fix all the asphalt, antifreeze, transmission fluid, house demolition toxins, asbestos, heavy metals, etc.
    Urban blight is not to be confused with old growth forests.

    Yeah, the seeds will sprout.
    The stuff will grow.
    But, you are what you eat.
    Those plants are munching on some seriously toxic stuff.

    Bon appetite - As the French would say.
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    first off, you say you can't let the dirt touch the ground, as if that's an impossible problem. First off, urban farmers typically fill in above ground boxes with their own composted soil anyway, which also reduces weed and pest problems.
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    It may not be an impossible problem - but:
    They weren't used in the gardens for that commercial.
    They weren't used in gardens shown in a 60 Minutes piece.
    A follow up article published a couple of weeks ago, confirms that those urban green space gardens are abandoned in 2 or 3 years.

    Those "typical" urban farmers using the raised boxes - still have to employ some sort of plastic barrier to keep the toxic crap from wicking up into their good new zoo poop.

    Fortunately, urban farms aren't to the point of exporting product.
    This stuff is showing up locally as "organic" grown.
    So, it is more like poetic justice at this point.
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    I had a Lincoln Continental once, fully loaded. My husband thought I'd like it so he bought it for me. It offended my sensibilities. Both of us earned plenty enough to buy it new, and it got a lot of compliments, but I felt like a pimp looking for a skag on a street corner. Got rid of it asap. I have the same feelings about Cadillacs. They don't represent hard work at all. They represent exactly the kind of attitude the man in the commercial displays. Something so offensive it's hard to look straight at. I got mine, the hell with you. It's what it stands for that shamed me every time I got in that Continental. Give me a low key Ford or Chevy or a foreign small car. If I need a lot of room I'll get a van. Right now, I'm into SUVs but not the "hey, look at me" brands.

    Know what the difference in Noveau Riche and Old Money is? Class. Subtlety. Noveau Riche drives Caddilacs. Old money tries to play it down in public. I admire that.
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    You and I may think Lincoln pick up trucks are Mickey Mouse, but my neighbor loves his. There are as many reasons to drive a vehicle as there are drivers. Who the hell is anyone to judge?
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    No wonder the French hate us. This ad is insulting everybody who can't afford one of those ostentatious Caddys. Know who buys them? Americans who skroo the public to make a million or a billion... and pimps who skroo women and society in general with their offensive lifestyle.

    Wait... they're the same people, both extremists who get off on getting theirs while everybody else eats dirt.

    Hey, Caddilac, you need to look who your market is. It's not pretty.
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    I love it. I come from a generation that did not mind work and benefited from it. I think it is our blood. We need to work to stay well.
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    Ahh yes, the good ol' days....there were no poor back in your day right? No homeless, no scammers, no criminals? Just a whole generation of people that loved to work! Must have been awesome right?

    On an completely unrelated note, you might want to get tested for Alzheimer's.....
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    The French are not the only ones who take August off over there. Most of mainland Europe does it. That is also why the productivity rate over there is so much lower.

    Of course the French see insults where there are none. They do take August off, they nearly shut down the country, and it is hard to do business over there for that period. So really they are getting upset over the truth that if you take a month off + normal vacations + a less productive work day, that you do not get as much done.
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    I spent some of my Army time in Germany, and was shocked at how much holiday time they took off. That was years ago, but Germans have a much stronger work ethic than the French... consequently, they can compete with other countries... their productivity is very high. They're much nicer than the French, too, at least until they decide to invade your country.
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    so who cares? civilised countries realise that leisure time is just as important as 'productive time'... and in many cases, even more so.
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