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    The headline asserts that the governer banned the wage hikes. The body of the story says she signed a bill. I have to think the didn't pass this bill and then sign it all by her self.
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    @AceLuby The headline says she banned "minimum wage hikes". It implies she banned even a hike in the federal minimum wage. This isn't true and I called upon the author to fix it quite a while ago . The dishonest headline combined with the body of the story are what is called "yellow journalism". The bill would have had to pass both Oklahoma legislatures too. The governor did not act unilaterally here.
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    It's a sensationalized headline, nothing new there. Neither lie nor whole truth.

    The truth is, she signed a bill passed by state legislature. The hype is, she banned minimum wage hikes within the state of OK.
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    @Realthinker I'm not saying you're incorrect. You're right. It would have had to pass the state legislature. I just find it so funny that the buck always stops at Obama whenever anything passes the Senate and the House (back when they actually used to)
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    What she banned was cities creating their own minimum wage laws in addition to the federal law. She did not ban wage hikes of existing federal minimum wage laws. She hasn't the authority to do that. Lisa you might want to rework this article.
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    @Denizen_Kate Why should she fix it when you post a link in the sewer, I mean link section you are supposed to include the exact headline. Many RWer's ignore that and create their own headlines Lisa is following protocol here. She go it from Huff post, who got it from here and they both did what you are supposed to do. Go after the author of the story not Lisa.
    By BAILEY ELISE McBRIDE, Associated Press
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    @JohnVicky That is the posting etiquette for "Links", but Lisa did write a brief article here and she chose the title, which is inaccurate.
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    @Realthinker And the title on the story in the newspaper is the same one Lisa used. I put the link to the story there, unless they have changed it since I viewed it. I just checked and guess what they changed it the original one was the same as Lisa's and the Huff post. ...
    Like I said take it up with the author.
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    Instead of throwing good money after bad, why not invest in bringing good paying jobs back to this country. That is the way to eliminate poverty AND increase tax revenue.
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    Like Steve Jobs told Clinton in the 90's, those jobs are gone. They are not coming back unless Americans want to compete in wages against China and India. Globalization killed those American jobs. And as we all know our multinational corporations are not really American anymore so they don't care if a shirt is made in America or China they are worried about their bottom line. Multinationals don't care about externalities like destroying the American economy or the destruction of American jobs.
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    @marine1 Any thoughts on how we do that? How about raising taxes on companies that export good jobs to places with cheaper labor? How about bringing back the unions to represent Americans without the ability to buy their own politicians? How about we raise the minimum wage so that the jobs that we DO have available start to fall into the category of 'good jobs?'
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    @CSIdaho Your guess is probably as good as mine, man. I say lets all vote these Democrats and Republicans out of about every office in the land and go frome there. Going way back, yes, Washington was the richest man in America but Jefferson invisioned farmers and regular folks being the backbone of America. Oh how things have changed.
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    @CSIdaho Yes, let's put more and more costs on American businesses so they can continue to fail to provide good products at affordable prices. Then EVERYTHING will be made in China.
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    Does Oklahoma City aspire to become like Detroit? Because if they raise the minimum wage in the city businesses will leave for the suburbs. The governor and state legislature seem to want to prevent that from happening.
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    It has not been our experience to place much credence in the minimum wage. In my area, there are few people working for the minimum wage. To get halfway decent help, businesses have to pay more.
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    I can see both sides ... not every small business is capable of paying $10/hour minimum wage but you can bet your ass that the larger companies can and they always use the small businesses to shield themselves from paying an honest day's wage.

    The same goes for tax rates ... the rich use the poor & middle class to avoid paying their taxes!
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    What she did was make the state more of a shithole than it already is. Have you driven through it lately? I am seriously going to consider suing them for car damage. I had to get new shocks in Texas. It seems to me they care more about helping the rich than fixing roads, having good schools, and giving folks a living wage.
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    Saving Oklahoma from leftist radicals? Sorta like saving okies from a tsunami. Of all the places you imagine commies hiding under the bed or lurking in the back yard, Oklahoma shouldn't be one of them, so relax.
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    No, it looks like she's trying destroy her state. Yet another example of how the right hates the American people.
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    What comes to mind is a Kennedy quote, "Ask NOT what your counry can do for you but ask what you can do for your country."

    She passed a needed legislation that 'makes sense' to her and apparently to the rest of her state legislature. I do not understand why everyone JUST KEEPS bringing up the 'wealthy!'

    We will NEVER GET THE WEALTY'S MONEY!!! IT WON'T HAPPEN!....when its too much for their 'bottom line' they wil CUT COSTS. And they have plenty of money to do what they can ...even BUY their way into total 'exemption!' Do you honestly think that the congress who is made up of 'rich politicians' will vote to HARM the other rich? THEY ARE FRIENDS and COLLEGUES!!!

    BIG business will either close doors to 'wait it all out' AND THEY SURE CAN WITH THEIR MONEY...or they will offset with fewer employees. That means SOMEONE loses their job...or maybe MANY DO...while others simply get a 'raise.' Creating MORE 'havoc' to the unemployment and poverty levels!

    As for my 'quote'....its meant to give food for thought. We got bad roads too...and tons of junkie jobs now (but at LEAST there are a few) and according to the latest stats AMERICA now has a 'work base' of 90% in the 'service industry' IE: Micky D's and only 52% of Americans now pay ANY taxes! ITS MORE THAN SERIOUS out here...for sure!
    We may have to 'take a punch' for our country if we are to 'survive' that is...the NUMBERS are UNBELIEVABLE and UNSUSTAINABLE and no one who MUST pay taxs has more to give ...and YOU CANNOT MAKE the wealthy do it!! They WILL find a way around it all! Cannot really SAY I BLAME THEM...everyone is in business for PROFIT. Thats the 'bottom line' of the work world!

    WE may have to be the ones to take 'personal responsibility' and FIX OUR OWN HOLES and gaining a bit more CONTROL over the OUT OF CONTROL budgets of our school systems! HOW MUCH DO THEY NEED??? IT NEVER ENDS!!!

    And if its a 'shit hole' as you describe then its probably that way because of Illegals and their great battle with KEEPING THEM SOUTH OF THE BORDER!!!

    Obummer is 'non-descriminitory you know...He would NEVER BEND to 'alienate' federal help to Arizona because they have a Republican Governor who made him 'mad!' Now would he....NOT!!!!
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    @Phreakwars Did you actually read the story or not? She got a law passed telling local governments they can't interfere in wages. She didn't pass a law saying businesses couldn't raise wages on their own.
    Don't be so simple.
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    @RONPAULFAN As she is the governor, she is the government. Therefore she's interfering in the economy. Don't be so blinded by ideology you can't see the obvious.
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    @utripp she is banning local goverments from increasing minimum wage laws. She is not dictating to businesses that they can not raise them on their own. CLEARLY she is not interfering. raising the wage would be interfering.
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    @utripp you make no sense at all? How is limiting the expansion of minimum wage (which is an actual interference in the economy), interfering with the economy?
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    The Governors in all states and everyone in Congress should have to work for minimum wage.
    I am pretty sure it would go up, then.
    Minimum wage in this country should be up around $21.00 per hour.
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    Much ado over nothing. Ms. Fallin and her Legistalature's actions will be rendered meaningless once the Fed Min Wage hike is passed and takes effect. This is nothing more than old-school GOP failed voodoo economic theory being used as a punitive action, being paid for (as always) by OK's poor people.
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    Actually the poor people are the ones working for a living, paying taxes. The ones below the poverty line receive bukoo tax dollars to the point of making much more than people who actually EARN a living wage, but see it depleted. Remember, she's not telling people they can't work for more than minimum wage, just that they won't force businesses to fire half of their employees and increase the pay rate for no skill jobs for nothing.
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    No business is really going to fire "half their employees" and go out of business...if they di, it woud only be becuase their business is built on a failed business model to begin with.
    If your business's survival depends on paying slave wages for full-time work, well, best to get out of the way and let your market be served by someone NOT interested in building profits off the backs of your impoversihed workers.

    This "we can't afford it!" argument is the same failed logic that always gets ponied up by the very ***few Americans who just hate to see poor people, who comprise mostly women, with an average age of 30, get ahead. We aren't talking about 16 year-old just entering he workforce-this isn't 1970.

    ***Statistics (today) of Americans in support of Federal Minimum Wage Hike to $10.10 per hour

    Republicans: 54%
    Independents: 69%
    Democrats: 92%

    Aggregate: 72% of Americans in support, 28% against
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    @Unfit2serve Are you saying 72% of Americans don't realize that everything they pay for will go up, goods and services in excess of the amount of their pay raise? No wonder I have trouble sleeping , I'm surrounded by sheep, left brain, idiots.
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    No Susie, you are saying those things. I'm just posting the latest poll numbers. Perhaps 72% of America has seen the minimal impact Min Wage hikes produced in the past. I'm not reading anything into the numbers.........If we look at history, goods and services will go up so marginally that no one will notice, just like every other Min Wage Hike produced. Most folks would see a one-cent rise in retail items, if that.
    Regardless of all that, a clear majority of America supports a Fed Min Wage hike, so Congress should act and represent the people's opinion.
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    @Unfit2serve Do the people actually paying the employees want the hike? Their opinion matters too, perhaps more so. After all, they also pay payroll taxes, which they don't get back every single year. Of course we could all just quit our jobs or get fired, work for McDonalds, and vote ourselves a raise every year. Seems that's the way the country is headed. The problem is that there are too many people only qualified to work for minimum wage, and not enough minimum wage jobs due to technology replacing them, and our government pumping out more and more professional hamburger flippers and floor sweepers every day. We do not need a nation of people making a living on minimum wage. We need less people actively seeking that lifestyle, and keeping the pay low helps to accomplish that. Raising it is just taxing us all a little bit more and putting a bandaid on the problem, because the costs of goods and services will rise right along with it.
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    Just imagine if only half of those 33 million stood together in protest. Just simply refused to work for such low wages. All across the nation. Stopped work stop paying taxes all in one week. This corporations would be begging the public masses to come back to work.
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    That's called collective bargaining. It's the foundation for unionism. I'm all for it, but those clinging desperately to the low paying jobs, which are all they can get these days, may be too fearful to do this.
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    That's precisely why the decline of unions has been such a disaster for the American people. If unions were stronger, we could actually see that happen.
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    Is it democratic for a state government to ban a city from expressing it's democratic will when it does not contravene pre-existing law?

    Is it democratic for a federal government to ban a state from expressing it's democratic will when it does not contravene pre-existing law?

    The answer to both of those questions should be the same. If they're not, you should examine your biases.
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    If federal minimum wage goes up then Oklahoma has no choice to raise it. Anyone willing to work 40 hrs deserves a decent living wage that covers all the essentials.
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    What is really idiotic is to think it is okay for prices and profits to go up year after year but not minimum wages. Even McDonalds said raising minimum wage to $10 would add less than a quarter to the price of a Big Mac. And Mickey D's is minimum wage headquarters.
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    @RealThinker. I am also an economist by degree and have been researching ours and the world economy since 1992. I 100% agree with this article that raising the minimum wage wilkl increase inflation thus requiring more raises...a never ending cycle. Similar to a house hold...if you cannot increase income...then you must decrease costs. The real solution is to reverse inflation and/or costs. I have a working theory I am drafting in a blog , but I have a few wrinkle to iron out.

    Sadly there is no solution that "experts" agree on the "how to" reverse inflation/costs, thus another viscous circle. Thus I am curious to hear your theories on reversing inflation.
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    @CptBuc I am not an economist by degree, I am sorry if I somehow gave you that impression. What I know I have gleaned from the writings of Drs. Sowell, Williams, Friedman and Hayek. My degree is in art with two extra years of psychology. Thus I have no theories regarding reducing inflation, I haven't studied that issue at all.
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    Well, she and government did not ban businesses from raising their wages with perks and benefits, did they? Government jobs are not real jobs that create and make more taxes than they take; and thus do not ration their compassion for the sake of tax makers and tax payers. Public servants begrudge it when they are asked or told or begged to stick to a budget.
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    Well in Oklahoma the Preachers will tell the "Christians" that it is their duty to oppose a minimum wage hike and that they must hold on and wait for the Lord. Of course they will comply and keep electing the same kind of people, and keep on enduring the oppression meted out by their elected leaders. A whole bunch of mentally ill people in Oklahoma, and they vote.
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    About 8% to17% of Oklahomans are paid minimum wage, depending on whose figures. By any standard much higher than national level. The numbers get jacked around by using the three labor groups, civilian, state, and federal workers. Put them all together and it is something like 7.2% on minimum wage, use just civilian and it is near 17% on minimum wage. And there are combinations of those three workforces used to arrive at different numbers for percent on minimum wage.

    Who gets minimum wage? "Nearly 90 percent of workers who would be impacted by an increase in the wage are older than 20, while the average age is 35. More than a quarter have children to support. More than half work full time, and 44 percent have at least some college education, while half a million minimum wage workers are college graduates."
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    @WMCOL I would trust the BLS number I linked vs. Thinkprogress. Notice that almost 50% of those at MW are under 19? Kind of calls into question how 90% could be over 20 if 50% are under 19. Also why do you consider 20 the cut off when 24 is usually considered the cut off for college age?
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