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    Actually, this "study" seems to be trying to suggest the opposite. Of course, the fact it's all over the place and really doesn't say anything much one way or another doesn't help. But that seems to be the gist of what they are implying.
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    One of the few times I didn't read something completely through before posting. Back in the day and we're talking before Rush Limbaugh was stoned all the time on Oxywhateverthatshitis he made a comment about being at a ski resort in Colorado in a room full of Democrats and Liberals (pretty people) and it occurred to him he would never be truly accepted within their circles because "he wasn't purty enough."
    That's always stuck with me bein's back in the day Rush was just another Missouri good ole boy.

    I tuned Rush out a few years before the Oxy admission. Not sure who he'd become and certainly don't know who he is today but he's certainly not the good ole boy he used to be. Could be he's one of the "purty people" now.

    Anyways, his remark rang as true to me back then as it does today and that's why the response as posted.
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    @daclark1911 "Beauty is only skin deep but ugliness goes down to the bone." - Fred G. Sanford

    Limbaugh is ugly down to the bone.

    As for @daclark1911.... I heard that the ladies down at the truck stop don't have any problem with your looks.
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    Nah, wrong again.

    It's the ladies at the cattle auction barns that don't have problems with my looks.

    Truck stops are for highway sissies.
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    There is no possible way to look like that without steroids. Also, what women really find that attractive? I like muscular men but there's a boundary!
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    @LBaskins My gf says she HATES super muscled guys like that, which is good news for me since I was cursed with a very small frame, and right now am VERY heavy. Big muscles would look silly on a guy my size, so i'll be more than happy once I drop the weight to be "wiry/deceptively powerful". Flora, it IS possible to get like that without drugs, you just gotta have the genetics and the dedication for it. Although the ones who do cheat with steroids are also rather sad considering how the steroids make em come up "short" in other areas ;)
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    I'm a full blooded woman, I LOVE big shoulders, my hubby has them (yum!), NO steroids, just weights at lunch. I also love a man who LOOKS like a man, not some sorta masculine looking woman. Just saying.
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    @thhutton LOL - try working out, get a muscle or two, really, women like a man who looks like he could lift a large bag of cat litter without straining. Nothing less attractive than a man with NO muscle tone. Eww. No thanks.
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    I try to get in the gym a couple times a week and a lot of the people I meet in there barely know who the president is let alone have political views.
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    I have never noticed a correlation between looks and politics...although the more liberal the woman...the better looking they are to me
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    That's because you want a liberal woman, looks are not necessarily something you are looking for. Want an attractive woman to be your equal? Get a nice conservative woman, she'll be pretty and competent.
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    That's just because they smile at your liberal dribble. Conservative women don't smile at all when they hear it.
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    People are inferior to others only by their own actions, in the land of opportunity and equality some simple don't want to progress.
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    I didn't even have to go to Google Scholar to find this:
    A study published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry by Yale School of Medicine found high levels of the hormone killed off nerve cells.

    The researchers believe the effect might explain why some steroid users become aggressive and suicidal - a condition known as hyperexcitability.

    [Steroids] are known to have a major negative effect on people's health
    John Brewer
    The condition is well known in the bodybuilding world, where it is referred to as roid rage.

    Lead researcher Professor Barbara Ehrlich said: "Next time a muscle-bound guy in a sports car cuts you off on the highway, don't get mad, just take a deep breath and realise that it might not be his fault."

    The Yale team exposed cultured nerve cells to testosterone, and found that it triggered programmed cell death (apoptosis).
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    Yeah I read that garbage a long time ago. It's conjecture that isn't supported by enough evidence. The levels in which the animals and tissue samples were subjected too were so ridiculously high beyond what any rational person would dose themselves with. Steroids are powerful agents with potentially serious side effects but used in moderation are relatively benign. Also, the whole roid rage stupidity has been proven false beyond any reasonable doubt. All of these so called "roid rage" cases have shown that the person had a host of other mental and physical problems from various sources which contributed to their condition. Roid rage has about as much validity as vaccines causing autism.
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    @John_Matrix - There is actually some scientific basis behind "roid rage." To put it simply, when there is too much testosterone, the body converts the excess to estrogen. That's why some steroid abusers begin to grow breasts.

    The sex hormones (estrogen and testosterone) also have a powerful impact on the brain. A man who who floods his system with estrogen because he overdosed on testosterone experiences mental changes that in some ways resemble female puberty. In a male brain (which studies have shown is wired more for emotion than the female brain) that can be a volatile combination, because estrogen tends to intensify emotion while testosterone tempers it.
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    That was spectacularly stupid. I'm quite aware of hormone aromitization and such effects of excess estrogen causing gyno and other side effects. Beyond that everything else you said has absolutely no basis in fact. On top of which the whole myth of roid rage is derived from the excess testosterone, not the excess estrogen. Damn man, at least get your propaganda straight before spewing it. The simple fact remains there is no medical basis for roid rage nor does the medical community even recognize it as a medical condition or side effect. It is simply media hype and propaganda to rally people to support banning it. Hell, Congress even asked the DEA and the FDA if steroids should be classified as a controlled substance as it is now and both agencies said no. Despite that both said it shouldn't, they outlawed them anyway due to agendas and propaganda. Have any other fairy tales you'd like to tell us?
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    Well, Most democrat women are ugly.
    Republican women are usually better looking.
    So I believe that democrat women look for sympathy...and usually require Government assistance, Because they do not go far in society.
    Democrat women usually marry young and get suck into having fairly useless lives.
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    People are voting you down but if they compare the female anchors on FOX vs MSNBC.... its not hard to see which side generally has prettier women.
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    You never fail me on ignorant comments made, Vance.
    Also, for the record, most of the Democrats that I know are highly educated.
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    @NormalFlora Completely uncalled for! Vance1 is obviously a jerk. Don't stoop to his level. But, to tell you the truth, if the woman you linked said what I liked, I would vote for her, regardless of her looks or political affiliation.
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    It is very easy to think in terms inferiority and superiority if you think everyone will abide by societal rules which are different from natural order. With natural order the terms are alot harder to follow.
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    Do the 'good looks' include the gals with fake tits, bleached hair, botox and those puffy lips?
    Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.
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    Don't forget BUTTS! Crystal Bottoms would be my 'dream woman' if it wasn't for all those tattoos. What a way to ruin one of G_d's magnificent creations!
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    lol - Well, NO, I can't say that I've seen it, but on reflection, there may be a grain of reality there. I don't know, but everyone I know who is satisfied with their skin, seems to be conservative. So, maybe the envy or dissatisfaction with oneself leads to leaning left. After all, what rational person would blame THEMSELVES for their failure in any category? OR, maybe they know me. LOL - kidding, but I'm not ugly, like what I look like (would like to be taller but blame NO ONE for that) and am perfectly happy in my skin. I notice that others are appreciative of my "skin" so I guess I am not deluding myself. I think it's more a feeling of well being, not being envious of what others have and so forth that makes one a conservative as opposed to liberals who seem to resent anyone who is brighter, more attractive (and sorry where ARE all those attractive liberal women?), happier with their lives and so on that seem to be the hallmark of the liberal.
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    Wow. Yet another nonsensical conclusion. Most people are not 'stunningly-attractive' so you'd come to the conclusion that the overwhelming majority of people, 95% of the USA, is Democrat. The Great Sage, Jerry Seinfeld, once opined in one of his weekly lessons (cleverly disguised as comedy shows about nothing) that 95% of the people in the world, including the USA, are unattractive. And we all know the amount of clout that the opinion of celebrities, especially popular Liberal celebrities, carry with our friends of the Liberal Persuasion.
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    Good news is even if the "beautiful person turns out to be a female flaming lib -- there's protection for that. Either you can wear ear plus or she can wear duct tape
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    I think it has more to do with self-perception. People who don't think they're "all that" aren't as likely to be self-obsessed twits, whether or not they are actually "all that." I've known many attractive people who are kind and accepting, and some unattractive people who really should check a mirror before they go proclaiming how much better they are than someone else.
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    it shows that "scientists" are getting way too much subsidies now. It's time to cutback on those subsidies and let scientists research things that humanity/the market needs instead of concocting up pure nonsense in order to get more government subsidies.
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