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    Political hatchet job, polarizing, vote for Hillary Balcony.

    You want more money, stay in school, not that it will do a lot of good in a Obama term but you can occupy for someone to pay for your student loans and your boo's birth control.
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    Or work hard, or go to a vocational or trade school and learn a trade or join a contract for training program etc. people are where they are because of their own doing.
    ( disclaimer; the few who can't help it are in a bad position but most can help it)
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    Agreed, this article is nothing more than a political hatchet job designed to pander to the clueless left.
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    Sometime take a look at who gets minimum wage. Hint: You'll find college graduates in the numbers, some with graduate degrees, others with trade skills. They stayed in school but are having to work for minimum wages.

    Just recently adjunct college professors who work more than one minimum wage job and are exploited by universities are aligning with McDonalds and other minimum wage workers to demand better pay.
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    @WMCOL Well...that is true. Many college graduates are working minimum wage jobs. Perhaps that is because they spent 4 or more years working towards a degree in "fill in the blank" Studies, which provided them with no marketable skills upon graduation, and a mountain of student debt. I don't care what your GPA was upon earning your degree in Prussian Midieval Lesbian Literature, it's not going to help land a well paying job, when you are competing against people who have degrees in appropriate fields. Or, it's a graduate who partied through college in a marketable field of study, but that 2.0 GPA just isn't convincing that hiring manager that you have the right stuff.

    Don't mistake my position as being unsympathetic to the plight of college grads working minimum wage jobs, I have two who fit that description in my own family. But whats funny is that out of the 30 or so under 30 kids that I know as family, extended family, or kids of friends, I can only think of 4 who fall into the minimum wage category. The rest are establishing their professional careers.

    We all become victims of cirucmstances out of our control, but the best way to advance and prosper in your life is to control your personal controllables.
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    Here's a better idea. How about loosening regulations a little and enticing corporations to bring the factories back HERE to the USA. That means more jobs (at all levels), that means more people back to work, that means greater taxable revenue. And guess what, these jobs could pay a living wage. Wow, "Incentive" what a concept (and it can be a "Progressive" one too).
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    Regulations have nothing to do with it. Its all about corporate greed and the rules lobby to get congress to play on their side. As cheap as the labor is here, its even cheaper abroad. As much corporate welfare that is going on here, the tax rates are cheaper abroad. But even if the laws changes, they are not retroactively enforceable. The damage has been done. Those companies will never bring those jobs back here.
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    Read table 8. Labor is more expensive in terms of productivity per worker in most other countries than it is here. Our TAXES and cost of complying with regulation are higher here than anywhere else in the world. If a company is in business to make money, surely they have to figure that in to their bottom line. Unless you think that the reason a company exists is to provide jobs to employees, that's an economic reality just as much as gravity.
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    Which regulations?
    The ones that keep the food pure, or the ones that keep the water clean, or the ones that keep your bank from screwing you financially?
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    It's been awhile since I've agreed with President Obama, but he's right on the minimum wage hike. Even though our lowest jobs aren't meant to be lifetime jobs, they should still keep you above the poverty line. This is really only a temporary solution because the poverty line keeps rising, but as inflation rises and falls..... the minimum wage should rise and fall with it.
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    So....raise the minimum wage, inflation puts them back in the same spot, so just raise the minimum wage again so inflation can put them back in the same spot......yeah good plan
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    One thing to think about is that if a person's labor is only worth $7.50/hour, if minimum wage is raised it doesn't mean that person's labor suddenly becomes more valuable nor does it mean their job suddenly has increased in value. If Jane's labor is only worth $7.50/hour and now the minimum I have to pay is $10/hour, chances are Jane is going to be out of a job and I'll hire someone else who's labor is actually worth $10/hour. Because if I'm paying more than I'm going to require more work - work Jane wasn't able to do.

    Said another way, if I pay the greeter ("Hello, welcome to Walmart")$7.50/hour and now I have to pay the greeter $10/hour. That greeter is now going to hand out flyers, dry off shopping carts, sweep the floor, etc. They are going to do more in order to earn that $10. And there is a good chance the old person or handicap person won't be able to do all those tasks. So they are let go and someone else takes their place. Just raising the minimum wage from $7.50 to $10 doesn't make the job of greeter more valuable.
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    @FLBeaver How exactly do you determine the worth of a person's labour? And once you've show me how to do that, then we can talk about where the minimum wage should be.
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    Conservative ideology is a CON.... they will put caps on pay increases to the poor, but won't put caps on pay increases to wealthy executives who barely work?!?!? Slave owners they must still think they are. That is not how an economy works!... An economy works when money MOVES through the system. By paying low-wage earners more, they will then in-turn go spend that money in the economy! Making the USA a STRONGER nation.... If you want low-wage workers, go to China!... As you get what you pay for.
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    Ok you squirrelly conservatives, bows the time to jump on the low income bashing band wagon and talk about how low age earners get what they deserve, and should have stayed in college and blah blah blah. Not every CEO deserves what they get and not every low age worker is doing that job because they are ignorant or lazy. Stop generalizing and think for a change.
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    If Gerard truly believes what he has written here, it is because he hasn't really heard a word conservatives have said with regard to the poor. The unions favor a hike in the minimum wage because it means an automatic pay raise for them. Union contracts contain a clause that triggers a dollar for dollar raise in union wages for every dollar increase in the minimum wage. Mr. Gerard, it is possible to force a wage increase that will result in layoffs. That is conservatives real concern. Do you want people working with self respect, or on unemployment benefits, so they feel dependent on Democrats?
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    Yeah... because the 7% of industry that's actually unionized is really driving this conversation.

    Seriously, your guys' obsession with unions as this boogeyman as CEO's rob everybody is absolutely ridiculous.
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    High income conservatives aren't interested in layoffs. They are concerned only with their profit levels. Only a few years ago a CEO earned a bonus for making the corporation more profitable. The amount of that bonus came to something like $1,000 for every worker he had "laid off."
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    I once again propose the question - why could we afford the equivalent of 10.10 an hour in 1968 but we can't afford it now?

    To the people saying that minimum wage earners should go to school - who is going to pay their bills while they're studying? Feed their children? Earn enough money for their food? And on top of that, pay for their schooling? Paul Ryan wants to cut Pell Grants and limit federal loans. Anybody have a better solution?
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    Please go down to Sinclair and spend some time talking with the students. I know many of them are attending college full time and working to support families too. People do it all the time. It works.
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    1n 1968 there was not a job shortage as there is today,the ball for the most part even in the 70s was in the hands of employees. companies back then were also for the most part loyal to the USA and her citizens,they did not import as many workers as they do today unchecked to see itf there is a real need.

    take away and fully check when folks claim to not be able to find American workers and fine heavy those caught pulling a fast one to not hire citizens.
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    Yes, I do. Tax breaks for employers who will train incoming workers who need the training. Its a kind of apprenticeship program. It has worked in the past to improve pay for employees.
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    I know many Sinclair students. Most of them work their noses into the grindstone. It's extremely hard - I've no children, but I've worked full time and gone to school full time as well. I don't think I could do it if I had kids. Furthermore, an education doesn't guarantee a better income. That's what has me upset - I have gone to school and I struggle to get a job that pays more than minimum wage. Presently, I have five jobs of varying pay and I still struggle. With tuition going up, I have a hard time believing that things are going to get better or more accessible.
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    "That Oracle CEO Larry Ellison took home $78,440,657 last year is completely reasonable in the minds of Republicans. "

    Not that I'm a Republican but I find this ridiculous.(If it's true.)
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    @AceLuby One of our lower-paid CEOs. In the big financial firms, CEO pay is in the hundreds of millions a year.
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    And what does this guy make a year compared to his little lock step union worker bees? Hypocrisy at it's finest. These dems are too stupid for words. Let them eat their young.
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    This is not just a Republican fear, though they certainly embrace it and take advantage of American's fear that someone will get something for nothing or that they haven't "earned" in some way or another. The fear grows into hatred for the poor and greater discrimination against those who live in poverty regardless of race, ethnicity, sex, or gender. True, racism increases the hatred, but its still based in that fear of poverty.

    And that 331 figure? I've seen that misreported as CEO pay is 331 times the average employee's pay but that is incorrect. The figure is 331 time the MEDIAN employee pay. Some CEOs are worth @ 1000 times more than their lowest paid workers.
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    Business should be about more than just making money. It should also be about producing quality goods and services and contributing to America's economy. That includes striving to create a happy, productive workforce that is fairly compensated for it's time and efforts, such that it may share in the company's, and America's prosperity.

    No one either needs or deserves to make 78 million dollars per year, and no one who works should be struggling to scrape by week after week. Extreme income inequality preceded the collapse of at least two great civilizations: Rome and Egypt. Now it is a threat to America's national security and our status as a first world nation.
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    The working poor get paid, just not by the company they work for.
    We all pay through the various subsidies available to the poor.

    Which is better, company pays, or govt pays?
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    And then they use that money... at the company they work for, subsidizing the company even further.
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    Youreplied,"Which is better, company pays, or govt pays..."
    Isn't it the same thing..... if the company pays the costs of higher wages, the company reduces its taxes as a cost of the business. if the government pays welfare, its taxpayers money, not the governments. The American government is just redistributing the companies and the other tax payers money the government has taken from them. In the end, its the peoples money that the bureaucrats in government have taken from them to spend as the bureaucracy in government sees fit.
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    "Isn't it the same thing....."

    No. when you add the govt to the mix, you also increase the cost.
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    when will it start being viewed as a problem more honestly like the government is one side and the "WE THE PEOPLE" are the other? this bs of donkey vs elephant or whatever hogwash is just a big joke to keep the average joe from figuring out the government is too big....
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    Close, but not quite.

    The two factions are the wealthy and the rest of us.

    This is what it is...

    And this is how it works...

    Some of the nation's largest and richest companies, including Koch Industries, ExxonMobil, and AT&T, have joined forces to invest millions of dollars each year to promote the careers of thousands of state legislators and secure passage of legislation that puts corporate interests ahead of the interests of ordinary Americans.
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    So true. I don't care about the government. That's a ruse to keep us from seeing that the destruction of our country has been caused by big business. Businesses that don't pay taxes, don't pay workers, yet earn record profits that they use to buy politicians that protect them at all costs.
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    "but nobody should be paid $78 million a year, it is insane and should be criminal. "

    Criminal? Don't tell me let me guess you are an Obama supporter. What business is it of yours how much he makes?

    Larry Ellison is co founder of Oracle, an extremely successful company that employs thousands. He has worked for it and deserves it. Who are you to say how much someone else makes or does not make?
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    Someone with the right to his own opinions, for one. Also, someone who is having to pay more for a product to support Larry Ellison's excessive income.
    What, only people who agree with you are entitled to freedom of speech?
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    @DragonHawk1959 " Also, someone who is having to pay more for a product to support Larry Ellison's excessive income."
    Then don't buy his products. Freedoms is a wonderful thing.
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    I believe it is immoral to take the greater part of $100 million out of the economy while the greater part of the population is relegated to bare subsistence living.
    Criminal is a matter of law and our legal system generally favors the ultra wealthy.
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    I hope I'm now around anymore (64y) when push comes to shove with the majority of people uprising against these Republicans!!
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    Don't say that. I WANT to be around when the sh*t hits the fan and working people take to the streets because they are sick and tired of being called lazy and uneducated and treated like crap by their employers. I sincerely hope this happens before these fascists get complete control of us.
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    Why cry about income inequality from a political perspective? NONE of those cement pillars care to offer a solution to a problem they don't want "fixed". They're fat and happy just the way things are going!

    If the low-pay proletariat can't figure out that mirroring their masters' ways will make them more money than they know what to do with, then I don't know what else to tell them. Their collective power is FAR more influential than they realize. If each McDonald's employee dropped a single penny into a jar, they'd have more than enough to start their helper corporations and community confluences in one (1) year.

    Don't waste time rattling the gilded gates; work AROUND them.
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    Even if they ever do increase minimum wage it will be meaningless...unless it is tied to yearly adjusted cost of living increase....if they raise it to $10.10 they would most likely do it over a span of 3 years...and by the time the minimum wage worker actually made $ wouldn't even be worth the $7.25 that they are making now
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    Yes, they should adjust it to what it was in 1970 with a cost of living adjustments for inflation up to 2014. It wasn't much money then but it was enough for basic food, clothing, and shelter. Back then, without experience, you started all jobs at minimum wage with a raise or layoff after 6 months. But then there wasn't a war on the working class as there is today.
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    Okay--can someone explain this to me? I totally get why the "HAVES" want to limit a living wage. Mr. Gerard is right. It's ALL about greed. What I don't give is why the "HAVE NOTS" buy into the greed--not their greed--but the greed of the CEOs. Do they feel we of the middle class are not worthy of a living wage and those who have been anointed as the all powerful ARE more worthy? But why would anyone feel this way? And don't call me a socialist. This has nothing to do with socialism. It has to do with human rights. It has to do with living in safe neighborhoods with good schools--good homes--good, nutritious food on the table, warm coats in winter, books to read, birthday presents, transportation and...well, hope. It has to do with opportunities and advantages. NO ONE needs 50 million dollars to live a good life. How many homes do you need? How many private jets? But okay--go for it. That's great....but then don't forget all the people who just want a fair working wage.
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