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    These parents should be applauded. They were unwilling to allow the continued military style indoctrination of their children at the hands of union employed socialists continue.
    Forming a single file line to move the children in an orderly fashion? Next thing you know they'll be marching them to the gas chambers like Auschwitz. Hats off to these proud patriotic parents for standing up to our oppressive totalitarian nanny state and pushing for individual liberty and action over the nazi thug tactics of these government employees.
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    What a disgusting attitude on your part, TRex84. Just because the parents didn't agree with the bus driver's methods of making kids get off of the bus in an orderly fashion, without pushing and shoving, doesn't give the parents the right to physically assault and beat up the bus driver in question. No wonder there are so many kids and adults alike who are bullies! A-holes like yourself abound!
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    Single file and no pushing or shoving allowed is reasonable to me. It would help if the school system adopted that rule area wide so everyone understands no child is being singled out. Sounds to me like one of those parents was already upset about something and took it out on the bus driver.
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    Yes, most of the time school bus drivers try to safely get the children to school and home and are unfairly targeted.

    Of course they will always be some idiots.

    I certainly have sympathy for this man.
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    Looks like this neighborhoods bus drivers need a CCW permits...screw getting beat up by some people who should have never reproduced to begin with.
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    These kids now have no respect for anyone and are never held accoutable for their actions.
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    Yep and when these kids are in front of a judge for similar or worse crimes, the parents are going to point fingers at everyone but themselves as to who is to blame.
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    No...The parents just beat up the cop who make the arrest, beat up the attorney who present the charges and beat up the judge who dictate the sentence.

    In a serious note I hope the parents get couple day in jail for assault, battery and everything else.
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    There are animals on both sides of any issue, and they should be dealt as such. It's too bad this driver wasn't a fifth degree black belt or something. This story might have had a happy and entertaining ending.
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    I fear for the children of those two adults who became violent with no provocation.

    If they are willing to assault an adult what do they do to their kids?.
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    "If they are willing to assault an adult what do they do to their kids?."

    is a good question, SilverPDX. Another question is "What will the children of these parents be like when THEY grow up?"
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    I must give sympathy to ANYONE carrying a loaded bus!
    And yes that is a PUN totally intended!
    What COURAGE it must take! Lol!
    I have had to deal with a few bus jerks before...drivers with a problem!
    But for the most part they do a very hard job!
    I used to TELL THE ADMINISTRATION of our school to PUT ON SOME BUS MONITORS (adult) to help the bus driver AND the kids!
    Never got a good answer...
    doesn't make much sense to me that people think you cannot handle even a couple of kids out of a LOCKED car seat while driving YET we expect our bus drivers to do it with a BUS LOAD OF THEM.
    Even IN 'lock and key' it would drive me over an edge!
    But hey, these parents were clearly over the top and against the LAW.
    Whether they may have had some other issue or not...IS NOT the issue now that they have attacked a bus driver!
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    There are some that don't deserve to be around children, and there are others that can handle all the noise and disruptions of a fully loaded school bus and still maintain a semblance of order. Parents on the other hand need to stay out of the buses, there is no defense to these actions, none.
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    If anyone acted up on or bus they got the front next to the driver if they acted up again they visited the principal and his paddle had holes in it, you did not ever want to visit him twice.
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    When I was in elementary school, my bus driver would turn on the lights if he wanted silence. Lights off, you could talk. Every time he turned the lights on, not one single person kept talking. He never had a problem. The kids never caused a problem. Can you imagine if a driver tried that today? The kids would ignore him and the parents would probably claim "abuse" of their little precious....and we wonder why the country is seeking.
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    In this case, I would say that I'm on the side of the bus driver. Usually I'm not though. A single file line seems like the most logical and safe way to exit the bus into a traffic zone, and gives him time to make absolutely sure that he is getting a count on who is getting off, and that there aren't any cars trying to hit them all. If the school district would mandate that all parents in a 10 mile radius of the incident had to take their own children to school, or go to jail, for the next 5 years or so this problem would not occur again.
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    I've never had any experience with school-bus drivers, so I'm neither sympathetic nor unsympathetic. And while you hear some scary stories about them, in this case I think the parents should be arrested for assault.
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    Outstanding link with pics. Thank you.

    Living in Florida , the second I heard this story I knew what the "genre" of the attackers had to be.
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    Oh my a vote down , What will become of me now pfffffft.

    Grow up and stop being so PC , If you live in Florida than the second you heard this news, You knew damn well what group of people did it .
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    Oh my goodness , please stop voting me down what evil repercussion will such actions have , pffffffft , lol.

    PC Idiot .
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    I almost can't blame them. I had to ride the bus for a few years and many of the kids are like animals on the bus... you couldn't pay me enough to drive a bus.
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    Well a 'bus monitor' with authority to 'do something' in times of trouble like this would help! Someone...just even ONE PERSON besides the bus driver placed there to help with discipline and to oversee the children too. Always has seemed dumb to me to expect a bus driver to carry a BUNCH of kids and DRIVE while they do their antics! NOT a safe situation in the BEST OF MOMENTS!!! Its a miracle there have not been more bus accidents. I THINK they MUST have to tune most of it out...or otherwise there would be TROUBLE.
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    No parents on the bus for openers. Any parent who pulls this kind of stunt gets arrested and/or has to take their children to school themselves. Kids who don't behave have to be taken to school by their parents some other way.

    I think something else was going on here, though, what with the attackers releasing the emergency brake and stealing the driver's keys.
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    He had every right to ask the kids to form a single file line. That is what they did with me when i was a kid. Poor guy! That is just ridiculous.
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    Right, we were considerate f our class mates, however there were a few A.. H..e's . However after they were refused admittance to the bus they calmed down.. The school district should refuse to transport unruly students.. Get unruly on public transportation and see what happens.. If they don't call a cop they'll surly put you off the bus.. That free ride to school is a privilege not a right.. One must comply with the rules..
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    I remember when I went to school no one had to tell us to keep quiet and exit in single file, it 's was automatically tuned in to our brains. No big deal, it's called common courtesy. I admit all of us students were no angels, but we did give common courtesy when riding the bus, and bullying wasn't heard of, nor guns or knives. Getting caught smoking in the bathrooms was about the worst behavior back in my day. You would never hear of a parent beating up a school bus driver for doing what was right. Maybe some of these parents need disciplining themselves.....
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    I personally think that is a darn shame , we all expect the children to act up and harass the bus driver, but the parents should know bettet and I think the guilty parents should be prosecuted to the fullest account
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    Sure, all children, even so-called "normal" children act up on occasion and tease the bus driver, but once they reach their teens, they should've grown up and learned better.
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    It's not acceptable for a bus driver to be a bully, but we have to recognize that they are human and they are doing their job. We trust them to do the right thing with our children and in return we have to teach our children to respect the bus drivers and authority in their lives. It's a difficult job, I'm sure.
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    There is no amount of money in this world you could pay me to, in essence, babysit other people's children these days. Everywhere I go, hollering, screaming, disrespectful brats. My dad would've beat me to a pulp with the belt if I acted the way these heathens do now days. Sadly, these are the turds that will be caring for all of us at the old folks home. I hope to die in bed peacefully before that happens...
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    The parents(?) need to spend time doing something for the community. I feel sorry for teachers and bus drivers. I would not enjoy putting up with the whining, disrespectful, spoiled brats. 95% of them are out of control because the parents are too lazy too do their job and RAISE them properly; respect, manners etc... Too much political correctness and child worship as George Carlin called it. Siounds like he was just doing a good job protecting their offspring.
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