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    This piece of ice is floating in the ocean at the breakneck speed of 2 miles per year...and is expected to melt or break up in a year...

    ...and this is cause for alarm?


    Thank goodness we have people to worry about this crap.
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    And they get paid good, too!
    We should start an alternate company.
    The possibilities are endless.
    We could be contractors. Lmao!
    I would propose a bill in congress to "harvest" the ecological freshwater gift of the liberal waterway that has broken away from the mainstream saltiness.
    Science and links it seems are not my only friends.
    You know the Feds spent a fortune to study freshwater importation?
    Including tapping into bergs.
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    It's not an iceberg... its a Trojan horse full of same-sex couples that are going to infiltrate and conquer heterosexual nations.... hence the San Francisco description
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    As the Earth's climate changes more rapidly because of the amounts of CO2 we put into the atmosphere, we'll see things like this more often. You can believe that climate change isn't effected by human activity, but the thing about science is that just because you don't believe it... doesn't mean it's not true.
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    During the Late Ordovician period CO2 levels were 12 times higher than they are today, and there was an Ice Age.
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    @galt45 Were you aware we are still in an ice age? Because we still have ice masses like Greenland left over from the peak of the ice age, we are still in an ice age. Ice age does not always mean cold. Just because there was an ice age so many years ago, doesn't mean all the land was frozen over.
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    So when things like this happened before there were humans, what caused it? Nothing happening on a 4 billion yr old planet is new or unique. It just seems so because we now see it thanks to how small our world has become...

    Not news....
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    The last Ice Age ended about 20,000 years ago. An Ice Age is a long period of reduced temperatures. Reduced temps allow ice to form, and in fact there was extensive glaciation during the Late Ordovician Ice Age. It is also not the only Ice Age that happened when CO2 levels were higher than now.

    If CO2 from humans will cause the climate to warm up, and more large icebergs to be formed, how do you explain this? Geology seems to indicate that high CO2 levels don't have much an effect on the climate.
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    It's not too big of an issue really. It's a big ass piece of ice. If you can't see it then you're blind. If we need to get rid of it we can just drill huge explosives around it and break it unto several smaller pieces that will melt away a lot faster. Let the military use it for some fun target practice. Just take it down in increments that won't pose any threats to ships. Gonna require a lot of firepower but the world has plenty of it.
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    Maybe we can have Michael Bay direct the destruction, make it into a new Transformers movie or something.
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    @stepped_in_it - Those who place a bit more trust in science on the issue of global warming may seem a little dumb to you guys, but at least most of us know the difference between an iceberg and ice burg. . . :)
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    I was thinking we'd have to incorporate Al Gorey's name into it some place because it's a "climatic event"!

    = D)))
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    Not that I've seen. However, if we had all elected the Rhinoceros Party back when they were around, we might not have this problem. They would've repealed the Laws of Gravity, so it would just float upwards and away! Haha.
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    Give it time. The inbred left thinks something like this is SO unique because it's captured on camera....

    Imagine if everyone would have seen the Lambert Glacier when it was discovered.... in modern media they would shave crapped their pants and blamed it on..styrofoam and the like lol
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    @BobSmith Excuse me while I take your opinion on science as you profess to love a company that polluted the entire gulf with both oil and poisons to make the oil sink.
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    A massive iceberg has drifted away from its home in Antarctica and is now posing a threat to southern shipping lanes

    Oh my, Lions tigers and bears...Oh My!! LOL
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    Despite the recent episodes of inept, chicken shit ships' captains of late, modern radar, sonar should be adequate for maritime safety. It's not like these things travel at high speed.
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    I can not believe that between satellite imaging and positioning ships at sea will not know the precise location of B31 in relationship to it and the path it is on.
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    There goes more of our fresh water supply that we'll never see again. Are you telling me an iceberg of that size breaking off has nothing to do with global warming? I just dont get how right wingers fan deny the FACT that global warming is being caused and sped up by human activities this is known fact. There is NO debate going on its verified fact. There is so much evidence that proves climate change is being spured on by humans but leave it to right winger to deny undeniably evidence...
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    Yeah, that's their MO. No need for solutions if you can deny the problem exists. On the other hand they'll wave their hands and create 'solutions' to problems that don't exist. And then we wonder why we've basically destroyed the country since 1981 when their policies were put into place.
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    Funny thing is if it is really that big of an issue then why not have a few bombers reduce the size. Or a couple of warships use it for a little gunnery practice. Haul out those old MK 37's and let a few submarines use it for target practice.
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