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    If he's lying, if she wasnt attacking, and then made the owner drown her to put her out of her misery instead of firing again, absolutely his animal cruelty inflicting ass needs to be fired. And charges filed on him. He took a family's pet, destroyed their property, casuals pain and suffering, acted in a grossly tyrannical fashion and needs to have the opportunity to do so again taken away from him.
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    The cost in pain and suffering is insurmountable.
    The monetary costs are quite sufficient, also.

    If one has ever watched a heeler work, they'd understand the immense savings or in this case the immense man hours lost.
    Both heelers and Australian Sheperds hold a special place in my heart.
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    @HawkTheSlayer if there is a felonious version of destruction of property, he should be charged with it along with civil damages.
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    Not only was Candy a family pet, but she was an invaluable "worker" on this family's farm. I wonder if there is some way to sort of tally the income loss this death has caused on top of the emotional distress?

    The guy should definitely be charged with animal cruelty for what he did and discharged from his position. Do we have a phone number or email address we can flood with calls/mails?

    My little Pomchi is a big mouth, I hope I never have to call the cops for anything, they might shoot her! You know a 12lb dog can visciously maul an adult man in under 3 seconds!
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    I truly believe that police departments have become the havens for sadists around the country. Sadists looking for a badge and a gun so they can conduct business as usual from a standpoint of authority.
    I hope things work out for this poor man and his family. A friend was taken by a truly evil person and I hope karma slaps the shit out of that evil sumbitch.
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    There was a time when the qualifications to be a deputy were to be 6 feet tall and have a mean streak.

    Looks like those times are back.
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    @Cincinnatus "Looks like those times are back."
    Only because Americans are complacent and apathetic and allow it. We should be demanding better from LEO's. Smarter would be a good start as would compassionate and able to make decisions under pressure.
    Sadists need not apply.
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    "Only because Americans are complacent and apathetic and allow it."

    That accounts for most of the problems we're having today.
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    Said it before, say it again. You shoot my dog, I shoot you. It will not come right away, but, I will shoot you. And, I will look you in the eyes when I do it.......and watch you die......slowly!
    I have ZERO respect for animal abusers and even less respect for cops who shoot animals and people out of THEIR own fear.
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    @Cincinnatus At least you have guts to follow up your vote down.
    And my dogs are my children. I lost my only child/son at 8 months.
    You shoot my child(ren), I SHOOT YOU.
    Vote me down twice!
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    You say you're willing to murder a human over a dog, Are you willing to spend the rest of your life in prison or even death over a dog? Just wondering.
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    @Cincinnatus Social justice.....actually no:

    The Punisher: I leave this as a declaration of intent, so no one will be confused. One: "Si vis pacem, para bellum." Latin. Boot Camp Sergeant made us recite it like a prayer. "Si vis pacem, para bellum - If you want peace, prepare for war."

    [cut to later, as Frank prepares his weapons for the final attack on Saint's gang]

    The Punisher: Two: Frank Castle is dead. He died with his family. Three: in certain extreme situations, the law is inadequate. In order to shame its inadequacy, it is necessary to act outside the law. To pursue... natural justice. This is not vengeance. Revenge is not a valid motive, it's an emotional response. No, not vengeance. Punishment.
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    He should be fired, but chances are he'll find a job at Albuquerque PD, where he'll go on to bigger, and more human game, and probably make Officer of the Month too.
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    yes he was but not for killing the dog. He was fired for his own safety. What a crock of bull. Should have been fired because f what he done to the dog
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    Fired, fined, and prohibited from ever working in law enforcement again. Not only did he shoot the dog for no reason, he then let it suffer, and finally lied about the incident. Prison time would not be too harsh.
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    Prison is where this piece of garbage belongs but we live in a new world now ...

    You know the one ... "Change We Can Believe In"

    Can we murder people's dogs?

    Answer ... "Yes We Can!"
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    Isn't it a crime to lie to a police officer? What about lying to citizens?

    We've got to get fierce with these kinds of police officers and throw the book at well as the departments, letting them know in no uncertain terms that WE THE PEOPLE will NOT tolerate this kind of murderous behaviour.....
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    @Knightkore They can legally lie to us about anything they desire however if we waver from the straight and narrow they can rob, torture, can or kill us.
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    Because as many posters on here enjoy pointing out, it's just an animal. Animals have NO RIGHTS. Any laws to protect animals or punish abusers is putting them equal or above humans and that cannot be allowed. Ever.
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    That doesn't make sense. Making laws to protect police shooting house pets with little to no provocation doesn't make them equal to humans.

    I suppose we should just do away with animal cruelty laws while we're at it because, you know, that would make them equal. Should probably also do away with the law that says killing or kicking a police dog gets you the same sentence as assaulting or killing a human officer. Those laws are in tact...

    ...and it just occurred to me that you may have been sarcastic. If so then ignore everything I've said and carry on. If not then my point stands :)
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    @LBaskins I was summing up the opinions of some regulars on here who don't believe animals should or do have any rights. All my animals are pets, from the chickens to the kitties. They have life, personalities, and value. If I get a chance this evening I can compile some comments of these posters.
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    @LBaskins Since many of the posters on here share the same mentality, I'm going to use this poster (if you'll excuse the pun) as the poster child for the point I was trying to make about how some people regard animals as less, having no right to any existence other than to be slaughtered, how no one should ever be punished for abusing any animals, and all conveniently justified by their Bibles.

    Yet they send people to prison for them even though they never sue anyone and more and more people want them to have the same and equal rights as people. They forget their intended purpose that God put them here for. We are to rule over the beasts. 
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    MF ought to be fired, hog tied, beat to a pulp and then thrown in a pen of fence patrolling Doberman's.
    and that's my " nice " scenario.

    What freak of nature is afraid of a dog this size?
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    Under the Federal Law Enforcement Animal Protection Act, anyone convicted of purposely assaulting, maiming, or killing federal law enforcement animals such as police dogs and horses could be fined at least $1,000 and spend up to 10 years in prison.

    Are citizens less valuable than police officers?
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    Man accused of killing police dog sentenced to 35 years

    Read more here:

    Hurting a police canine is a third-degree felony with a penalty of three-and-a-half to seven years in prison.

    Read more:

    An admitted drug user has pleaded guilty and was sentenced to four years in prison for fatally stabbing a police dog.

    That sorry piece of trash with a badge needs to be prosecuted.
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    @MeanSpirit Key words are police dog. A simple non-law enforcement animal such as Candy receives no such protection.
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    @bpatron I know. My point is that my life is not less valuable than a police officer. And my dog is no less valuable than a police dog. And there should not be separate laws for citizens and law enforcement officers. I know that they are but they shouldn't be.
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    @MeanSpirit Agreed. We've debated this many times amongst ourselves. In a utopian world we would all have value, but somewhere along the line it became acceptable to devalue life in general in the shadows of money, fear, and misguided loyalty.
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    It seems they are MS. Quite frankly, in this tread it seems federal law enforcement enjoys killing animals. Lets look at cliven bundy's cows.(Pause)
    Lets look at the killing of federally protected animals(tortoise) by the federalis to further an agenda.
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    Not only should he be fired, he should be incarcerated for the same term as someone who is convicted of murder in the second degree. Any LEO who discharges his weapon that results in the death of any living being should be held to the highest legal standard.
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    @miketost I do not want to hate on cops. It is a terribly tough job and the vast majority of LEOs do a great job. The fact that more and more of these types of instances seem to be happening disturbs me.
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    Thats what I am saying ,the thin Blue line has gotten much thicker putting even more good cops at risk.Its past time they stand up or perhaps its also to late.
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    Its like every other day there is a new police abuse issue and, sometimes, we are fortunate that technology can prove it. Now we all need to do something about it.
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    Officers killing pets is nothing new I just remembered my dads dog, a german shorthair about the same size as this dog, was shot by a fish and game officer because the officer claimed the dog was killing deer. The claim was ridiculous of course the dog just liked to run along with things. it wasn't aggressive at all.
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    What can we do about it? We are outgunned and out motivated. Few citizens are wise enough to realize the pigs are bullying their power over us peasants at an alarming rate. Can you imagine the general public still believes all cops are good and to be trusted?
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    @Joely They aren't good and they can't be trusted with anything except trying to figure a way to rob you.. After all everything they steal from you they get to keep, it's a money making business just like the prison system. If there wasn't profit in it private companies would not be in the policing and prison business.
    In Tenn. where I live if a park ranger, constable, Camera company or game warden writes you up they personally get half of what the judge steals from you. I really don't know how many others get a commission, however I'm sure there are others. Now that's incentive to hang paper if I've ever seen incentive.
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    I feel Cole Middleton and his family's pain. I get really teary and have to pause.
    How did such a simple burglary call go such awry?
    I just deleted about 2000 words of my post because my personal experiences with dogs equals this and some may try to use or misrepresent my words.
    I don't care what people think.
    This is wrong.

    It's symptomatic of the governmental zeal for control by using weak minded bots who enlist for law enforcement for all the wrong reasons on every level of law enforcement.

    I hope his family feels his shame, although its not their fault.
    ... I wonder if he has dog at home....?
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    Not only should he loose his bag he should be locked up for destruction of private property, cruelty to animals and negligent discharge of a firearm
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    This is a person who has no place in law enforcement! He obviously is not a good steward of the position he obtained. The loss of a work dog hurts the family financially. The loss of the work dog as also a pet that most people consider a member of the family is emotionally devastating. I'm glad that science has won out in this case. This sheriff's deputy shot and killed this animal for no reason whatsoever! I bet he wasn't smart enough to know that trajectory could disprove his lies. He needs to be fired and charged with cruelty to an animal and sued for financial loss due to killing this dog and for the emotional distress he caused this family.
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