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    From the linked story:

    "He's just walking around [saying]'See my gun? Look, I got a gun and there's nothing you can do about it.' He knew he was frightening people. He knew exactly what he was doing," said parent Karen Rabb.

    BUT ALSO from the linked story:

    "Park users flooded 911 with 22 calls about the man. Forysth County deputies questioned the man, and found that he had a permit for the handgun. Authorities said since the man made no verbal threats or gestures, they could neither arrest him nor ask him to leave the park."

    So what's the big deal?

    Ms. Rabb (the woman quoted) states that the man in question was walking around with a weapon holstered. Did he talk about his weapon to someone? No. His weapon remained holstered and her description that he was (saying) "Look at my gun." was euphemistic at best.

    This, IMO, is a case of a reactionist, gun-control person inciting panic...rather than a legal gun owner with a holstered weapon causing a problem.

    With Ms. Rabbs over-reaction it's small wonder that her son was troubled. As a child, if my mother hit the panic button I would have been concerned also.
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    @AntiPorcheria okay so the guy never actually said those words? Well if that's the case then it's yeah just some broad who doesn't like the new law.... nothing to see here.. just more liberal BS
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    @Roco - I don't know about GA or AZ but I live in Ks and we just passed the Open Carry law.

    I have held a CCW for years. Business necessity.

    According to the Ks law, any business owner has the right to post a "gun free zone" sign on his building and declare no guns allowed.

    As a business owner, I agree with having that freedom.

    It goes along with the "No shirt, no shoes, no service." concept and the "We Reserve The Right to Refuse Business to Anyone." concept.

    However, IMO: Posting a "Gun Free Zone" sign anywhere can make you a target for robbery.

    Any criminal with half a brain will know that the people inside the business are unarmed.

    I prefer a level playing field.
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    Except the "New Georgia" laws have nothing to do with it. You could open carry with a permit (as he was doing) before now.
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    How much you want to bet this is some guy against the loosening of the gun control laws. I never met someone with a ccw or utilizing open carry to attract attention to themselves, quite the opposite. In addition a responsible gun owner would not act the way he did. It's possible he's just some complete moron but my guess still goes with a setup.
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    The cops should have told him to leave or be arrested for disturbing the peace or creating a public nuisance. Then the game could have continued and he would know that being able to carry a gun does not mean he can also carry an attitude.
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    Err, just thought I'd point out that Karen Rabb alone made those sensational claims about what he supposedly said, she sounds like a Democrat who was butthurt about the new law and was just freaking out over nothing. I highly doubt that her son said the things she claimed, but if he did then I'm sure he was only frightened because she was freaking out.
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    After watching the news video I think you might be right. This is just a story meant to get the hoplophobes worked up.
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    Gotta remember that one of those little kids could threaten
    him with a baseball bat and he'd have to stand his ground
    a put a bullet in one. Doing all the law allows.
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    What an idiot. Although it may be legal to open carry, and I support it, 100%, people need to understand two things: 1.) When you're in a public place with people you know, you conceal carry, and 2.) If you don't have the common courtesy to conceal carry (and aren't a well known police officer) then people will assume you are a retard, and fear being around you. People who carry a big monster pistol on their side to a youth baseball game or walk into walmart with an assault rifle are doing so much damage to the cause it's insane.
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    It is people like this idiot that will cause the push for more control. These idiots don't know when to shut the F up.
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    @LarryV Err, just thought I'd point out that Karen Rabb alone made those sensational claims about what he supposedly said, she sounds like a Democrat who was butthurt about the new law and was just freaking out over nothing. I highly doubt that her son said the things she claimed, but if he did then I'm sure he was only frightened because she was freaking out.
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    @JonathonC you assume anyone not a gun nut is a liar? The guy (gun nut) in question sounds to me like the typical gun nut with manhood issues.
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    @LarryV I find it questionable that only one woman wanted to talk to the press and no one else has come forward to verify her story. Perhaps she was telling the truth, but I doubt it. If he was doing what she claimed then he probably would have been taken in for disorderly conduct, because that would have been taking things too far. Using logic, it just seems more likely that she was prejudiced against him for open carrying, and she started freaking out or maybe someone else did, and they started reacting to each others fear. This is all just hypothesis, though it is based on logic.

    I just cannot believe that they wouldn't have at least taken him in for disorderly conduct if a lot of witnesses said he did exactly as she claimed. Remember, only one person talked to the media, the police talked to ALL of them and concluded he did nothing wrong, so apparently no one validated her tale.

    Anyway, I admit that I don't have all the facts and I admit I may be wrong, but I feel I adequately explained why it seems most logical to me that she is lying.
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    @JonathonC ....did only one woman WANT to talk to the press or did the press only interview ONE woman? If it is only one woman being hysterical why were there so many 911 calls? As the article read, the guy did not break the law. Being a jerk is not against the law.
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    This gun nut does nothing to help the cause of gun rights advocate's and I totally support the 2nd Amendment, but I do not support braggarts and idiots such as this guy!
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    Yep especially when asked to leave and refused.... That is when I might question his motives. But there are some real nuts running around flaunting their rights. This type of attitude is likely to make it easier to pass gun restrictions than to allow them.
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    The man was in full Barney Fife mode! He was Fifin' to the left, he was Fifin' to the right. They wanted open carry and that's what they got and this man is a full-on supporter. Georgia is just going to have to suck it up.
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    You can carry all you want, but in TN it is unlawful to discharge a weapon within so many feet of a public recreation, CCW or not.

    Unfortunately, there is no legal requirement for licensing for acting like an ass.
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    Exaclty, it was just another dim-wit making a point.

    I couldn't imagine walking around so afraid that I felt it necessary to bring a gun to a little league game
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    @Poltal I'm going to guess he is not a very popular chap and probably has good reason to be looking over his shoulder ;o)
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    @AlexMIA Because he just COULDN'T be a gun worshipping guy whose only measure of self-worth is that Glock on his hip. It COULDN'T be that he went to the park thinking to himself, "Now you HAVE to respect me. I have a GUN!!! And that makes me a DANGEROUS MF!!!! So you MUST respect me!! And you must FEAR me!!"
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    These are the fools that bring out what takes the new law into question.It will not be long until one of these jerks or plants does something to bring even more media attention.Why would you want anyone to see that you are armed?By doing so you become an instant target of the bad guys.These are the rambo wannabes we can all do without.It was a kids sporting event for pete's sake.If you feel threatened there stay at home.The current law in Georgia allows concealed carry open carry has been allowed long before know.
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    The man has always had the right to carry his gun in this manner meaning open carry. His permit I always for concealed Cary which the permit allows and of course would not create any issues as no one would see it. This story seems design genes to create hysteria not report any worthwhile incident.
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    Having a legal right to do something and thinking that thing is the right thing to do are not always the same thing.
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    @NolanVoyd - Hmmmm. While I agree, that corollary can carry over to a lot of things...

    Marching nude down the street in front of children may be legal...but is it the right thing to do?

    Standing on the American Flag may be legal (SCOTUS vs Phelps WBC)...but is it the right thing to do?

    Insulting Christians by placing their Sacred Symbol in a bottle of urine and calling it art may be legal...but is it the right thing to do? (1987).jpg

    Having an affair is legal...but is it the right thing to do?

    Hate speech is legal...but is it the right thing to do?

    Allowing a friend to drive drunk or stoned is legal...but is it the right thing to do?

    Spending billions on ad campaigns to get elected while millions starve is legal...but is it the right thing to do?

    IMO: The problem has become that we, as a people, have become so callous and self involved that we seldom concern ourselves with how OUR actions effect and affect others. If it feels good, do it. So what if it scars someone or destroys a marriage or kills someone.

    Sad statement on society at large.
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    There is no middle ground on this issue, we either have the right to bears arms or we do not. If the constitution grants the right as I believe it does that right can not be infringed period. IF we don't like it then we can change it but that means changing the constitution not having another state to state war over peoples rights as we have done with abortion, and gay marriage. You believe in the constitution or you don't. It's not selective. While I think carrying a gun to a children's game was over the top it was legal.
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    @Speedieg - You wrote, "There is no middle ground on this issue, we either have the right to bears arms or we do not."

    I disagree. There are already laws regarding what types of arms people have a right to bear, the question hinges on what they are. Few people would support a right for anyone and everyone to possess nuclear arms or biochemical arms.

    The authors of the Constitution had weapons that either required skill or load time or both. None of their ranged weapons could be carried around fully loaded at all times, ready to fire at the squeeze of a trigger. There would probably be much disagreement among them regarding today's weapons and which should be allowed.
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    Mothers feel uncomfortable with strange man wearin tn a gun and bragging about it at a park....seems like a normal reaction from normal mothers.

    Yea I know, you shouldn't worry until he actually shoots your kid. Shame on those mothers.
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    Love the biased headline.....I guess some people either hate or forget that they live in a country with the Second Amendment. Airline tickets to Cuba or North Korea are really cheap if you hate freedom so much.
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    "...he asked if the man had wanted to kill him."

    No, little Johnny, he didn't - he was actually just a regular law-abiding citizen hurting no one, just like most people who carry guns.

    That's the lesson kids need to learn - not that guns are scary and that only bad guys who kill people have them. Now, let the closed-minded angry vote-downs begin!
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    Who are you to decide whether or not a gun in plain view is scary or not? When I see a gun, a little warning sign goes up... potential trouble. Just like when I cross the street I look both ways because there is a danger present, the presence of a gun increases my sense of danger. I have no idea what that person may be up to. I can take proactive action in the case of looking both ways before crossing the street. With the presence of a gun I am just a sitting duck who has no control over the situation. It's an uneasy feeling.
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    @Russell797 You are a shining example of exactly the reason kids need to start learning this lesson - otherwise they'll grow up being scared of guns also instead of feeling safer in their presence. This entire nation needs a re-education about the truth about guns so that we can stop falling prey to the pernicious lies that surround them and permeate our entire culture. If you do feel like a sitting duck in the presence of another person's gun, maybe it's time for you to get one yourself and level the playing field!
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    @TheSaltMiner While I agree that people need to be desensitized to the presence of guns so as not to overemphasize the threat the gun poses, nonetheless the danger does increase when a gun enters your environment just like the threat of being hit by a car increases as you cross a street. For me the threat to myself or a loved one is greater if I own a gun than any protection it may afford me. That's just me.
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    Really? NORMAL regular law abiding citizens walk around little kids ballparks saying "I have a gun and there's nothing you can do about it"?

    If so, it's no wonder people think of gun owners as idiots.
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    Bunch of freaking drama queens ... lol =)

    "He's just walking around [saying]'See my gun? Look, I got a gun and there's nothing you can do about it."

    My response would've been ... "So freaking what! I got one too so what's your point?"
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    As a Little League coach, I would have gone up to the man, and tell him that if he doesn't leave the area the kid's baseball will be cancelled. A reasonable person would leave, but I doubt we are dealing with a reasonable person in this case.
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    Sounds like a case of she said this and everyone believed her. Why no comment from the guy? This is just leftist journalism that does not tell the entire story with back up witnesses. Politix is oh so proud to front page this one.
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    Is it just a coincidence that this story was found in Georgia right after they passed liberal gun laws? I think not! LOL No one in authority stopped the game, it was some over sensitive woman who got other parents all riled up, and it wouldn't surprise me if most of the 911 calls came from the same two or three people.
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    Did you even read the story? This stupid white trash went there with the intention of being an asshole, and he's apparently pretty good at it
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    I have to agree that the guy was way out of line if he was walking around saying,'See my gun? Look, I got a gun and there's nothing you can do about it.' He knew he was frightening people. He knew exactly what he was doing." I think there is grounds to argue that he was menacing and/or harassing the people at the game. I would have called the local sheriff or police and would have asked that this person be told to leave and escorted away because he is menacing.
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    Authorities did show up. He would have been arrested if he'd been harassing anyone. Nothing in the story indicates he said one word to anyone at the park. There would have been multiple witnesses to his statements. We have the word of only one. The sentence structure of her statement makes it more likely that this was how one hoplophobe interpreted a citizen legally open-carrying.
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    According to the article, it appears the sheriff determined that he indeed made comments; however, the sheriff also determined that he didn't break any law. I think what could have happened is that parents saw him with a gun and overreacted or at least gave him some unfriendly looks or maybe one or more of the parents commented to another parent. In turn, he commented about them not being able to do anything about him carrying a gun. I'm just speculating of course, but it seems to me that there must be more to the story. At any rate, being that the sheriff didn't feel it necessary to do anything, I find it interesting that the parents felt it necessary to get their children and hunker down behind a dugout. I mean, the sheriff says nothing is wrong, yet the parents were so scarred that they "hunkered down" behind a dugout?! Maybe the parents are a bunch of nutjobs just trying to get this guy with a gun in trouble.
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    I live in Georgia, regretfully. There are more nuts per square mile than in a Planter's factory. There is at least one shooting nearly every single day in the metro area I live in. Fortunately, most of the violence isn't random, but I'm more concerned than ever now that these new laws have passed.

    This is how I feel when I see someone in public with a gun. Unless that person is a police officer, I do not know his/her intent. I do not know that person and have no idea if they are responsible or if they are crazy as a bedbug and planning to stand on the street corner and pick off pedestrians. If someone with a gun were walking around a playground saying "see my gun", damn right I'd be taking my kids and leaving.

    Just because someone has a gun doesn't mean they SHOULD have one. Lots of irresponsible people drive cars; I see them every day. If even half of them own guns, that's a scary thought. Was this man in the park exercising his right appropriately? Not even close. But that's why we have laws in the first place; because SOME people can't be trusted to use good judgment. Give these idiots an inch and they take mile. Not a good idea with a loaded gun.
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