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    Another great story @MaryNoble

    The war on drugs has been a massive failure. All we have done with this is created an incentive for violent drug cartels. People want drugs and they are going to get them. If they can buy them in a regulated way down at the corner store they will get them there. If they have to get them illegally they'll get them anyway. It's time to stop this nonsense and legalize marijuana on a national basis. If this works then we can do the same with other drugs.
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    @PNWest there was NEVER a war on drugs. It was propaganda so the government can sell, distribute, and make profit of it. The was on drug is hypocritical, has always been.
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    Whenever we "declare war" on abstract nouns it never works out. For example...
    War on Poverty
    War on Terror
    War on Drugs
    War on Obesity
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    Why has society come to the point only drugs even killer drugs are the answer?Shotgun shells are much cheaper and legal to buy.If its about away out sadly this could be a much quicker way to go?Kurt Cobain chose the later after heroin destroyed his life.Why do either because a person chose to destroy themselves,families and friends is beyond me.I have long supported pot as being legal and look now what that is bringing in Colorado?4th graders selling grandparents pot,overdose by a plant that was believed to be impossible and now even death.Yes the war on drugs has been a massive failure on two fronts,one is the targeting of all drugs and the for profit prisons it has created.It amazes me that so many want the freedom to destroy their lives and could care less about the freedoms the constitution has granted us all in order to live a life the world envies.
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    @miketost If you feel the need to suck on the end of a shotgun I feel sorry for you. That should not prevent people from doing what is healthiest for society.

    We have more than ample evidence that alcohol is a major cause of traffic accidents, domestic and other violence, early deaths, broken families and many other bad things. No one will deny this. However let's look at what happened when we made alcohol illegal. Prohibition was a bigger disaster than the Romney or McCain campaigns. All that prohibition did was create an environment where organized crime could flourish. It is no surprise that the mob grew in strength due to prohibition and it is no surprise that the violent drug cartels have prospered during the war on drugs. Keeping drugs illegal is worse for society than legalizing them. Yes many people will ruin their lives with drugs but they do so today already. There is no place in the constitution that says anything about drugs being illegal. Neither drugs nor alcohol are mentioned as all.
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    Well.... most drugs, not all drugs. Cocaine, Cocaine derivatives, Marijuana, Ecstasy and LSD I understand. People end up choking on their own vomit after using Heroin, They die in these horrible ways. Also Meth just destroys your body, inside and out. Soft drugs should be legalized and regulated right along with Tobacco and Alcohol.... but some drugs are illegal for a reason.

    I understand some people want extreme freedom for their own bodies, but at some point the government is supposed to look out for its citizens.
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    @kirbstomp1 Well you're asking government to be logical, but as we all should know by now it isn't. So the junkie advising the users is the best we got.
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    "There has to be compromise between personal freedom and public safety."

    Tell that to the gun lobby...
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    People should and need to look after their own bodies, what they don't need, have never needed, is political lunatic authoritarian interference and insane drug laws which ruin their lives, lock them up in private for-profit prisons to "protect them from themselves?" See how stupid that is just to even read it
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    Shocking to whom? Not me. I have shared Mr. Downing's position for many years. I believe he is absolutely correct.

    This nanny state mentality is totally counter productive in trying to control social problems in our society. The government cannot legislate morality. It simply doesn't work, never has and never will. Morality is taught and regulated by one's family, community and church.

    It was never meant to be a function of the federal government. Oh sure there will always be elitist that wants to use the law to try and force others abide by their own sense of morality, but in this county, this isn't supposed to be allowed. We have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Rights that are slowly but surely being taken away by the social engineering elitist that buy legislation from a corrupt congress. Drug laws being a prime example of this.

    A drug addict will do drugs regardless of what some politician, of whom they've never met and are complete strangers to, tells them not to do. People that don't do drugs, won't do drugs just because they're legal.
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    Absolutely correct.
    I have believed this for years. Remove the legal risks and reduce greatly the criminal, violent risks to the public.
    The so called "war on drugs" has, and will remain, an epic failure.
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    Well said...

    "The prestige of government has undoubtedly been lowered considerably by the prohibition law. For nothing is more destructive of respect for the government and the law of the land than passing laws which cannot be enforced. It is an open secret that the dangerous increase of crime in this country is closely connected with this." -Einstein
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    "You'll likely be surprised by his radical proposal at 1:23"

    I'm not surprised and his proposal is neither radical nor novel.
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    There are many, many law enforcement officers, DEA, judges, DA's etc. who know from experience that the drug war is far worse than the drugs themselves. It's time more people listen to them.

    The drug war is no more than legalized oppression of one sector of society over another. It was borne of classism and racism... There is no logic or justification for prohibition laws.

    “When a government uses military personnel, equipment, and tactics against its own citizens, is it time to call it a Civil War rather than a Drug War?”– Pete Guither
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    There are laws against 'driving while under the influence' and 'assault' and a number of other crimes that some people DO while under the influence of NOT JUST DRUGS...but alcohol.
    I think the point this man is making is that these people are ADDICTS. And that is a disease!!
    Murder is not caused by disease or many, many other crimes. DRINKING ALCOHOL is not illegal! But 'those addicted to DRUGS' commit a crime even when NO OTHER CRIMES are in process....just by buying it, using it or being under the influence!
    TREAT THE DISEASE...give people the option of finding ways ( and there are some) of TREATING THE DISEASE ....and if that 'disease' causes someone to step over the line to kill, hurt or steal ETC...THEN there are laws to provide for their arrest.
    Keeping drugs in the hands of CARTELS and really, REALLY bad characters is NOT GOOD...and we ARE NOT WINNING the WAR ON DRUGS!
    When they cannot get ONE THING they get taking away the DRUG only causes people to turn to other ways of finding a GOOD HIGH!!!
    I DON'T THINK METH WOULD EXIST....if other drugs were legal. Maybe I am wrong because apparently it is very addicting.
    I THINK it was 'an invented drug' EASY TO THROW TOGETHER and with 'horribly addicting qualities' which kept the SUPPLY wanted and the PRICES DOWN.
    As for has its 'medicinal uses!' As a matter of fact the 'new abused Heroin' is dr. prescribed as are HUNDREDS of 'pretty HEAVY' drugs!
    HE IS RIGHT...trying to fight this battle IS NO WIN SITUATION. Not only are families RUINED because of the ADDICTION of their loved one, but DOUBLE TRAUMATIZED when they face LEGAL PUNISHMENT FOR IT TOO.
    IT does not belong in the law enforcement system except to use legal means to 'regulate it''tax it' and make sure other types of crimes are covered!
    TAKE IT OUT of the hands of CROOKS who only want money to destroy lives!!! WOULD LIKELY HELP WITH SOME OF OUR ILLEGAL ALIEN PROBLEM ALSO!!!
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    @hankf68 - Hmmm, I thought the All Caps in @Cookie777 post were tastefully placed, and sufficiently reflected the passion (s)he evidently feels about the topic...

    Maybe (s)he is one of the millions of casualties of this 50 year old senseless war...
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    @DogLady_1 ...I guess it's a matter of personal choice, it seems as though the person is screaming at you when they use all caps, if the post is good, we will "get" it without the need for caps to emphasize an emotion and I was just saying that it is unnecessary to use all caps to make a good point, anyway, s(he) made a good point, caps or not :)
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    I didn't mean my post about caps in a bad way at all and I apologize if it was took that way, again excellent point and good post :)
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    NOT the first time I have heard this. And I do 'understand' I THINK where some people are coming from. However I am a 'writer' who has used this STYLE of writing for a long time so its a hard habit to break and I am not sure I want to!
    I use the 'CAPS' and dots and other accentuation sometimes or a LOT to 'capture' and 'hopefully keep' the interest of someone who is reading what USUALLY is a 'pretty long comment' since I cannot seem to do less than a few paragraphs! Lol!
    I use to 'do battle' with my editor over this also...I EVENTUALLY WON because 'people who read overwhelmed the 'principal' with my 'praises!'
    NOT being 'vain' there are many better writers than me...I just loved the idea that 'someone' got it and 'liked it' and thought I had talent so I FOUND MY CALLING in this way. Without a moment of journalistic TEACHING or 'college' for this field EITHER. Without the 'boundaries' of what you are supposed to do IF YOU WRITE and NOT supposed to do if you write...I FOUND PEOPLE APPRECIATED IT. I found success!
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    Telling people what they can and can not do with their own bodies kind of takes a shit on that idea our founding fathers loved to talk about so much . What was it called? Oh yeah.... Freedom.
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    Yeah, but what would happen to the prison industry? How would it survive if we did the right thing about drugs? It is a thriving industry that is growing. Investors from all walks of life are invested in it and depend on it for great portions of their investment plans. Even school pension plans are invested in incarceration industry. That should be a conflict of interest.
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    Well I have posted many times before all drugs should be legal to use, without any restriction whatsoever except relating to minors. If a user commits a crime, prosecute the crime.
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    Drug prohibition is a tremendous success ...

    ... for the bandits, the criminals, the drug dealers (legal and illegal, btw), and for the terrorists.
    Actually for all those wanting to enlarge the unrepublican undemocratic unconstitutional powers, nationally and internationally.

    The guy who invented drug prohibition deserves the Nobel Prize ... of Crime.
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    Nice to see more and more law enforcement coming out and saying what we have known for years. Prohibition does not work.
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    What he misses is shown up in his Coors and Budweiser analogy: Legal but does not prevent Alcoholism. Not criminal but with the potential for abuse and addiction. Now we get into which drug of choice is worse and which most beneficial. Heroin? Decrease prison population and population of addicts? Have the government regulate and tax Cocaine? What will the list of legal drugs be? Marijuana versus Heroin? Quite a gap. Get it at your local Whole Foods Coop, Organic additives or preservatives.

    Remember Laudanum was prescribed and used in the Victorian age and at the turn of the century....Dr Victor Frankenstein used this alcoholic tincture of opium). Has been used since the ancient Greeks. Wasn't until 1919/1928 was the production and then use of Laudanum prohibited. Lord Byron, Samuel Taylor Coleridge ( Ah, Kubla Khan), Percy Bysshe Shelley, John Keats, Lewis Carroll (no surprise there), Charles Dickens, Edgar Allan Poe....all users.
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    The well heeled get their drugs without street crime consequences.

    Few would believe the number of doctors addicted to drugs. And we already know the wealthy, like Limbaugh, are gonna always get their drugs. Those are the real drug users but we don't so much see those faces. Street use of drugs is all too often the only face we see and are shown.

    Some would say street use is where the violence is and therefore it must be attacked. Back to video. Cop dead because some addict just wants his/her fix. A cry for regulation, de-criminalization that goes unheeded.
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    There were shootings and murders during prohibition. Those stopped when alcohol was legal again. I do not believe all drugs should be legal, but marijuana is in a class by itself. I fully support medical marijuana! If the people want to pass recreational marijuana, that's fine. It can be regulated and taxed. Instead of costing our country so much money, it would make more money. I just don't want recreational hurting medical in any way! There have been so many hybrids made to treat certain conditions. I don't want producers going for the easy money by just selling what they've got instead of concentrating on the hybrids the sick so badly need! I'm not surprised at all by this former officer's view.
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    With all your comments about less government interference, are you really going to complain if we need fewer police officers? Seriously, Bob?
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    @Denizen_Kate No, I don't mind it, and I support the federal government ceasing regulation of Marijuana except transporting across US borders.
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