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    That was some serious blasphemy. So if water boarding is baptism, does that mean drone strikes are just little pieces of Jesus's love?
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    IDK, I have no interest in drawing parallels between Christianity and terrorists. Baptisms or other wise! Bullets and pig's blood will be fine by me!
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    You got an amen brother!
    People need to stop being such wimps and get the hell over it. She was not comparing anything to Christian Rituals it was an analogy. This is just more PC fools wanting to bash her.
    Take for instance the one that they say is an obama backing conservative. There is no such animal. A conservative could not back obama that is counter to conservatism.
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    @URBS I take it you aren't quite familiar with the English language.

    Analogy : a comparison between two things, typically on the basis of their structure and for the purpose of explanation.

    That's Merriam Webster, an analogy is a comparison.
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    6. "Obama-backing conservative Andrew Sullivan"

    LOL! That's like saying "Conservative commentator Stephen Colbert."
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    True this is hardly a list of 7 conservatives... I will say it was a stupid comment even if it was a joke though.
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    Yeah, Mary had to dig deep! Libertarians, a liberal columnist, someone who was once quoted by a liberal writer....

    It was a stupid comment, but it went over well with it's targeted audience. How many politicians have said things to specific groups they knew would like them, and later regretted it when the press broadcast their comments world wide?
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    Oh, I know and it was funny. But you know how the lefties like to twist things around, they have no sense of humor.

    "We begin bombing in five minutes."
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    @galt45 they will use anything to discredit anyone on the right. As for the "conservatives" upset over what she said... lol I didnt recognize anyone on the upset list and noticed the conservative magazine had like 5 retweets...what an outrage! Lol
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    @TigerLandSC Hmm, I think the part that drives us crazy is that we simply CANNOT BELIEVE that anybody would take her seriously. This statement is simply confirmation that she could never put in charge of anything.
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    As opposed to the sacks of gold dust you idiots have unleashed on us? I'll take One Sarah over a million of you in a heartbeat!
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    And that is exactly the reason conservatives keep losing- an inability to judge intelligence, character, or acumen.
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    You all want her to stop talking. I wish she'd keep talking just to remind American people why they didn't vote a republican to the white house the last two presidential elections.
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    Waterboarding is a joke compared to suicide bombers, hijackers, beheadings, honor killings, islamic terrorists and the islamic ideological groups on our soils promoting their cultural jihad.
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    The Waterboarding of a couple of Terrorist that had knowledge that could have resulted in the deaths of Americans --should not be confused with the Chinese type used during WW2, which usually ended in death at its conclusion. Fact is, More military, journalist and celebrities have been waterboarded than our enemy. If it were torture in the true sense of the word.-- volunteers would have NEVER been allowed to partake, such as Mancow and Christopher Hitchings, just to name a couple. I could also safely conclude --The biggest whiners are most probably those that never wore the uniform or served in combat!

    To those thumb-suckers who soil yourselves over the thought of our enemies going through the same procedure to protect potential loss of American lives, ought to get their collective heads out of that all to familiar orifice!'Nuff said!
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    Whether you agree on how effective waterboarding is or not is rather not the point. I'm not a christian. However, if I were a god fearing man of faith who was raised in church ( I was raised in church ) I would take offense at the off handed comment she made just for shock value. It goes to show just how much a practitioner of the faith she proclaims she actually is. Anything for a blurb.
    Then again, religious conversion through torture is a time honored method of christianity is a long standing tradition. Truth is, christians have came up with methods to make waterboarding seem positively tame. However, Ms Brainsurgeon doesn't realize that you're supposed to pretend to be a loving inclusive religion these days and pretend the good ol' days 100 years ago or longer never occurred.
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    "BS!" (Barry Soetoro)

    Liberals know nothing of Intel tactics and how it works. They orchestrate erroneous Pap and feed it to their minions in the press -- who in-turn parroted as fact. Libs live in the land of denial rather than reality, especially when it collides with their fragile ideology. I hate to rain on your parade, but It was waterboarding that led to Osama Bin Laden. Wise-up!
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    "The biggest whiners are most probably those that never wore the uniform or served in combat! "

    Explain why the US military forbids it. Then explain why the FBI and CIA did not water board, or torture at all, until the Bush administration sent in contract interrogators to conduct the torture.

    You lose.
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    The Problem is simply that the media bothers to report it!

    Stupid sarah says these things because she is irrelevant and desperately needs the attention. Unfortunately the media gives it to her
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    When she was running for VP I made up a bumper sticker that said "Sarah, show us your t*ts!" (No asterisk.) Had she won, I fully intended to put it on the bumper of my car.(I didn't care about that car, today it would be completely different.) Now, I'm not so sure. Time, and gravity, tend to take their toll.

    I still can't believe that John "Cash and Vacations for influence" McCain chose Caribou Barbie as his running mate. I've loathed him since the Lincoln Savings and Loan scandal, but I had no idea he was that cynical - to pick her as a running mate because they thought Hillary might run? That borders on misogyny.

    Her fifteen minutes should have been up long ago.
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    Come on, look at her actual record as Governor of Alaska. First in line for pork. Serious about power over honor toward her State Cop in-law, and who knows what else. Didn't really spend much time doing the job.

    Not a total failure. Not a real success. Mostly just a Republican PR queen.

    Don't get me wrong. I don't dislike her. I just don't actually like her.(My attitude is passive, rather than active.)

    I absolutely agree that she was better than McCain. The problem is, that's faint praise at best.

    Look at her PAC. Most of the money was actually spent on a super-vacation for her and her family. Do I care? Not really. I didn't donate. On the other hand, as an evangelical Christian, that's not the sort of thing I think Jesus would have done.

    Again, let me stress: Not mad at her. I am, however, ready for her to go back to hunting and fishing in Alaska. A TV/cable show, perhaps. I wouldn't watch it, but then I don't generally watch TV. Big Bang Theory, Nova, and whatever my wife is watching just to be polite.

    No insult intended to Mrs. Palin, but her fifteen minutes are up, as far as I am concerned. No worse than the last few if she made it to President, but certainly not a Constitutional hero(ine).

    This may not be a good thing, depending upon your point of view, but I did find Who's Nailin' Palin rather amusing in a totally disgusting to the limp wristed sense.:)
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    @S_Bumgardner theory on why McCaine picked Palin as a running mate is that he realized what a mess little bush got the country in that he wanted to loose, so he picked Palin which guaranteed a lose.
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    C'mon GOP! You can't disown everybody in your group and keep calling yourself a relevant party. A party has to know its limitations. Your like feathers are all over the place.
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    I know right....people that don't just blindly tow the party line....hell that's more blasphemous then anything ol' Palin coulda said, right?
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    Those are not conservatives. They are CINO's. Conservatives In Name Only. They are people that defend the rights of the enemy against their own attacked countrymen.
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    If anything: they are against intelligence gathering that could save European and American lives and they are impeding military operations against the enemy. This in times of war (and there is a war going on) would also be known as treason and they should be charged with it.
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    @Dutchman1982 "Compared to Liberals people like Palin are decent citizens that would never side with the enemy."

    Really? Then why do so many of them kiss Putin's ass, while putting our own President down?
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    I have met VERY few Conservatives that have any good feelings for Putin. In fact: Palin WARNED that he could become a threat quite a few years ago. While you liberals are still loving anything commie - anything Russian. And hating everything American. While Americans and Europeans were dying fighting the enemy - the libs were protesting and calling the troops murderers.
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    I like it! Not only do extreme Muslims wage war on non believers but other religions as well. We need more water boarding and toe nail pulling too! You have to fight fire with fire. Remember they killed over 3,000 people on 9-11 and they could care less about the Geneva convention. I say peel their skin and apply salt to make them talk. We need to cowboy up and quit playing nice.
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    Amen ...and get off of Palins back, yes it was stupid, but we all have had our days.
    Notice how the left never says a thing hardly when the Muslims cut someones head off, but let Sarah say waterboarding and all hell is raised.
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    "Not only do extreme Muslims wage war on non believers but other religions as well."

    Uh... what are other religions but 'non believers' to those who believe in a particular religion?

    "Remember they killed over 3,000 people on 9-11 and they could care less about the Geneva convention. "

    Remember that your war in Iraq killed hundreds of thousands who didn't have a damn thing to do with 9-11. Remember that 9-11 was a Saudi inspired and financed attack, but pretty much the most extreme Sunni Muslims in the world, yet you want to kill Muslims in general, but your president Bush never once denounced the Saudi oil buddies responsible.

    When you start talking about Wahhabi you will start to make sense.
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    How many Americans have had their heads cut off? How many children in Iraq died in your war for oil?

    Remember this, it was not US power or might the inspired fear in Al Qaeda that made them stop cutting people's heads off, it was other Muslims who were outraged.

    Whereas, Saudi Arabia, the republican oil oligarchy's good buddies, still claim the right to legally behead people.
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    @SamSpade;;; Actually, you don't know a thing about me. This is about the media reporting every time Palin says something they can try to turn into an outrage, while ignoring the real outrages.
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    We're talking about civilized societies. Not a bunch of religious nuts who think blowing up infidels will get them into heaven.

    If you want to compare religious nuts then compare them to anti-abortion terrorists, Israeli Zionist terrorists (JDL anyone?).
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    Can we step back for a moment and compare waterboarding to some the of procedures and practices that folks who always vote D stated about or should happen to Mrs Palin and her family? Now after pondering this for a moment, who rather receive water boarding than be, raped, have your children killed, or have someone sxxx down your throat?
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    Why are liberals so obsessed with Sarah. No water boarding is not like baptism but it was used by the Air Force and other services as part of survival training. Oh I see the editor is a committed LIBERAL, MARY NOBLE, I guess that is why it is important.
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    Our troops get a very mild DEMONSTRATION of waterboarding. They ARE NOT kept under to the point where they must be revived. And they ARE NOT subjected to repeated rounds day in and day out - until they start telling the torturer anything and everything, truth or fiction, to make it stop for even a little while.
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    @DragonHawk1959 Maybe one day I will be concerned about the treatment of terrorist. But that day hasn't arrived and I don't see it arriving soon.
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    The POINT is that no form of TORTURE garners reliable intelligence. The CIA admitted waterboarding hadn't provided any information that they hadn't gotten elsewhere.
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    Our troops get strangled into unconsciousness, at least they did when I was in, are you sure the waterboarding training is so mild? It wouldn't do much good if it was. And they do conduct days long "interrogation" sessions as part of some elite groups training.
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    I realize if it came anywhere near the level of torture SOMEONE would have "leaked" it to the news agencies.
    As for strangulation it is either over quickly or the adrenal response kicks in suppressing the panic response associated with drowning. Cutting off the blood supply to the brain will render the person unconscious before their body has a chance to realize something is wrong.
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    The former governor's status has degraded since her last campaign, and that makes it tempting to consider her snarky remarks a bid for attention.

    CLIVE, Iowa — Inspired by the possibility of a Sarah Palin presidential run, Peter Singleton moved to this suburban community from California in November 2010 and booked an extended stay at the Days Inn on 114th Street. Palin was a tea party queen-maker at the time, and true believers such as Singleton could sense a bid for the White House. For the next 10 months, he rallied Iowans to the cause.

    But there would be no second political act for Palin, and many supporters have moved on. Singleton said he still admires the former Alaska governor and follows her on Facebook, but, politically, she holds little sway over him. Singleton didn’t even bother to attend Palin’s Sunday afternoon speech a short drive from here because he disagreed with her endorsement in Iowa’s Republican Senate primary.( )
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    @Cincinnatus - a win of that magnitude of stupidity, and we can look forward to Christian madrasas and pregnant teens up the wazoo. In a generation's time, we'd be the new Bangladesh.
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