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    @Cincinnatus lol sure you do.The same as the fool obama and Jay carney.Thats your sad choice to believe what you do and the right you have.Enjoy your day.
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    He wants to double down on conservative extremism.

    A lot of others want the same thing.

    I suspect that they will be about as successful as Goldwater was.
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    @DontBlameMe2 you don't really understand extreme and dangerous if you call US extreme. take a trip to the Middle East.
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    John's been in DC too long. He's typical of those people that get enraptured by the feeling of power and feels the need to compromise with the devil in order to be popular than to do what is right.
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    Boehner is a career politician, so it sort of goes without saying that his principles are flexible.

    And I also agree that our legislators seem to have come to think of themselves as a priviledged class, akin to minor royalty.

    But before you throw Boehner out, make sure that his replacement is not chosen solely on the basis of ideological purity and zeal. We don't need more loons.
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    Louis would have to learn the English language and pass Geography 101 first, before he assumes the Speakership. I'm not sure he knows which end of the gavel to hold.
    It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that Boehner never was qualified for the job.
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    @Unfit2serve "It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that Boehner never was qualified for the job."

    True. I'll vote you up for that.

    "Louis would have to learn the English language and pass Geography 101 first, before he assumes the Speakership."

    Nope, Gohmert is intelligent.
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    "Nope, Gohmert is intelligent."

    We must define 'intelligent' differently.

    Rep. Louie Gohmert said on the House floor Monday Secretary of State John Kerry must resign before he brings God’s judgment on America.

    After the massacre in Aurora, Colo., Gohmert determined that the cause of James Holmes's rampage wasn't, say, mental health issues, or some form of social trigger -- but, rather, that he didn't have the appropriate fear of a vengeful, unforgiving God

    Rep. Gohmert's Record For Stunning Technological Ignorance Is Broken By... Rep. Gohmert
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    The next election should solve that problem. As the true conservatives take over the house he won't be qualified for speaker. That will belong to a conservative, not a tea party moran.
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    That is outrageous! That's Jameson's cheapest whiskey. If the billionaires are really paying, Boehner should be drinking Jameson's Vintage Reserve, or AT LEAST the 18 year old stuff!
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    if he's not going to do his job and move the party forwards, then he needs to step aside for someone willing to take the Democrats on and kick their feet out from under them, so the people can walk on them for once.
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    Who should replace John Boehner as speaker?


    any ole sock puppet will do.

    blubbering boehner has all the leadership skills of a potted plant.

    if it weren't for an occasional outburst of tears, you wouldn't even know the guy was there.
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    The fact that he uses Reagan as an example of someone who 'shrank' govt shows the value of his opinion. He exploded the govt only cutting programs that helped the poor while expanding everything else and giving a tax cut to boot. In fact, ALL our current policies that caused our deficit and debt are due to this so-called 'progressive' wing of the GOP that wants govt to spend, spend, spend on things they want while handing out tax cuts like candy. That's how GW Bush won, and also how he sank our economy (with the help of Reagan, his father, and Clinton)
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    "It's not because voters loved them. It had everything to do with the failed, immoral leadership of the big-government Republicans."

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!
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    Conservatism is how America was meant to be. A small centralized gov't with more emphasis on state and local self-gov't -- so the states would compete and compare best practices, and the people would be free to live under whatever umbrella they choose out of the 50 choices, now. Washington is smothering that freedom and mindlessly repeating the past mistakes of Old Europe, the failed empires and oppression our ancestors fled from, again today.

    They were right about Nancy Pelosi and the Obamacare boondoggle.
    Right about the "stimulus" fraud.
    Right about sequestration helping turn around jobs and economy.
    Right about the gun control fallacy.
    Right about the global warming hoax.
    Right about ethanol and food stamps driving up costs and more dependency.
    Right about falling dollar due to federal debt.
    Right about staying away from Common Core education scam.
    Right about Hillary's amateurish foreign policy (in)experience.
    Right about Dem media bias.
    Right about the divisive political establishment.
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    "Conservatism is how America was meant to be."

    You're right, that was how it was meant to be in 1787.

    But the world has changed, and we must adapt. Or die.
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    @Cincinnatus You're delusional. The design and idea of this country, all the bullshit aside (slavery, denying women's suffrage, etc.), the idea of a small, restrained government just letting things play out as they will, giving people the freedom to succeed or fail on their own, it took the world by storm and changed the world by making us a superpower in just under 250 years of existence; unheard of in the history of the world. And you want to change that?! You're out of your mind!

    The best comparison you can make to the foundation and original intent for this country is the internet. As in, all the internet was given in the beginning was a basic foundation of programming, infrastructure and protocols, and a way to protect all of it. Then, it was released to the world where everything was allowed to play out as it was without any interference.

    People may hate what the country has become, but as Americans, we can all rally behind what it was meant to be; FREEDOM.
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    "we can all rally behind what it was meant to be; FREEDOM."

    And what good is your freedom if you can't afford a house, or a car, or ammo for your guns?

    If the right gets its way, we will trade our democracy for the freedom of plutocracy.

    Good luck with that.
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    Arbeit Macht Frei?

    The trouble is that you have little or no idea how many way the govt serves and protects you.

    You should find out before you reject it all.
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    Viguerie notes that national polls show the American people self-identifying as conservatives by a margin of 2 to 1 or more.
    Keep dreaming cause that is all you have. Most sane Americans only agree with some of the GOP's fiscal policies but their stance on social issues will drive them deep into the wilderness, thankfully.
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    Actually, he's quite correct.

    If one lays out the ideas of individual liberty, individual responsibility, keeping the money they earn, lower taxes, less government intrusion intrusion into their lives, allowing business to grow and prosper, resulting in higher employment and higher wages and a stronger economy, and allowing local and state government's to make decisions, compared to bigger federal government, higher taxes, government dictating how you live your life, getting government permission to start a business or send your kids to the school of your choice, stifling regulation that drives business and jobs overseas, resulting in a poor economy and lower wages, etc. etc. people overwhelmingly identify themselves as "conservative" without even knowing it.

    Overall, people find social issues to be WAY down their list of importance when it comes to what they want to see/not see from government. Essentially, the left is fooling itself by thinking their wedge social issues really matter to most Americans. As Democrat James Carville's bumper sticker slogan sez: It's STILL "the economy, stupid!"
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    When you talk generalities, people tend to say that they are conservative.

    But when you go item by item down the conservative agenda, they don't agree with most of them.

    It's like people hating Obamacare, but liking the ACA.
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    When conservatives embrace science over mythology they will stand a better chance with fully half the people who will never vote for them otherwise. The need and expectation for unending growth is at the root of most of our problems. Those who embrace ideologies, such as conservatism and unbridled capitalism, which deny that reality are merely spitting into the wind.
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