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    I don't like the phrasing here.

    Why "MEDICAL" Marijuana? To me, that says it was prescribed, by a doctor, to someone that NEEDS it to be used as medicine.

    That wording means next they could make bills like "No pain pills for people on welfare", because pain pills can be, and are abused, however a lot of people still need them.

    If they wording is changed to: No "recreational" marijuana for people on welfare, then I would agree 100%.
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    I believe that the article is talking about marijuana purchased through food or cash assistance money. Or other than what would be covered by insurance.
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    Medical MJ should be covered by health insurance. SNAP does not cover prescription drugs and I would assume any state program does not either.
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    If you can afford marijuana do you really qualify for foodstamps or other welfare programs?
    You shouldn't in my opinion.
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    That doesn't make sense. If you are on food stamps, you CAN'T afford marijuana, that's why Medicaid should pay for it if it is prescribed by a doctor. No one questions Medicaid paying for morphine or chemotherapy, which is far more expensive than cannabis.
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    If it's medical, for say someone who is on foodstamps and has cancer, why not? I've seen far too many cancer patients who cannot eat after chemo, throwing up, and in pain who would benefit from pot. If it's medical and a prescription is involved and the person has a medical card to pay for health care, why not?
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    @2kingsdaughter - Because food stamps are for food. Medical MJ is medical and should be covered buy health insurance.
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    @Yobyag That wasn't the issue. The issue was that if you receive any welfare you shouldn't be able to get MJ at all, not even medical. I do not agree. If you live in an area where medical pot is LEGAL and you get welfar of any sort, that shouldn't prevent your getting medical pot. Especially if you have a serious illness such as cancer.
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    Sometimes a beer or a joint is a very small extravagance that makes life OK for a short time.
    I would, if I were a Md, prescribe pot to a lot of people on welfare to relieve the mental
    stress of poverty.
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    "The mental stress of poverty." Oh wow now that's rich. If you've got "stress" from poverty, then get a job or two and quit whining.
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    No one whining here. I am doing fine. Some are not though. I have sympathy for others. Is that bad?
    And, yes it would have to be stressful, wouldn't it be for you? Or have you adapted?
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    @Ets101592 What jobs are you talking about?
    There are MILLIONS out of work who just had their unemployment stopped,..MILLIONS,..and there are no jobs, what jobs are you talking about?
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    I agree that one shouldn't use benefits to go in a store and purchase any of these items, however, I don't think a poor person shouldn't be able to indulge in any of these either, they should be able to grow their own weed or as me and my friends do, we share and help out our less fortunate friends :)
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    But it is ok to get high off pain medication?

    My problem with this legislation is once again government thinks they can regulate everything. In this case it should not matter if a doctor prescribes a drug (any drug) then the government program should cover it.

    Though on a sidenote I think we need to examine ALL government programs and reevaluate them to make sure they are not locking chains around the very Americans they are supposed to help.
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    "Though on a sidenote I think we need to examine ALL government programs and reevaluate them to make sure they are not locking chains around the very Americans they are supposed to help. "

    Those chains are there.

    I've been 100% disabled since '03. I don't need any help beyond Medicare. There tests as well as meds Medicare won't cover. If I'm prescribed a med that ha a generic, I'm expected to try the generic for 30 days.

    This is fine provided the generic works but when, in my case, my bp is 200+ over 100+, I may not have time to jump through hoops when I and my doc both know the name of the drug that does work.

    Even though I'm rated 100% disabled, it's physical, not mental. That means there is something I can do to become self sufficient once more. There are zero avenues available for me to learn to do something because they cost an arm and a leg by my income standards. If do try something and it fails I've lost my disability income as well as retirement benefits. I lose the income because I earned money. If I earn money, I'm no longer disabled.

    Yes, in some instances we're chained and pretty much dictated to on what we can and cannot do.
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    In fact they should have food stamps, clothing and housing expenses sorted and of course their medical insurance sorted and if need be (prescribed by a doctor) that should include medical marijuana. It's just another painkiller.
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    I am okay with this for the most part but there are many aliments where marijuana has been shown to be helpful. Should we really deny marijuana to a glaucoma patient just because she/he gets government assistance?
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    The bill is intended to prevent "government assistance" from being used to buy marijuana. Nobody is saying they can't smoke weed, this Congressman doesn't want taxpayers to foot the bill for someone's marijuana regimen. And I agree, if one wants to smoke weed, he/she can pay for it him/herself, not the taxpayers.
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    But if that's what the doctor says would be best for the patients glaucoma (and they do) why shouldn't it be covered by Medicare or Medicaid? I'm not talking about allowing it for recreational use...but should some senior citizen really be denied the best treatment...simply because they can't afford it...and it isn't covered?
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    Great, so poor people with stage 4 cancer cannot get their natural medicines, but they can get their morphine drips...*sigh*

    The gov't should not be telling people how to care for their own health. It violates the 9th Amendment...

    "The war on drugs means that comfortable politicians and political appointees sitting in their cushioned chairs should have absolute power to decree what people on their death beds with cancer are permitted to take to kill their pain." -- James Bovard
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    NO pot at all on food stamps. Doesn't matter what the reason. Medical pot if prescribed by a Dr. should not be purchased with food stamps. Make it a part of Medicaid or Medicare as any medicine.
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    Welfare is based on need. To get it one has to pass a means test. Marijuana for recreational use would indicate that there was fraud in the application for it. On the other hand if it is prescribed for medical reasons, and the reasons are valid, I see no reason why it could not be purchased in income transfer payment funds.
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    Welfare isn't based on need. If it were, these people wouldn't still be buying cigarettes and beer, or gummy bears and energy drinks with their food stamp cards. Or as I saw one guy do......comes to counter at gas station with two bottles of vitamin water, pulls out a $100 bill, and says, "I need $20 on pump 4, 3 packs of dorals. I'll get that with the cash. Put the vitamin water on my card." Lmao. Yeah, that's real "need." Or another guy who took $16 worth of gummy bears, red bull and lollipops to the counter at the gas station, and pulls out his food stamp card. Yeah, real "need" there.
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    You're talking about abuse. Yes any government program is subject to it. One can buy junk food with SNAP (food stamps). One cannot use SNAP to buy alcoholic beverages or cigarettes with SNAP. One has to use cash for that. Yes, one can buy stuff with an EBT card that one cannot pay for out of SNAP funds. In some States the welfare recipient only gets one card. SNAP funds are on the EBT card as well as the cash grant.
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    @gammler You said it was based on NEED. Now CLEARLY the examples I gave you were people NOT in NEED of assistance.
    If people are buying alcohol, then clearly they don't need foodstamps, EBT or anything else. If they have money for cigarettes, alcohol, eating out, etc., they don't NEED foodstamps or EBT. The taxpayer is merely having his money redistributed, paying for excesses for people who won't work for their own excesses.
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    Medications are not bought with food stamps a medical card is supplied for medical needs. Now, that being said, if a doctor prescribes medical marijuana then it should be covered by the medical cards prescription plan.
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    But all welfare should be scrapped, and the allegedly needy put under the care of their extended family networks supervised by the family court system (beefed up with IRS enforcement).
    "Poverty" and "hunger" in America would be solved, then. But nail and hair salons might suffer.
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    The bums will just use cash for the weed and their food stamps for the Doritos and cheese puffs that they'll be needing right after they get stoned.
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    Gosar said his bill is a reaction to a report that people are using their welfare benefits to buy marijuana.

    Who did this report and how was it done? It is rumor or fact?

    The No Welfare for Weed Act, would prohibit pot from being bought by people using Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF).

    Well buying pot with food stamps wouldn't be real easy, but how are you going to stop people getting cash assistance from buying pot? If they can't legally get it at a dispensary (and how will the dispensary know who's getting assistance and who isn't?) they will just get it on the black market. Right?

    So what exactly will passing this bill do?? Besides put a feather in Gosar's cap with his anti-cannabis crowd.

    Don't we have more important things we should be working on? I seriously doubt this is a big problem. Some of that government waste Gosar fights against should include spending so much time on useless bills such as this.
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    The whole point of legalizing drugs is to:

    1. Let people make their own decisions about what's best for them.
    2. Stop sending billions of dollars to drug cartels and instead create some tax revenue from it.
    3. Stop wasting billions of dollars fighting a war on drugs.

    Gosar seems intent on ensuring that the cartels still have a market and that prisons can still make money off poor people who want to get high.
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    I call this 'LOOK GOOD' legislation cause COSTING MONEY, time and effort is all it does. It LOOKS good to those people out there that know very little about these programs!
    Guess you cannot blame the guy for wanting to 'strengthen' his voter base' but the issue is a NON ISSUE and only 'looks good.'
    People can take their money off their state issued cards ANYWHERE! And then they can take THAT MONEY and 'use it.'
    No one follows them around or requires them to provide 'receipts' for how they use that money!!! ITS NOT POSSIBLE.
    And this man knows it! So he is 'arguing a NON issue!'

    Now if you require a drug test and they test positive THAT is a law that CAN WORK.

    The same goes for the food stamp program. I cannot speak to any other state but Missouri where I live, but you cannot use 'strictly' food stamps to buy weed!!!!
    And you cannot use them to by already 'heated or cooked' food in deli's or restaurants either.

    The economy and all the YELLING about the very poor misusing their benefits has caused usually good Americans to really think that their tax dollars are going for a lot of really stupid stuff AND being spend on liquor and other stuff.
    Now I am SURE there is FRAUD somewhere ....maybe someone trading food for the other stuff and such. But BELIEVE ME...there is fraud in EVERY GOVERNMENTAL PROGRAM.

    This guy is just playing off of the already 'touchy' emotion of hard working Americans. THAT IS ALL THERE IS TO IT.
    Actually I 'resent' his legislation and say IT IS FRAUD TOO!!! He has wasted OUR TAX DOLLARS by bringing forward a NON ISSUE!!!
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