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    How come so many Republicans are so much smarter than Democrats?

    I am waiting for some of these smart college schooled Whitehouse class Democrats to stop some crime. Rahm Emanuel what are you doing about the Ghetto Rats in Chicago?
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    i would bet the only crime those folks have seen is on tv and have never in their lives been into a ghetto or barrio or slum unless having a full guard.

    or maybe read about it in a book.
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    I agree. Chicago has one of the highest homicide rats in the U.S. Chicago's homicide rate is 400% that of New York's homicide rate. And yet the Kenyan community organizer from Chicago, and his enforcement gorilla, Eric Holder, never mentions that FACT. Gee, I wonder why......
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    I would guess the same thing that has been happening to ghetto rats around the world. Nothing. However ghetto rats are not only a problem in Chicago, or LA, or NY. It's all over the place. That being said, It's democrat failure, 100% without a doubt! except where it's a republican failure.
    I have no problem with blaming Emanuel for Chicago's problems, however, you need to be honest and point out every other city's failures, regardless of party name.
    It's easy to point a finger of blame, now how about coming up with a solution, and getting a republican in office won't cut it. Really, how do YOU fix it, within legal and budgetary restrictions that every city has to live within.
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    @FaFoxy source of those numbers? Please don't tell me the press, we all know what we get from the press, including CNN, FOX. MSNBC no media quotes.
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    @DickB I follow, and have been following for many years, the weekly crime statistics of the NYPD and the Chicago Police Dept. Coogle: NYPD crime statistics, and Chicago Police Dept. crime statistics to find the official city pages. Or I can give you the web addresses if you want. Chicago's homicide rate IS 400% that of New York's homicide rate and it has been that way for DECADES.
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    Terrible idea, ignoring the whole idea of states rights, and using threats to try and force states to do his bidding.
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    He's not trying to force the states to do anything, he's trying to prevent them from violating the Second Amendment, which as a Congressman, is part of his job.

    Great idea!
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    States Rights..... where have I heard that before ?

    Hhhmmmm. Seems like that's my line every time the subject of creationism is introduced the same time evolution is introduced to science class.

    Then you will hear nothing of state's rights.

    But you're right, gun regulation should be a state's rights issue as long as it doesn't infringe on 2nd Amendment rights and yes it's true, there's no mention of magazine capacity in 2nd Amendment.
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    @daclark1911 Religion (creationism) isn't a State's rights issue because there is a federal Bill of Rights which guarantees religious freedom to all citizens.
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    Prevention of that sort is the purview of the supreme court.

    He's just being a bully.

    And if someone else tried the same tactic in regard to an issue he didn't support, he'd be saying the same thing I did.
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    Once again. The more guns carried by normally law abiding citizens the safer we all are. The fewer guns carried by the police, the safer we all are. The police should only have guns available to them in specific circumstances.
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    @Cincinnatus So you migrated from the opposite direction demanding change and messing stuff up to make yourself at home! There's no difference whether you flee the Northeast, the West, or Latin America after screwing things up over there to go do it some where else. But hey, who says shit doesn't roll up hill? I guess they were wrong!
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    It is a wonderful attempt at waking Americans up. New York Sate Governor Cuomo is yet one more control freak Democrat. How sickening to go after law abiding citizens & confiscating their guns.
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    It is a political show, but it also tells us how flexible his principles are, willing to throw out states rights and just as willing to threaten any state that doesn't go along with him.

    Conservative values in action.
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    When liberals do the same thing, I will have the same reaction.

    Hypocrisy is not limited to conservatives.
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    @Cincinnatus States laws are not allowed to take federal constitutional rights from citizens - A governor who does not like the second amendment - is not allowed to ignore it and make laws taking the right from states citizens. That is exactly what is happening.
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    There is nothing in the constitution or in the law that forbids restrictions and conditions on gun ownership.

    The only discussion is about where to draw the line.
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    Your head line "This Congressman Is Trying to Pressure States Not To Enact Gun Control "
    What it means: "This Congressman wants states not to scrap the second amendment."
    You really didn't want to say this though.
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    I'm glad Republicans understand that sometimes the Federal government should take action to prevent the rights of it's citizens from being trampled by state and local government. It sounds to me like Stocktons bill is a good one, I support it.
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    "People control is forced upon people by The Democrats"

    You mean like Republicans telling women what they can and cannot do with their own vagina's? Or maybe telling two legal adults they don't have the right to marry? How about forcing others to obey a religion they may not even believe in? I'm against gun control like most of those on this thread but sweeping the doorstep of others when yours is littered with dogshit as well is a bit childish dontcha think?
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    In other words: he is pressuring them in adhering to the Constitution. And in that he should be a role model. The law is the law is the law. Come on, Democrats: it's not that difficult.
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    the way i see it we need gov control not gun control.

    so many foolish folks think they can put the genie back in the bottle.
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    That's quite and interesting bill that I'd probably support.

    Though I'd like to read a little more about it. Especially about that part that defunds states that "maintains a registry of gun ownership". Does this include NFA/Class-3 weapons?
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    AMEN! If I were in church!
    I like this man!
    TRUE 'patriot' in every sense of the word! Time to put a STOP to that spying thing that is WAY OUT of control spying and ever increasing 'military' or 'police' state atmosphere around here!
    GIVE our people the right to bear arms...without harassment!
    It just might save some lives!
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