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    Apparently none of the editors at Politix know about any of that. Do they only watch John Stewart and MSNBC? Hmmm... I wonder what they think about MSNBC being forced to apologize AGAIN for their racism.
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    I do smell the desperation from the Liberals in this's bad as hell for them this election cycle and they're grabbing at everything they can...LOL!
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    ! comes that not so subtle progressive liberal way of redefining a word and it's very concept.....

    Perhaps one should take a page out of their book.....

    First question: What do they mean by success? Have they ever heard the word success in any setting?
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    "An interesting trend happened on Fox when Obamacare started succeeding."

    Was that when you saved $2500 ? or when You could keep your doctor? Or was that when laws were just made up as they went along? or was it when the harsh parts of this moronic law were delayed until after this teachers assistant left office?

    Isn't it odd how Politix and @PolitixLisa don't find these interesting ?

    The Washington-based Pew Research Center's Project for Excellence in Journalism found that “positive stories about Obama (29%) outnumbered negative ones (19%) by 10 points in the week leading up to the voting” on Nov. 6.

    Can you say "in the tank" ?
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    @MolonLabe That would be because they are bringing back slavery . They have the shackles in place and the overseers on the plantation and the company store is doing great. What more could the masters want?
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    There was another thing that happened that coincided with the Obamacare numbers. The release of an internal memo via a FOIA request that proved the White House and everyone around it knowingly lied about Benghazi. That was the reason for the uptick in stories on Fox about Benghazi. As to whether or not Obamacare numbers are near accurate is a more interesting question. Given that the administration is not willing to release information about how many paid indicates that it is unlikely that the signups are anything but mostly partly filled out inquiries. I do not believe them at all. Google RAND and Obamacare for another perspective from a reliable source. You get stories like:
    These numbers are proof of failure more than even a hint of success.
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    The problem is, that internal memo shows absolutely nothing of the sort.

    And no, "partly filled out inquiries" were not counted as enrollments.
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    @Cal Notice how they almost all mention the FOI requests, kind of like what's that phrase......... talking points yeah that's it. Yet they complain when Susan RIce had......... talking points. LOL! It's classic HypoCraziness.
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    @Cal Real numbers will come out sometime in the reasonably near future. We will see then as to how many are really insured and how many of those are paying and how many of those are young. All critical to the financial survival of the program. Predictions I have read suggest that rates will skyrocket from where they are now. Where they are now caused sticker shock.
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    @fraps You did notice that was an opinion piece right? An unsigned uncredited opinion piece.
    I think your level of trust is misplaced. Why not try a Moonie paper instead.
    Here is what the Moonie times had to say.
    White House press secretary Jay Carney stressed Monday that the administration always cooperates with “legitimate” congressional oversight - including sending witnesses to hearings and providing bipartisan committees with documents. He declined to characterize whether the Obama administration would view a House select committee as legitimate or illegitimate. But he said that what Republicans have said about the committee “certainly casts doubt” about its legitimacy.
    Notice this is from the AP and the story has accreditation. So even the Moonies are not going to go as low as the Wall Street Urinal. Oh and Benghaziiiiiiii.... can't forget..until Cletus Bundy feels the need for more headlines at least.
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    Wait.....hold on one coitusing minute.....this article starts with a major flawed premise.....

    President Hussein Obama's HELLthScare succeeding?

    This HAS to be on the level of Space Balls parody of Star Wars because that IS what Obamacare is to healthcare and what apparently this articles definition of succeeding is to real success.....
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    In fact, never play this again.


    It kind of hurts to see such a great movie compared to such an overwhelming cluster....
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    Not to sound repetitious....But rotsa ruck mr. president on the pipe-dream. <wink>

    Most Americans have never been exposed to schemes such as this, nor do they have any idea of how gubment run health care really functions in the real world. Simple fact of the matter is, efficiency, quality and cost containment never comes from government running anything!

    The following is a precursor of what will happen when this scam of controlling our lives and one sixth of our economy is allowed to continue in completing the destruction of America as we know it.

    Note: The following examples are countries that have embraced a "single payer" system that this president and his surrogates are directing their efforts towards:
    The failure of the UK "NHS" system is a glaring absurdity -- from the lack of quality care to no care at all. People dying at the hands of incompetence seems to be the norm--
    The Architect of CANADIAN health care admits its a Failure!!
    Note: Castonguay was the co-author of the 1967 Castonguay-Nepveu Report, which set Quebec on the path to socialized medicine. In fact, as time went one, the populace often refers to the National health card itself as a "Castonguette"

    "Another example, Angus Reid, a well-respected Canadian pollster, asked Canadians to rate their health care system. When they started doing this polling in 1991, a clear majority of Canadians gave the system top marks: excellent or very good. Last year, when they did the poll again, under one in four gave the system that rating.
    Angus Reid has done other polls as well. A year and a half ago, a poll sent shock waves across the country when 73 percent of Canadians described their health care system as being "in crisis." Reid actually went back and redid the poll six months later: 78 percent of Canadians now thought the system was in crisis"
    (Quoted in part from the following link) )

    In SWEDEN they're opting out of 'Single Payer' Nanny State run health care for the private Insurance market. And for good reasons--"Sweden is often looked upon by liberals and statists as a shining beacon of what all countries should aspire towards"..
    "SWEDEN'S Single-Payer Health System Provides a Warning to Other Nations -- by David Hogberg, Ph.D."

    The human tragedy of Obamacare's job losses--

    "Gammon's Law"--
    Gammon's Law is what Milton Friedman has named the "Theory of Bureaucratic Displacement" developed by Dr Max Gammon after studying the British National Health Service. In his words, in "a bureaucratic system … increase in expenditure will be matched by fall in production …." Such systems will act rather like 'black holes' in the economic universe, simultaneously sucking in resources, and shrinking in terms of 'emitted' production.
    As Friedman put it: "I have long been impressed by the operation of Gammon's law in the U.S. schooling system: Input, however measured, has been going up for decades, and output, whether measured by number of students, number of schools, or even more clearly, quality, has been going down."[1]

    “Socialized Medicine is the keystone of the arch of socialism.”
    ―Vladimir Ilyich Lenin
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    It is indeed laughable when you folks up there in the the peanut gallery use such sources as the daily kos and be taken seriously. Keep trying though! <wink>
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    The time when the Benghazi line went up is right about the time when they found new evidence in the Benghazi scandal (the emails that were found). So perhaps they were just covering what was news?
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    THERE IS *NO* new evidence. NO NEW evidence. What are you talking about?? The CIA determined the talking points. Ben Rhodes email ( "underscore that these protests are rooted in an Internet video, and not a broader failure of policy") is standard stuff. NOTHING devious going on. Note the Rhodes said "protests". What does that suggest? That week there had been violent anti-video uprisings in Egypt, Yemen, and Sudan, not just Libya. So all the fuss about the Rhodes email...simply MORE OF THE SAME. Rice did what she was the CIA and their talking points. And contrary to claims by some members of Congress, it was fueled in large part by anger at an American-made video denigrating Islam.
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    According to Pew:

    “Views of ACA Little Changed. As other recent national polls have shown, including the April health care tracking survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation, the recent surge in signups for the new health care exchanges has had little impact on public opinion about the Affordable Care Act. In fact, the share disapproving of the law (55%) is as high as it ever has been in the four-year history of the law. Just 41% approve of the 2010 health care law.”

    This latest Pew survey was conducted from April 23-27. Predates the latest Benghazi eruption, doesn’t it?


    Perhaps you should broaden your sources beyond Markos Moulitsas and Twitter next time?
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    The success of the Affordable Care Act is not predicated on opinion polls. What shows that the ACA is succeeding is that it's helping the uninsured even quicker than expected.
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    Locally we had newspaper headlines that said, poll strongly suggests people would pay more tax for more parks.

    I really want to know how many of the people in THAT area actually work and pay any taxes at all. Liars number.
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    @Cal And the cost curve is flattening. It is a success by every measure and when we actually talk about socialized medicine the GOP is going to scream and kick about how great the ACA works. Just watch.
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    Honestly , it is too early to tell. At least be intellectually honest. The GOP is standing in the way and not helping at all. Many red states turning down money , which is unconscionable, with peoples lives at stake.
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    Hahahaha. "Too early to tell"? Really? How many more delays do you need to "succeed"?
    There are less folks insured now than before the ACA went into affect. "You can keep your, doctor, plan, coverage........."
    What a joke.
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    @SocialismSucks You can as long as your provider still offers it, just as it was before the ACA. Nothing changed.
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    @Myopinion69 The insured numbers in those states not adopting to ACA remaining stationary in comparison to states who adopting ACA.
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    Actually 8 million people are signed. It seems like you want ACA to fail. Not cool, and very wrong to want health related programs to fail. The truth is that many red states are turning down money to get additional people signed. That is just wrong, especially with lives at stake.
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    We know FOX News is not irrational but just plain full of sh*t 99.9% of the time when it has to do with truth. They have been run out of Europe or exposed for what they are, but we have a tendency to be a little behind the times.
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    Excuse me, but Funnel care isn't even off the ground yet, plaqued with start up problems. Delays stacked on top of delays and you want to champion funnel care as a success in a cheap attempt to funnel attention away from a lie Obama made and perpetuated regarding national security ??

    Actually not one lie , but two lies. First being Al Qaeda is disbanded and on the run. Second being blame on YouTube video after intel contradicted on day two.

    Wait till you get a load of what's coming down the pike. By definition,.Funnelcare will be the greatest thing since the great pyramids and sliced bread !!

    Oh, you Democrats are going to be soo much fun between now and Nobember. Fox will have to call in a diaper crew to keep all the liberals dry.
    After all, if it weren't for liberals Fox would be off the air. I sure as hell don't watch it.
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    The ACA is very much "off the ground" and it's not "plagued with problems" at all. It's working very well, and your fiction about delays isn't even worth addressing.

    And as for Benghazi, no on on Earth ever claimed Al-Qaeda was "disbanded". Al-Qaeda was not involved in the attack. And the video WAS one of the motivating factors for the attack.
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    All I know is that since Obamacare, my family insurance premiums have increased to an excess of $500 a month... Oh well... I guess extortion is legal for some people...
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    Mine is currently just shy of $600 per month!...for myself! And the insurance agent told me to hold my hat when open enrollment comes back around. They will be treating an ulcer by then.
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    Don't ya think that the chickens need to lay eggs AND they need to hatch AND we see how many of those chicks become chickens BEFORE we let the fox in the hen house and declare victory?
    I don't give 2 poops if 300 million sign up, if only a small percentage actually PAY FOR IT we do NOT have insured people........period.
    And besides, have we STILL forgotten about the many people that got a one year sabbatical with their old and unqualified insurance plans? AND the employer mandates that were given that same time period?
    I will go out on a limb......I hope some type of health insurance plan works, be it Ocrap or a single payer. There's NO REASON why the US pays 3 to 5 times what other civilized nations are paying for the same procedure. I just don't like to see horns tooted and fireworks shot off when the fat lady isn't even warming up..........yet!
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    stepped_in_it Your are the only one that addressed the article. Good comment and I agree with your assessment. To bad so many are so biased, they can't see the forest because of the trees.
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    Obamacare hasn't succeeded but that doesn't stop the lapdog media from burying their nose between Obama's cheeks.

    Any journalist with an ounce of integrity and morals would quickly realize the increased coverage of Benghazi happened when Obama was forced to release the email showing the White House has been lying again.

    The real story is how Politix, ABC, CBS, NBC, and the rest of the lamestream media are watching grass grow instead of covering breaking news. Once again if you want the truth you'll have to get it from FOX which is why all the simple-minded liberals in this forum are clueless.

    Whether you like it or not FOX IS the highest rated news channel and there ain't a damn thing you can do about it LOL!

    Obamacare success? Only 67% of the people who signed up have paid. The young people are saying Fyou. You pay for it.

    Premiums are going up. The co-pay is going up. You can't keep your doctor...

    When you put lipstick on liberalism it still fails. But when you add a wig, fishnet stockings, a push-up bra, and high heels...It writes for Politix..
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    At this point, to claim Obamacare is a success is no different than Bush saying "Mission, accomplished" since it hasn't even been fully implemented yet.

    Large companies are still exempt until after the mid terms, and we still don't know how many people of those that signed up actually paid for their policies.

    Ya gotta love liberal spin...any distraction right now is better than dealing with the reality of Benghazi for them.
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    By what measure isn't it a success? Millions more insured, premiums flattening or going down... exactly what it set out to do, despite the fact that I don't think it's the right solution you can't deny that it is working as intended so far.
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    @AceLuby Again, we still don't know how. any people actually paid for their policies yet. Then there's the fact the employer mandate hasn't kicked in either. Let's wait until that big turd hits the fan at the end of the year before you guys say "mission accomplished!"
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    @iKento 4 out of 5 = 80%, so 80% of 80% have paid, which means only 64%, or 2/3 have actually paid.

    That's not very good, is it?
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    Could be. Could also be awesome. You see, Cigna simply didn't declare results. So it could be none of Cigna's customers paid, getting your numbers, or it could be that 100% of Cigna's customers paid, which throws the math off a bit. I think it's somewhere in between, let's say 50%, so even then it comes out to what, 74%? That's a C in school, which ain't bad in my book considering everything that was thrown against the law.
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    "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."

    People covered by their employers were forced onto plans with higher deductibles and higher premiums (like me).

    Many people will soon be taxed for their healthcare coverage (like me again) in spite of the promise I wouldn't see one dime of taxes...

    Employers are dropping spouses from coverage since the aca raises the fee from $1-$2 per additional person to $65 per additional person.

    Millions of people were forced to purchase new, more expensive plans through the exchange after the law forced their old coverage to be discontinued (these people re enrolling are the numbers being flaunted).

    Others are pointing out they can't afford healthcare, and are now being fined for it.(Interestingly obana said they need to prioritize healthcare, even though he demonized romney for saying the reason so many were uninsured was because they didn't consider it a priority).

    Millenials didn't turn out in droves to be fleeced (realizing the fine was cheaper) meaning premiums are projected to skyrocket this year.(Conveniently obama unillaterally and illegally delayed open enrollment until just after the election).

    People didn't get to keep their coverage.
    people didn't get to keep their doctor.
    People didn't see a $2500 decrease in their annual costs.
    People didn't see a "3000%" decrease in their premium (math seems to escape obama)

    This is success? Then thank God we aren't seeing a failure...
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    this is the most asinine shit I've seen on this site yet... for one thing Obama has not succeeded at anything... in fact everything the left is trying to do has blown up in their faces... because liberal policies are ridiculous. the truth of Benghazi will sink Obama for ever in history as the worst most corrupt person to ever inhabit the White House... and the state-run media will not be able to do anything about it this time.
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    Benghazi went up because of new evidence. BTW Oregon just closed it's website after a quarter billion dollar loss and Nevada has people jumping off the bandwagon because of higher premiums just lie the republicans said would happen. More states will follow and Fox will report it accordingly.
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    @JohnVicky You and I both know that's a typo and should read "just LIKE the Republicans said would happen". They said it would happen and it is. The latest polls show the voters want new people to take the country in the opposite direction in 2016. All the Republicans have to do is say the Democrat nominee will be Obama's third term. Go ahead and laugh now. While you can.
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    @Realthinker Just pulling a page out of the Republican play book is all I did. What-sa-matter you don't like it when someone else uses the same dirty tricks on your guys the GOP and Fox Snooze have been using????....
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    @JohnVicky Interesting excuse. I will have to take your word for it that Fox calls typos 'Freudian slips'. I don't watch Fox but evidently you do.
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    @JohnVicky Typical democratic response due to nothing to be proud of in the last 5 years. I left out the "K" by accident and that's the best you can do? Ooops I'm sorry I should have not expected so much since you're number one hated republican is Ted. I'll try to proof read more often to keep you from having bragging rights from here on out.
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