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    "....effing retire already!"

    I said the EXACT same thing to all of the ANCIENT conductors and brakemen when I hired out on the railroad.

    You know the guys with 40 years of seniority with weekend off days and take ALL the summer, thanksgiving and christmas vacations. They hold the BEST, most SWEETEST assignments that make 90k a year.

    And depending where you are on the seniority roster, you may have to follow those guys for 20 years before you get your turn to have weekend off days and take ALL the summer, thanksgiving and christmas vacations.

    So yes.......effing retire already!
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    Nailed that one!

    I know age isn't supposed to be factored into a work related decision, but this guy is 91, time to retire and enjoy a few years before taking that dirt nap.
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    The last over 90 dude had to be carried in on a bed to vote... well at least a wheel chair.. retire already..
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    @LEC "... well at least a wheel chair.. "

    A WHEELCHAIR!!?!?? Are you kidding?!?!??!?

    What's next for a guy like that???

    Maybe one final visit AFTER he dies so they wheel his COFFIN in the assembly chamber.

    (I can hear folks now..."HOLY CRAP, we just CANNOT get rid of this guy" !!!!!)
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    Yah. It was a southern congressman.. anyway I found a site that's said that 59 of the U.S. Senators are currently over 60 and most of them are circling 80.

    I have a feeling that things won't get much better until that generation is gone and hopefully wiser people will get elected.

    Well, I can dream...
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    Yep they did that vs McCain, and vs Paul and vs Reagan . 91 isn't exactly a spring chicken. I would hope that there was more than just someones age to go after though.
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    The age argument wasn't against McCain, it was against that twit, Palin, if something happened to McCain.
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    It was the leftists who assured us Ronald Reagan was a doddering old fool, too old to be president. But Hillary's age won't be an issue with the left in two years. It all depends on whose ox is being gored at the time.
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    No, time isn't the issue, it's whether they are still effective in their position. Reagan was younger than this guy. and was in full-blown alzheimer's by the end of his second term. If this guy is still cogent and does his job, then there's no reason to replace him on that basis. That's agism. The real issue is, has the younger guy actually accomplished anything or come up with a real plan of action for change?

    BTW---I'm not a repub and would love to see both of them out of office, but for realistic reasons, not prejudice.
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    The issue isn't his age at all. It is that after 40 years in Washington he needs to be gone. That is why this country is so screwed up now because we have carreer politicians. That was never the intent of the founders when they designed this Republic. This was suppose to be public service not a lifetime work.
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    @URBS Except, of course, that no founder ever expressed that idea. What they wanted was the cream of each state to send their best people, for however long as they wanted them. That's why they didn't put term limits in the constitution. Don't voters have a right to select their leaders?
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    Except of course they didn't feel the need to put term limits in because they had integrity and knew that it was a part time job.
    As to sending the best yes they should if that person is not past what the term limits should be. There is no way that someone that has been in Washington for 40 years is still in tune with the people he represents. That is the problem those people are more in tune with inside the beltway politics than they are with their constituents.
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    @URBS They aren't supposed to be puppets, they're supposed to make the best choices on issues. Their constituents can stop voting for them if they feel he is out of tune with them. Term limits take away the peoples' right to vote for people whose performance they like. Sometimes, however, the people want things that are unconstitutional or detrimental--which is why they aren't supposed to be puppets.
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    In what other line of work do we see so many people hanging on as long as they possibly can? Is the power of being able to tell us serfs how to live that addicting?
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    Age is definitely on the table when it comes to governance, if one can be too young or inexperienced to govern, one can be too old as well.
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    Could be cutting my own throat here soon, but casual observation of the average person of advanced age leads me to believe the following:

    After age 70, we should all have our drivers licenses renewed every year...and be drive tested.

    Most of my compatriots (as I rapidly approach 70) can't understand a cell phone, computer or DVR Remote control...let alone be trusted to make decisions for the next generation.

    My good friend EC was a vibrant man who lived to the ripe old age of 93. He passed last month. While he had all his faculties, his body was failing...eyesight, hearing, labored steps. He passed on in his sleep.

    EC would have been one of the first to tell you that anyone beyond 70 has no place in politics.

    It is unfair for the soon to be departed to make policy that will burden the young.
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    "After age 70, we should all have our drivers licenses renewed every year...and be drive tested. "

    What will happen to those who live where there is no public transportation which is MOST of USA?

    Will they now starve to death ?

    Most red states certainly do not believe in public transportation and they are not going to provide tax paid transportation for the old , heck they dislike providing anything for the old .
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    @Fleck - Hmmmm... You certainly made a huge leap in the assumption area, didn't you?

    Is it your suggestion then that the elderly and infirmed, who cause a significant number of accidents, hold their licenses in perpetuity?

    What justification do you have for NOT renewing annually when vision, hearing, mental alertness and physical strength are rapidly declining?

    Is it better for someone who cannot see to drive through a school zone full of kids to pick up bread or to catch a ride with a friend or relative who is not impaired?

    Do you REALLY think that folks will starve to death because they failed a drivers test?

    I live in a very red state. We have plenty of public transportation and discounts and free access to seniors.

    You panic is unnecessary.
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    Considering he mentioned it once at the very beginning, and then talked about Washington and effectiveness, I don't know that he "focused" on age.
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    But do you really think anyone younger is going to be better? You think they won't be as self-serving as the old folks?
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    @PayThatCEO I think new blood is not only needed but required to wash the congress and senate of the elitist that have entitled themselves to everything while doing nothing. We can't do any worse than what we have currently in office.
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    Don't ya love how the left will go to any length to put out a story of a GOP vs another GOP?
    They better stick to something they know. Like abortions & gays.
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    What traits of your opponents can you criticize without the PC police acting like those traits make that person part of some protected group.

    Observation is under heavy assault by 'correctness'. You should only see what the 'powers that be' think you should see, I guess.
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    All you young people think you are never going to get old. Guess what some day sooner than you think you will be old too then opinions change. A person is only as old as his mental capacity dictates. All you whipper snappers go jump in a cold lake and cool off. Insulting each other privately is childish and in public is sheer stupidity.
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    91 one is too old. Besides, farther to the right is usually good (maybe not on the PATRIOT act and sometimes foreign policy)
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    91 years old? its time to retire. Nothing wrong with pointing out his opponents age, i don't think you can be elected pope after 80 can you?
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    Heck yeah it's fair. My pops turns 80 this year, and hell tell you that the fair comes around once a year at the fairgrounds in Dallas!!
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