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    I agree regarding the failed policy. still if it were me I would study a but longer Colorado and Washington and see what worked and what needs to be changed.
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    @sociald - We have a few thousand years of human history to look at to see how legal cannabis would fair in society...

    And how could legalization be worse than what we have now? Black market cartels and gangs in control of our streets. Crooked cops, prosecutors and judges. Taxpaying responsible heads of households in jail while their kids suffer in the broken foster care system. Millions of disenfranchised citizens...

    One can look at the return to law and order that has come from repealing prohibition laws in the past, and currently in other countries.

    Getting high is not a criminal act. Never has been. Human beings like to get intoxicated. The desire to feel euphoria is natural, and there should be no laws against it.
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    @DogLady_1 actually getting high in most places is a criminal act presently. but that's not what I was referring to.
    If you are going to legislate legalization then there are parameters under which it will be deemed legal. and you have to administrate and apply oversight to ensure those parameters are adhered to. then you have to determine how much money that legislation, oversight and administration will cost. then you have to determine what taxation level will be necessary to pay for such administration and oversight. And that's just the surface of it.
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    @sociald - There are no countries that are drug-free. There are only a few cultures that are drug-free. In the US, the only legal high is alcohol, and for no logical reason whatsoever. And we are far from being drug-free. Americans like their drugs. Americans like to get high.

    And why do we need the gov't to babysit us? There's no logical reason for that either... There is no Constitutional reason for it either.

    In a country that bases its rule of law on the principles of liberty, how can you commit a crime against yourself???
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    @DogLady_1 I wasn't addressing how it 'should' be but just how it is. they aren't going to legalize it unless they can provide oversight and gain revenue from it. and if they are going to do that I would prefer they do it so it doesn't end up costing us more money as it will end up in yet another bloated bureacracy
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    I am so happy to see this happening. I don't even smoke pot, but I grew up with it in the 70's and remember when mostly no one cared. Then this damn War on Drugs came about and people started going to jail left and right. That's ALL the police focus on these days. Easy arrests. Billions of dollars have been lost and the country has a bigger drug problem than ever. Crime certainly hasn't gone away. The War on Drugs was a monumental mistake.

    I'm for legalizing it all. If you're idiot enough to use it, knock yourself out. Just like the fear of people snorting this new powdered alcohol set to come out. If you're that stupid....

    It's time the government get out of our bedrooms and our bodies.
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    Yep, punish people who use it irresponsibly and stop spending billions on people who don't. The only thing this war on drugs has succeeded in doing is locking up non-violent offenders who are poor, which is the worst form of welfare I've ever heard of.
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    I have to agree. It's a waste of time and resources to be prosecuting marijuana offenses. Better to legalize and tax it. Less people going to jail (thus taxpayer dollars saved), more income revenue, police resources being utilized elsewhere (thus more taxpayer dollars saved). It really is a win/win all around.
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    I think it must be one of the biggest acts of cognitive dissonance in the world that the people who claim to be for smaller government and more freedom and liberty can rationalize telling people what they can put in their own bodies.
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    @jeanneplotts There is no difference, it's just adding another substance we can use to cull the herd to the list of unhealthy activities idiots like to indulge in. With that in mind, let's legalize every drug and do the job quicker. Obviously, my charitable nature toward humanity has its limits.
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    @Ryunkin - you sound like such a curmudgeon. Dickens would have liked you.

    "If they would rather die,'' said Scrooge, "they had better do it, and decrease the surplus population.''

    heh heh ... ;)
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    Quit listening to media and propaganda. I am a Conservative, I want smaller government and more freedom, and I fully 100% support legalization as do most of the Conservatives I know.
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    In most cases...pot mellows people out...I think we need it now more than ever...decriminalize it federally and legalize by state
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    Stop the pompous, hypocritical nonsense of pretending this substance is more dangerous than tobacco and alcohol. Legalize, tax and monitor it. It's not that big a deal.
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    Marijuana and all drugs should be legal to use throughout the country. We should end the drug war immediately. We should legalize drugs nationally, immediately. Put the cartels, gangs, etc out of business in the amount of time it takes us to build other sources, preferably within the country.
    Portugal did this and has superb results. They proved it works. Let's follow a winner.
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    Well, Portugal only decriminalized then actually (which, yeah, worked extremely well) but yeah, at the risk of pissing everyone off on this site, something i seem to do quite often, i agree that we should legalize all (or at least most) drugs eventually. Not only can we defund the Mexican cartels but we can make these drugs safer, we can regulate these drugs so minors have a harder time getting them, we can tax these drugs and use some of those tax dollars to help people treat addiction if they want to get help. There are seriously a lot of pros but sadly, American society is far from accepting that reality.
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    The whole entire country needs to be honest for once with it's people who do not know the MANY attributes this ONE plant carries! It'll create millions of jobs in textiles, fuels, food, and medicine! It's more than "just getting high" and the ignorant ones needs to accept this and embrace it! "Ignorant" meaning POLITICIANS! We VOTED you IN...We will VOTE you OUT!!!
    One Love & Lots Of Peace
    "Baggies Are Trashy"...spread the word!
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    Make no mistake. It is all about increasing tax revenue. Springfield couldn't care less about the lives it will impact, positive or negative.
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    Sure. More tax, less more or less harmless people in prison (Remember the US imprisons more percentage of its citizens than ANYWHERE in the world, even crazy-ass countries like Iran, and mostly for drugs like weed) , more liberty, and more opportunities for people with problems to come forward for help without fearing the policeman.
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    The war on drugs is lost!!! Face it stop telling us what to do with our bodies rebups....... if don't like it don't smoke it.....
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    The state government here in Colorado cozied right up to our legal pot initiative when they realized how many millions of dollars they'd reap in taxes every year.
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    Every state should legalize cannabis. It is less harmful than either alcohol and cigarettes and nearly every substance available on your grocery store shelf.
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    Maybe label as a 'fee' so Republicans will get on board? They love fees, just ask Romney and Pawlenty.
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    Although it still has some strict regulations on pot use.

    1) You must get a note from a Bitchen Doctor man.
    2) See rule one.
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    The illegality of cannabis is a scandal since the start. It is an evidence that democracies can be victims of lies and propaganda. Legalize cannabis because its dangers files are quasi empty. Legalize the real dangerous drugs, because it is the only way to regulate them and diminish the probability your kids get targeted by sellers of the type not asking ID.
    Prohibition seems to be a tremendous success ... for the bandits.
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