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    Stephen Colbert will make a great Late Night host after David Letterman retires . I hope that Stephen's first guest will be FoxNews Idiot-in-Chief Sean Hannity or Bill O'Reilley(if they have the balls to go tete a tete with the mighty (Colbert) Stephen 'the Great'.
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    Letterman was great...Colbert is great at spoofing right-wing republicans....but Colbert appeal playing himself and interviewing an unknown and a risk....but he's got a lot of talent so hopefully he can pull it off ...Leno was and Fallon is too mainstream, contrived and conventional for my taste
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    I like Conan better than all of them. Not for any political reason, but simply because he isn't afraid to make fun of himself once in a while. Letterman is a born funny guy.
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    " changing for the better"

    Uhh... what would is the author living in? I'd say not having Jay Leno is very much a change for the worse.

    Letterman, I don't much care.
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    The depiction of Craig Ferguson as having lost is total BS. It is also BS that his ratings are due only to his being on after Dave. Craig is hilarious. He has also made it quite clear that he did not want the job and was ready to move on as long as two years ago.
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    As long as he omits the character he does on CC, as promised. The real Colbert is likely tired of doing the same schtick after so many years, and wants to give us something more, now.
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    I think a lot of people have missed this little detail and expect a broadcast version of The Colbert Report.

    I don’t watch any late night TV, except for the occasional Kimmel when there is a musical guest I like.
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    Did CBS NOT see that Letterman started tanking where he started being more political......? Cole-Bert will have a tough time getting this......
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    @drpeeper I'm not a fan of Colbert, regardless. No one ever gets brownie points for tearing up Obama. Look at Jay Leno. He was going after Obama good for a while.
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    For me this is "I couldn't care less" but that wasn't a choice. So CBS replaces an opinionated liberal with another , so what's new?
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    Colbert is one of the smartest people on TV. I do not really know who is smarter. His persona on his comedy show is carefully chosen and well presented to poke at Hannity, who he mocks. When he leaves the show we will miss him.
    I expect he will be a totally different host on his new late night show. I look forward to watching him with some excitement. There has not been a late night show that has been really good for a long time. This is a change that should really raise the bar.
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    "During the years of the Bush presidency, the decline in the legitimacy of television news, led by Fox News Channel, left a hole at the centre of popular and political culture where intelligent debate and discussion might have thrived."

    He just can't help but blame the big bad Fox for the decline of television news legitmacy. The decline of network news started long before the emergence of Fox as a player in news business. It started with NBC placing explosives on the fuel tanks of pick up trucks and Dan Rather at CBS knowingly using falsified documents to attempt to discredit GWB's National Guard service. Network news systematically eroded their own trust with the viewing public through their biased and libelous reporting, but, its always easier to blame somebody else for your own shortcomings.
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    The nail in the coffin was Fox, followed by MSNBC. This is too obvious. Whatever metaphor or perspective you like to see how these two, led by Fox, were the end to legit news, go for it.
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    @Raybo None are so blind as though that cannot see. I get hate Fox News and maybe even MSNBC. But Fox; CNN and MSNBC to a lesser extent; increased their viewerships because the CBS's, NBC and ABC's of the world tarnished their own credibility. Fox News, et. al. are a symptom, not the disease.

    The press should have an adversarial relationship with those in power, they are afterall the watchdogs for the people. All too often, much of the MSM just parrot the press releases from the Senate, House and the Administration, without challenge. The rank and file news consumers may get distracted at times, but they are not stupid.

    But keep blaming Fox for the demise of network news if it helps you sleep better.
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    It always amazes me the amount of insulting that goes on here. This, too, Jack, is a symptom of the same problem: if you want to discuss an issue, keep from insulting the person with whom you are discussing it. If not, it deteriorates.
    I agree with much of what you said, by the way. What I said does not seem to really contradict it. Fox and MSNBC do not have an adversarial relationship with those in power, only with those in the other party. Each is an extension of the party for whom they shill.
    Try not to be so insulting next time. I am not blind, and I am not stupid.
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    @Raybo meh the media circus started decades ago. its at least 30-40 years in the making and predates fox news by at least 10-20 years.
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    ...thus the nail in the coffin metaphor. Today's best examples of nonnews news are Fox and MSNBC. MSNBC isn't quite as presumptuous: FOX is not fair and balanced, and MSNBC at least has some rather brilliant minds (Rachel comes to mind) and does some intelligent analysis, but they are both biased to their side.
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    No answer fits, they are all a bunch of goofy idiots, pushing the same b/s, haven't wasted time on any of that late nite crap in years, WHERE'S Johnny
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    @thismonkey WRONG still a whole lot of us out here, and if this jerk off is as unfunny as Letterman, I will continue to watch my DVR during late night hours, get enough political satire from the news
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    Why is Kimmel listed as the current leader when Fallon has consistently beaten him in the ratings since he took over, often actually beating the combined ratings of both Kimmel and Letterman? I have nothing against Kimmel, but I don't get that.
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    Mebbe they were referring to the week Fallon took off and had re-runs shown. That's about the only thing that would explain it.
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    Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (NBC): 3.787M total viewers, 1.23 rating in 18-49 demo

    Late Show with David Letterman (CBS): 2.838M total viewers, 0.55 rating in 18-49 demo

    Jimmy Kimmel Live!(ABC): 2.777M total viewers, 0.68 rating in 18-49 demo/
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    @awsniper Thanks for posting the numbers below.

    I thought that too, although it still doesn't make sense to me. Letterman and Kimmel took that same week off, although Kimmel aired one episode, a special episode revolving around the show 'Scandal.' So I guess he would have been the leader that week only, by default. To the author of the article, you write well, but you got it wrong in this case.
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    I do not watch much to I am a reader I do watch 1 show faithfully since October 11,1975 AND I always watch it. It's the one show I NEVER have missed one episode of. My Grannis and I watched it together and from time to time I might watch nbc for the news or catch a show or two. My husband is the TV watcher.
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    It's all going to depend on what they let him do. Leno was phoning it in for years, or they let the interns write the jokes. The only funny part was the Monday "Headlines". Letterman's off and on. Kimmel and Fallon have moments, but they've never knocked me out. Other than Colbert, Ferguson was, by far, the best of the lot. I hate to see him go. I wish Colbert all the best. When he's out of character, he seems ike a sincerely nice guy.
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