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    Exactly right. At this point Palin is nothing more than a sexy older woman with a very annoying voice.
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    @TheJimmy How true. She needs a voice coach for sure but her message is spot on. But still after all she's been thru and the war against her by the left she has class and dignity something they are sadly lacking.
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    I don't understand why we ever talked about her. As long as someone is willing to put her in front of a camera we will never be rid of her.
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    What? Sarah Palin supported a progressive tax structure on the oil biz? Why THAT doesn't fit into the usual leftist narrative, now does it?
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    Actually that she was chosen and embraced surprised us because you would think that a party that preaches smaller government and lower taxes on corporations. Would have little interest in electing as VP, a governor that believes corporations should pay their fair share?

    [W]hen the cloud of rhetoric has passed; when the roar of the crowd fades away; when the stadium lights go out, and those styrofoam Greek columns are hauled back to some studio lot—what exactly is our opponent's plan? What does he actually seek to accomplish, after he's done turning back the waters and healing the planet? The answer is to make government bigger—take more of your money—give you more orders from Washington …

    The woman who made this complaint about big government taking your money is the governor of Alaska. Please take a moment to look at this U.S. Census chart showing federal-government expenditures, per capita, in the 50 states. You will observe that Alaska receives about $14,000 per citizen from the federal government. That's more than any other state, and a good $4,000 more than every other state except Virginia, Maryland, New Mexico, and North Dakota. The chart is from the Census Bureau's Consolidated Federal Funds Report for Fiscal Year 2005. I skipped over the 2006 report, the most recent one available, because Hurricane Katrina put Louisiana and Mississippi ahead of Alaska that year. But that's an anomaly. Alaska held the per-capita record for sucking on the federal teat in 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, and 2000. According to the nonprofit Tax Foundation, Alaska gets back $1.84 for every dollar it pays into the U.S. Treasury—even though Alaska enjoys a higher per-capita income than 34 of the 50 states. This is a state that preaches right-wing libertarianism while it practices middle-class socialism.
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    @JimCO55 The error in your thinking is that the Republican party preaches "lower taxes on corporations" as some sort of knee-jerk fix-all to our nations problems. That simply is not true. Republicans aren't against fair and honest taxation. Republicans ARE against over-taxation that drives business away. Sarah Palin's answer to oil taxation was a good one, accepted by both the people of Alaska and the oil biz in Alaska as well. Why should Parnell have messed with success?

    The left, on the other hand, prefers using taxation (along with regulation) as a punitive measure in order to punish industries it doesn't like. There's a reason the mining biz, timber biz, and heavy manufacturing has all been driven outside the U.S. Leftist's are more concerned with a pretty view than in a robust economy.

    And that whole "$14000 per citizen" argument is hogwash. Alaska is a HUGE state with FEW people. It's chock full of federal government, from regulating oil and fisheries, to national parks, the federal presence in Alaska, per capita, exceeds most states too. That costs money..just ask the Federal government, and they'll tell you. Trying to make it sound like every Alaskan gets a check for 14 grand from Uncle Sam is deceptive.

    I, along with many Alaskans I know, would certainly accept the alternative: Simply get the feds the hell out and cut Alaska loose to handle it's own affairs. Of course, I would accept that alternative for many states that are tired of being in the federal government's stranglehold.
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    @CaryNickel : And who did Romney propose raising taxes on to pay for "entitlements" corporations or you and me?

    Romney’s appearance at the fair’s soapbox grew unusually testy when a few angry people heckled the Republican presidential candidate over his declaration not to raise taxes. They urged the campaign front-runner to increase taxes on the wealthy to help fund such entitlement programs as Social Security and Medicare.

    Romney explained that one way to fulfill promises on entitlement programs is to “raise taxes on people,” but before he could articulate his position on not raising taxes, someone interrupted.

    “Corporations!” a protester shouted, apparently urging Romney to raise taxes on corporations that have benefited from loopholes in the tax code.“Corporations!”

    “Corporations are people, my friend,” Romney said.
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    @CaryNickel : It isn't the left that prefers taxation and regulations to punish industries, it's the people that have to live in the pollution they belch out. Just ask the Chinese people as their own citizens now realize the price they pay for having few regulations against pollution levels. In time as China regulates these pollutants, the industrialists will cast around for another country willing to sell their citizens health for jobs. You do see that none of these billionaires build their mansions near their factories ... they all seem to prefer living here, near those pristine views that you ridicule and that our laws protect?
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    Palin left the little two-bit town of Wasilla with a $22 million debt.
    Under her "leadership" the debt went from around $1 million
    to $22 million.
    She left the state of Alaska with a debt amounting to 70% of Alaska's GDP,
    the highest of any state in the Union.

    She is not a fiscal conservative .
    She's a fake, a fraud and a phony.
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    Wonderful! Palin is in favor or progressive taxation! That's amazing! Then again, there is the possibility that she has no idea what she is talking about or the implication of her remarks!
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    I also notice that Sarah Palin didn't go on any political program to discuss her tax plan versus Parnell's.

    She called the local "Two Guys In The Morning" radio clown show to get snarky with her shallow comments because she knew she would not get challenged on specifics.

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    Lol Sarah will NOT take questions unless Shawn Hannity lets her know before hand what they are.
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    Sarah Palin raised taxes. I thought she was the queen of the Tea Party group? Besides, didn't she quit Alaska half way through her term? I guess you could say she put Alaska first by resigning. I just have a problem who say outlandish things just to make money off the people who think she is the Queen of the USA.
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    "Sarah Palin raised taxes"

    Shhhhh the tea party prefers to wander in ignorance and denial . They started off on the correct track but made heroes out of phonies and idiots , over all just lost their way .
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    @Fleck I agree. They continue to throw money at anyone who says they are against the government regardless of substance or ideology. I really think the new party should be the Independent Party as I think they are the majority now. The present dodo's are bringing our great country to it's knees.
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    Here in Florida more than ever , more and more are registered independents .
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    ACES sounds socialist to me. Punish companies for making more profits? Is this the same Sarah Palin the Tea Party idolizes? Bizzaro world!
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    Sarah the Popsie Palin has no political relevance, and nothing of value or intelligence to offer.

    Her sole appeal is to the most gullible among fools.
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    I find her brilliant at keeping herself in the spotlight and thus keeping herself in the money.

    She has no actual conviction , she goes where the wind takes her . She will change ALL her views next month is it suits her self serving agenda.
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    I recall when she said that she was a big fan of Reagan and while speaking about him at a PAID function, It turned out that she didn't know a thing about him .
    Her zombie like fans overlook all her lies.
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    I think any possible grasp on the Republican psyche just went out the window for me... I mean, this is a Republican bashing another Republican for /lowering taxes/ on the 'job creators of scociety.' How is there supposed to be a Republican party (whom I would have supported in the past) when the party members don't even agree on the most basic of planks?
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    Putting this woman in front of camera and mike makes about as much sense as putting a camera and mike in front of a fermenting pile of dog feces.
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    @DavidMark, I rarely chuckle at the headlines on Politix, but I loved this one. You just don't hear 'kneecapped' used enough these days.
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    What is this, irrelevant, washed up, has-been day on Politix?
    Stories about, Alec Baldwin, Karl Rove, Palin!
    Okay, I can tolerate a little bit of Baldwin.
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    Sarah Palin's tax was killing Alaska's oil industry. Since her tax was passed, oil production has gone down hill. Much of that reason is because of Palin's progressive tax that discouraged oil production.

    <I>Parnell’s More Alaska Production Act, or SB 21, effectively repealed the system adopted by Palin in 2007, replacing it with a 35 percent flat tax. The Palin levy began at 25 percent and rose with climbing oil prices to as high as 75 percent. </i>

    (From Bloomberg News)
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