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    I think anyone who has ever heard Hillary speak after the accident...would realize she doesn't have brain damage...However is an obsessive lust for power and greed a sign of mental illness, probably...and, if that's the case Rove, Hillary....and all the rest of the politicians and CEO's are mentally ill
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    If the GOP doesn't have a NON bible thumping , common sense GOP candidate, Hillary will be your next President.
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    What's the difference between the Bible and Common Sense?

    What is common sense, if not the bible?

    Where are YOUR priorities?
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    The Bible is a religion not a legal document which is no different than Islam, etc , etc and society does not want someone else's religion imposed upon them.

    To you the Bible is "common sense" to others it is not.

    Putting that aside it a wall to wall with absurd tales and inconsistencies
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    There was never an adequate explanation of her condition and how it would affect her performance as Secretary of State - such as it was - and if she's a Presidential candidate, her medical records dealing with her fitness to serve will surely join the Rose law firm papers, Benghazi emails, blue dress documents, and other similar things in oblivion. We deserve but will not get them. Any one asking for them will be accused of waging a war on women.
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    Nothing's ever adequate for the goppers. Look at who they vote for. You call that even close to adequate?
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    Why all the subterfuge? I'm not implying that she has permanent damage to her cabeza. But It's no secret that Hillary suffered injury to her head that produced a blood clot after a fall back in 2012. Of course, we will never get the full picture from the in-the-tank media if it would jeopardise her political aspirations in anyway! <wink>
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    really: what makes you believe that we, either deserve, or need to see such things. it's none of my business, and none of yours.

    i will say, however, that if she runs she will be elected, and when she's elected she will take her rightful place among the top 5 best presidents in american history.
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    Where the hell in my comment does it say that i am a republican? Its the comments i was referring too. I go to Western Carolina University as an honors student in Construction management. Both of ya can take your patronizations somewhere else.
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    I don't know if he's right or wrong, but I preferred this answer to the other two. Had politix avoided its twisted way of presenting things, I would have chosen "I don't know."

    One thing I do know. If she has brain damage, she should not be elected. The brain damaged and brain dead already have too much representation in Washington.
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    "Brain damage" is a meaningless term, and doesn't describe a person's intellectual capabilities. You can have an injury that leaves you blind, paralyzed, etc without affecting the intellectual functions of the brain. Look at Hawking.
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    You mean because Politix doesn't say "Hillary has brain damage confirmed by that brain expert Karl Rove who didn't know who won election night?"
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    True! I had a guy slam into me in a car and bumped my head. I had no debilitating effects, but I did lose a few long term memories. For example, I knew I'd taken down half of a huge Mimosa tree that had split during a big storm while we were away. What I didn't remember was borrowing a chain saw from a neighbor to do the job. I don't know about you, but whenever I use a power tool like that for the first time - I remember. It usually scares the hell out of me.
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    I don't know how you derived that meaning from my post, but I'm glad you survived that nasty blow to the head. Were they able to get the ax out OK or is it still in there?
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    Topic leans "left" as most do on here..I'm noticing that the responses are always on the "right" though.
    Could it be true that the "left/liberals" are indeed the "low information" group..*They don't actually study issues and engage sites like ths..
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    Bingo! The left eats the propaganda up like lib-chow and rarely questions the validity of the slop they've been fed.
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    @Food4thoughts You wish. Politix is little more than a liberal shill thinly disguised as a bi-partisan site. Most of the "articles" or repostings by the staff are left leaning and most of the intelligent discussion is from those on the right.
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    Then this really isn't the place for you to hang out. Do you just like torturing yourself? Fox is your site, dear. Go there.
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    Hillary's medical history is her own.
    I'm not sure that a candidate's detailed medical history should be made public.

    Karl's analysis may have some validity.
    She's getting pretty old, too.

    Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar..
    Sometimes glasses are for nominal vision impairment.

    I'm not personally aware of special glasses, pertaining to brain injury.
    Karl may have done some research on it.
    It is not a big deal.

    Being a registered demoncrat is more proof of brain damage than glasses.

    If the vision is impaired - and, the glasses work = then problem solved.

    The party faithful sheeple will vote for her with or without brain damage.
    I'm not sure that she even has to be alive.
    She could serve her first term thru an Ouija board.

    Karl misses a key point....
    For demoncrats, brain damage is a requirement.
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    Well it isn't private when someone is a potential candidate for the highest office in the country - in a way even the world. The people should be fully briefed in case she gets elected.
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    well said - and, all that...
    Your opinion is valid from a very serious point of view.

    Unfortunately, we don't have the opportunity for a "serious" election, with "serious" candidates, providing us with a "serious" campaign.

    We get stuff like "Hillary" - poor ole brain damaged Hillary.
    Just as a baseline here - Gabrielle Giffords was shot in the head.
    It is a miracle that she is alive.
    She has permanent after affects from the injury.
    The demoncrats have no problem with her representing Arizona.
    They would gleefully run her for president - if it weren't for the lesser brain damaged Hillary.

    You deserve full credit for taking the matter seriously...
    Too bad, that "serious" was off the table - many elections ago.

    If Hillary gets elected with a brain tumor the size of a grapefruit, it won't matter.
    It took the last guy 2 years (after his election) to find a fudged up birth certificate (oddly enough, no originals exist)(or, at least, the other fudged up birth certificates in Kenya and Indonesia - don't count).
    Character, qualifications, ability, certification - and, competence do not matter, while in office.
    They are even less valuable during the campaign.

    The last big deal was about a black guy being president.
    It didn't work out.
    It didn't have to.

    The next big deal will be about a female president.
    It isn't likely to make a difference.
    It doesn't have to.

    It's all about the theatre of the absurd.
    Not effective governance.

    Who knows...?
    The next shiny thing may be a Jewish, female, Eskimo, marine, with a glass eye and a wooden leg.

    The only thing that you can count on is that the election will have nothing to do with getting competent people elected.
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    That is all true for you and me. But, for a presidential candidate her health issues, if any, have to be brought to the attention of Americans. She has a duty to inform us of any issues that may impede her performance. As a president, any changes in health HAVE TO be made public. She's was out of the public eye and out of work due to a fall, which by her own statements was a head injury. She had to be taken to the hospital weeks after the injury for a "complication." Then she's seen at the congressional hearing wearing glasses. Have you seen her wearing the same glasses lately? Nope. Check youtube for recent speeches and appearances. Something happened and she has an obligation to notify the country of any issues that may impact her presidential run.
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    oh.. well...

    It's a historical or hysterical (take your pick) fact that candidates don't make facts public.
    The public is to be manipulated.
    That is how governance works these daze.

    I agree with your points.
    We should be informed as to her condition, where in it affects her ability to serve in office.
    We should be expected to conform our votes to that information.

    Unfortunately, we are 0 for 2 on both counts.
    1, We aren't going to get information - we are going to get exactly what Hillary and her handlers want to tell us, which is going to be solely based on how it improves her chances of getting elected.
    2, Regardless of the data - facts - and/or generally credible understanding of the situation - the majority of the electorate will not apply such understanding to good use.

    If you recall, Joe Biden's son has had multiple cerebral events.
    Beau Biden is still claiming that he is fit for office.
    As demoncrats go - he probably is.
    It's not like he has to live thru his term.
    All he has to do is live thru the campaign.
    That's all the party asks of him.
    Once elected, he can lapse into a coma.... even if he can't vote on any thing, he is still a demoncrat place holder, preventing the position from going to a republican.

    In politics, it is not only what you can do... often, it boils down to what you can keep the other guys from doing.

    Beau - Hillary - whomever.... they can still effect benefit for the party - just by taking up space.
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    Karl is equal opportunity, he'll trash anyone to win ... nor is this the first time he questioned someone's mental state. Plus he's been at this since like 1970!

    After John McCain thumped George W. Bush in the 2000 New Hampshire primary, with 48 percent of the vote to Bush's 30 percent, a massive smear campaign was launched in South Carolina, a key battleground. TV attack ads from third groups and anonymous fliers circulated, variously suggesting that McCain's experience as a prisoner of war in Vietnam left him mentally scarred with an uncontrollable temper, that his wife, Cindy, abused drugs and that he had an African-American "love child." In fact, the McCains adopted their daughter Bridget from a Bangladesh orphanage run by Mother Teresa.
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    Karl doesn't get the kind of reaction from opposing Republicans like he does Democrats.

    Personally speaking, I wished the guy would retire but it seems Karl feels there's work to be done.
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    No, Republicans don't foam at the mouth or get crazy like Liberals do when the Karl Rove is mentioned, speaking of I bet he comes in dammed handy for doing just that from now to midterms.
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    The politics of desperation. When you can't convince them with facts, dazzle 'um with bullshit. Pure and vintage Karl 'The Corporate Lapdog' Rove.
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    There's been something wrong with Hillary for a long time, dating back to when she was fired during whitewater for being an unethical lying lawyer.
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    @forrest Proof please. Of course you don't have any. There is none or else it would have been produced over these many years.
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    Karl Rove suffers from brain damage if he just realized this last week or so... Hell, I've known Hillary suffered from brain-damage when she first tried pushing her health-care agenda back in '93 or so...
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    @mvh234 yep, and not ashamed to admit it... of course, like most liberals you nust have a brain before you can damage it, which may explain why all of you use nothing or put cartoon characters up there...
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    Of coarse it near insanity to provide health care to all in the least in the minds of REPUBLICAN'S
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    @Frosty45 Ohh the horror!!!(running and screaming with hands waiving)

    Just look at the devastation universal healthcare was placed on Canada and Australia!!!(and every other civilized country in the world)...

    They are all "Socialists" now right?
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    Karl Rove is the lowest of the low when it comes to scum. He is a sociopath who doesn't care who he hurts. I'd love to do a psychological study of his parents, just to find out what type of people brought up an individual like this. I'll bet they could rationalize selling arms to our enemies (oops...that sort of sounds familiar). It's the parents who raise this kind of human filth. I wonder what his children are like, if he has any. I'm sure he passes down the sociopathic lessons that he learned at the knee of you-know-who.
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    You need to learn what "truth" means, because this is the merest speculation by a medically-ignorant hack politician with an agenda.
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    Funny how the truth always sounds like a lie to a troll. Hillary apologists will say anything to cover up her long history of what normal people would consider brain damage.(30 days in the hospital might be a clue)
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    @cpeter133 - Works for me! I've decided to adopt the democratic tactic of repeating some utterance of fiction until it becomes fact. It doesn't have to be true, just repeated enough times to saturate the internet blogs.
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    @sosmpls It may be a clue, but 'talking about a clue' and 'telling the truth' are not the same thing. I know, hard for your kind as you LOVE jumping to whatever conclusions you can as soon as possible. See Iraq, Benghazi, birthergate, and IRSgate for reference.
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    Hospital 30 Days...and don't ask questions or you are a bad guy.

    Question anything about a lefty and the pigs squeal.........

    Keep it up.:)
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    @drpeeper I wonder how far she'll regress before the DNC Convention. Her political future might just be slipping away day by day.
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    And still the right has put up two brain damaged candidates for isn't this the pot calling the kettle black?
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    This whole page is a bunch of right wing squealing and you say, "Question anything about a lefty and the pigs squeal........." the way, three dots are enough.@joyshusband, Whitewater ...not enough evidence is evidence enough for you.

    On the other hand, Rove has not proven himself a great prognosticator, no?!
    But, go ahead, right, Hilary has not even announced her candidacy, but the whole world on the right is busy digging up the dirt. Nuzzle the noses hard.
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    He's right about this but I think his timing is off. I think the brain damage occurred when bill got caught with Monica. She should have kicked him out of the house. Now that would have been awesomely, hilariously ( new Politix lingo) funny if she would have kicked him out of the White House.
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    Republican answers to our problems.......

    Minimum Wage - Benghazi
    Student Loan Debt - Benghazi
    Healthcare - Benghazi
    Poverty - Benghazi

    Get the picture. They whine about government spending and overreach, yet waste our tax dollars on politics investigating the same thing for the 8th time and expect different results. That's the definition of insanity.
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