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    Starting to sound like the Occupy movement ironically. "lets show up somewhere and do nothing and expect everything"! America doesnt learn from its mistakes much lol. When MLK led his protest, he and many others made a speech and standing that shook this nation to its roots. We just dont get that anymore.
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    I think 30% are lying.
    Anyway, this is so misguided. The overthrow should take place where the heads of government actually are: Wall Street.
    Hang all Wall Street bankers for high treason!
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    It just "ain't" a good day to over throw the
    Goverment ..."Let's wait til it's nice & sunny!"
    The r evolutionists would be proud!!! Lol
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    The first step in fixing stupid is very difficult to accomplish because the first step is admitting that you are stupid.

    As Socrates said, as is historically recorded, "The only true wisdom comes in knowing that you know nothing." Only through admitting that you are nowhere can you get anywhere and possibly everywhere.

    But go get someone to admit they're stupid. It's very difficult. Ever try to get someone to admit they're lost?

    I should like to point out that I might always be wrong about anything because I don't even really know who I am. How can I make viable determinations about anything or anybody else under those circumstances?
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    @Allex_Spires Try repeating any one of Wiley Coyote's attempts to kill the roadrunner. You will find there is, in fact, an objective reality which will give consistent results. If it didn't, science wouldn't exist. That means you can make viable determinations about some things, like "Don't tie yourself to an anvil at the edge of a cliff."
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    @Allex_Spires Well, if you do, may as well spread yourself out flat as you fall so you make the proper "paper doll" shaped hole when you land... ;-)
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    I voted "Hell yes!" even though I'm really here in Oregon. I figured that as the most impartial and bipartisan poster on Politix I should do something to help these poor 'patriots' out. It's my good conservative deed for the day.

    Tomorrow's good conservative deed of the day - I'm gonna drive by a homeless person and yell "get a job".
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    What an absurd notion! I doubt if 1,000 nutjobs will show up much less 30,000,000!

    The need to take their medication.
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    @Cincinnatus Are you counting the million that went to NV , the 500,000 trapped rain and the 8,000,000 being held in FEMA camps?
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    SERIOUSLY!!! Ya Would THINK the Organizers.. WOULD have sent Everyone a Letter!!! Phooey!! Am at the SPA!!!
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    I drove down to give them the bird but couldn't find any, went to the Wall instead and found 58,195 real patriots.
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    Well the OAS has sprung itself right into the history books as the biggest Conservative/Libertarian rally failure, was predicted.
    This reminds one of playing "telephone", in grade school....

    Billy Bob: "Hey, Ike! I done heard we was gonna have five hunnerd patrieets at our rally!

    Ike: "Dang! Hey, Clemert! We's gettin' 5 thousand good ole boys gonna show in Washeengton tomorry!

    Clemert: Gol dern! Hey, Joseph! Done told we is gonna see over 50 thousand patreets at the Mall in D.C.!

    Joseph: Sally Sue! Get yer ass out'n the outhouse and come here! Heard tomoroow's Rally in D.C. gonna tally up to 50 million folks, all workin' to take down thayat Obamer dandy who think's he the dang Prezidint!

    All: "God Bless 'merica! Amen!"

    Here's some photos of the the 3-man advance security squad photo.
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    When Dubya was pushed for warrantless wiretapping neocons and teabag types were all for it, after Snowden revelations they're against it and it's Obama's fault. Right wingnut hypocrisy abounds.
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    First off, I doubt their organization has 10-30 Million people. Such organizations INVARIABLY exaggerate their numbers.
    Second, even if they had that many members, the logistics would be absolute hell.
    How many bus LINES would you have to hire? And getting them there in their own vehicles would be a thousand times worse.
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    Imagine the shortage of change when all these people need to fill the parking meters! WON'T SOMEONE THINK OF THE QUARTERS!?!
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    @DontBlameMe2 LOL, yeah all that persecution against the white people in this country. All those laws that target just white people, the jails filled with white people... oh how it's needed to lift the white man up from under the boot of persecution.
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    I would be very surprise if they get more then a couple hundred thousand...but...even that number would be huge...for something this stupid and insane
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    I would be very surprise if they get more then a COUPLE but...even that number would be huge...for something this stupid and insane

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