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    Islam is the biggest threat to free people that exists on the face of the planet today. Just ask the women subject to Sharia law, the Christians and other non-Muslims in Islamic nations, or the folks who were in the World Trade Center, Pentagon, or on Flight 93...
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    "Islam is the biggest threat to free people that exists on the face of the planet today. "

    That's probably the second biggest threat, but ahead of it comes the inability to distinguish between Muslim denominations.

    There is really no statement that you can make about Muslims in general, or the whole of Islam, that will be true.

    It's time we learned that there are good Muslims, and bad Muslims, and also Muslims who will use religion to further their own causes.

    Just like any other religion...
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    @Cincinnatus It is not incumbent upon us to learn a thing about Islam. It is incumbent upon those of the Muslim faith to act in a manner that is consistent with worldwide standards of civility. That means when in the United States, Muslims act in a manner equal to Americans. When they don't, or if they cannot, then they should not be allowed in the United States, period. At the same time, free people everywhere must remain vigilant to the inroads Islam is making within their own nations, if those free people expect to remain free.

    If Islam wishes to project a "peaceful" and beneign face, then they must police themselves and each other. If they don't, then they must be policed by the rest of us.

    I don't accept your attempt to compare Islam to "any other religion", because "any other religion" isn't bombing subways, killing schoolchildren, or flying airliners in skyscrapers.
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    "It is not incumbent upon us to learn a thing about Islam."

    That may be the dumbest statement I've seen this week, and maybe all month.

    Outstanding in its' stupidity and ignorance, not only of religion, but of life in general.
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    @Cincinnatus I'll remember that next time a Presbyterian suicide bomber takes out a dozen people on a bus or something.... Only Islam supports 'martyrdom actions' as a way to achieve paradise.
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    The ads don't say all Muslims are jihadi savages. But the majority moderates need to be more vocal in opposing the savages if they want Islam to be seen better by other people.
    The best definition of Islam is found in the Catholic Encyclopedia from 100 years ago, before Political Correctness corrupted academia (hence the outdated population counts included here):
    Thank God for social media and the internet, so people can freely find the truth now.
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    "The ads don't say all Muslims are jihadi savages."

    Not explicitly, but they do what they can to leave you with that impression.
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    "Thank God for social media and the internet, so people can freely find the truth now. "

    That was the intent behind the internet. The problem is there are a plethora of those who still choose to be told what the truth is by various news channels, pundits and politicians.
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    Jesu kafreefree - what a load is carried in that history you link. The first signpost to intolerance is the use of the word "heathen" - and then citing epileptic fits, etc - I am reminded of the "Ecstasy of St Theresa" - could you POSSIBLY consider an objective history of the phenomenon of Islam and its many branches?
    I agree that the "moderates" in Islam - and all religions - ought to seek to calm their brethren with the same sensibilities, but, alas - the most flagrant indisposition to reason is the Shiite-Sunni conflict in Islam, then there're Hindus and Buddhists, and then just wait till the Catholics get their mojo on RE: any non-Catholics and, especially, non-believers. All religion has been used as a bloody cudgel throughout history, anywhere - that's a problem.
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    They could just use recent pictures of the girls forced to convert to Islam at gun point by Boko Haram, or the Christian mother sentenced to die in the Sudan for converting from Islam.
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    and we can remember Native American children forced to convert or the whole history of Jews forced to convert (to christianity in each case) and of course their is the hanging of converts from one christian sect to another or the beating of those that did not attend the official church on sunday. Whats the matter? You are ignorant of the colonial history of north america?
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    And your point is?

    That is what is sometimes known as the fallacy of "whataboutery" (or if you want to be fancy “tu quoque”). If a criticism is valid it remains valid no matter if you can show instances of the same or similar faults. That is, unless you believe that somehow two wrongs make a right?
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    @j2saret so just who was hung? Also limited small town puritans governing almost 500 years ago vs. entire countries today. You are going out of you way to try and excuse the barbarism going on under the name of Islam.
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    christians hung people all across the south for decades. Puritans hung women who converted away from them. The times do not matter. being christian does not mean behaving well. Being Islamic is no predictor of any worse evil than christians have done. Its the religious nuts that are the problem. If the founders had not taken steps to keep religious excess out of government we would just be another stan.
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    @j2saret A pretty distorted version of reality, but in any event, if Christians TODAY were doing such things, would you be making excuses for their behavior as you do for Muslims? Somehow I doubt it.
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    Everyone should be familiar with HISTORY. And not just the cleaned up stuff in your average history books.
    "Those who do not remember the past are doomed to repeat it."
    Or, to paraphrase: Those who DENY the past are doomed to repeat it.
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    "History doesn't repeat itself, but it does rhyme."

    It would be a shame to turn anti-Semitic prejudice into anti-Muslim prejudice.
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    they should be familiar with ours if they want to come here it live, but the simple truth is they come her to further their agenda, when your favorite mall is blown to hell and back maybe you'll agree, we have got to stop them from coming here and expel the illegals for good
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    Is an anti-Christian racist? Is an anti-Republican racist? Is an anti-Democrat racist? No??

    We have to acknowledge that bad ideas deserve to be criticized and EVERYONE has the right to do so. We aren't imagining that a bunch of Muslims BECAUSE of their brand of Islam are doing terrible things- MOST OF ALL to other Muslims. Their women and children are the ones most brutalized. Is it only a few extremists? In Turkey alone, a relatively modern country- 20% approve of suicide bombing against civilians. That's 14.8 million people in one country. It's not because of their RACE. It's because of BAD IDEAS that permeate large parts of their population. And we're supposed to pretend that Islam, as a set of bad ideas, does not pose a problem? Fine- let's have a cartoon contest. I'll draw one making fun of Mormons. One of you so quick to call me racist draw one of Muhammad. We'll post them on the internet with our addresses, and see how peaceful each religion is.

    Little girls are STILL having their genitals lopped off in the UK, and though it's been illegal since the 80's the first prosecutions for it have only begun THIS YEAR. And why?? Because, apparently, its racist for me to say that a little girl shouldn't have her genitals chopped of and her clitoris ceremonially severed. How evil of me.

    So who are these extremists? Living in caves? Not likely:
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    I believe they are here to stay and spread their filth among us, our security has been breached and we will never be a free country again, it's only a matter of time before we start to feel the wrath of the" peaceful religion"right here at home. I read somewhere that they are trying to pass Sharia law in select parts of Michigan, do you remember the "moderate" owner of a local TV station in Buffalo, he felt dishonored by his wife, she asked for a divorce, he then cut off her head, and being in NY will probably never get convicted of murder
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    While I agree with you completely about the torture and mutilation of girls (vile and reprehensible) I will point out the danger of lumping all Muslims into the same category as one another. I have, and still do, despise many Christians. Are they all the same in their thought processes and practice – no. Same for Muslims. People are people. No matter what religion they say they belong to some are simply nasty, twisted, narrow-minded freaks. Period.
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    @Tacitus01 Yes they behave exactly like Christians used to and still would except things like the 1st amendment are cramping their style. hint remember the "satanic pedophile" christian hysteria that ended up ruining innocent peoples lives a few decades ago. A few decades before that christian terrorists were bombing churches and killing equal rights activists. Islam is 6 centuries younger than Christianity. In the 15th century just how did christians behave? From the evidence Islam is no more evil and twisted than Christianity could be and has been.
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    They're not happy in Gaza ..
    They're not happy in Egypt ..
    They're not happy in Libya ..
    They're not happy in Morocco ..
    They're not happy in Iran ...
    They're not happy in Iraq ..
    They're not happy in Yemen ...
    They're not happy in Afghanistan ..
    They're not happy in Pakistan ..
    They're not happy in Syria ..
    They're not happy in Lebanon ..


    They're happy in Australia .
    They're happy in Canada .
    They're happy in England ..
    They're happy in France ..
    They're happy in Italy ..
    They're happy in Germany ..
    They're happy in Sweden ..
    They're happy in the USA ..
    They're happy in Norway ..
    They're happy in Holland .
    They're happy in Denmark .

    Basically, they're happy in every country that is not Muslim
    and unhappy in
    every country that is!


    Not Islam.
    Not their leadership.
    Not themselves.


    AND THEN; They want to change those countries to be like....

    Excuse me, but I can't help wondering...
    How damn dumb can you get?
    Everyone seems to be wondering why Muslim
    Terrorists are so quick to commit suicide.
    Lets have a look at the evidence:

    - No Christmas
    - No television
    - No nude women
    - No football
    - No pork chops
    - No hot dogs
    - No burgers
    - No beer
    - No bacon
    - Rags for clothes
    - Towels for hats
    - Constant wailing from some idiot in a tower
    - More than one wife
    -More than one mother in law
    - You can't shave
    - Your wife can't shave
    - You can't wash off the smell of donkey
    - You cook over burning camel shit
    - Your wife is picked by someone else for you
    - and your wife smells worse than your donkey
    Then they tell you that "when you die, it all gets better"??
    Well no shit Sherlock!....
    It's not like it could get much worse

    Cheers Mate!
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    I don't see the problem. If I'm correct the Hitler pic is with the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem. They were allies in WWII. Muslems have a long history involving the Jews.
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    Other than those of us that have either served in M.E,. or have lived and worked there as civilians -- are totally ignorant of the religion of Islam and Muslims in general. We have been spoon fed the "BS" (barry soetoro) that Islam is a religion of peace, which is total fabrication of what Islam really teaches. The Qur'an teaches "death to the Infidel (unbeliever)," or, "Conversion by the Sword." A religion of peace, I think not!! ANYONE who embraces the Qur'an as being sacrosanct should never be afforded credulity or given leave beyond eyesight!

    The Qur'an contains at least 109 verses that call Muslims to war with nonbelievers for the sake of Islamic rule. Some are quite graphic, with commands to chop off heads and fingers and kill infidels wherever they may be hiding. Muslims who do not join the fight are called 'hypocrites' and warned that Allah will send them to Hell if they do not join the slaughter-- .

    Obama really wants to come out of the closet.....
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    Based on a phony premise of theology and 'traditions' of man, rather than scripture -- which is the final arbiter. <wink>
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    The Grand Mufti and Hitler had the same exterminate the Jews.

    I have no problem with the Atheist billboard...they don't want to kill you like Islamists do!
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    As if Christians don't want to kill people. We are filled with Christians and have killed MILLIONS of people over the last 50 years. Millions. We have no right to point to a worldwide group and say all of them want to kill us when it's A) not true, and B) we've been doing it since WW1.
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    @AceLuby If you are referring to war, then you're way off base.

    Christians and Jews don't go out and cry God is great! and kill in the name of God or Jesus!
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    @AceLuby Huh? Once again. Show us. In the last 50 years it wasn't Christianity that instituted nazism, the gulags, polpot or the march forward in CHina.
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    "In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man. Support Israel, Defeat Jihad"

    Short, sweet, to the point, and dead on true.
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    Because imprisoning people and subjugating them to concentration camps is so 'civilized'. That's what Israel is doing right now, but then again, we aren't any better.
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    @AceLuby The Arabs are not in concentration camps, they live in villages in apartment buildings with electricity and running water, all from Israel. Anne Frank lived and died in a concentration camp, people running from the fighting in Syria are living in refugee camps. Lost of people in Africa are living in refugee camps. The so called Palestine Arabs are not not living in camps.
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    No, it is completely untrue. We need to support peace, not Israel.

    Israel is no more civilized than Palestine.

    Neither controlling group really wants peace. We need to find more moderate voices who want peace and get them together. Netanyahu and Hamas don't want peace.
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    A primary reason for the Mufti escaping prosecution was the thunderous campaign organized by the Muslim Brotherhood, whose membership had swelled to as many as 500,000 during the war, on the Mufti’s behalf. When the Mufti conveniently “escaped” from France and arrived in Cairo, the Brotherhood’s newspaper exulted that:

    Thank you, our Lord, for your mercy .... The Arab hero and symbol of Al Jihad and patience and struggle is here in Egypt. The Mufti is among his friends... The Mufti is here, oh Palestine! Do not worry. The lion is safe among his brethren and he will draw plans of Al Jihad and struggle for you. We, here, shall be his soldiers and we shall not stop fighting for you until you rid yourself of Zionism.... Yet this hero who challenged an empire and fought Zionism, with the help of Hitler and Germany, Germany and Hitler are gone, but Amin al-Husseini will continue the struggle.... One hair of the Muftis is worth more than the Jews of the whole world.... Should one hair of the Mufti be touched, every Jew in the world would be killed without mercy.
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    It's historical TRUTH that Hitler had Muslim SS regiments killing Jews. Only a liberal idiot would think that reminding people of that was RAAAAAACIST.
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    @Tacitus01, merely pointing out that Muslims weren't the only religious group persecuting Jews. Germany was an extremely devout Christian country.
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    Why does our government insist on supporting those who engage in a religion that by all accounts is misogynistic, murderous and barbaric? It makes the conspiracy theories regarding the Muslim Brotherhood and the Obama Administration all the more believable.
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    Frankly, they are in a bad spot. They would have to disown some of the things that have been done in this country and some people they wouldn't want to disown. There have been misogynistic things done here. There have been barbaric things done here. There have been murderous things done here.

    Islam is not the enemy, radicalization is. Attack the correct enemy. Oh, and don't assume it is in "madrassas" either. Madrassa is the word for school in Arabic. Not necessarily a religiou s school. Also, if you want to begin where it would do the most good, I'd suggest a look at people who were Westernized, not uneducated peasants. Bin Laden didn't use uneducated peasants on 9/11. He used politically radical, well (and Western) educated individuals. They wanted to appear sufficiently Islamic and knew so little of it that they had to have written instructions. The people that attacked us were not particularly religious.
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    Maybe the fact that George W. Bush used to walk hand in hand with the Saudi prince and they'd kiss each other like long lost lovers leaves him out of the equation for not being Muslim because he's white. At least Obama killed bin Laden and didn't invade the wrong country. We've kissed Saudi Arabia's ass for the last 60-odd years and supported the corrupt rule of the House of Saud. We put Saddam Hussein in power and gave him WMD's. We got rid of the democratically elected president of Iran, Mohammad Mossadegh in the 1950's and replaced him with the brutal Shah and were then hurt when the backlash installed an Islamic theocracy.

    "Why does our government insist on supporting those who engage in a religion that by all accounts is misogynistic, murderous and barbaric?"

    Oh, gee, I don't know. Maybe if we weren't greedy for all that oil and leave them the hell alone...
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    @SickofGop I find it amazing (but not surprising) that you liberals cannot see through your blind worship of Obama long enough to realize that it was the policies set in place by the GWB administration as well as 6+ years of work in the part of his people that led to the identification and death of Bin Laden. Pay careful attention to how I phrased that statement because you moon-eyed liberals seem to be under the delusion that King Obama set off on his charger with his shield and lance and gored Bin Laden personally on some imaginary battlefield, when nothing could be further from the truth. Obama sat in his safe intel room like a soft slug while brave Americans did the work.

    It is true that our love of oil has led to the disgusting relationship with the Saudis and the Bush family has been a big part of that un-holy alliance. That said, Obama has been little more than Bush III contrary to his many lies and broken promises.
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    Bin Laden was killed on 2011, which means that 3 years had already passed since the Bush Administration was in office. Bush had bin Laden trapped in Bora Bora in 2002, but pulled SF troops away to concentrate on Iraq. Bin Laden had not been at his compound for 6 years. He'd been there for 6 months. Ashcroft defunded the terrorist drone program when he came Attorney General to divert funds to domestic criminal uses like stopping pornography.
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    @SickofGop Don't blame Saudi Arabia for the attack on us. They had nothing to do with it. Bin Laden had his Saudi citizenship removed long before the attack, and had so little love for the government of Saudi Arabia that he wouldn't even use the country's name. He called it "the land of the three shrines" instead. He didn't want to use the name of the house of Saud.
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    A bit of frightening and exceedingly relevant history. In the run-up to the War, Nazi Germany established espionage networks in Latin America; during the War, the Nazis used submarines both to smuggle saboteurs into the U.S. and to attack U.S. ships. Nazi subs sank dozens of ships in U.S. waters and turned the Gulf of Mexico into a giant killing zone. Incredibly, more than 20 U-boats operated in the Gulf during the years 1942 and ’43. They attacked tankers transporting oil from ports in Texas and Louisiana, successfully sinking 56 vessels. In one instance, the tanker Virginia was torpedoed in the mouth of the Mississippi River by a German U-Boat, killing 26 out of 40 crewmen.
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    I'm not sure how that's all relevant.

    But if it matters, the German scheme to land saboteurs failed miserably, and the ships near the coast lost to German subs were basically offered up to be sacrificed by the fact that no blackouts were imposed on American cities.
    The subs just waited for a ship to be silhouetted by the lights and made easy targets.
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    @Cincinnatus That particular incident did as did the whole Abwher infiltration in the end. You'll have to cite sources if you want to claim ships were sacrificed. Ships were IN SPITE OF attempts to stop the U-Boat campaign. not because they were "sacrificed". To say otherwise belittles the massive campaign to stop U-Boat attacks.
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    I see nothing in the anti-Muslim ad that is untrue, as it is based on historical facts. So how can it be anti-Muslim.

    As to the anti-Christian ad the truth or untruth is arguable based on belief and if those atheists truly wish for an absolute separation of government and religion. Maybe they should quit bringing it up so much. I do not push my faith on anyone and they should not be allowed to deny my right to my faith.
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    "I do not push my faith on anyone"

    You personally may not but note the Christians that are now creating laws that deny a woman the right to abortion or the Christians creating laws that suppress the Gays.

    Abortion and being gay offends their religious beliefs. That's fine. No one is forcing anyone to have an abortion nor is anyone trying to force anyone to become gay, yet these Christians are forcing others to submit to their will by refusing women abortions and the gays to live their life the way they choose to live it.

    When someone speaks out against these same Christians, we're "infringing on their right to speak out" and "trying to deny my right to my faith" or "we're mean spirited". I've even been called perverted a few times by "christians",,, I'm assuming because they ran out of argument before I did because they had to resort to insults. Please.

    If those in the Christian community would stop trying to control others by forcing their beliefs onto them then the Atheists would leave Christians alone.
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    @Tolpuddle you brought up a few issues that I would like to address as a straight Christian man, you addressed abortion and homosexuality. These are two topics that go to the heart of the societal issues plaguing our culture today.

    As for myself, I cannot speak for the whole of the right. I am perfectly fine with abortion being legal with no exceptions. I see no reason to define the legalities of late term abortion, or abortion because of birth defect, or abortion for the health of the mother, or even abortion because the mother just doesn't wish to be bothered by the impending child. I do however, feel that there are consequences for every decision that a person makes in life.

    With this in mind I would like to see two requirements before any abortion is performed, listing of both parent's names and the reason for which the parents are choosing to proceed with this action, the abortion goes forward as soon as the questions are answered. Then an evaluation panel decides on whether or not the choice is sound and decides on the sterilization of these parents. Obviously there are valid reasons for abortion and in those cases sterilization should not be required. However there are also invalid reasons for abortion and in those cases I could reasonably see either or both of the parents being required to be sterilized. I could give examples of what I mean but you either understand where I am going with this or you are so appalled by my suggestion that there is no reasoning with you, so I will leave this issue here.

    As to the homosexuality issue, as a Christian I believe that homosexuality is a sin. With that said I do not care what you do as long as you keep your actions to yourself. I do not believe that marriage should be between anyone except one man and one woman, but I also do not care who or what you want to marry. I do however have issue with schools teaching the acceptability of anything other than the traditional marriage. So with that said maybe schools should just avoid the subject of marriage altogether.

    Now you mentioned the way in which Christians have responded to people who disagree with them on these issues. You need to understand that as Christians in this nation we are in the majority but we are very divided on how we feel on these issues. Anytime you challenge anyone's closely held beliefs you will encounter hostility and the left has been pretty vocal about these issues for years. Additionally, the left has basically held the position that if you do not agree with them you are a bigot, a racists, a sexist… the list is endless. Simply put we do not have to agree on every issue to live together in this nation. In fact I think it is impossible for us to all agree on pretty much anything but we do need to pull together and at least try to make things better.

    BTW, I know that there is no chance of my solution to abortion ever becoming reality but you have to admit is would certainly end the argument on abortion.
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    @Ric_Hornsby The difference is that homosexuality os no longer punishable by death in Christian nations and I know of no mainstream Christians who are pushing for it. As for abortion if you've ever seen a 5 month old premie please tell me they aren't human and deserve to live.
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    @pacific_waters if you read over what I wrote I cannot imagine that you feel that I support abortion. I feel that abortion is a legitimate choice that should be legal, discouraged, stigmatized and rare.
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    @Ric_Hornsby "These are two topics that go to the heart of the societal issues plaguing our culture today."

    I have to disagree on these being the only two issues but will agree they are two of the most important.

    "With this in mind I would like to see two requirements before any abortion is performed" - "As to the homosexuality issue"

    I think my being an Atheist is irrelevant regarding your thoughts on these issues.

    What I am interpreting is someone who firmly believes others are required to live by their standards or suffer the consequences.

    Why a person elects for abortion is a matter of record but falls under doctor - patient privilege. It's none of my business, yours nor the Governments. Requiring a person to be sterilized is as barbaric as the Bills Louisiana has proposed to force a woman to be placed on life support due the fetus placing her life in jeopardy in lieu of abortion.

    Regarding gays electing to marry is also none of my business, yours nor the Governments. It's a legal contract. Nothing more, nothing less. Why it is held sacred is beyond me. It isn't mentioned in the Bible one single, solitary time.

    Gay people in fact, if they so chose to do so could have a legal, binding contract written that is the exact same thing as marriage minus someone saying the traditional words and have the exact same set up. They however wish for the same thing other couples have that choose to marry. The special day to remember.

    "the list is endless"

    Agreed. I for one do my utmost to try and see both sides of the argument. Sometimes I can and sometimes I cannot. Neither you nor myself attempting to intentionally humiliate one another with labels doesn't make an argument any stronger.

    In any event, I put into words what I interpreted from your thoughts regarding the issues in question. My intent wasn't meant to offend yet I am being as truthful as possible.

    Those who are anti-abortion, anti-gay, anti-gun etc, for what ever reason aren't comprehending we who may be pro-abortion, pro-gay, pro-gun do understand your positions; we simply don't agree with them nor will we lie down and submit to the will of others when we have what we consider justifiable reasons not to.

    "BTW, I know that there is no chance of my solution to abortion"

    I think your solution to abortion would possibly be about the gravest error in judgement any law maker could ever make.

    Re: schools. I must be older than I thought. My schools didn't teach anything about marriage whatsoever.
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    And now America, with President Hussein Obama at the helm is funding and supporting and arming nazi's in the Ukraine as well as muslims.....{al qaeda and the muslim brotherhood which seems to keep popping up.....}
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    Today in Odessa and other cities in Eastern Ukraine, shock troops from Svoboda and the Right Sector are burning alive people who won’t accept the coup regime in Kiev. These neo-Nazis are the direct descendants of the fascist Ukrainian exiles who praised the SS and were welcomed into the U.S. during the years when Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union.

    EDINBURGH, May 12 (RIA Novosti), Mark Hirst – Western leaders do not know what they are doing by backing neo-Nazis who overthrew the democratically elected president of Ukraine, Scottish Socialist Party (SSP) leader Colin Fox has told RIA Novosti.

    Both Reuters and the BBC have made no secret of the fact that the Svoboda Party are violent, dangerous radicals and that the Obama administration (as well as certain members of Congress) is supporting them. Their rhetoric, as revealed in a recent BBC report, is that which one might hear from any American white separatist or neo-Nazi, save for the Ukrainian accent. The Obama administration has subsidized the Ukrainian government with $5 billion to date, with $1 billion more promised last week by Secretary of State John Kerry – and all approved by Congress.


    The answer lies in the same place as that of why 20th-century Nazis would align themselves with the Japanese and Arab Muslims, or why the American political left would align itself with radical Muslims (who would kill off half of the left’s base if they happened to gain pre-eminence in America): common philosophies and common objectives.
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    All of your "evidence" is, of course, completely fake. Conspiracy-theory nonsense about weapons smuggled through Benghazi is not evidence.

    Nor is the blatantly false claim that neo-Nazis are running the Ukrainian government. And what's going on in Eastern Ukraine is that pro-Russia terrorists (led by Russian Spetsnaz with the insignia removed from their uniforms) are trying to orchestrate a Russian takeover, while the Ukrainian military is fighting against their illegal invasion.
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    Glad to see people have the courage to tell the truth, and that cities still believe in free speech enough not to ban them.

    "Freedom of speech means freedom from interference, suppression or punitive action by the government—and nothing else." -Ayn Rand
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    The same peaceful civilized religion that gave 100 lashes of a whip before executing a 25 year old Christian mother for not converting to Islam and accused of Adultery as her crime.
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    @miketost ..hell, they strap dynamite on their own kids! Insane and inbred doesn't even begin to describe this blood loving cult .
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    Our missionaries - our fellow Christians in other countries - are being slaughtered.

    In terms of consequences, we are taking a far greater beating abroad - than a few snarky billboards.

    This does not approach the "pale" that is inflicted upon us.

    As far as tying people to hitler goes, there were several industrialists that favored hitler.
    Henry Ford amongst them.
    While Henry may not have agreed with mass execution, He did believe staunchly in remaking of the world in his image.
    Henry - also - agreed with Hitler - in that Europe in general was too backward.
    Europe was run by an inbred aristocracy, which was keeping their nations mired in the middle ages.
    Henry was on board with dragging Europe (kicking and screaming) in to the 20th century.
    He didn't think that selective genocide was going to be part of the process.

    But, a lot of industrialists supported hitler - and, maintained contracts with germany up till Pearl Harbor.

    Anti-Islamic ads are going to take a beating from the liberal left media.
    That is a given.
    It goes hand in hand with the media bias against Catholics and Protestants.
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    "Our missionaries" have no business proselytizing in foreign countries, just like Muslims have no business trying to convert Americans. By staying out of the collective life of other countries, we will be justified in telling them to stay out of ours.
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    That all makes perfect secular sense.
    The difficulty comes with the precepts of Christianty.
    Part of the process involves commisioning.
    Part of the commissioning involves missionary responsibilities.
    When considerable parts of your religious practices involve proselytizing, it isn't likely that it is going to be abandoned in sake of "minding one's own business."
    The whole point of spreading the "Good News" requires the telling of it.

    Those being told don't need to receive it, accept it,- or, endorse it.
    Unfortunately, they can't be exempt from the attempt.

    Muslims - kind of - have a similar situation.

    Both groups are required to communicate.

    Neither are expected to force their opinions.
    The information is freeing given.
    The option to reject the opion is always a possibility.
    If it is not received well, the proselytizer is expected to move on.

    None of this process involves killing those that refuse the opportunity.

    Since you are for none involvement in the lives of other country's, I guess that Syria's use of chemical weapons none of our concern.
    Also, those 100s of girls taken hostage in Nigeria are merely an internal problem.
    Then there is Israel - no reason to get involved there.
    Not to mention Palestine.
    All local internal issues, which are for no concern to outsiders.

    Your argument that if we stay out of their lives, then they will stay out of ours is hardly likely.
    Countries don't function based on what they should do.
    They function based on what they can do.
    Whether it makes sense or not.
  • #794

    I agree with you 100% and add to that they have been told by the state dept and embassy's in many countries to stay out but esp do not even think of trying to spread Christianity because not only will they not achieve a thing but they will be taken as hostage or worse.
  • #795

    "Part of the commissioning involves missionary responsibilities.
    When considerable parts of your religious practices involve proselytizing, it isn't likely that it is going to be abandoned in sake of "minding one's own business."
    The whole point of spreading the "Good News" requires the telling of it."

    Than when they are killed or taken for ransom only to in time die on some mountain , it is their problem and their God can rescue them .
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    "'Our missionaries' have no business proselytizing in foreign countries, just like Muslims have no business trying to convert Americans. "
    Have you forwarded your anti-proselytizing views to Boko Haram? Do you think they'd like to sit down and discuss them with you?
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