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    "Traditionally male jobs" seems to be the big issue. Women that want to make good money should do the same thing that men who want to make money should do - go to welding school. There's a huge demand in industry and in farming. The best welder I've ever met was a woman, and she saved thousands of man hours on a job because she was small enough to fit inside some piping to do the repair, rather than take it apart to allow much bigger men to do a less effective job.
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    Boy, you got that right. I worked an awesome piping job building a new coca-cola plant from the ground up. 95% stainless work. I was teamed up fitting for the best welder I've ever worked with. Got on the job the first night and got busy. The welder comes in with mask on and I ask for an examination on the fit. Some welders are real picky about " landing" size. I get a yes nod and move on down to the other end of the piping and proceed to bevel. This goes on for six hours until lunch when we head to the lunch tent. He takes of his mask and he's a gorgeous blond about 5' 3" and close to 50.
    When she saw the expression on my face , she busts out laughing. Those were the finest welds I ever saw and I saw all the X-rays too.
    Don't worry. Hawk was on his best behavior. Business and pleasure don't mix. Especially when her husband was a welder on the same job!lol!
    All three of us ate lunch together every day!
    ....Talk about develop some motivation....
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    @HawkTheSlayer I wish I'd paid attention to my old man and gone into welding. I'd have had a much better paying career.
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    @HawkTheSlayer During WW 2, little people -( midgits ) were used to weld in planes etc. where big guys wouldn't fit.
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    Me too, left that little gossipy town with 3 bars and nothing else for California. I never looked back. Everyone I went to school with was related to everyone else. It was crazy and if you weren't a farmer, you were trash. They would boast that they were all millionaires due to the land they owned and looked down at the kids who lived in town who's parents worked in a nearby factory. Little to do, except drink beer in corn fields. The guys were mean, bullying types who would try to get you drunk to have sex with your passed out body. I live in Omaha now and have never returned to that nasty place. To this day, seeing a farm hat makes me nauseated
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    @MContrary That used to be said of Hay-on-Wye (a small town just inside Wales). The only commercial activity other than tourism (a few small hotels) was farming. Now it's the site of one of the world's top literary festivals. I bet those farmers are seething...
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    "While the young men who leave e.g. Nebraska's Blaine Township for school will often return home, young women won't. "

    Perhaps it just means the women are smarter.
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    Yeah I've seen the ads for it. What puzzles me is that many rural areas don't have internet service unless it's satellite. And I've heard that's expensive. It wasn't till the late `80s that telephone service came to my uncle's ranch.
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    Yep, it's just the karma. Them good ol' boys wanna hunt, fish or tune up the old 60s muscle car. Most girls don't cater to that sort of atmosphere. I recall a line from an old 60s sitcom's theme song: "No, New York is where I'd rather stay, I get allergic smelling hay." If some of you're unfamiliar that's from "Green Acres" with Eddie Albert and Eva Gabor.
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    Demographic problems have a way of working themselves out. Or maybe this one already has - I saw a movie about two lonesome cowboys...
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    Loneliness alone does not cause an, “alpha male,” to look at another man with the night in mind. He’d very much prefer to face the night with himself.
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    This has been a basic problem for many years. Yet farms have survived. They will continue to survive with the daughters leaving and the sons staying. The sons will find wives. Most of them, anyway.
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    :a combination of greater job opportunities for women in more urban enclaves combined with a certain attitude in the hinterlands that's kind of old-fashioned:

    As my wife said - "NO DUH. What woman in her right mind would want to put up with that crap nowadays?"
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    Crap. I should read other replies before contributing mine. Didn't realize Brokeback Mountain was used.
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    What they fail to mention is that, while the male attitudes can be chauvinistic, we Great Plains women are strong-willed and mouthy. The menfolk don't get away with their sexism. Seriously, this is not the place to live if you're delicate and dainty.
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    I think its great ! More gay guys for me ! I think I just may one day order one do those mail-order mid-western husbands I've heard so much about.:)
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    The pendulum - swings.

    If women prefer the big city - because of jobs - and, city life in general, then that's the way it will go for awhile.

    If the rural men want to leave the farm in search of women, that's an option - too.

    Eventually, the women may go searching for men with land.
    It could happen.
    This may take awhile.
    The women and the men aren't going to be spring chickens.
    The social inertias will be hard to over come.

    But, it will all work out.

    The whole process could reduce the rate of divorce in the long run.

    Once people figure out what they want to do and where they want to do it, they should be fine.
    It's the making of one or the other give up some thing - in order to pursue some thing that they didn't want - that tends to strain relationships.

    Love does not conquer all.

    Our society reinforces the concept that every one can have every thing..
    If you don't get it - some thing is wrong.

    It usually is.
    But, it's not the spouse or the location.
    It's a defective expectation.
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    Food costs are going up. Soon farmers will be rich. Most women follow the money. They will go back that way in a decade or so. Like he said, things will balance out. Keep in mind there are lots of happy single people out there. And many miserable married ones. And vise versa.
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    well said...
    women have been known to follow money...

    It may not pan out over time.
    Women have a shelf life.
    If the spend their early years chasing careers in the big city, what are they going to barter with in middle age or late middle age?
    As the superficial features fade - and, breeding an heir is no longer an option, why would a farmer want to co-habitate with some one that has less to contribute.

    By the time women gravitate back towards rural living, they find themselves having to go it alone, too. And, that will only happen if a farmer is willing to sub-divide his farm to provide affordable housing.
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    seems to me that women are more drawn to city life, especially if they've lived in the country as children, they seem to be more liberal thinking than men are, A boy growing up in the country would want to carry on his fathers dream, in many families, but the girls will see the hardships their mothers may have to suffer as lonely wives of farmers, hard long days, thankless work, My wife grew up this way and would have never come to live in the country with me, God rest her soul, she passed away a few years ago, I moved to the country, as soon as possible, I love it here(in the southern country) but like the story says not enough women
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    just opened my e mail. Lmao. I wonder if they'll brush their tooth before they go to the dance.
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    Patriarchy and lack of job opportunities can't help matters. The world changes but rural culture takes a lot longer to catch up. Too bad as ag work is vital for human survival. Computers are not edible.
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    Good point. Worldwide, women do the majority of agricultural work but I don't call an African woman waving a stick about 'farming'. We need to get women involved in all types of farmwork and forestry and ensure that they hold positions of power in rural communities by training more women as farriers and vets.
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