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    I didn't hear or know anything about this until yesterday. Most likely the 29,998,820 hadn't heard about it either. Got to get out with the word a little better, communication is important in overthrowing DC......... :-)
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    I didn't hear about it until just now. No matter, really. Real patriots don't want to overthrow the government, they want to restore it to what the founders intended. That can be done through the ballot box...and we're beginning by taking the senate later this year.
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    @CaryNickel If Republicans take the Senate, they won't hold it. They have no good ideas for solving our nation's problems -- they've been existing for seven years now on nothing but whining and complaining.
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    @Zazziness you are just another leftist ignoring the multitude of house passed bills that Reid and his Democrat cohorts refuse to be brought to committee or the floor.
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    @Yank No. They are among the bad ideas I'm glad we're protected from. Every stinkin' time the Republicans pass a bill it always hurts the working class and poor while granting even more favors to the already very comfortable rich.
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    @Zazziness You mean bad GOP ideas of creating a Jobs bill by extending unemployment.... And paying millions for jobs to come to America.(even when you could start a business TODAY...overseas...and make millions just by moving it to the USA)

    Oh wait, that was Obama's moronic Jobs bill.....
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    @Allex_Spires that's right - if you look very carefully, you can see me peeking out over the R in DOLLARS.
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    Some how I picture Bluto in the Frat House living rm...

    "Over? Did you say...Over? Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no! When the going gets tough...crickets...the tough get going. Alright, who's with me....Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"
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    I picture Dean Wormer telling a bunch of Flounder-like tea party types "Fat, Drunk and Stupid is no way to go through life...."

    By the way - check out the PNWest prediction on this event here -

    As usual I, PNWest, the most impartial and bipartisan poster on Politix called it and hit the prediction right on the head.
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    @PNWest okay, while we're laying claim to Politix titles, I am now Spock of Politix and will no longer educate the willfully ignorant. Instead I will simply post, 'that is illogical., ;|
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    Now I understand why you make the comments you do, you never went to school. Just to educate you a slight bit, the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor not the Germans. UN f..king believable!!!
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    So the Revolution was called on account of rain? Hmmm, I wonder what the soldiers in Valley Forge would have thought of that.
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    I guess the gullible always try any excuse and hope other people are as gullible as they are.
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    Two words beginning with the letter A - america and apathy. American's wouldn't get out of their lazy chair to change the channel if the remote broke. They are not about to march on Washington.
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    um... ernest, it has nothing to do with laziness... this one had to do with common sense and the fact that it was a ridiculous notion to begin with. the teabaggers are kaput and everybody knows it but them.
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    I hear ya on apathy. We have an out of control school board that just hired a new super with a very shaky past. Do you think we could get more than 30 people in the meeting room to question the board on their decision?

    But, threaten to take away a playground at one of the elementary schools and the meeting is packed...standing room only!

    People need to get their priorities straight!
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    Actually, the rest of the people weren't as gullible and moronic as those who showed up.
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    Obama controls the weather, he made it rain because he knew these hero's would dissolve if they got wet . Brilliant move by the socialist, libtard, fascist, communists. :-)
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    As Jeff Dunham's dummy Peanut would say, "That's funny as Hell!" As an old white guy from Detroit who used to be a Republican, I remember the civil rights marches where marchers endured fire hoses. It's only fitting that the right-wing whackos call off their 10 to 30 million person rally because of a little rain.

    Really says it all about how stupid the right has become in American politics
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    And it says a lot about the little bubble that makes up the world of the Tea Party and so-called "patriots". All bark and no bite.
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    It's all about 'appearance'. Throw a big fit at the Washington Veteran's Memorial when you shut down the government and cost taxpayers 24 billion dollars, but vote against a veteran's bill supported by 29 veteran's organizations.

    Say the government is 'overreaching' when you don't want to pay grazing fees that are 1/3 the going rate, and paid by thousands of other ranchers who realize the fee is actually a bargain.

    The best thing these guys can do for themselves is try to get a reality show deal so the rest of the American public can get a bit of entertainment value out of their antics. And best of all, then we'd be able to turn them off.
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    You know, if you're going to try to overthrow the government, you need to get your message out to all Americans! I had no clue this was supposed to happen. More like blame it on your brain! Rain wouldn't stop a real overthrow of the government. It is legal according to the Declaration of Independence. The criteria has been met with this administration. But nobody knew. Then you have to figure in if people can afford to get to DC or afford to miss work. This was a very poor attempt. Let's try it the old fashion way in the next 2 elections. Then see where we stand. The harm this administration has done can be rectified by a new administration. VOTE!!!!
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    The Declaration of Independence has no legal authority, and was never intended to. It doesn't make anything legal.

    The harm this administration has caused? You mean the improvement of employment, housing, and every other economic indicator from the total disaster left by his incompetent predecessor?
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    @cpeter133 let alone the fact that he managed to get an affordable health care act installed... something which both republicans, and democrats have been trying to do for over a hundred years.
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    The sooner you realize tyranny is not a law that makes you buy something most Americans buy anyway... The sooner the rest of us will stop viewing you with derision.
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    @Poltal Ya know.....You can give 'em knowledge, but you cant make them think. Some people want to remain fools only because the truth requires change. I really believe thats the underline problem with Obama Haters. I cant find too many "educated" Americans who feel like this President will enact any policies that can or will positively change the decades-long decline in America. But let them tell it, Obama and his "kind" are the reason the decline started in the 1st place.
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    Maybe to really get into the spirit of the whole second revolution thing the protesters are riding horses into dc and it's taking longer than expected...
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    @dances-weebles Why?

    There's a woman at the church more conservative than me and she loves Monty Python - and my Pastor and his Wife went to see Spamalot when it was in town and liked it...
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    Wow, this is even more of a dismal showing than I has Obama, Pelosi, and Reid resigned, yet? I'm sure it's just a matter of time...wait 'em guys and gals.
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    Is this supposed to be touted as an 0bama victory? Except for the extreme fringes, us rational Americans already knew this protest would be a flop. Much ado about nothing here.


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    I'm moved to poetry.

    "Our hearts are pure,
    Our motives pristine
    Vote out Obama in 2016!"

    (Yes, yes, I know, but many don't.)


    "American Spring is on the Mall!
    But the one in Bloomington,
    South of St Paul"

    How about

    "10% of the population
    Was supposed to be here
    But Tarnation!
    The rain kept falling and wouldn't stop
    So American Spring was just a flop."
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    What kind of politix question is that? It's juvenile and partisan.
    Everyone knew months ago how this would turn out.
    I like to stay objective but Zeman has finally succeeded in alienating me.
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    Editorial Assistant
    @HawkTheSlayer Sorry to hear that. I was just having a bit of fun with the poll. I mean, what can I really ask about this — "are you surprised?" Like you said, nobody is.

    To be fair, I don't think the poll was any more juvenile and partisan than the article, if you consider being amused by the failure of a truly silly "plan" for revolution partisan, that is. Honestly, these guys made Occupy Wall Street look like Napoleon today.

    Thanks for reading and commenting.
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    I don't do twitter or Facebook. I tried to send you a personal message on your politix account but it says you don't exist. Lol. Politix's own registered " ghost writer"!
    I'll just put it here, I guess.

    I was in downtown Seattle in January 12? when OWS set fires and pillaged blocks of the city. I seen riots in the sixties. I've seen natural disaster. That was the most animalistic human behavior I've ever seen. I can assure you if I felt my life was threatened by one of these mindless anarchist, I would have not hesitated to relieve him of his living misery.

    I know where you stand on most issues. I respect that.
    In general the value of the material on the homepage has been reduced. There are far more pressing political issues which need to be addressed. I know you guys don't generate the material here but you hold the power to bring forth articles of better substance and more often. The articles come very few and far between on the homepage these days.
    If it were not for the links section, I would have quit Politix long ago. Many articles of political substance are presented there from all viewpoints.

    Thank you for reading and commenting. ;-)
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    @GregZeman Thanks for the article. As they say, "Truth is stranger than fiction." I really get a kick out of these 'massive' groups who claim they have legions of followers dedicated to their cause.

    No one has said this yet, but the real reason they couldn't be in DC was that they are all still out at Cliven Bundy's ranch.

    It's sad. I remember when politics actually had a bit of seriousness to it. Now with gerrymandered districts, instead of governing, the occupants of the far-right clown car simply try to one-up each other to stay at the top of the big money donor's list and keep their jobs.

    Fifty + votes to repeal Obamacare (Or the ACA as it will come to be known because it actually works, and God forbid Obama gets credit). Benghazi and ACA hearings where opposing testimony is not allowed, even after numerous bipartisan investigations have already investigated and found nothing. Voting down extension of unemployment benefits that were ALWAYS extended (actually to 99 weeks under Bush) by EVERY other President. Fighting a minimum wage increase for workers at companies that make billions, and not admitting that doing so would take millions off government assistance programs that everyone else pays taxes for..... And on, and on, and on.

    The American people should be outraged that on the night of Obama's election, the Republicans held a meeting with the sole purpose of blocking EVERYTHING. They are not concerned about doing what is right for the American people, they are simply interested in keeping their jobs.

    I see your message below from HawkTheSlayer. I guess he missed the absurdity of your article, and the fact that the so called high moral issues screamed about by fringe whackos, are routinely ignored by anyone who is actually informed.
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    Entire post. Very well stated! And all of it is very correct! Exactly what the other side of the isle does not want to hear. The "Truth." Thanks.
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