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    He paid into it. What's wrong with dealing the best you can with a reality that you don't like?

    Being for a fix to an entitlement disaster is not reason to not avail yourself of the measly benefit he was forced to contribute to.

    See the disconnect?
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    The MSM seems to LOVE trying to make Ron Paul look like a hypocrate every chance that they can...and it's rare that they can. When they THINK that they have something, they go from ignoring him or calling him "kooky" to running news stories like this one into the ground. HE PAID INTO IT. Of course he's going to accept social security. You guys are worried about Dr. Paul receiving a social security check when we pay Barack Obama nearly five times more than what Dr. Paul wants to accept as a salary for POTUS? Give me a break.
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    Even though he can easily make it w/o it, he's paid into it and deserves it like every other older person. But I'm also with him in saying it needs to be phased out.
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    I'm surprised he does. He's had it taken out of his paychecks all his life, but OTOH he seems so passionate about his political views I would expect him to take this simple step to make his private life match up. With his medical and political careers and book contracts, I'd think he wouldn't need the extra. I've no idea how his personal finances are affected by his campaign, but what is the amount we're talking about,$100 a week or something? I'd think the symbolism would be more beneficial to him than that.
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    It's his. He earned it. It is entirely within his principles. What are your principles regarding things you disagree with but can't do anything about? Yet.
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    This doesn't surprise me and I wonder why he's entitled to it when he will receive a house of rep pension none of us will equal. This is government at work. Talk out of one side of your mouth while you fill your pockets on the other side.
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    If a thief takes your money for years, are you wrong to try and get some of it back?

    I am against SS as well, but have been paying it for 40 years. If they gave me back my money without interest, I won't apply. But because I am eligible, I will take it as it helps my family and I am always up for helping my family.
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    There is a much bigger philosophy here if you listen. I don't have a problem with Social Security or any program that helps the citizenry. Helping and looking out for interest and welfare of it's citizens is governments job, just as a parents job is tending to their children. Governments job also, like a parent is making sure your children are not exploited, used, bullied by others. A fair and decent government and parent also accepts it's responsibility of educating and making it possible to sustain his/herself on a fair and equal basis however possible. Most every citizen, rich and poor are contributors and directly and indirectly helped build the infrastructure that allows commerce to flow throughout the country and world. Without everyone involved, industry cannot maintain the infrastructure no matter what it thinks and says. When times get tough or lean, a family does not sacrifice the weak in favor of the strong, rather they share the resources so everyone survives.
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    Here's another similar story from

    Heck's wife collected unemployment benefits

    Rep. Heck is a Republican... so the refrain is "Hypocrite!"
    But again, if you have a deduction on your pay stub that says "UC", then you paid for it. And there must have been if she qualified,

    And true to form, (famous for their hidden bias like the network news and CNN) dug deep to show that the Heck's are duplicitous. But the fact remains... She earned it.