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    He's a new grammy award winning rapper.

    He wrote the song about how it's okay for kids to go to thrift stores because bargains are awesome.

    And the song about hypocrisy and inequality.
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    They're the modern version of the classic poets minus the talent and knowledge of the English language.
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    @HawkTheSlayer Nice find! I've seen a lot of Smurf merchandising tie-ins in my life, but mouthwash is a first for me.
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    Smurfs were way after my time. As you've noticed old hawk likes to throw in a personal story when he can.

    My youngest brother is 15 years younger than me. His best friend was given the name gargamel by his peers. We just shortened it to Garg. Years went by. I had no idea what or who a gargamel was. I stumbled on it unexpectedly one day and was amazed at the resemblance. The old boy getting old himself now and is good as gold.
    I ended up years later working with him on many jobs in many states. I consider him a brother.

    Sometimes I'll ask someone if they remember an event or dangerous episode and use his real name and everyone will say no but if I mention " gargamel" , they all either know or remember. When friends or coworkers call from out of state they always ask me how gargamel is doing.
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    I know who he is and Thrift Shop is a kick ass song. While this was without question a poor costume choice I think his mistake was in not owning the message he was clearly sending. Was it crude? Yes. But since when has rap or hip hop not been crude? And how many Jewish comics have made their careers on parodies of the notion that Jews are cheap? Is that ok because they're Jews lampooning their own culture? If so where is the outrage when they poke fun at the stereotypes of others? The same applies to African American comics and their ubiquitous jokes about white people. At some point should being the only racial group that can be freely ridiculed constitute a minority due special protection from the words of others regardless of intent?
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    I agree 100% it is acceptable in US to mock Anglo, Catholic, Christian and Mormon but do not dare go outside of that .

    It seems to be the same with hate crimes . As far as they are only applicable for some groups but Hetero Anglo Catholic/Christian need not apply.

    I did an amateur comedy night in Key west some time ago . I mock everyone and people got pissed . I quickly changed my act and only yelled "Hetero Anglo Catholic/Christian suck" and everyone applauded and loved it.

    Lol I'm kidding they hated my show and I did not change it but right away I saw that they only wanted one group mocked .
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    If you've seen As Good as it Gets, Jack Nicholson's Melvin Udall is as antisemitic as they come, yet no negative articles were written about Jack's line "There are Jews at my table," and most Jews laughed at the line. They did so because they knew he was only kidding and that the comment fit his role perfectly.

    I don't think we can be certain that this guy isn't serious and that is the difference. I do, however, get your point about lampooning people of other cultures. For too long, making comments about Jews publicly was verboten and I think that just increased the dislike for Jews because the "Goys" felt like they were being bullied.

    The same can be said about the inability of a white person to comment on the black culture and people today and the white resentment is beginning to boil over in their negative reaction to mainstream politicians who kiss the black culture's ass. I really think that this country will only come together when everyone is allowed to comment on whoever he or she chooses, as long as he does it with humor. Rap, however, is generally far from humorous, so this comment about Jews, since it doesn't seem very humorous, may cause more harm than good.

    Incidentally, I was kinda in on the beginning of hip hop and rap in the '70s when I frequented the New York club scene. I was really into black dancing back them, still am actually, and many of the moves that are standard today, I had something to do with.

    Often being the only white guy in a black club made me stand out, particularly since many of the patrons had never seen a white guy who had the balls to even be there, with the moves I had. I'd leave a club after a night of creative activity and come back a month later and find the people copying my shit.

    I dance to the rhythm of the music, not according to pre-choreographed moves or steps. So every time I hit a dance floor, I have no idea what I'm going to do. If it's a white beat, I sit down, but if it's the craziest African rhythm I can't help myself. It also helped that I was particularly fond of black ladies. Came close to marrying a Geechee girl from South Carolina once, but sadly that fell through because of unforeseen circumstances, so don't get me wrong, I haven't a great deal of animosity toward black folk, only the white assholes who like to play the great white father...and mother and tell blacks and whites how to think.
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    I thought he was doing an impression of a Dwarf from the Hobbit dressed up for a night on the town.
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    Something else, because I have no idea what he was really thinking and frankly, neither does anyone else! I also don't care. Never heard of this man before and see no need to care about whatever it is that he does.
    Am I the only person who thinks this forum has descended into nothing but a politically incorrect witch-hunt?
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    No, you're not the only one. The main question I have about this guy, and many others brought up on here: Who cares?

    Most of them pull outrageous stunts like this purposely to draw attention to themselves when they are losing their popularity, or to keep up their popularity. Then when they get "busted" by the PC police, they apologize profusely and everyone loves them again. It's a sick game and the PC crowd falls for it every time.
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    Clearly you need to brush up on your definition of anti-Semitic. In no way does making fun of the thrifty Jew stereotype resemble discrimination, prejudice, or hatred for Jews. Go watch a weekend of Fox's animation, comedy central's shows, or some old Mel Brookes movies.
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    funny... if they make any sort of allusion to jews being cheap all hell busts loose, but if they talk about a scottish tightwad everyone laughs and cheers.
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    @dances-weebles or the drunk Irish, or the British with bad oral hygiene, or the Arab terrorist?
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    I can understand mistaking the costume for a Jewish thing, but Feeling like a man = Bar Mitzvah joke is WAY beyond reaching.
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    He was being anti-Semitic and trying to back track. Who puts on that kind of get up and say it was a random costume? Keep trying to cover that ass, you boob.
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    I am NOT defending Macklemore, but I had no Idea myself that that image was anti semetic until I saw the German Nazi pictures. If I were in a costume shop I would have chose that costume thinking that it was Gargamel from Smurfs or some other random character.
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    The nose looks like an Arab or Roman or any number of those who live over there. As far as stupid goes, in the immortal words of Forest, Forest Gump, "Stupid is as Stupid does."
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    Why is it when an actor or entertainer does something tasteless they are given the benefit of the doubt of being "clueless", but anybody else is immediately considered a racist, sexist, anti semitic or a homophobic
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    Funny how so many say it was just stupid but I wonder if they would have the same reaction to someone appearing on stage in a Little Black Sambo outfit?
    He knew exactly what he was doing and he knew it was offensive.
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    Anti-semitism, imho, means prejudice, hatred and hostility towards the Jews as a religious, cultural and/or ethnic group. Some of it's derived from ignorance and lack of education, while some of it is willful ignorance, if one gets the drift.
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