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    My the times they are a changing. High time they did. LOL It's just a matter of time and it'll be legal there's no going back now. If you don't think the war on pot has been a failure I'd say the FBI just answered that question .
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    You're gunna really throw a stick in the spokes with thinking like that! LOL!
    If the FBI and the Feds go for the weed thing, then the DEA is gunna have to lay off plenty agents and shift their focus to heroin and coke. That's gunna mess up the CIA's finance money and cause strained relations in South America. Then the US State Department will have to get all busy with diplomacy.
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    We understand it's a failure. We also understand it is against Federal law and private business owners SHOULD be allowed to hire who they want to without Aunt Nanny making it another law.
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    @Curmudgeon oh yeah I agree. All my employees are at will hires. If I let someone go I don't even tell them why anymore. If you do it just opens yourself up for a lawsuit. What you do at work and home are different things.
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    @truthsayer If a private business owner can't depend on employees to protect the owner from harming his marquee, losing money in fines or lawsuits, keep from harming himself then he is placing himself at risk by hiring that person.

    We need laws that are fair both ways if we expect the private sector to bail us out with more jobs. Minimum wage mandates are not going to put America at the top again. Small businessmen are.
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    @Curmudgeon You think the FBI might not have better things to do than 'trap' people who smoke cannabis?
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    Better things to do like what? Stopping interstate crime waves involving guns, murder, and human trafficking? Pshaw!
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    This should be done Nationally in all private and government businesses. No more Drug Testing for jobs.............. If your not doing your job that's one thing but because you enjoyed a joint with a buddy don't make one unemployable. Ridiculous law legalize marijuana now........
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    Bullshit, as an employer I have every right to know if I'm hiring a meth or heroine user. I have a responsibility to my employees safety , having some dude that's high or going through withdrawals puts my guys in immediate and unneccisary danger.
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    So what if I don't want to hire a pothead? You are trying to tell he that I should have waste thousands or more in training and resources before I can really demonstrate that that person shouldn't be working here?
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    @Arumizy 1] You dont go through withdraws, i actually quit every 3 weeks for 2 weeks to pass a mandated cotton swab.
    2] You wont find anyone doing herioin or meth on a urine test.
    3] The psychoactive properties of marijuana ARE NO WAY EQUIVOCAL to heroine and meth, or even coke and crack.
    4] Using your logic, do you screen for alcohol? Which is proven with facts to be far more dangerous on any job.
    5] Do you throw drunk guys off the job? Then throw the high ones off too. I've done that at a restaurant i managed, and im a smoker.
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    @Firestorm No, throw them off because they cant work the job. Throw them off because they are high. Do you let drunk guys come in to work drunk? Dont let your potheads either. I work in timber now, with a chainsaw, with my common sense i do not get blazed before work...and my boss that knows i smoke, see's that i dont come in high, respects my privacy, and has full confidence in my ability since i do turns almost as fast as the guys doing this for 20+years.
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    @Arumizy @Firestorm

    If you, as a private businessperson, decide not to hire drug users, that is your right. But the gov't itself should not be imposing these policies or forcing you to decide between hiring a drug user or keeping your liability insurance and worker's comp. Gov't should be neutral on this because who you hire is your business.

    But I doubt that your drug-free policy means you have the best and safest workers... there is no proof of that whatsoever... but if it makes you feel good, again, it's your business...
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    That's so funny.

    What if a employer said "I can't find any managers who don't drink." Sounds silly, doesn't it? If a man has a beer at a ball game or a drink with dinner that's makes him less likely to do his job?

    What someone does on their own time is there own business. NOW, if it affects their job performance, said employer has every right to get rid of that person, but it's time to stop the silliness over marijuana and move on.
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    I have to disagree. In states where Marijuana is legal, allow it. However, if the people who are working for the FBI, who are supposed to be protecting our laws, are actively breaking the law, I have an issue with that.
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    I take a small bit of pride knowing that the hackers giving the NSA so many problems are actually just"dumb stoner rejects who have no life".
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    I think it's hilarious and is such a slap in the face for those who believe that you can't be smart or productive and also smoke cannabis.
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    I think it's such a slap in the face to people who see marijuana users as "dumb stoner rejects who have no life".
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    I voted NO... just for meanness.
    The very essence of 'hackers' is non-conformance.

    And besides....

    I hear agents 'bogart'.
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    The FBI would have to amend it's policy on all hiring practices on at levels of employment and seriously look at the way it pursues prosecution of certain crimes, otherwise it would be highly hypocritical. I surely wouldn't be the first time they've hired known lawbreakers.
    Otherwise, I really don't have a problem with it.

    How does that work? When they come down and need a toke or two, you can't smoke in federal buildings. So do you just go outside and fire up the one-hitter or pull out a cheech and Chong blunt and tell everyone;
    "It's OK. I'm with the FBI,... man".
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    Come on... they can drink alcohol, which inhibits you far more dramatically. I've seen some silly judgement calls by people who were stoned, but they were just that, silly and harmless. I've seen far more drunk people make dangerous, violent, or beyond stupid judgement calls. If it genuinely made them stupid, they wouldn't be hackers that the FBI wished to hire in the first place. Welcome to 2014 FBI!
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    Silly and harmless We have had two suicides and at least one murder here in Colorado directly due to ingesting "silly and harmless" pot.
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    @HawkTheSlayer I'm 100% certain more have died from putting a gun in their mouth than putting Marijuana. In fact no one has died as a result of a marijuana overdose. Those suicides in Colorado were going to happen anyways, and I'm sorry but killers are killers, no one gets baked and says, "I suddenly want to kill people"
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    I wouldn't hire someone who came to a job interview stoned but a person does in their off time is their business
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    Exactly. I believe he is prevaricating about the "on the way to the interview" part. It sounds so good, you know? Perhaps it happened once and that's all he has stuck in his sad little gourd. I tend to doubt even that, however. He likely just a liar.
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    “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on his not understanding it.” – Upton Sinclair
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    If they don't allow those who smoke work on the computers...they are going to fall way behind....programming and pot smoking go hand and hand
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    100% TRUE!

    As Carl Sagan put it, roundabout, marijuana helps you ignore the rest of the world and get into a state where you really can just be free to think.

    Which is EXACTLY what programmers and hackers need.
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    The FBI has a long history of misunderstanding information technology, and here is another example. There are thousands of people with hacker skills working on prosaic IT projects right now AT THE FBI. To paraphrase Branch Rickey, shake any tree and a hacker falls out.

    Even if the FBI were to recruit white hat hackers today, they'd have to spend a few months training them in Chinese computer networks or whatever; it would take somewhat longer for people who are not currently hackers, but the talent is there.
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    All bitcodes are inherently the same. Chinese/and especially Korean for that matter/ have basically the same netframe, scripting, OS's, mastercodes...etc. Wouldnt be nothing at all.
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    @sevenSecrets I train 40 or so "urban kids" on Saturday afternoons. And, contrary to popular thinking, they learn it remarkably fast! Its as if their brains are already wired but someone has to cut on the right switch....and that America's youth in general. I seriously think that tech is Americas saving grace. But Im Biased. LoL!
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    From the looks of how the FBI has failed in light of 9/11, Aurora theater, sandy hook & the Boston marathon, it appears the director couldn't can't find his own A** with two hands!
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    The FBI must get hundreds if not thousands of warnings every week if not daily . It is impossible to prevent things like Aurora theater, sandy hook & the Boston marathon.

    They prevent plenty of attacks .
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    Actually, the best computer geeks are writing games since that is both fun and where then money is. Then it is in major investment firms. After all, most go where the money is and something like Grand Theft Auto or Civilization 5 royalty checks are nothing to sneeze at.

    Meanwhile, the only ones who pay worse than the government are those writing research models. Even the Ukrainian crime bosses pay better. The only ones left are the dope smokers who no one else really wants.
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    It doesn't make sense...- but, it may not be practical or practicable.

    The FBI thinks that it's got it tough....

    Imagine GOD.
    What if GOD was going to have his son born in DC.
    HE wouldn't be able to find three wise men or a virgin.

    Comey may have to split the difference on the pot thing.
    He may have to just go with drug testing, and psych exams.
    If they don't test positive - and, are nominally lucid, that's about as good as a hacker gets these daze.
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