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    Considering that they've already found that life existed on doesn't seem surprising that they would find life on other planets....the intelligent life forms, though....are probably go to keep their distance...and observe us as we would an ant hill
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    @happyhedon it life as we know it or is it micro-organisms? Because if it is micros, that really doesn't count does it.....
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    you can try to turn it into an abortion discussion...but, I'm not going to raise to the bait..the point you did help me make is that no true intelligent beings...would want anything to do with this planet...other than to observe we do insects
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    They have not found that life existed on Mars. There is no proof of that. What have you been smoking ? While the evidence in ALH84001 is interesting, and COULD be indicative of past life on Mars, that is not sufficient evidence that life once existed on Mars.
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    There is no harm in looking for life on other planets. Maybe no harm in finding it. But,
    there could be a lot of harm in first contact. Millions of native American died after first
    contact with the Europeans. Simple illnesses that Europeans had built up immunity to,
    were devastating to the first nations people.
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    Yeah We should listen to Hawkins about first contact it could be devastating. It may not be a good idea to be broadcasting we're here.
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    @truthsayer says:
    ║ Yeah We should listen to Hawkins (sic)...

    Yeah, Hawking should have warned Nikola Tesla and Guglielmo Marconi. All those radio and TV signals bouncing around space for over a century when we could have been using cable!

    And buy the whey, I'm not usually a spelin chacker kind of persen, butt its "Hawking" knot "Hawkins." :)
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    @Kimber_TLE The signals are still there if anyone out there wants to learn about Socialism on Earth. Maybe the picked up MSNBC and decided against contact.
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    @Kimber_TLE "Because of the inverse square law, all of our terrestrial radio signals become indistinguishable from background noise at around a few light-years from earth. For a civilization only a couple hundred light-years away, trying to listen to our broadcasts would be like trying to detect the small ripple from a pebble dropped in the pacific ocean off the coast of California – from Japan." Now that we're moving into broadband it will make it even harder as broadband breaks up data and is only whole at the sending and receiving ends . But as I was saying we should really be concerned if we ever do have an opportunity to have physical contact with other world beings it just makes sense. Thanks for the grammar check :)
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    The universe is a big place, so I don't know how to calculate the odds of catching a TV signal from another star. But what I want to know is, if we find an alien TV show and it is like CNN, should we attempt to contact them, or just keep scanning?
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    This is another project that sounds good at first glance BUT...... We have $17 Trillion in debt. Regardless of whether they find life out there or nor the money would be far better spent here on Earth paying down the debt and fixing some of the problems that we the people have.

    PNWest says - don't waste the money.

    It's funny that you see conservatives whine and moan the government has no constitutional obligation to help the poor so let private funds do it. This is a prime example of where private funding, not public money should be used. In other words, if you want to talk to Mr. Spock - do it on your dime.
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    From my profile:
    "Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying." -* Arthur C. Clarke
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    Didn't Stephen Hawking warn us about "ringing the dinner bell"?

    Well, if they do come to dinner, we can always hope they develop a strong preference for old fat white dudes, eh?
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    @Denizen_Kate "Well, if they do come to dinner, we can always hope they develop a strong preference for old fat white dudes, eh? " - I certainly hope not!!!!!!!!!!
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    Yes.....The technology which provides for the detection of exoplanets has advanced rapidly in just the past decade. Thousands of them are being found, recently even small rocky ones like Earth. If extraterrestrial life exists we will be able to detect signs of it through analysis of starlight emitted from the atmosphere of such a planet.

    I hope to live long enough to experience the discovery, and my chances are improving everyday.
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    Extraterrestrial microbes don't sound very interesting, and we'd have to go pick them up anyway. OTOH if a planet has some form of advanced life (at least as advanced as us humans), the locals have likely built infrastructure that's visible in some bandwidth from a great distance.
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    @RoyFloyd Excellent thought....those little microbes may be hiding under a rock on a dusty planet just waiting for transport to a lush green planet so they can explode into bloom and breed like hell.
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    What are you jabbering about? Of course the found Big Foot..and there are lots of them. They call themselves Republicans and stomp on the freedoms of the American people with their big feet...
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    It sounds illogical to assert that we have the only planet in the universe with life on it. As to whether we will be able to find it on other planets in the next 20 years or not would depend on what, if any, advances in astronomical technology are made in that time period.
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    Considering that they found water on one of Jupiter's moons, I wouldn't be surprised at all. Now, it's not going to be intelligent life, but single-celled organisms is certainly a start.
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    That would be considered finding life and a great accomplishment. The same scientists can't find life in a pregnant woman's womb.
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    While there is strong evidence of water on Euorpa, and some of the other satellites in our solar system, there is no PROOF yet. Also, since it is impossible to completely sterilize a craft from Earth, what if we send a probe to one of those water worlds, and contaminate it with Earth microbes ? It could wipe out one or more, or all life forms on that world. It could also make it impossible to determine if the microbes discovered there are native to that world, or are Earth microbes that adapted. btw, did you see "EUROPA REPORT" ?
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    I didn't say that we had found life yet. I said that they found water. Water is the first step. I never extrapolated further on that development.

    And please be careful when you insult people based on their political preferences. It's an asinine thing to do and does not encourage discussion.
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    It would be cool.

    It is most unlikely to happen.

    SETI is working with Electro-Magnetic Radiation sources.
    I.E. Radio, TV, HDTV, etc.

    We've come a long way with our facility to fiddle with electro-magnetic waves.
    Which "is" the problem.
    The cosmic background noise is a constant.

    As long as we are diddling with the electro-magnetic spectrum for our search, we must find a non-natural noise source above that background level (at least, 7 dB above background).
    This is problem for two reasons.
    Any civilization capable of generating that kind of power at the distances we assume that the signal has to travel - would be high enough to cook the host planet.

    Then - on top of that - we are our own worst enemy when it comes to generating near field electromagnetic noise. Radio, TV, HDTV, WiFI, 3G, 4G, Streaming data, microwave ovens, garage door openers, you name it.
    We are polluting the local region with our own noise.
    So - whomever we are listening for - they have to out shout us.

    Now, if a whole new field of communications manifests in the next 2 decades, then maybe it could happen.
    But, essentially, that relies on "and, then a miracle happens" technology, which does not yet exist.

    Then you hit the ultimate brick wall.
    If we discover and master this new communication technology,- and, we find another civilization - If they have a billion year evolutionary head start,- would they be willing to talk to a such a primitive life forms - like those found on Earth.
    Would they even have grounds to conclude that there is intelligent life on Earth.
    We use our oceans for toilets.
    Our major global industries are focused on weapons of mass destruction - as well as, the tried and true weapons of conventional destruction.
    Our economies are driven by engines of predatory debt exploitation.
    Our oxymoronic major religions (all claiming to be peaceful) are all trying to kill each other off.

    I can't see some alien life form passing by in their space ship as being inclined to drop in for a chat.

    We simply aren't ready to deal with off planet life, at this point.
    We need to learn how to interface with the life on this planet - first.
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    Cmon people of course there's life out there somewhere, you must be really arrogant to think that "we" are the only life form in this galaxy never mind universe. There are billions of other planets out there, what makes you think we're so special that only we have life? Please don't say GOD cause that's another never mind, I'll stop there. WE ARE NOT ALONE PEOPLE, WAKE UP!!
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    You sound like me in that I think it is "arrogant" to think that we are the only intelligent life forms in this vast, infinite universe.
    I have seen so called U.F.O.'s in many parts of the country, the globe. Not only are they intelligent, I believe that there are some more advanced and some less advanced than us. It's only logical.(Whoops, "logical," do I sound like Spock!? LOL)
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    I can see it now.

    We make contact with sentient alien beings. They're okay people-like things. They are smart and have a lot of knowledge. They share this knowledge with us. Our science is found to be incomplete and less than theirs, but our concepts about geology, evolution and astronomy are certain to be confirmed.

    And the evangelicals will call them lying spawns of Satan and continue to insist that everything was magicked into existence 6000 years ago. Or, they'll insist that the aliens are a liberal conspiracy intended to eliminate religious freedom.
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    You're right. Remember when Ken Hamm was asked what it would take to change his mind on creationism? He responded that nothing could change his mind. No amount of evidence to the contrary. You can't reason with people like that.
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    Why build boats and planes to travel the world? Why build cars and trains? Why shoot a rocket into space at all? Every chance we have taken in our history has propelled the human race forward. This would be no different. Exercise caution, but don't hide your head in the sand because of maybes.
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    @Yobyag Being cautious is fine as long as we can ascertain the safety of contact. If they're greatly advanced we could be at risk of total destruction of the human race. Traveling the (earth) and contact with other humans is one thing, but contact with other lifeforms is another. I'm not saying I'm against it. I am saying that it scares me a bit.
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    @charliegirl What about accidentally contaminating the Earth with microbes from another world ? That alone could kill us and wipe out all life on Earth.
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    I'm sure life is out there but unless Titan or Enceladus has life more complex than single-celled organisms, don't think we'll find it in this solar system. If we find it hundreds of light years away, it will just be of intellectual interest -- which may be best.
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    I am not sure ONLY because I am almost totally sure that we and the other countries will not make the committment!
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    I'm not sure but SETI has always had big plans that fell through I remember back when they were networking PC's to increase their computation power. LOL, that was way back when I had dial up connection a screaming 63K, should have been 56K but I tweeked it.....There weren't many people on the "internets" back then mostly Usenet and Bulletin Boards........ Boring by today's standards.
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    Just checked and it was 1999 that SETI @home started, I thought it was a lot earlier. Heck they even had Napster by then.
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    I think life exists on other planets..We may not even be as advanced in technology (if it does)..Considering how little we know and how much of our own planet (rain forests, oceans ) haven't even been explored ..I would say there is a very good chance of finding life...
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    I hope the first people they meet are not the Kardashians, Honey Boo Boo or Duck Dynasty.
    I will volunteer to meet them as long as they promise not to probe me.:-)
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    @LarryV chicken, maybe the probe is really a benign method, like looking in a mirror or walking through a door.

    What if they are monitoring those shows now? They will never come and visit.
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    @LoraM ...:-) I will maintain my chicken status.
    Maybe I could be abducted by a good looking green female.
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    @LarryV Now you are just getting kinky. What if she probed you in a very strange way? Oh dear, I don't want to think about that. Lol....
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    Yes, and since we already have the ability to clone human beings, in the next 20 years that will also occur, illegally in some country (if it hasn't occurred already). We will also likely synthesize a simple cell-reproducing life-form from nothing but chemicals, which will really start to challenge some sacrosanct religious beliefs about God being the only one able to produce Life from only clay.

    When that happens, when Man creates new Life from nothingness, I expect there will be an humungous cultural uproar and perhaps a very, very ugly conflict in society along with mass predictions of the End Times being upon us coming from devout Creationists, possibly even a cultural war of sorts, based on Creationist fear of the Creator punishing us for our "arrogance".

    I guess it would be a 21st-Century replay of the Garden of Eden / Tree of Knowledge scenario with science playing the roles of Eve and the Serpent.

    When I was 12 or so, I read a science fiction novella called "Nightfall" (I hope I'm not misremembering the title or the plot) where something similar played out between scientists and Creationists on an Earth-like planet with multiple suns and a culture that never had experienced night or darkness except as recorded in ancient, much-ridiculed scientific legend. When the once in 50,000 year perfect solar alignment of their suns occurred, and all the suns were obscured by a 24-hour eclipse, night fell and the entire society went insane with uncontrollable fear, burning itself to ashes and destroying and murdering everyone..."as God had commanded all disciples to do as punishment for their sins" everyone succumbed to abject fear that they were being punished by their God. Everyone died, except for a couple of "heretic" scientists who took shelter in a cave and barely survived their own fears during the eclipse..........and those scientists managed to emerge afterward in the rubble of an entirely destroyed planet and scribble the scientific explanation and truth about the 50,000-year planetary eclipse ala the use of crude cave paintings, in the hopes they could somehow prevent and save the next 50,000 years existence and developed culture on the planet. Of course, while they were leaving this meaasge for future generations they found evidence of many past similar attempts by scientists to prevent the repeating 50,000-year Apocolypses, but they had always failed and it always ended the same-abject and total destruction brought by unconquerable human fears of the Creationists, that ultimately destroyed everything despite heroic efforts by the enlightened few........
    Well, now that I've totally spoiled the whole premsise of that book for everyone, I guess I should try and get that book for my collection again.
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    Not saying it doesn't exist I am sure it does but I don't think we will find it. If anything it may find us.
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