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    I'm getting really tired of stupid people doing stupid shit. This isn't about gun control or more or less guns, it's just a terrible tragedy. My heart goes out to the victims and their families.
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    A filthy rich young white kid that runs around in a BMW is not your "average every day folks". At least not from where I come. When I was his age I was lucky to have a run down VW beetle.
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    @WMCOL The point was, he is a kid with a whole life in front of him, so what makes these people put so little value in life? Something in todays society is taking a turn for the worse and it's sad we can not figure out how to prevent these tragedies.
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    The world was his oyster except he couldn't get girls and friends. He seems to have taken his privilege and material wealth for granted and believed that was enough to get him anything he wanted. He even referred to himself as a god, superior to all. So the problem could not have been with him. It had to be with these "slut" girls as he called them and to a lesser extent the boys who dated them. As a god he had the right, even a duty to take revenge against these mere mortals who would dare defy god.

    He was likely in and out of reality, probably influenced by his close association with a tinsel and fantasy world of make believe where he got further and further away from reality where what he did Friday seemed normal to him.

    The parents probably did all they knew to do and just hoped things would get better. The father seem to suspect right away that this was his son.
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    @marine1 My sincerest condolences to this victims of this EFFEMINIATE MONSTER. Girls wanted nothing to do with him because HE WAS a girl who refused to smell the coffee. This was a RICH, SELF-CENTERED, EFFEMINATE, SOCIOPATHIC, EGOTISTICAL, LEFT-WING, KALIFORNIA-KID going off. If we dig deep enough, I think we'd discover someone who was basically unhappy about being born a man, and rather than take action to remedy HIS situation, blamed everyone else for his dysfuncion. This is a Hollywood, Kalifornia Product, who I am sure inherited his Father's left wing philosophy and entitled attitude. Another example of a homicidal FREAK wanting to not only make a name for himself by depriving others of their lives, but by contributing to his fellow sociopaths' arguments to disarm the American People because of SICK, HOMICIDAL, DYSFUNCTIONAL, LIMP-DICKED FREAKS like him. It's not legitimate gun owners that have sexual dysfunctions- it's these homicidal freaks that blame others for their inadequacies, and lash out at them by murder and mayhem, and seek to deprive others of their rights in the bargain. All those gun laws in California. ALL THAT FREAKING MONEY IN THE FAMILY. All that ELITIST upbringing. All those therapists assigned to the freak. All those WARNINGS even by the freak's own family to the police, and they still couldn't stop this 'baby sinister' fecal freak from killing innocent people. This wasn't an 'average, every day person', Marine1 as much as I agree with you on the overwhelming majority of your posts. This was another RICH SPOILED LEFT WING MONSTER. May he burn in hell.
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    It's hard to justify blaming the actions of a BMW driving 22 year old son of a Hollywood director on an underfunded mental health system. His parents could have afforded to send him to a private facility, and it seems that the fact that he was a tortured, dejected, angry loner was known before his rampage.
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    I've seen the answer to that question close to home. Unless there's overwhelming evidence of incipient violence, the courts treat adults like they have sound judgment and free will. It's very hard to get an adult committed against their will - probably an overreaction to the abuses of the mental health system of the WWI era.

    Unfortunately, schizophrenia usually kicks in during the early 20s.
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    I know I'll get some grief for this but..... It should be difficult to commit someone against their will, even if that means occasionally letting a real nut slip through.
    Same principle as:
    "It is better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer."
    - Blackstone's Ratio
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    @galt45 But, you are not talking about the suffering of their victims. Somehow we always manage to talk about the suffering of the bad guy and forget the victim.
    Now, I don't truly believe you meant it that way. But, we need to figure out how to properly identify the "real nut."
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    Talk like that makes me nervous. Will it ever be possible to identify a murderer before they act? If we start locking up everyone who might kill we will no longer be living in a free society, and we will probably still miss some people.
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    Odd. MISSING from this story (and as far as I can tell, the comments 'til now) is the facts that:

    ► The gunman's family WARNED police Elliot Rodgers had disturbing videos on his Facebook page WEEKS before the shooting rampage!
    ► Police interviewed Elliot and found him to be a "perfectly polite, kind and wonderful human."
    ► Police did not find a history of guns.
    ► Police let him go.

    California: home of more gun control laws than you can hit with a hundred-round magazine, releases and fails to keep an eye on a killer, and now they want MORE laws?

    Bovine droppings!
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    People lie and if you are planning mass murder with death as your own exit strategy, then what do you expect the police to do? CA isn't calling for more laws yet, though they might. People need to accept that with first and second ammendment rights, you can say virtually anything and kill anywhere you want if suicide is an exit strategy. People should accept that death by mass shootings are normal expected risks like driving. It's baked in the cake and carry more guns if you want. Unless you are paranoid 24/7 while in public sphere and weapon drawn waiting for threats from every direction, you have no chance to fight back and if you open carry, you will be targeted first. The only gun control I have ever supported is making sure machine guns aren't easily obtainable.
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    @Center says:
    ▌The only gun control I have ever supported is making sure
    ▌machine guns aren't easily obtainable.

    Except machine guns are easily obtainable.
    ① Find a machine gun manufactured and registered prior to May 19, 1986.
    ② Send the ATF your completed ATF Form 5320.4 and $200.
    ③ When approved, purchase and transfer the weapon.

    So the process isn't all that tough, really. Now when was the last time you heard of a machine gun being used for a crime in the United States?
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    @Center "you have no chance to fight back and if you open carry, you will be targeted first."

    Neither of those statements are necessarily true. The situation will dictate whether or not you have a chance to fight back whether you're armed or not.

    As for being targeted first if you open carry, that depends on the one doing the targeting.

    I open carry a Judge when fishing. Take a real good look at a Judge. It pretty much looks like a gun you might see in a futuristic, after an apocalypse sci-fi movie. The cylinder is so flippin huge it looks like it might be armed with nukes.

    Just the sight of that thing might make someone ask them self, what if I miss and he doesn't?
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    It's sad that these tragedies come down to guns/no guns. This isn't about guns anymore. For most Americans, they aren't personally affected by gun violence, so to them they look at as something that might change gun laws. Stop worrying about the gun laws and start worrying about America's mental health.
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    If i didn't think you leftist would try to infringe on gun rights we wouldnt worry about gun laws. It really is that simple, time and time again history has shown that any tragedy that the gun grabbers can seize on to restrict rights they will. Its time to move beyond gun control and gun grabbing if you want to try to come up with solutions.
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    @Arumizy "If i didn't think you leftist would try to infringe on gun rights we wouldnt worry about gun laws."

    You may be surprised at the number of "leftists" that own guns and don't support gun control.

    I plan to vote Dem. Every single acquaintance and friend I have also plans to vote Dem. All of us have guns.

    I conceal carry [for now] a 45/410 Bond Arms derringer. When fishing I open carry a Judge. These aren't the only two guns I own.

    Not one of us would support more gun laws and not one of us would support repealing stand your ground laws.

    The extremists on the left are like the extremists on the right. They're the ones that get all the news.
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    @Tolpuddle I agree. I conceal carry either a 9mm or a 38 special and have voted dem all my life. I am also a member of the NRA because they protect my 2nd amendment rights. I own a number of guns and will buy more.
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    Good statement. I hope that your vote goes for people that also feel as you do. I normally would be on the other side of the aisle, but are good Dems in the mix.
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    I'm getting tired of hearing about how these tragedies might trample on someone else's toes. Damn, people. We have an epidemic of mental illness in this country, and when it strikes in violent ways it is often the young among us who snap to that degree.

    Right now guns are the very least of my concern. I want to know WHY these young people are so angry, why they are so lost and feel such pain that they want to not only die, but take everyone with them. As someone who has suffered from clinical depression for many years and from anxiety for most of my life, I have had bouts so severe I've considered suicide, but I have never ONCE ever thought of killing another person.

    Something is very, very wrong. Is it family breakdown? Is it societal, something in our society that is making them feel worthless or like they have no future? Is it hormonal? There HAS to be a common denominator among these young shooters. I don't believe anymore than it's simply random. Something is causing our children to lose their minds.
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    if you wanna know why these young people are so hopeless and angry look at the school system..look what the idiot leftist professors are telling these people evil America is...look with a Democrat Party officials are telling young people...."America is a slave nation capitalism is evil" and those who don't agree with you are our enemy...

    and you do realize he also used knife right? and lastly my gun rights are afforded me by the Constitution of the United States of America and I are so so that I can protect myself from a crazy leftist like this kid...or the one in the movie theater or the one who shot the congresswoman...or the one who stabbed his virginia state senator father in the head....see a pattern here?
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    The same thing that is causing rising rates of cancer, allergies, and every other health threat is caising rising mental illness events. The overtoxification of our environment with all of our water, foodstuffs, clothing, furnishings, appliance.......the entire country is laden with every atom of Amercan spewed there by Corporate interests. in the last 150 years.
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    Part of the answer is that we no longer teach kids that your well being is your responsibility, not that of the state, parents, schools, .....
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    You know what's wrong with America? Reading comprehension.

    Did I say one thing about guns rights? Did I say anyone one was taking away your gun? That wasn't the subject of my statement at all, but that's what you read into it because that's what you wanted to read into it.

    ANYTHING, and I mean, ANYTHING to flip-flop a subject into a liberal vs. conservative argument, even when one isn't necessary. And that's why I believe the brain-washing is complete with some of you people because you can't have a discussion without turning it in a particular direction.
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    I think we no longer teach children empathy, sympathy and respect for themselves and others. Life no longer means anything. It's cheap. We're raising generations of kids who stomp kittens, set dogs on fire, rape babies and feel entitled to inflict pain on others. I'm all for responsibility, but there's a whole lot more to this violence epidemic than that.
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    Isn't CA a state with strict gun control? Like CT. More guns in the hands of regular normally law abiding citizens is a solution to mass killings.
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    Actually, CA has more acreage of open-carry than most States thanks to our large State and our Rural Open Carry laws. We just do not allow it much, if at all in our cities and towns.....
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    Yes, CA has a pretty complete portfolio of gun control laws, all of which the shooter followed. This incident would seem to prove that more gun control laws will not solve this problem.
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    This kid was the son of a Hollywood director but was the victim of an "underfunded ,mental health system"? Just what was it the family couldn't afford? Perhaps instead of buying a Beemer they could have spent that money on a psychiatrist and medication? SMH
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    @cpeter133 The three men he killed first, with a knife, were his roommates at a group home for the mentally ill. The article I read didn't say how he got there, if his family put him there because he is incapable of managing his affairs. I guess that will come out later.
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    @TexTopCat I saw an article earlier this morning stating that he had been in treatment since childhood. That means he never should have been allowed to purchase guns. The article also said his parents had seen the video he posted and were in route to stop him when they heard the first reports of his rampage on the radio.
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    @TexTopCat "Problems" don't necessarily equate with being a danger. Half the posters here have problems, but they probably won't go on a killing spree. The NRA has fought scr5eening programs for decades; go complain to them.
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    Oh great, now the media is blaming the attack on Asperger's Syndrome, as with Lanza. High-functioning autism is not a disease, and it does not make you violent, delusional, or crazy.
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    But, it makes you susceptible to the things that will teach you to be violent or delusional . High functioning autism patients need supervision of some kind.
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    @seedtick I disagree with that completely. High-functioning autistics are the ones who don't need to be patients, and they usually have superior intelligence, so they ought to be smart enough to see that violence and delusions are stupid.

    The Santa Barbara kid had something else going on, and my money is on schizophrenia.
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    @Ryuo I am not saying they need to be inpatients. But, autism is a condition that demands some kind of oversight...outpatient oversight. The key word in your statement is "ought." But, I don't believe they can be left to their own devices....sounds like this young man was intelligent and resented being seen by a mental health professional. Oh, and autistic children can become increasingly violent as they grow into adults for just the reasons he stated in his "manifesto." They become increasingly frustrated with their own "situation."
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    Belgium had a mass shooting too. China has had mass murders in kindergartens. How then does anyone think gun control here will work, especially since the victims were (maybe) allowed to have guns too?
    The problem is mental illness in a non-judgemental PC era that no longer believes in real evil. Only fake, superficial, thin-skinned "evil." It's sad and tragic what happened, but perfectly appropriate that a son of Hollywood did this.
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    Aiming at the access to firearms or mental health issues are off the mark here.

    I'll bet this kid was raised by a pair of emasculated cowards. Touchy feely people that let never disciplined this guy. They probably taught him that life was supposed to fair. He probably never had his ass beat for getting out of line.

    I blame the Me Me parents of this little monster they created.
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    I do not know enough about the parents to comment on them, however, you statement certainly fits the pattern in many of these cases.
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    Gun control will not ever stop anything like this happening! They may try again for gun control and again gun control only affects law abiding citizens. If a person wants a gun, that person will get a gun, no law will ever stop it! A gun is an object. A person will always be the killer! People need access to guns for protection against killers! The killer will ALWAYS be able to get a gun, no matter the type! I don't know if this mentally disturbed young man legally owned the gun he used. But if he can afford a BMW, another object used in these killings, he could afford to buy whatever black market gun he wanted! It's time to devote the time and energy on mental health solutions rather than falling back on gun control yet again! Gun control will only affect those that don't break the law. Obviously, those out to kill don't care a flying flip about laws! The sooner people get that through their thick skulls, the better! Gun control is not a solution, it's an agenda! Let's make mental health an agenda, then maybe we'll finally find a solution! Gangs, our major culprits of gun violence, are mostly not in need of mental health intervention. They do not obtain their guns legally. Obviously because they have machine guns to spray bullets with in drive-bys. Killing or injuring whoever may get caught in the cross fire. We know for sure that children and babies sleeping in their beds have been killed by the bullets coming through the walls by these high power illegal weapons gang members use in their constant "retaliation" towards other gangs. You won't find a legal gun among them, though they have many thousands across the U.S. Gun control, really? We don't enforce the laws already on the books!
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    The kid was out to kill. Are we going to ban knives? He killed three with a knife. He used his car to run over a person and hit another. His own parents had previously called police because of his suicidal and killing postings on youtube. Being his parents were very anti gun, odds are since he was rich he bought a stolen gun. In the end while it is a tragedy, it wasn't the guns fault. He used two other types of weapons as well.
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    Not trying to start an argument, but why would he buy a stolen gun if he was rich? His three guns seem to have been legally purchased and registered.
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    Hadn't seen where he purchased or registered guns. I know it said his parents were very anti gun so I assumed the guns didn't come from there. The reason I said there were probably stolen was because usually if you want to get away ( and I guess he didn't) without having a gun come back to you would be to buy a stolen gun in which he had the money to do.
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    What about the 3 killed with a knife, the people hit with his BMW and all this in a NO GUN ZONE. The gay medicated sicko had the guns registered per CA law and he was legal.!0 rounds in the mag is within law limits too.
    I forgot how many were shot an killed with a gun?
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    On the contrary, these mass shootings send a message to the population in general is that they need to arm themselves to protect themselves and their families. To give up this right would eventually result in a totalitarian state which governs by fear. As this was occurring, a cab driver here was killed with two bullets to the back of the head because the perpetrator thought he was running up the fare by taking the long way to his destination at a notorious housing project. On camera, he said "That's what I do to people who don't listen to me." With sociopaths such as this armed and dangerous, it is our DUTY to defend ourselves and our loved ones. Unlike most of the mass killers in recent years, this 16 year old thug did not follow the pattern of killing innocent children and strangers, and then doing away with themselves. Of course, they all needed to be institutionalized. It is not beyond the realm of possibility that many of the mass killings were staged, using mentally unbalanced people, who were somehow coerced to commit these unthinkable crimes and then prevent exhaustive questioning and a trial by killing themselves. The mass killings are so horrific that the first reaction would naturally be an effort to ban all guns. Some people are taking away a different message; protect yourself. The government clearly is not interested in doing it.
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    Escalation of weapons ownership just foments escalation of weapons is not a solution to anything, just a temporary foolish bandaid on a symptom that ignores the root cause of the problem.
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    Well, we have been attempting to "address the root cause" for many years and have not been successful in many cases. Probably, never will be successful for many cases. So, we need to look at the other side of the equation. That is we need to stop criminals before the body count gets above 0. Part of that is having citizens being trained and having the tools, of their choice, to take on that responsibility. In fact, that need will continue to increase. Here is an example and warning from Interpol

    Interpol Chief Comment (Westgate)
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    I am going to place money he was on a form of Ritalin or Adderol since a young age. It has become more and more evident that these mind-controlling/altering ADHD medications are causing more problem as these children become adults. Theses medications are dangerous and are being distributed like PEZ to kids.

    That is what needs to be controlled, not guns. We are creating a society of mentally unstable people.
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    That was my thought too. And other antidepressants show they create manis, hostility, us ideal ideation. Many of the drugs have black box warnings. "A black box warning is the sternest warning by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that a medication can carry and still remain on the market in the United States."

    And the lists of black box warnings on drugs via the FDA:

    There are quite a few.
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    @LoraM here's the another scary thought for you, doctors can prescribe antidepressants as needed. The doctors don't need to be aware of the side effects.

    My wife is a psychologist, and she yells about this all the time. She sees people who don't need to be on medication, yet they are. This situation causes more problems than solutions. As she puts it "it masks the problem."
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    I read from "Will the rampage led to more gun control" to "Some argue stricter gun control laws are in order after the rampage" and never found out who thinks more gun control laws are the answer.


    Oh, that's right...It's an op-ed...It's fiction...It's one guy's opinion.
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    I don't think and "under funded" mental health system is to blame here. He came from a prominent, well off family. And according to reports, he was receiving mental health care from more than one professional. It's also reported that he was able to tell peoples what they needed to hear so he could be on his way. But perhaps if there was a better system of checks and balances between the mental healthcare system and government background checks for gun purchases.
    There are adequate gun laws, certainly in California. No matter how many laws are enacted, regarding anything, bad guys with the willpower, will be able to usurp them.
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    This kid was not only off his rocker, he was just plain dumb. With all of his money, fancy chick-magnet car and privilege, if he wanted sex with girls he could have just paid for it. Duh! He evidently didn't think of that!
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    No, the problem is that girls are withholding sexual favors from men. There would be far less mental illness if girls were just easier with any guy that needed some nookie.
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