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    Personally, I can accept Bob Barr's return to the Republican Party. I've been frustrated with leftists who call themselves Republicans, and have voted for third party or independents. But there is always room in the Republican Party for libertarian thought, and I'd like to see libertarians replace, and eventually outnumber, big-government country-club Republicans who are really not much different than Democrats when it comes their stance on excessive government power.
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    Bob "Mr. Expedient" Barr couldn't do jack with the hapless I Got Mine conspiracists, so he cuddles back up to the Party Of "No".

    Nothing's changed, Georgia; they're the same pre-packaged leftovers.
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    Too bad he has gotten himself labeled a raging lunitic here in Ga, he'll never win anything here, but overall he is a truly good man, with staunch conservative ideals
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    The problem with Barr's shift to the Libertarian party was that the GOP was too extreme even for him but he was still pretty authoritarian by Libertarian standards. It was because of that that Barr returned to the GOP since it was (And still is) beginning to go through a revolution of libertarian-conservative thought. See more:
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    I don't live in GA, but it's apparent Bob's looking to ride the GOP coattails while they're "popular".

    How can you run on the Libertarian platform of "live and let live", then honestly and truthfully return to the GOP?*barf*
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    @Curmudgeon Chickenhawk - n.- A person enthusiastic about war, provided someone else fights it; particularly when that enthusiasm is undimmed by personal experience with war; most emphatically when that lack of experience came in spite of ample opportunity in that person’s youth........
    .....The alleged "gentlemen" listed in this database are here because they share three qualities: bellicosity (a warlike manner or temperament), public prominence, and a curious lack of wartime service when others their age had no trouble finding the fight.(Sorry, Dan and George W. and Dan Q.– your safe, cushy National Guard slots won't help you now.) The fact that they's almost all Republicans is ... well, curious, don't you think? No doubt this list is incomplete.
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    And you never commented on the Presidents in uniform photo, I take it the picture puckered you up?

    Mission accomplished.
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    @Curmudgeon Yep in your universe as small as it is that would probably be true, most people don't live in your universe. See the definition of chickenhawk, now apply it to any of your republican heroes. How many fit that definition?
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    A better question...what's the difference between a Conservative and a Republican? A helluva lot.
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    Other than ideology which there is political contrast, the new (L) is an (R).
    That union being the polarizing affect you libs have had on both Libertarians and Republicans.
    I've got two cousins, both identify as Libertarians and the only party they feel any commonalities with are Republicans.
    They both wish there was a Libertarian alternative to Democrats and Republicans but know to stop the path to Socialism they've got to side AGAINST Democrats.
    For that we Republicans thank you.

    That said there's a transformation taking place within GOP to fold Libertarian and Tea Party social and fiscal ideals into our rank and file mix.

    You Democrats said we had to change in order to win elections...

    How do you like us now ??
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    @daclark1911 If you think Democrats are a 'path to socialism' then you either don't understand the Democrats, or don't understand socialism. Probably both. And please stop pretending that Libertarians and Republicans aren't one and the same and always have been. The only time they didn't vote together in lock step was when Perot was on the ballot... 20 years ago.
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    There's zero doubt Democrats are on a path to Socialism with buzz words like economic justice, social justice and collective good.
    You can deny all you want but you're not fooling anyone but yourself.

    Could be we don't see it the same way, frankly I don't care. Your views are the problem, not the cure is my perception of your politics and social views.

    The only similarity I have in views with my Libertarian cousins is, for the first time ever they'll vote Republican. Libertarian social views are a bit to far left to call Republican so learn to differentiate the differences.. or not.
    Fact your party has failed so miserably in listening to objections from others with views not so far off from your own has served Weepublicans well.
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    I don't live in Georgia, and I have very little information about these 2 candidates. Let's trust Georgia's Republican voters to make the best choice.
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    No big surprize, he was a right wing hack when he served in the House, and the GOP is always trying to pull in libertarians, he is serving his purpose to GOP in getting young libertarians to think republicans are the better party, getting these dimwits to then support the party of "read my lips" tax raising war mongers like the bushes, who pass corrupt tarp legislation to bail out the banks, give tax money to hallibutan, and shred the constitution starting with the nixon war on drugs, which began the slow eviseration of the gourth amendment and then take away the few remaining civil rights as bush did by passing the patriot act and enacting a surveillence state so our rights are forever lost when dems and repubs refuse to repeal those laws.
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    None of the Republican nuts. There's no such thing as a "Libertarian". Per the "Libertarian Party webpage, "The Libertarian way is a logically consistent approach to politics based on the moral principle of self-ownership. Each individual has the right to control his or her own body, action, speech, and property. Government's only role is to help individuals defend themselves from force and fraud." If you want to see if they're a Libertarian, buy the land next door to their house and begin building a large hog farm. I'm sure they'll have nothing to say to interfere with your personal property rights, especially if the wind blows the right direction, or if the land has a nice gentle slope towards theirs after a soothing summer rainstorm.
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    In 2000 I was a soldier stationed at Ft. Hood, I and several other soldiers stationed there were participating in a "Chapel Sanctioned" religious group on post. Bob Barr attempted to strip me and my fellow Wiccans of our religious liberties and outlaw the practice of our religion on post. Saying that he has always been a voice for civil liberties means the author has no respect for the truth or that he doesn't believe the rights of soldiers to gather and worship as they please is a civil liberty. Which is it?
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    Oh he was not that bad. He just wanted to politics out of the church. You no the separation of church and state. Just like Tom Jefferson said.
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    Exactly the opposite, by calling for the State to prohibite the excerse of some religions on post while supporting others... he's supporting a union of State sactioned religions and the State itself. Bob Barr is no champion of civil liberties, quite the opposite... he represents a grave threat to those who value the seperation of church and state.
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