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    To Rose-from-NoHo I know what the terms “socialist”, “communist”, “progressive”, “liberal” and “anti-American” mean. I use them to explain the policies President Obama tries to force on the American people.
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    Absolutely! Obama, and now Holder, cannot be criticized for anything without liberals in general and pundits in particular playing the race card. It is so old and worn out and now they're coming up with ordinary words that are nowhere near racial that we should eliminate from our vocabulary. In short, we're not supposed to criticize the president for anything...period.
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    "In short, we're not supposed to criticize the president for anything...period."

    That's the aim. "Soft Power/Force"
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    How about BS? Cause that what I'm calling this attempt to censor speech they don't like but watch out if you caution the left about their hate speech. There's nothing more cocky, cool, or flippant than that!
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    Does it count that Chris Rock called Obama a zebra on national tv? Several times and then complained about the whiteness in his blackness. Good thing they clamped down on that right away.
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    Hah. They let Chris Rock skate completely. The one who got nailed to the wall was Don Rickles. Which is really too bad, cause Rickles is a goddamn legend.
    And for the record, this exact point was mentioned in one of the man conservatives hate, Maher's, show. Basically, the black guy was allowed to say what the white guy can't.

    As a side note, the zebra comment is hilarious. And I agree with it.
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    And Kool Aid

    Really? An organized neighborhood basketball tournament that looked like a lot of fun is now racist?
    I've heard claims that Kool-Aid is racist because poor black children drink Kool-Aid. Really? Why am I not surprised. All kids drink Kool-Aid. Even rich kids drink Kool-Aid... if their parents ever let them.

    You can't take Kool-Aid away. The term "drink the Kool-Aid" is so useful.
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    Part 11-*cringe* the name of my hometown is in this. A little embarrassing. It just keeps getting worse for Democrats. Hypocrites.

    &fe ature=relmfu

    Is Planned Parenthood the "institutional Racism" that Bell was talking about?
    That's not Institutional Racism. That's Progressive Racism. They're just using the "Institution" and taxpayer money.
    Part 12- Who is that woman? eeeeshh... so clinical. Joyce Tarnow... what a lovely person.
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    People control through word control or thought control. Bet my butt hairs that's in Obama's bible, Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinski.
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    Who is Emily Mortimer? Didn't she get the memo? American's are tired of being insulted by people that think that are smarter than everyone else because they have a profession that 200 years ago was an outcast. A source of entertainment and that's it. Their opinions were considered worthless. Why wouldn't they be? They're actors. Acting is the art of "pretending" in a convincing manner...

    “Newsroom” star Emily Mortimer: Americans are dangerously uninformed

    She's channeling her inner Janeane Garafalo with her critique of the Tea Party. That's nice. I tolerate you Emily.
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    No. I think that African Americans are more racist today against whites. I admit there are racist people and states out there, but if you say anything to an African American they do not like they say its racism. Racism is a problem today for any race. But if someone just says "Obama doesn't work" many Africans Americans say that is racist. I would love to know how
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    *Some* members of the 'left' probably do. Just as *some* conservatives are probably racist. This is a prime example of how journalists need to create a buzz in order to save their jobs. That buzz-seeking is one of the major problems we have in this country. And, we, as a people, need to stop taking the bait so that we can, hopefully have a news media that focuses on important issues.
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    Oh yeah way too often. Everything and everyone is "racist" if you disagree with a liberal. But I tell you folks what. When someone does something about the black community slamming out the N word (which I marched to get rid of, and many many people were arrested, beaten and died even to try get rid of) than I worry about my own language.
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    Yes they do. I also think they protest so hard because they are the racist ones. I mean why else would that be the first thing they think??
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    progress is good, and therefore progressive is good. fdr was a progressive and look what he did for the u.s.

    i'd like to have someone show me one thing which mr. obama has done which could be labeled 'communist'.

    he's also not a liberal.
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    The fact that think a President who tried to rig the SCOTUS was a great president explains why we don't agree on anything. You're a progressive. I think Obama is quite the liberal he's just smart not to go after just the left radicals when he needs the independents. Progressive. It's like a swear word.
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    Wow, that's the weakest attempt at semantical deception ever... you should be ashamed of yourself.... lol
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    Remember years ago when Domino's and other pizza delivery joints were being called racist? I remember it well. Because I was a delivery pizza driver way back when. And the neighborhoods that got blacklisted were neighborhoods with a noticed frequency of delivery driver robbery. It wasn't the delivery driver's fault. How is he racist for wanting to make it home that night with their tips. Anyway, cases like this weren't common, but not unheard of either.
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