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    Such B/S .... they want to use sugar in food as a new way to generate more taxes for them to blow. .. what a bunch of control freaks...
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    The root cause of the problem lies on both sides, as does the solution. Both this video, and Stier's op-ed, pretend their side has no responsibility for the situation.

    The Celeb video declines to notice that lack of personal responsibility on the personal level is half the problem. Stop eating so much and start moving. I went from being a bodybuilder, to a blimp, and then back to a normal sized human being. Its hard, but it is possible, and you have to bust your ass.

    Stier is trying to pretend that the responsibility is ALL on the personal side, and that is also purposely ignorant of the facts and the truth. There is no denying the food sold to us today is different than it was 50 years ago. Refined carbs, Trans-fats, and GMO (among countless chemicals) are commonplace now, and the industry will fight to keep these addictive ingredients as hidden as possible for obvious reasons.

    Lets face it, Stier works for the National Center for Public Policy Research, an organization that is wholly intertwined with corporate lobbyists and ALWAYS sides with corporate interests! They are famous for making Millions off Jack Abramoff and his "activities". As much as Stier is whining about "propaganda", he is equally guilty of the same thing.
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    @freaky6smurf Are you seriously trying to say that Democrats are in control of the food industry, just to raise taxes? Con-agra, monsanto, and General Mills donate to republicans, not dems.

    That is the worst conspiracy theory since birthers?
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    @Placratotle Meanwhile most celebs are drugging it up, in and out of rehab with excess use of drugs and alcohol (while the poor and minorities are shipped off to prison for profit), then try and tell folks what to eat.......bawhahahaha "Mind your own business" should be a national movement.
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    Don't go there! Let sheep rest easy under the blanket of security provided by those of us who have earned the coveted Eagle, Globe, and Anchor.
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    I always get tired of actors and others trumpetting actors and celebrities physiques as if everyone should be able to look like a celebrity, personally.
    If I were paid to exercise to build myself up for a role, only had to "work" a third of the year or so, and was a multimillionaire from the rare work I did do, I could afford personal trainers, expensive home gyms, and would have time to do the exercise necessary to get myself in similar shape.
    Instead, I work 12 hour rotating swing shifts, and my time off is spent catching up on chores and errands I didnt have time for during the work week. Not to mention that i always have to swing my sleep schedule on my days off. I couldnt attend a gym regularly enough to justify the cost, and simply would prefer to spend what little free time I do get enjoying myself.
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    @Firestorm I look forward to having to fill out a federal form and submit to a physical when I order a cheeseburger.
    You want a large coke with it? That requires a class 3 tax stamp and your name in a database..
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    I am FAT. 400lbs. I have been FAT all my life. I have suffered abuse from people all my life because of me being FAT. I went on a diet back in 74 and lost 100 lbs and got down to 200 lbs. I am 6 feet tall. I lost the weight in 6 month. I was on a 1800 calorie diet. I have never been interested in athletic sports they are boring. I love fishing. When I was a child my dream was to become a DJ. My hobby is collecting old Southern Gospel Music. That is a little about myself. Now going back to the diet. I was able to keep the weight off by measuring everything I put in my mouth But I was hungry all the time for about 2 years until I quit measuring and ate till I was satisfied I have been on diets over the years would lose then gain back more than I lost. I pay a higher rate for life insurance because of being FAT. Now who does my being FAT hurt? Me. I had to retire at 61 because of my knees giving out. But this is not an excuse what I am going to say. But on the job where I worked more people had surgeries on knees and back who were normal weight than the people who were very obese like myself. I saw 2 ladies who had lap band surgery lose weight but in 3 years have gained their weight back Why? They were honest with me. They were hungry. Now let me say this. I wouldn't mind paying more a seat on a plane or other public transportation if they would make a place for seats bigger for larger people. People who are tall also have problems on public transportation. If OBESITY is a disability then public transportation should be made to provide seating for this disability instead of persecuting and harassing us the FAT society. I could go on and I am sure I will receive harassing and belittling remarks on this post, but that won't solve the problem. Let's help each other solved the problem. But putting warning labels and trying mandatory laws won't solve the problem. Let people eat. I have two grandsons who does not like broccoli, squash, English peas or greens. They will not eat them. They would not eat them when we tried it in baby food when they were younger. I didn't like these things when I was younger but my taste has changed over the years and I do like them But for now grandsons don't like them and they take a brown bag lunch with them to school Our school lunches are free to the children, but the children are not eating the food and I think it is wrong to punish regular size children when you are trying to harass some of the children into eating something they don't like This is a nanny state. This is socialism This is communism. This is not freedom.
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    I'm all for education, not regulation. Health class in schools should teach basic facts about food. And I blame parents who are too lazy to prepare healthy meals for their kids.
    Both of my parents worked, but I never tasted fast food til I was out of high school. So when I started cooking for myself I didn't even have sugar or a salt shaker in my house. And things like potato chips and junk food just don't taste good to me. Good luck to you and thanks for sharing your story!
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    "Now who does my being FAT hurt? "

    When you go on medicaid or medicare, all of us.

    And a little extra on everyone's health insurance before that.

    This is not a nanny state. This is not socialism This is not communism.
    This is a society, and nobody can act in isolation any more.
    What you do affects us all.
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    @Ets101592 Yes, because I already do pay more. I think all insurance should be alike if you have risk factors that should determine the amount you pay for premiums. All insurance should be like auto insurance.
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    @Cincinnatus I have paid my medicare and medicaid premiums in my taxes and when I will be paying my portion of premiums. But society does not have the right to take away personal freedoms. But if OBESITY is a disability which Social Security says it is. It should have the same privileges and treated with respect as other disabilities. If they make a building or plane accessible to wheelchairs then they should have bigger seats and chairs for the OBESE. That is what society should do,
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    Live and let live or live and let die, depending upon your perspective. Either way being obese is a personal freedom just like homosexuality is.
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    @Cincinnatus if I am ignorant enough to eat the crap that is going to clog my arteries, cause strokes and a slew of other issues, then I will be the one with the pain and suffering that goes along with it. I have a 'Cadillac' of an insurance plan, and believe me, they tell m what that lifestyle will do to me. Now, what it does tome, might not be the same thing it does to someone else, and if I decide I want a big freeking Mac and a 64 ounce Pepsi, then that is MY CHOICE, and I'll tell you what, I PUT MY ASS ON THE LINE IN UNIFORM, TO PRESERVE THE RIGHTS WE ENJOY IN THIS COUNTRY, AND YOU BLEEDING HEARTS HAD BETTER STOP TRYING TO YANK MY RIGHTS JUST SO YOU CAN FEEL LIKE YOU ARE SAVING THE WORLD. YOU ARE NOT SAVING A DAMNED THING. IF YOU DONT WANT SUGAR, GREAT, EXERCISE YOUR RIGJTS AND DONT HAVE IT, BUT DAMN IT, LEAVE MINE ALONE!!
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    " if I am ignorant enough to eat the crap that is going to clog my arteries, cause strokes and a slew of other issues, then I will be the one with the pain and suffering that goes along with it. "

    Perhaps, but we all will have to chip in to pay for it.

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    "You can't force people to take care of their body."

    Nor do I, or the govt, want to do that.

    But education is almost always a good thing.
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    @Ryunkin deny deny deny.... Skinny is better, No fat on the bones is the only way to survive, fat is bad....
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    Well, let's see. All those sweets are available to ME too and I don't weigh anywhere near fact I'm losing weight thanks to <gasp> increased activity and less'm not going to waste my time watching this film. Cause and effect. I work with a woman who is on leave for having "fat surgery" because she was turning into another Pangea, moody, bipolar, you name it. So I wonder if it even comes remotely close to addressing the mental and emotional issues that result in producing your own gravitational force.
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    I have drank 90% coke a cola for 30 years. I am 5'7 and weigh a tad over 155 lbs. I also exercise about 30 to 90 min a day mostly very low impact walking and mixed martial arts (bo staff recently).

    I easily drink 36 bottles a week. My doctor says besides my back I am in perfect health.

    Personally choice trumps all. Though there is nothing wrong with warning labels....its just going to cost us a few cents more as the companies absorb the costs and pass it on to us.
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    Genetics. I drank about 10,000 calories of Coke and other sodas a day when I was younger and it almost killed me. Not with sugar diabetes but with screwing up my intestinal flora. Sugar feeds anaerobic bacteria and skews the balance between it and aerobic bacteria. Everyone's different. My calorie count for the first thirty years of my life was off the charts and I've never weighed more than 170Lbs. My normal weight was 155. Most people who ate and drank the crap that I did would look like Babar after a night at an all you can buffet. Go figure.
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    @Ryunkin wait, are trying to say that some things affect some people differently then they affect other people? What a concept.
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    "All the info needed to be aware is already on the lables."

    That's amazing logic.
    It's the equivalent of blaming people for being poor because they don't have any money.
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    "It's the equivalent of blaming people for being poor because they don't have any money. "
    On what planet? Would you require warning labels on doughnuts too?
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    They do try and get you to become addicted to food like using obscene amounts of sugar and other additives...limiting the amount of salt and sugar in foods....probably isn't a bad idea ...but warning labels are just silly
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    And the best way to control the amount of sugar and salt in your diet is to...cook your own food! If you are going to be lazy and live off prepackaged food, be prepared to buy bigger pants!
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    The Food Police. Seems that we are too stupid to make choices without the help of government and need to be protected from ourselves. Same game. Different target. And then on to the next one.
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    @Cincinnatus Oh, goody. We can be saved from ourselves. And someone has to educate us. Your assumption is that people who are obese are ignorant. Only the government can protect us from our own excesses and change the course of human nature. The 7 Deadly Sins are alive and well and always will be. Just a new group of cardinal virtues promulgated by our government.
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    "We can be saved from ourselves."

    Not everyone, probably not you.

    "Your assumption is that people who are obese are ignorant. "

    Wrong again. It's the people who are going to become obese that we are trying to educate.
    It's so much easier and efficient to prevent obesity that to try and reverse it.
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    @Cincinnatus And it is the government's duty to care for its flock. The care and feeding of the people. Now the health of the herd has become government's responsibility. The sin of Gluttony goes back well before this initiative. And thanks for the kind remarks. I am sure you are among the chosen who will be saved from themselves. The new religion.
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    The people pay money to the govt, and in return the govt is supposed to do those things which it can do better than any individual.

    That means not wasting money.

    If a dollars worth of education will prevent the need to spend thousands on caring for the obese elderly, then it should be done.
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    I consider ALMOST any "endorsement" by the celebrity clut to be worthless. There are few who live a real life and experience real problems. There are a few who actually accomplish anything totally worthwhile in the big picture.
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    Okay, now we'll have to have a sugar tax just like we do a tobacco tax...that'll teach them fat giving more money to the Liberal God called "Government"!
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    Blubber is killing people!
    Being alive is killing people!
    Thugs, Drugs, Ecoli Spuds are killing people! This can be used as one of many TARGETED distractions to keep us from thinking about the real issues that are killing us! Like the ones we have no power to change, for example... That Japanesr Nuclear Power Plant that has the northern US covered in radiation. Climate change.
    And everything else like my sister is going on her first date! Ugh!!!
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    People have to make their own choices on what they eat and drink but companies do put too much sugar and salt in their products. I think people can eat or drink what they want they just need to learn moderation. I drink water most of the time so if I want an occasional regular soda when I go out, I have it. I wouldn't want to drink it all the time because that is way too much sugar and calories so it is a treat when I do drink it. I don't think we need warning labels just some common sense.
    The causes of obesity are complex and not just about what people eat or drink. A lot of it has to do with mental issues and a person's metabolism too.
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    We drink water all the time. My kids even drink it at breakfast...they stopped drinking sugary fruit juice years ago, on their own. We have soda when I grill burgers, have pizza, or a cheese steak, but otherwise, it's water all the time.
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    All carbohydrates not burned during the day are stored in the body as fat. All of them, so eating more carbs than one burns as energy will turn to fat.
    The government told us in the early 80's that carbs were good for us and fat was what made us fat. Among nutritional educators this is the gospel. Unfortunately, the latest science shows this to be incorrect and it is the eat more carbs movement that has made America fat.
    Warning labels on soft drinks are a waste of ink.
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    "All carbohydrates not burned during the day are stored in the body as fat. All of them, "

    If only you were as correct as you are certain.

    A boy as smart as you should know better.

    Why is diabetes real name diabetes mellitus?
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    @Cincinnatus We aren't talking about diabetes we are talking about the average obese person and he got that way. He got that way following the government's stupid food pyramid that featured a requirement that people eat more carbs per day than an Amish farmer needs. It is the result of bad science and the government isn't backing off. Sweden on the other hand, has completely changed it's dietary recommendations and thrown out the high carb diet as healthy. By the way, I am not a "boy". I have never been a boy.
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    @Cincinnatus I do mean it. The way fat is stored in the body has nothing to do with the fact that the cells require insulin to get the sugar they need. It is a fact that the current dietary guidelines suggest diabetic consume far more carbs than they should, making the task of regulating blood sugar even more difficult. I have been a diabetic since 1995. And you?
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    "All carbohydrates not burned during the day are stored in the body as fat. All of them, "

    I'm sorry, I missed all the qualifiers.
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    As soon as I hear the Limbaugh mantra "cradle to grave" or "nanny state", I know it's nothing but BS. Preaching to the flock, I mean sheep, well maybe goats, oh you know them herd animals, on the Right.
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    So you are telling us that you are conditioned to ignore arguments, without consideration, based on a list of buzz words, simply because those words identify arguments that contradict what you have been told to believe?
    Nd you believe it is others acting like herd animals?
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    @The_Bald_Guy Yes actually. the use of buzzwords is an instant marker that you are talking to somebody who doesnt really understand what they are saying. Anyone can repeat drivel from the radio. Intelligent people make valid points without needing buzzwords. John is exactly correct!
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    Readers should be aware that the National Center for Public Policy Research is a radical right-wing, Koch-funded organization designed to pretend that they are "reasearching" public policy issues. In fact, it is THEY who are the propagandists!
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    People. People!
    Don't worry. Pretty soon the health care system will be in shambles and you won't have any choice but to eat what is healthy.
    Well, there is one other choice.....
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