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    "His carbon trail a month is equal to quite a few coal plants."

    Because you say so, naturally it must be true right?
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    If that were true, you wouldn't be complaining about him acting alone.

    Do you ever notice the disconnect in your logic?
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    "He's doing it alone" is one of the funniest headlines I've seen on Politix. Whatever His Excellency may be doing about Climate Change, he's got the help of the entire Federal government, most state governments, the entire United Nations, and every left wing organization on the planet. And probably any government bureaucracies in the rest of the solar system, since most of their climate change parallels ours. Did I leave anyone out? Oh, most media outlets, the Girl Scouts, and Hollywood types like Matt Damon and Godzilla...
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    @Cincinnatus where Climate Change is concerned, I'd prefer that His Excellency plays as much golf as possible. Actually, that would reduce Air Force One's carbon footprint, so we all should like that.

    It would be nice if Obama cuts back on killing people with negligence, though, starting with the VA.
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    Why do you think you have it right on climate change when the world scientific community thinks otherwise?
    What are you relying on?

    "Since 2001, 34 national science academies, three regional academies, and both the international InterAcademy Council and International Council of Academies of Engineering and Technological Sciences have made formal declarations confirming human induced global warming and urging nations to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases.

    The 34 national science academy statements include 33 who have signed joint science academy statements and one individual declaration by the Polish Academy of Sciences in 2007."
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    @Cincinnatus we've had thousands and thousands of posts on Politix about Climate Change, and I'm not sure many on the true believer side of the argument read much of what's on the skeptic side. If you're interested though, is a good place to start.

    Anyway, my comment was about our Roi-Soleil doing stuff singlehandedly. There are a great many quotes from him making similar claims, e.g., "I'm really good at killing people." They're always good for a laugh, because it's not clear he can do anything, even shoot baskets.
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    Congress ought to immediately defund everything Obama creates or orders that involve anything other than national defense. He is not just inept or radical. I think he is insane. He wants to impose his personal idiotic beliefs on our nation. Why hasn't congress started impeachment proceedings against him for his unconstitutional dictatorship and his many many lies and cover ups? Nixon only helped cover up a minor break in. Obama has covered up the IRS scandal, the Bengazi scandal, the NSA scandal, the Fast and Furious scandal, and now the VA scandal. He is single handedly more than doubling everyone's energy costs and doesn't care. He is costing millions of jobs too. I dispise him and what he has done to ruin this country.
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    "Congress ought to immediately defund everything Obama creates or orders that involve anything other than national defense."

    That's so cute! Or deluded...

    If congress could act effectively, the Pres wouldn't be doing these things.

    I vote for deluded.
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    @Cal ...Breaking News!

    The IRS never targeted specific organizations...They just misplaced the paperwork from all conservative groups.

    The militia Hillary hired to protect Benghazi wasn't involved in Ambassador Stevens murder...He's vacationing in the Bahamas.

    The NSA isn't spying on US...They're making sure we're getting the download speed we pay for.

    Fast and Furious didn't provide weapons to Mexican drug lords...It was helping the Mexican hunter's safety program.

    The VA didn't give bonuses for covering up delayed treatment...They gave bonuses for allowing veterans an opportunity to get a second, a third, and fourth opinion.

    Liberals know these alleged "scandals" were fabricated by republicans who can't see the benefits of having a do-nothing senate that wouldn't pass a budget and a my way or no way president who decides which laws to enforce and which one's to change.
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    The thought of him "tackling" anything made me chuckle.

    I could see him lining up as a free safety....the balls hiked......and twenty secret service agents shoot the ball carrier so he doesn't "hurt his wittle toe."
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    Climate quackery = Obama's golden parachute. It's obvious what he's doing now. He has decided the next two years is audition time for his retirement in the Beltway, to outdo the Clinton Global Initiative and save the world. He hates politics and thinks he's above it all, now.
    You heard it here first. Any journalists left out there should investigate the real motives behind the "climate change" agenda.
    Climate quackery keeps going because media is being used by vested interests who keep writing doomsday press releases, misinforming the public. Real science doesn't predict the future, but science fiction does. Everybody thinks "science is smart and the experts are always correct." Wrong.
    "But let's err on the side of caution. Climate = the environment anyway" -- Wrong. Focusing on faux science takes our eyes off the real problems affecting environment, such as 3rd World development by globalist interest groups -- which makes pollution and CO2 even worse, not better. China is the development model for Africa, etc. to "open up new markets" for globalists. Climate change and CO2 are a convenient non-ideological "enemy" used to mount their agenda and will unwittingly ruin the environment even more.
    One real problem being ignored is coastal engineering, or meddling on Atlantic by Army Corps of Engineers, in Everglades, Intracoastal Waterway, manmade barrier islands, deeper harbors for bigger ships, the Chesapeake Bay bridge-tunnel and increased inland urban sprawl rainwater runoff to the coasts. This is why Atlantic side varies from place to place, the water levels. But no such changes on the Pacific coast, where less meddling happened. There's no Everglades or Intracoastal on Pacific coast.
    Science is never "settled" by a consensus. Einstein and Galileo upset their times in what's called a Paradigm Shift:
    Climate change is like "cold fusion" in the 1980s, example of Pathological science:
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    "Everybody thinks "science is smart and the experts are always correct." Wrong.
    "But let's err on the side of caution. Climate = the environment anyway" -- Wrong. "

    Hahaha, Did you just debate yourself?
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    What you call "climate quackery" the rest of the world calls "science". You claim that science is not settled by consensus. Very well -- how do we decide? Should YOU be the person who decides for us? You acknowledge that scientists have reached a consensus about climate change, yet you reject that consensus. Are you smarter than all those scientists?
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    Climate quackery? If you got 100 climate scientists in a room and counted the ones who agree with you there would be 2 or 3 hands up. The rest would think you are wrong. Think about that.
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    You sir are a brilliant thinker and well expressed writer. A response of common sense using real science.
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    Until the world joins in the carbon emissions fight, very little will be done. Asia's population is the biggest impact in the world and their pollution reaches the US. What will Obama do, slap them with sanctions? LMAO! Yea right.
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    LMAO! Seriously? That's the approach the US has been doing for decades when they think they can police the world and it's failing miserably. China can own the US, you think they will follow the "self-righteous" US government?
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    When the president finds out the lights are out in the white house due to no coal to support electrical plants he will probably think the republicans are undermining his goals.....if any!!!
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    It's about m o n e y & C o n t r o l ! Algore is fast becoming the worlds first "carbon" billionaire. O'Bysmal figures he can do it better, using power of gubment in gaining more ill-begotten bucks and
    encroaching more into our lives--

    "Majority of Americans Reject Myth of Man Made Global Warming."

    "In a new poll, the majority of Americans sensibly rejected the man-made Global Warming hoax, while only 46% continued to believe in the discredited theory."

    Man made global warming Sceptics on the Raise--

    "5 Scientific Reasons That Global Warming Isn't Happening." --

    "1) There hasn't been any global warming since 1997: If nothing changes in the next year, we're going to have kids who graduate from high school who will have never seen any "global warming" during their lifetimes. That's right; the temperature of the planet has essentially been flat for 17 years. This isn't a controversial assertion either. Even the former Director of the Climate Research Unit (CRU) of the University of East Anglia, Phil Jones, admits that it's true. Since the planet was cooling from 1940-1975 and the upswing in temperature afterward only lasted 22 years, a 17 year pause is a big deal. It also begs an obvious question: How can we be experiencing global warming if there's no actual "global warming?"

    The other 4 reasons -- continued: #!

    'Nuff said!
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    yep coal keeps the lights on' unless you want a nuck plant in your back yard' oh or a windmill farm' i can see that in new york city
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    @S-N-A-F-U all of that trash was just nonsense. there simply was nothing in any of those websites other than blathering by ignorant people who dont know anything about the subject.
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    He is not a fan of the coal people and what else can he do? He can't lead in foreign affairs, he can't lead our troops, his signature policy is a bust and he can't seem to fire anyone and learns about everything from watching the news?
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    He's doing what the world's scientists say he ought to be doing.

    It's not his fault that congress is too stupid to understand the problem.

    It is helpful that congress is willing to admit its' incompetence.
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    @Cincinnatus Obama is waisting time in this and taking away from creating jobs, securing the borders and real issues, not made up ones offered by paid employees of the government.
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    Those in the military have got his number big time. They recognize a blow heart glory hound when they hear one.
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    Actually, most of my friends in the military think he's okay, because he's not likely to start another Iraq war.
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    He is doing it "alone" because it is a stupid policy - if I were still in the electric business I would shut down the power plant the day after the dumb ass issues his executive order - lets see how he like 90% unemployment!
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    Obama's not alone and not acting alone. He's being driven by venture capitalists.
    Woops, there's a word you probably don't like.
    He's also driven by those who are betting their red agendas on green energy, Leo W. Gérard comes to mind and the ISW.

    Truth is we've not got the ability, nor the world to switch off coal generated power. If we could, we would despite those "weevil Kwoch bwothers.

    I'm open to honest discussion about U.S. power generation but this bias agenda driven discussion is a bit past old, don't you think ?

    I'm currently researching those who've contributed to IPCC report and the one prior too and finding inconsistencies. I would think, your being a journalist and prescribing to journalistic integrety would be researching same, for the sake of your integrity.

    I would be interested in reading your thoughts on the issue.
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    By the time Obama clears the US of burning coal, he'll be well out of office and won't have to face the backlash of huge jumps in electric rates.
    Do you know that the technology for cleaning up the coal has never been proven on a large scale? Yet power companies are required by law to upgrade their emissions with this unproven 'upgrade' that WILL increase coal generated power cost by 50%
    Ever wonder why 'government' always wants to have the latest and greatest? They are not paying for it, nor will they pay to replace it with 'old reliable'.
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    Solar panels are cheaper than ever, you and the people who voted you up seem to not know how cheap solar panels are getting. Do you expect them to be 30 cents a square meter over night or something? Not happening. From 2011 to 2012, solar panels went down in price by about 60%... They're getting cheaper and better.
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    @Zche Cheap is in the wallet of the purchaser. I don't know what you do for a living, but most families don't have $10K plus just lying around for a large purchase. Furthermore, we have no desire to take out a loan or be subsidized by the government (ie other taxpayers).
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    @AtsilaKamama You're replying to be as if I just told you everyone can afford solar panels... I told you they're going down significantly in price, that doesn't mean anyone can afford them right this second. It's gonna take a few more years.
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    @Zche I would be wiling to bet I could find at least one family that could not afford solar panels which tells me your statement is untrue. As for going down in cost, still does not make them practical. After all, the price of jets is going down does not translate into something that the average person can afford.

    In addition, without the subsides, solar panels are not very practical. They only produce power when the weather is nice and only during part of every day. And before you start talking about return on investment, do not come at me with numbers based on a perfect situation such as a nice day in the middle of June. Because I turn around and show you the same return on investment with December 21 and the panels buried under a few feet of snow.
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    @Tina oh my god,i said they're getting cheaper but they're not that cheap right now. Learn to read.
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    I saw a bumper sticker in Wyoming stating, "Let the bastards freeze in the dark!" I guess that sums up the frustrations of many. The only thing "green" about following Obama "back to the garden" is the huge wads of cash raked in by the far left establishment.
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    @Cincinnatus smarter they have to tell him every day what to say' and hold his hand he a blk jive talker.
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    For those of you like myself who are truly intent on knowing the truth of climate change, this link goes to one of the best Forbes articles (I read everything from Mother Jones to Huffington Post to Forbes to IPCC to NIPCC reports) I've read lately.

    There's over 20 countries, home to teams of scientists who are peer reviewed writing scientific IPCC report rebuttals as well as layman interpretation for their research.
    They represent "the other side" of global climate alarmism.
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    For the sake of argument , Let us say that there is no climate change.

    It is still a good idea to want less pollution, HOWEVER when going green cost us more money or just not realistic than it is no good .

    Reminds me of the less water toilets where people simply flushed twice or the less water shower heads where showers now took that much longer until you had enough and removed the shower head .
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    Expect your sources to be attacked by goose-stepping advocates of totalitarian government. While they attack the "special interests" opposing the American Fourth Reich under Adolph Obama (or Adolph Bush-same thing), chances are damned good they are awaiting a nice pension or are now drawing a nice salary for putting the rest of us out of work.
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    You say "Obama Is Tackling Climate Change More Than Any Other President, and He's Doing It Alone " I say " He better or Tom Steyer, George Soros, and the rest of the green Marxist community will pull out their big time dough."
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    The Obama said that he would Bankrupt America, and he is going to do it...No matter what "

    No , Obama NEVER said that. try getting "news" from other sources than Limbaugh and Beck
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    It will impact the coal and industry in general. What we are seeing is nothing more than Obama pandering to the far left part of his base. The fact is that anything implemented by Executive Order can be revoked the same way. Which will help the GOP if they take the White House and history is against the Democrats on retaining the White House. It is a rare example when you have two Democratic presidents back to back and it would take a far stronger candidate than Ms. Clinton to pull that off.
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    Not surprising, King Barock is doing it his way. He spits in the Constitution and in every Americans face.
    Go to Hell Barock.
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    Blind following has it's pitfalls
    Did you also find it distasteful when the left skewered Bush?
    Barock, oh my, call the Secret Service
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    If you're gonna do it do it right or else you end up looking like an idiot or illiterate.

    Barock? Really?

    Swing and a miss. Big ole whiff!!!
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    Why not run down your list of 'pet names' for Bush?
    I'm sure they were all literate and a home run all in one.
    You simply can't stand anyone disparaging your hero, be honest for a change.
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