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    The only thing that matters is that the Illinois socialist party is leading that shit hole state to the same place Detroit was led to by socialist democrats. Wherever socialist party members control the city or state, bankruptcy will follow. "Sooner or later you run out of other peoples money."
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    The accumulation of decades worth of voter pandering has come home to roost, now. Illinois isn't alone. But some states chose a different approach, and seem to be doing better. Still, there shouldn't be a "race to the bottom" either.
    Medicaid is the elephant in the room. It's the root cause of regressive state tax hikes, lotteries and casinos. It's the root cause of unaffordable public college tuitions, whose funding was robbed to buy the votes of the growing underclass (thanks to Medicaid enabling more unwed offspring).
    The only remedy is in reversing that trend: abolish Medicaid, cut public college tuition 75%, require the med industry care for the needy as part of being licensed by the state (but pay $0.00 in taxes), and charge $0.00 tuition to med school but require those students help care for the needy awhile in return. Problem solved.
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    The whole article is based on what I call "the lying bastard effect."

    You have a lying bastard.. er-- governor that runs on "no new taxes."
    Then passes a "temporary" 5% tax increase, which - some how - is no new taxes.
    Which continues into perpetuity.

    Now, this is causing the lying bastard... er... sorry governor problems with his re-election.

    well, yeah... maybe the sheeple aren't dumber than $hit after all...
    who knew?

    You can't spend like an idiot without the money to pay for it.
    You can't not raise taxes and not create new taxes, after you said that you wouldn't.

    You can't blame your political opponents for pointing out that you are a lying bastard.

    It is their job.
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    "Temporary (or emergency) tax increases" are reminiscent of the Bolsheviks' promise to institute a "temporary dictatorship of the proletariat" in the old Soviet Union. Unless you write for "The Nation", you know how all that "temporary" stuff worked out.
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    Well said.

    Adolf wanted extraordinary dictatorial powers to solve Germany's problems, too..
    Temporarily, of course.
    We all recall how that one worked out.

    G Bush did a power grab after 9-11.
    We got the TSA, the super duper snooper computer, a host of new alphabet soup agencies - with black budgets - and, vague definitions of their powers of authority.

    The Obamasiah is completely unhindered with the use of his authority.
    No reporting to congress on any thing.
    No tinge of consideration of consequences as he bounces merrily from scandal to scandal.
    His is out "George Bushing" George.
    The guy that "he" said had got it all wrong - and, the walking embodiment of presidential abuse of power.
    Turns out, that it is all wrong when George does it - but, it's no problem when Barry does it.

    who knew?

    Just one example: Through out GB's terms - he assassinated a dozen or so bad guys.
    For candidate obama, this was unconscionable.
    Those killed were denied due process, representation,- and, inalienable right to face their accusers in court.
    President obama pops 100's of alleged bad guys without due process - and, he is fine with it.

    All that in the name of keeping US safe.

    yep,, it's that temporary stuff that will get you every time.
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    I live in Illinois and I can tell you its a messed up state, it used to be a great state to work in and live in but over the past decade it has gone to hell, roads are full of bad holes that need repair, highest gasoline tax in the nation, most jobs have left this state. I say start with trimming the damn politician salary from the local mayor all the way to the governor to save some money. Talk about a corrupt state.
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    Just remember this is Illinois. There's a couple things that we KNOW.

    Budget "cuts" will NEVER happen.

    If they don't extend the income tax increase, they'll just raise taxes somewhere else.
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    Nobody like the legislative branch, but everybody loves their own legislator.

    The tax-and-spend democrats have spent Illinois into the bottom and there's no way out except to cut spending. You can't just tax-tax-tax and then tax some more.

    Everybody wants somebody else to pay for something they want.
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    The real problem is Republicans who think you can cut all taxes to zero and still pay for services like education, highways, etc. I prefer a tax and spend Democrat to a borrow and spend Republican any day.
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    @dethkat666 If you had any clue just what a waste machine Illinois government is, you wouldn't be making those comments.
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    Education, yes. Highways, no.

    The Democrats have run Illinois for the last 12-16 years and have run it into the ground with overspending on everything. Politicians don't want to make clear what people want is how it's paid for. When they find that out they change their minds and don't want to so badly after all.
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    @dethkat666 The problem is the the Dems spend and spend, and borrow and borrow. Check the Fed. Where do you think that the stock market is feeding from.
    But your'e right about borrowing it is not the lesser of 2 evils.
    Both taxing and inflation borrowing will bring down a country. It's predictable.
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    "A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship. The average age of the world's greatest civilizations has been 200 years. Great nations rise and fall. The people go from bondage to spiritual truth, to great courage, from courage to liberty, from liberty to abundance, from abundance to selfishness, from selfishness to complacency, from complacency to apathy, from apathy to dependence, from dependence back again to bondage."

    Source reference:
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    This is what happens when you kick the can down the road and instead of agreeing to wage increases you instead agree to bigger pensions and benefits. This just goes back to the same issue... everyone wants something w/out paying for it. They want no lines at the DMV, but don't want to pay any more than McDonalds workers. They want roads w/out potholes, but won't pay for the construction workers to fix it. They want good teachers who don't choose to work in the private sector and so promise great benefits to woo them over only to tell them down the road 'we can't afford it'. But hey... Tax cuts for all!
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    Kicking the can down the road in terms of not having the guts to demand state union employees pay a larger share of their benefit package. We passed it in Wisconsin and it's working. No reason the same thing can't be done there, all they need is some people willing to stand up to the unions and say NO.
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    @LGRepublican Actually it is that same with all politicians. They are liars. They can't make a deal and follow through. Who will stand up to the corporations getting freebees from the taxpayers. Who end up paying the load.
    Trusting a politician is like playing with a viper. Sooner or later they will bite. Or their big money donors will. It does not matter if Dem or Gop they represent the elites.
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    @CVX If you like your Doctor ...
    I did not have sex with that woman...
    When we got off the airplane, there were bullets flying everywhere...
    I will not bomb across the northern border of Vietnam...
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    The politicians of that state can buy only so many votes over so many years than it has to come to terms with it. Good luck.
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    The Tribune previously reported that Reboot, led by hedge fund manager Anne Dias Griffin, would feature aggregated content from other news organizations as well as original commentary from a variety of political viewpoints. It's also expected to compile research and data that generally support Griffin's views on education and pension reform.

    The site will launch in the fall, though a precise date has not been set.

    Griffin, who runs Aragon Global Management, is married to Citadel LLC founder Kenneth Griffin. They are among the largest donors to the Illinois Republican Party. They do support Democrats from time to time, including Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Kenneth Griffin is not involved in Reboot.
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    At some point in time, the hole that you dig for yourself always has to be filled in. This state has had NO fiscal responsibility for many years and now they are reaping the rewards deserving of a fiscal liberal & corrupt agenda. It just might be time to bring state spending more in line will real life spending? As a foot note, it just might be time to bring in a majority of republicans and then we can see if they are talking out their ass "OR' if they really can get the job done and bring Illinois back to a prosperous state? It is not like it is getting any better the way it is today.
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    When the economy was booming and states had full coffers of tax money they always claimed they where broke and couldn't do this or that...we now know that was all lies the money was always wasted on pet projects by politicians to stay in power...Now they are really broke and refuse to raise taxes so I guess the GOP can get their wish and just dissolve government all together...Just have a corporate board of directors dictating what we need...That I think is where our government going eventually..why have elections when the fix is already in might as well just give up and let them rule just
    like they already do. All the posturing and rhetoric for elections is just a dog n pony extravaganza. The left put all their hope in Obama and as you can see he wasted no time in selling them all out to the NSA...and the DEA...ReaL FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY is nothing but talking points for TV news and commentators.
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    let's see they are blaming opponents for the same thing they are actually doing? There's a shock...sounds like the small town I live in when the people call the police they tell on themselves but say it was another person and the police seem to not catch on....
    As for government...well, it's past time that we the people have a say in something around here and then just maybe, we would get a chance to straighten corrupt trash states like illinois up instead of allowing big businesses to run the state....but do not see it happening anytime soon
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    What I don't understand is how can anyone be blamed for a lack of fiscal responsibility when the problem is a lack of millions of people being able to pay taxes when they're unemployed or under employed?

    How can it be called living on borrowed money when the problem is millions of people can't pay taxes because they're unemployed or under employed?

    How can it be "all the Union's fault" when millions of people can't pay taxes because they're unemployed or under employed?

    How can it be "pushing for a welfare state" when the problem is millions of people are unemployed or under employed?

    How can Medicaid be the problem when millions of people are unemployed or under employed and have to use Medicaid because they're unemployed or under employed and depend on it for health care?

    How can "tax and spend Democrats" be the problem when millions of people can't pay taxes because they're unemployed or under employed?

    To look at anything more than the millions of unemployed or under employed and wonder why the fck the right blocks every single attempt to try and fix unemployment and under employment so those millions of people can also pay taxes in order to avoid raising taxes or borrowing to pay the bills is choosing to remain wilfully ignorant as to what the actual problems are.

    It pretty much looks to me like there are a ton of folks who come to forums like this to spread hatred just so they can have a chance to troll., especially when their "facts" are nothing more than uninformed opinion, parroting what the pundits say and posting links that are obviously nothing more than low IQ propaganda bs.

    I think I can post links to Spiderman quotes and offer up something more factual than a huge portion of the right wing links I see posted here in this very thread.
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    @Thinkpeople "You left out one"

    No the one I left out is "those who don't bother to think things through". For them it's much easier to let someone else do their thinking for them which makes their band wagon easier to ride. Maybe they'll see eventually that band wagon is headed down hill and headed towards a wall like some of the other riders on it have and bailed off.

    Those would be the ones labelled Rino's.
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    The correct view is "who cares if some yankee democraps are having a pissing contest". If you want to have a real contest then add "none of the above" to the election. Also make it automatic that if someone does not vote then "none of the above" gets that vote.