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    I think a lot of the problem in general is that people just don't care anymore, they feel their vote doesn't change anything. I know a couple non-voters who repeatedly tell me "what does it matter, they all just screw us over anyhow" or "they're all crooks" etc. Frankly, there is a lot of the time I feel that way myself these days...
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    A lot of people would be inclined to agree with what Mark Twain supposedly said about voting: "If voting made any difference they wouldn't let us do it."
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    In California, most of the races are decided before you vote. Your vote doesn't count. Democrats in the large urban areas control the state and really, honestly don't give cr@p about the other areas other than what the environmentalists can do to screw them over. Most districts are gerrymandered (by the Democrats, by the way). In my Congressional race there was one (1) candidate to vote for. Same for Sheriff, District Attorney, and several other positions. The "big" positions? Governor, Assistant Governor, Secretary of State all go to the Democrats. We'll have 2 Democrats running for Secretary of State in November.

    In the meantime...they're releasing more prisoners to the inland cities (surprise - they don't want them in LA or SF). Farmers who are paying 100% of the California Water Project charges are going to get (maybe) 5% of their water - the rest goes to fish and into the ocean. Oh - and I pay extra on my vehicle registration for the dust in the air that blows off the hills and mountains. Nothing will grow there, but I get to pay more (only in our area) because it's polluting. Sounds fair to me!!
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    Oh, and lest I forget. If the voters DO vote for something the elitists in Sacramento, LA, and SF don't like, they simply refuse to enforce it.

    And you wonder why people don't vote in California?
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    I think everyone should vote...if only to vote all the politicians...that have been in office for more than two terms out...or better, actually make a viable third party candidate
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    Agreed. And this should be WE THE PEOPLES goal.....simple, no matter what party vote out incumbants.....and in the process possibly vote in people from different parties than the current big two.....when I can if there a third party on the ballot I will vote for that candidate.....especially against an incumbant.....voted for a few Libertarians and Green party candidates already.....
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    I would have to agree that everyone should vote given the amount of blood spilled to give people that right.
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    The most important rights an American has is the right to vote, and the two rights contained in the 6th Amendment; the right to a fair trial, and equally-important, but almost purposefully buried by the power-elite- our American right to nullify a jury.
    If and when the Revolution comes, the best way to start it is to just make sure at least one juror on every court case understands and uses this very valuable right to nullify a jury. Don't like a particular law, or a biased judge, or the "minimum penalties" that the laws prescribe? Just get on the jury and nullify the outcome. That is he quickest way to retake power by individuals in America......bytaking down the entire judicial/criminal law systems......and also, the easiest way to avoid jury duty if you are inclined to want to avoid it-just mention that you understand your 6th Amendment right to jury nullification. You will be removed from jury duty faster than a lawyer gets paid.
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    And we wonder why the largest state in the Union is suffering through deficit spending and unable to meet their obligations to their employees...having companies leave the state...and tax rates so high, you have to be a millionaire just to be above poverty...
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    One of the side effects of elitist government is is disengaged voters; fix the one and you fix the other.
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    Well when America is far more concerned with voting for American Idol and Dancing With The Stars versus our actual representatives that affect our everyday lives there is definite cause for concern.....
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    What can be said besides apathy..........
    Apathy in the election process. Apathy in our government. Apathy in life itself.
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    This report seems without a magnifying glass to be fairly objective in opinion. To me a California
    voter is someone waiting for a part as an extra in a zombie movie.
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    Apathetic in northern California for sure, but Jerry Brown has no chance of losing and he and his cohorts run things from a southern California perspective (we're taking your water despite what you say).
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    I tell people that all the time....quit complaining if you don't vote. and if you don't vote, you get exactly what you're complaining about.
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    Voter apathy is the method by which a select few in number rule the masses.

    3 kinds of people.

    Those that make things happen.

    Those that watch what happens.

    And then there are Those that ask WHAT happened????????
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    The guy probably got the facts right.
    So, there isn't much to agree or disagree on from the data.

    There were few conclusions.

    They didn't like the turnout... though no reason why a primary turnout should be higher.

    They didn't like some of the primary margins.. though no reason why they should be different.

    This is Mexifornia for god's sake.
    Unless it involves perversion, more subsidies, or free liberal BS - you aren't going to get a turn out.
    Maybe they should have milked the thought-police, PC, rhetorical angles more.
    Sumthun to work up the secular progressives for some benign nuance of "fair."
    They really ignored the "fair" whine factor.

    Why waste all that whining on a primary?
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    If voters doesn't vote, then yes it is their fault that turnout is low. What kind of stupid question is this? Also, I don't care who the candidates are or how poor the data is, if you are a citizen, then you MUST vote ALWAYS! You have no right to complain if you don't. There are many places online to go to get information. DON'T RELY ON MAINSTREAM MEDIA!!!!!!
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    Yes, it is their fault. But, since most of them don't have a clue it's probably better if they don't vote....ever.
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    California is a lost cause .The liberals have destroyed what was once a great state .Nobody thinks their voting will change anything and businesses and wealth are moving to states that have their act together .# PERIOD
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    CA a lost cause? We are carrying the rest of the Nation, and should we secede......kiss your 49-State America bye-bye. Still the 7th largest economy in the world-we shit bigger than the rest of the 49 states, and have led the planet on every scientific breakthrough and technological advance made in the last 50 years....just as we are doing again.

    I mean our Californian backs are strong-but you folks who take more from the Fed than you give back are getting AWFULLY heavy. Yeah, that's you RED State nutsac poverty-central States. Time for you folks to start learning to carry your own water..........lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way. Don't want to pay a decent wage???-please DO go to Texas and pay slave wages.......we don't want you here.
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    Threaten their ability to vote and you'll see them come out in droves to vote. Case in point - 2012 elections. What was one of the main memes being pounded out there? Republicans are trying to restrict minorities abilities to vote, which was an absolute lie. Guess what? People showed up in droves to vote.

    Look at the Middle East. The terrorist organizations threatened to chop off the fingers of the people who had paint on it signifying that they had voted. What happened? No one was scared and they came out in droves to vote. Defiance.

    People are willfully ignorant. They choose to not be educated on the subject matter. What's on the ballot? Why is it on the ballot? What does it pertain to? Why do people want us to vote on it? Why do that when I can sit on my ass and ignore it? Unless they're threatened, then they jump at the chance to do their civic fucking duty.
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