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    It made me smile and I'll bet you did, too. I wonder how many others as the meme of the event rolls around? Even if the Westboro folks are unmoved, I think it's a healthy response.
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    Someone may fall away from the church because of this, but mostly it's a lesson for all the people who think no good exists in the universe any more.
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    Protests like these aren't for the hardened bigots like the WBC, they're for everyone else; from the LGBT community to those conservatives who might still have enough energy left in themselves to change their minds.
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    I've said it before and I'll say it again:
    I have a lot of faith in the young generations about to take their places in a more progressive, enlightened, accepting America.
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    WBC is NOT a very good example of Christian behavior. In fact they have become so obsessed with minutia they have forgotten the principles of the Christian faith. The kids in the DC school stood up to them and that's good, even though I disagree with the reason.
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    "they have forgotten the principles of the Christian faith"

    It does puzzle me how they could become so hateful and still think they are good Christians.
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    they're NOT "Christians." They're a hate group who masquerade as "Christians."
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    @BenFE They are Christian. They believe that submission and belief in Jesus is the only thing that will save them from the wrath of God and His judgement. And like Jesus, they are not ones to abolish the Law. Jesus said we should not stray one jot or tittle from the letter of the Law. So, it's disappointing- they should be administering many more death sentences as the Law requires of those who follow Yahweh- the Hebrew God of War.

    The last thing Jesus did with his disciples was celebrate the slaughter of Egyptian children at the hand of His Father- which was symbolic because the ONLY thing that would appease the God of War was a human blood sacrifice. God refused to forgive people unless someone completely innocent was murdered. It all fits nicely within the framework of the Law.

    And we wonder- why such a framework lends itself so sweetly to judgement, vengeance, and hate.

    "I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things." Isaiah 45:7
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    How can you be a Christian if you preach hate?

    After all, Christ taught to LOVE one another as you love yourself. Apparently they hate themselves cause they preach hate.
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    Children are amazing sometimes.

    I think the attitudes of these teens and others like them probably show how the next few elections are gonna go when they become voting age. We might be looking at a liberal white house for a decade or 2.
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    The country won't survive a decade of liberals running the country. Not if you're a fan of the freedoms given us by the Constitution.
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    @Pr0-Lif3 Well the 1930's and 1940's and 1960's and 1990's.....

    Those were decades ruled by liberal administrations. Pretty good times for America. I can actually say we have more rights because of those liberal administrations.
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    @Pr0-Lif3 - Really? And how many Republicans in Congress favor legalizing marijuana and same-sex marriage. Your side doesn't care about freedom or liberty.
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    Like the Fourteenth Amendment that guarantees the same rights and privileges be given to all people, regardless of race or sex, making it so that if a white man is allowed to enter into a legal contract with somebody, like marriage, then a black woman should as well and vice versa?
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    @Pr0-Lif3 The country wouldn't survive under GOP leadership either...They believe in the Corporate tear it up burn it down economics....Profits above all else even God. They never met a war they didn't like...nor a place with fresh water and trees where instead of beauty they see resources to suck dry to poison the water the land the air.
    They are corporate stooges looking for corporate handouts and cozy jobs. If I chose an evil it wont be them..
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    Once again we see the true spirit of America.

    There's more good character at that school than in all of congress and the White House.

    But... How can that be?
    This is a public school, and we all know public schools are cesspits of evil thoughts and commie indoctrination!
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    They used the word community on a sign as though it is a good thing. That's how you can tell they are commies. ;-)
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    Westboro Baptists = nasty radical religious right wing nuttery and bigotry.

    They are as far from Jesus and Christianity as you can get and still be on the same planet, orbiting the same sun.
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    @dragoon70056 They are just the extremist edge of the radical religious right fundies. They are, respectfully, very much a part of the right wing.
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    Radical - yes. Religious - debatable. Right - no way. If anything, they are so far right that they are coming from the left(wing) field :)
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    @dragoon70056 No, these people have a great deal in common with the religious right; they are just less polite about expressing it.

    I suggest you take an inventory of the WB's positions and tenets, and then compare them, including to the other southern Baptist groups.

    They are in the same wobbly orbit as the rest.
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    @dragoon70056 They're in the same wing as the KKK, same views, same mission statements. KKK considers themselves right wing. So by default, these are right wing extremists. Just because one group may or may not be extremely hateful, does not put them into their own wing, it puts them into a specific category of a wing. For instance, I have an economically conservative black friend who considers himself to be right wing, and then there are super racist white people with similar economic views, but opposing social views. Same wing, different category.

    If you look at history, even the soviets had a left and right wing within their Communist party. For example Trotsky wanted democratic socialism, he was considered to be left - communist, and Stalin wanted nationalist socialism, he was considered to be right - communist. Right and left have different defining factors in all cultures, especially in Europe, where conservatives often back many socialistic principles, and liberals often back more free-market measures, and elect to limit the power of government... which is a huge contrast economically from the American left and right.

    But what does the right have in common everywhere? They generally favor some degree of theocracy, social hierarchy, and nationalism. Where as the left generally favor secularism, social equality, internationalism. Now you can mix and match any of those and you have all sorts of disputes on what to call them.
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    It was a feel god thing for the kids as long as they take for that and do not expect those fools to change anything about how they act.
    Every time someone demonstrates against them they just tell themselves that they are being persecuted for the Lord. Makes them feel like martyrs.
    I love it when the used to come to El Paso because we always showed them up.
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    These students talked rhe talk and walked the walk. Sad though that these adults (Westboro idiots) won't listen and learn from these children.
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    This is the laziest article I've seen on here. If you're going to report on what signs say, tell us, or show pictures. A list of twitter accounts? Really? Pathetic.
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    well you just need one mom what's this kid thinking ' don't he know about the birds and bees' ' our i guess his parents are gay so lol they had him then switched' heck with it im done its crazy.
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    When will Westboro curl up and die?! Everywhere they go they're met with counter protests. You'd think they'd get the messages! Go home! Stay home! Crawl back under your rock, and rot!
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    More liberal drones in the making thanks to their brainwashers and Common Core. Way to learn hypocrisy and intolerance all in one lesson kids!
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