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    Astute Politix readers that read the postings of PNWest, the most impartial and bipartisan poster on Politix are far better informed than people who get their news from any of the major news outlets left or right.

    PNWest - More Fair, More Balanced.
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    Yep, it's easy to trust your news when it's already chewed up and formed in a way you already knew it was going to be. It's the soylent green of news, no need to think, just consume and be angry (or happy when GW Bush was in the WH)
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    Fox has Democrats like Juan Williams and Bob,(Often Heraldo) where is YOUR fair and Balanced? Any Conservatives on staff?

    You don't have one, just BS lip service for the low information voters.
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    @Curmudgeon They have a bunch of know-nothings that aren't normally paid attention to to begin with (referring to MSNBC here). The fact that even among their own liberal ilk that they are not the most trusted is utterly pathetic.
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    They are all untrustworthy - one has to watch a combination of different biases to get a fuller fraction of the truth.
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    But Fox and MSNBC are two sides of the same coin. How can you trust one and not the other? How can you lambast one and not the other? Why is it that only conservatives 'trust' Fox, and nobody else? Why do you guys never think and just consume?
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    What's most amazing about that survey is that many old people have not discovered the cable news channels yet, and that many young people have only discovered Comedy Central. Visualize that chart with half the points taken away from Broadcast News and Jon Stewart, and you get a better idea of the trust factors.
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    @AceLuby Many of them do, but I know plenty that have not; I think the reasoning is "4 channels were enough in 1960 and they're enough now". OTOH, I know a 90yo lady who only knows about MSNBC and the Home Shopping Network - I don't know what conclusions can be drawn from that.
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    So basically, from the chart, Fox News gets its support solely from conservatives, and gets support to such an extent that they rank #1 despite being far down the list by every other measure (I'm guessing a number of the tea party people called themselves independent); and if it were up to moderates Fox News would rank behind broadcast news, CNN, and PBS. Meanwhile, MSNBC doesn't get any support from liberals and democrats.

    I suppose what we can conclude from this is that conservatives fall for Fox News' BS, but liberals don't fall for MSNBC's BS.
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    Shows that conservative just eat up Fox's business model. Tell them what they want to hear and the people will come. MSNBC looked at that model and said "hey, we can do that for the other side". Unfortunately for their owners those on the left don't want to only hear their opinion. They want the news, not some color commentary and bad journalism passing as news.
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    I don't watch TV, but read news articles from a diverse number of sources. I find that many combined biases often cancel out.
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    If the news was accurate, fully truthful and factually complete we would have new legislators every two years and possibly another revolution.
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    Last I heard Maddow was a Rhodes scholar and a graduate of Harvard law school . Does Faux boobs have anybody who graduated from anything except breast enlargement academy ?
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    (1) I want to echo @TheJimmy. Where is Politix?

    (2) MSNBC...pfffttt....even the liberals don't have them as their most trusted news source....bwahahaha

    (3) The rest of it seems pretty accurate.
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    Cool Beans.

    John Stewart beat out MSNBC.

    I would call in to question some of the venues defined as "news sources."
    Most of those listed are only incidental news sources.
    You don't get information, data,- or, news.
    They deliver pre-digested opinion-editorial.
    If you pay close attention,- and, look beyond the attitude, smirks and raised eyebrows, you can pull out some information.

    Often you have to dig for it.
    It is usually buried down there under the opinion some where.
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    i don't get news from tv, with a few exceptions for certain things: c-span has some interesting topics and coverage, or for action like car chases and exploding volcanos. Itt would be as futile as getting stock tips from the shoe shine boy as to try to get news from corporate news shows, including, sadly, NPR. The news readers don't know anything, they are not journalists, and they mind their masters. They are pretty faces, good voices, paid shills. The talking heads are boot-lickers, minor personalities, pot-stirrers. They have nothing to offer.
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    All I know is that I'm glad that pos Dan Rather is off the air with his ill fitting dentures. He should be ready for a bib and a drool cup soon.
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