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    @Cincinnatus its not that simple but to deny the role over medication or in some cases just the drugs themselves play in all of this is ignorant at best.
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    School security, when will school districts wake up. Schools in my hometown are protected by police roaming school halls. Been that way for over a decade, we don't have school shootings in Columbia, Mo.

    We value our kids, can you say same leaving your school district's children unguarded. It's past time to wake up, this is insanity at play thinking your schools are safe without trained guards or police on campus.
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    If by 'drugs' you mean psychoactive drugs given to correct fairly minor defects in behavior, then I agree.
    But at the same time we have another source of behavior problems, and that is organic chemical pollution that affects gestating fetuses.
    That's giving us behavior problems where the only reasonably effective intervention, however inadequate, is that same medication.
    But even in cases where drugs are given for convenience, just stopping the prescriptions won't teach the parenting skills needed to cope with the bad behavior.
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    But but but....schools are leftist "Gun Free Zones"!!!!!! How is this possible? There's no guns there because the Democrats said so!

    First, take down the stupid "Gun Free Zone"'s an advertisement for shooters. Second, stop forcing adults to check their constitutional rights at the schoolhouse door.
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    In the Old West, you used to check your gun at the sheriff when you came into town. The gun was used for the wilderness not for a place where people congregated. What makes you think that you have an absolute constitutional right to carry a gun into any place?
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    @TizzyD In the old west, the sheriff was the law of the land, and Washington D.C. was weeks, if not months, away. And not every town had a sheriff, nor even law enforcement of any kind. So "checking the gun with the sheriff" was the exception, not the rule.(And not every sheriff had the requirement in the first place).

    So, back to the point at hand: Are "Gun Free Zones" working for you?
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    @CaryNickel that's actually not a real question. You cannot assess how many situations are avoided because of gun free zones. You can only assess the situations that are not avoided in gun free zones. Are they 100% effective? Absolutely not. Then again, no law is. That's why we have law enforcement.

    As to the policies in the Old West, I simply refer to "The Second Amendment: A Biography". Nonpartisan scholars have found this work to be very lucid and a solid review of the subject at hand. It does conclude that the understanding that the current Supreme Court has of gun rights is absolutist and does not follow the intent of the Founders. However I'm not as strict adherer to the word of the Constitution; I believe that you must understand the intent as much as possible for a 21st-century person to understand the mind of and 18th-century person. At this time, we have a situation where gun rights have been significantly expanded. I'm all for letting us see how long we like our weekly school shootings. The situation of course doesn't happen then say Australia, where after a mass shooting they simply outlawed virtually all guns except for farm use. Suddenly, there were no more shootings. And, interestingly enough, there was no more need for gun free zones.
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    @TizzyD You're way too easy... because you can be proven wrong with a minimal amount of google searching...

    Date Aug 13,2013
    As former Australian politician Tim Fischer turns the shooting of Christopher Lane into an opportunity to push a travel boycott until the U.S. changes its gun laws, police in Sydney launched "a new plan to tackle out-of-control gun violence" there.

    The new action against gun violence was launched on August 21 and will pull together various police-sponsored gun control operations into one. The name of the new effort is Operation Talon.

    According to the Ballina Shire Advocate, "over 9,000 guns have been taken off New South Wales (NSW) streets and 3352 people have charged" during previous operations in the last 12 months alone.

    NSW police commissioner Andrew Scipione explained: "There is no single source of gun violence... guns have fallen into the hands of organized crime, outlaw motorcycle gangs, mid-level crime groups and petty thieves and the lines are often blurred."

    Yet 17 years after the implementation of gun control schemes that are very similar in many ways to those being pushed by Sens. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), Joe Manchin (D-WV), and Chuck Schumer (D-NY), the NSW police department is launching a new operation to rein in gun violence.

    The lesson: criminals do not pay attention to gun bans. They never have and they never will.

    All too easy...
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    There are obviously a lot of seriously disturbed kids these days. Why? Is it because of all the drugs, or have we become such terrible parents? And the huge amount of publicity these kids get just encourages them, it offers them a way to demonstrate to the world how much they are hurting.
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    "have we become such terrible parents?"

    Yes, and it started in the 60s, when too many parents were convinced that the best parenting was no parenting at all.
    As a result, the next generation of parents had no foundation to build on.

    At the same time, schools are prevented from trying to fill the void by conservatives who have done their best to kill off the public school system.
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    I more important question might be WHY do we have so many people that can no longer deal with life's challenges and why has this not been the big story of the times. Where did the values that use to help guide through life go?
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    @Cincinnatus You are so right that schools have been systematically rendered ineffective. Parents and teachers aren't allowed to discipline due to liberal child abuse laws. But the biggie is they've kicked God out of school in particular and society in general. We have no moral values so kids run amok. The media glorifies gun violence in video games and movies then media elitists like Bill Mahar, Alec Baldwin, Rosie O'Donnel, etc. rail against lawful gun ownership and make fun of God. The news plasters tons of pictures of ponytailed girls crying and hugging all over the place and some psychotic kid thinks it would be cool to have his name mentioned in these pictures. How many people can tell you who Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were but can't remember even one name of their victims? I can't because the media mentions the victims in passing, but pounds the names of the perps into our heads for weeks. We have allowed our country to be hijacked by communists and liberals who are driving it straight to hell.
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    @captchaos69 Beating a child just teaches them that adults problem solve with violence. Exactly how is that going to deter these kids who already got that message, loud and clear, and are emulating it?
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    @Zazziness Nobody said BEATING a child. Under the "rights of the child" act even revoking cell phone privileges is abuse.
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    As I suspected this study is a blatant lie. In order to fget the numbers they wanted, this Bloomburg group included every shooting that occurred anywhere NEAR a school, including crimes and gang activity. The study is absolutely bogus, Lisa and Politix didn't do their jobs, again. And the truth will be at the bottom of 130+ replies, never to be seen by the people who need to see it most.
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    Yes I'm surprised because the statistic is wrong. The anti gun group offering those numbers has been very very loose with their definition of "school shooting", stretching the numbers beyond credibility.
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    You aren't wrong, but there was no attempt to conceal the true meaning of the statistics.

    " In the fourteen months since the mass shooting in Newtown, CT, there have been at least 44 school shootings including fatal and nonfatal assaults, suicides, and unintentional shootings — an average of more than three a month.
    In the first six weeks of 2014 alone, there were 13 school shootings including one eight-day period in which there were four shootings in K-12 schools. "
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    @Cincinnatus The problem of course is that Bloomberg's groups want people to believe that these incidents are similar to Newtown massacres, and they aren't. Their numbers even include legal defensive gun uses. They include shootings which merely occurred NEAR school property but not during school hours and don't even involve school children.

    This is misrepresentation and knowing inflation of the numbers. It's dishonest.
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    as long as we have nuts running around we will have this happen.

    it has nothing to do with guns,just look back at the crimes done when any adult could walk in buy and leave with a gun and ammo without any checks or paying the gov for registration.

    those of us who grew up watching cartoons with all sorts of violence never did these things,nor was half the country on some sort of drug for mental illness and seeing a nut dr who may very well be planting this crazy crap in these folks heads.
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    Media is instantaneous now days and will put this as breaking news when ever it happens before it is even investigated. It is politically charged. Why isn't the 170 homicides so far this year in just the City of Chicago making national news when the slaughter there happens daily?
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    Because Chicago is a "gun free zone," or about as close as you can get to it. Gun grabbers would be shooting themselves in the foot (pun intended) to publicize them.
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    And nothing is being done. Where are the school armed guards? Can't afford them because of illegals or foreign aid or waste or welfare, what is it?
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    I don't know were they got their numbers but I can not come up with that many at all. The absolute most I can come up is 63. So not sure what math they are doing.
    Might also look at some of the circumstances here. Like in one case a guy shot his estranged wife who happened to be in a school parking lot. Then he went home and shot himself.
    Another was a gang thing, another was a teacher was shot by a guy after having an argument with him, the teacher happened to be on school property at the time. Another was a campus cop that fired on a guy in his car because the guy entered a parking lot and almost hit the cop.
    So there is much more to the story than is presented in this article.
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    Thanks for the link it confirms exactly what I had found by other sources. Kind of summarizes the whole distortion in one place.
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    And that darn Rock n Roll music, and Elvis with his gyrating pelvis....

    dagnabbit, I told you that devil's music would catch up to you....and it only took 50 years to do it!
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    Considering the amount of psychotropic drugs being pumped into our kids by schools and the medical profession, because parents refuse to discipline their kids, I am surprised there aren't more.
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    I'm thinking the zero tolerance stuff has something to do with it.....

    Another thing.....when you get schools protecting bullies rather than those being bullied that is another problem.....
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    Bullying is not some new phenomenon that originated during the Columbine era. I was picked on during middle and high school. I doubt I was the only one. I never thought about settling the conflict with a firearm. Of course, kids could fight it out back then, now someone would get arrested. The wussification of America.
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    @Pr0-Lif3 And that is the problem.....we've repressed this kids so much so that it builds and builds and no amount of yoga style destresser will help.....they will find a release.....
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    @Knightkore I work in a school and too many kids are arrested. If two kids are the same size and they throw a punch or two, I saw let it go. Give them some time in ISS. No need to arrest.
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    God I'm glad they didn't shoot bullies when I was in school. I am ashamed to say, I was a pretty bad bully. I used to always pick on the straight kids!
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    LoL. So more leftists caught using bogus numbers to further their agenda. Is anyone really surprised? They must be an off-shoot of the Globull Warming nutters.
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    And the big picture:

    Firearm homicides
    •Number of deaths: 11,078
    •Deaths per 100,000 population: 3.6

    Unintentional fall deaths
    •Number of deaths: 26,009
    •Deaths per 100,000 population: 8.4

    Motor vehicle traffic deaths
    •Number of deaths: 33,687
    •Deaths per 100,000 population: 10.9
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    does those stats say how many were self inflicted or done defending ones own life?

    it says homicide yet sometimes that includes other things besides murder.
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    >>>'Self inflicted can't be homicide<<< is based on law of homicide.

    For defensive gun use one can begin with "National Self-Defense Survey" and "National Crime Victimization Survey" and also see Charles F. Wellford, John V. Pepper, and Carol V. Petrie, Editors, Committee on Law and Justice, National Research Council, "Firearms and Violence".

    Estimates range from a hundred thousand DGU's a year to 2.5 million. Accuracy is somewhere in between those two. I believe anyone who says they used their gun in self-defense. Only they know if they legitimately believed their life was threatened and using their gun was justified.
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    'He argues that there are too many "false positives" in the surveys, and finds the NCVS figures more reliable, yielding estimates of around 100,000 defensive gun uses per year. Applying different adjustments, other social scientists suggest that between 250,000 and 370,000 incidences per year.[9]'
    '...about 0.5 million gun crimes as estimated by the National Crime Victimization Survey.[12]'
    .5million/.87millionX100=~57.5 % so 42.5% is self defence
    'I believe anyone who says they used their gun in self-defense.'
    Sounds gulible to me: I bet you don't use that standard for other crimes "oh they said they didn't mean to, so it's all cool"
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    What? This piece of stellar journalism and research is still up on ? Even after CNN has debunked these false and misleading numbers you clearly never fact-checked before posting? Wow - truly disturbing.
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    Since this number has been shown to be a lie, and the sheeple bleat in unison, I am surprised that the decline of America is moving so rapidly in the "information" age.
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