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    @dances-weebles His voters seem to find him out of touch. He spent as much on his 'victory' dinner as his opponent spent on his whole campaign, over $6 for every vote he got. That seems out of touch to me. His constituents seem to find that he's not meeting their needs, as THEY define them in an open election. Are you suggesting that elections aren't the way to choose Congressmen?
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    @dances-weebles I thought that there was something implied in your question about Cantor being out of touch. Who else but the people would he be out of touch with?
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    At this juncture, who cares -- he's as dead as yesterdays newpaper....

    however, Cantor lost his race because he was running for Speaker of the House while his constituents wanted a congressman. The tea party and conservatives capitalized on that with built up distrust over Cantor’s other promises and made a convincing case Cantor could not be trusted on immigration either. By trying to be both a Virginia congressman and a worthy successor to the Speaker in K-Street’s eyes, Cantor made it easy for conservatives to mount an under the radar case against him. And it worked!
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    Promises are promises, and betrayal is betrayal...Cantor betrayed his constituents! Obama Care must really be hated far more than I thought...but I think it was "all the above" myself and I think the Democrats are soon to find out Cantor's loss is not a victory for them either, I thinks they're celebrating too soon...LOL!
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    What the Dems clearly fail to understand here is that Virginia 7th is a VERY conservative district. This David Brat fellow is most likely the next person to go to DC after November's election.
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    Virginia has a 'sore loser clause' which forbids primary losers from running in the election. The only outside chance they have is write-in votes, which I doubt Cantor will get.
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    @AR_Hacker I don't think he is allowed to run as an Independent by VA law, sore looser law? I may be wrong but I think I heard that. However I think he can be a write in. Fingers crossed the former is true and he doesn't take the latter option!!!
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    There are still a lot more in Congress and the Senate that need to be booted out. You can't have the lowest job approval ratings and still expect to stay in your job.
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    Unless your party has gerrymandered your district into a lifetime appointment, which appears to be the case more often than not.
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    @jdl51 It's the main cause of uncompromising behavior. If all of your constituents will vote for your party no matter what the only thing to be afraid of is a primary challenger. On the right this has caused many to go WAY right and have no common ground with anybody who isn't far right. We don't see it as much on the left, but you do see a lot of career politicians who don't get primary challengers which makes them more representatives of DC vs their districts.

    The gerrymandered districts are the direct cause of our gridlock. If the districts were split by straight population in easily defined precincts you'd see a lot more middle ground because those who win the primaries due to being extreme could never win the general election.
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    except when you are a gov employee-look at teachers, all the pols, in Illinois, where every 3 of 4 taxpayers want to leave the state exactly because of these pols-yet they keep their jobs, just gave themselves a raise two weeks ago and are the nearly highest paid pols in the states.
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    I think his defeat had everything to do with immigration and the view that he favored a broad comprehensive immigration bill that would be to soft and forgiving on those who entered this country illegally.
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    I think his defeat had everything to do with immigration and the view that he favored a broad comprehensive immigration bill that would be to soft and forgiving on those who entered this country illegally"

    Which Republican hasn't?

    As a Dem I might be one of the few who can see the total destruction of the Dem party once 11 million plus illegals vote.

    Perhaps because I live in Latin America (Miami) where the Cuban idea of republican party is rampant corruption and no accountability and the Central and South American idea of Democrat is rampant corruption and no accountability .

    I hope that I never see either party become what Miami Reps or Dems are because to flee zero political standards and staggering corruption, ONLY TO RECREATE it is what we are going to see all over the country .
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    To be able to vote, one MUST be a citizen.
    so, the old "illegals vote" is but crap and doesn't work.
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    Yes I am aware of that but the South and Central American version of Democrat and your version are VERY different . Dems will destroy themselves from the inside out when these millions are given citizenship .

    I live in Miami . Most Cubans are Republican . Anglos here disdain the Cubans because our version of Republican is ZERO accountability , more high paid politicians than in any blue state and 100% political corruption .

    The Hispanic version of government is crap . MOST flee zero political standards only to recreate it .

    That is what these 11 million plus illegals will do .
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    It seems that most Americans are unhappy about the path America is going , yet they vote the same politicians into office. If you want change then you need to get rid of the current politicians and vote in new blood. Then if they do not put the welfare of America first, follow the Constitution, create new jobs and get us back on a sound financial footing then we need to vote them out of office! I could care less if they are a Democrat or Republican. If they do not put America first then they need to go! That would show them that unless they did the job that "We the People" voted them into office to do, then they do not keep their job. It is only common sense!!!!!
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    Are you talking about the feckless president who made the tough call that got Bin Laden or the one who saved our auto industry or the one under whose presidency the DOW soared or the one who ended a war lied into by the Right? Is that the 'feckless' one of whom you speak, or do you not know what feckless means and like to throw the word around nonetheless?
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    Feckless? Obama has done nothing more than attempt to fulfill the the promises he made. The promises that got him elected - TWICE. And if the republicans could prove he'd committed an impeachable offense there would be OFFICIAL calls for impeachment. There haven't been because he hasn't.
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    @Raybo \
    feckless--"ineffective, feeble" --American College Dictionary (Random House, 1968)
    Yup. That says it concerning Dear Leader's policies--foreign & domestic.
    NOTE: Socialism doesn't work; downgrading the military invites violence and war. But why should a messiah worry about such mortal things?
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    I don't think "finally" is correct. Obama was very much the "anti-establishment" choice back in 2008. People may be more desperate now, but there's a strong stream of anti-establishmentarianist populism in American politics. We just don't have the opportunity often.
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    Let's hope DC sees a lot more of this sweeping change come November.

    Let the people reclaim their country by overturning the government.
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    The problem with the T.P. is that they think they're more numerous than they are, even with their allies. If they had the numbers the country would have been flushed down the toilet by now.
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    Another Gadsden radical. You are very sick people. Really. The most obnoxious, vitriolic
    domestic terrorists. Should be tried for my opinion.
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    @dances-weebles , DragonHawk1959 & CattNips - November will tell the tale but all of your disparaging talk won't change the inevitable. Ignoring facts doesn't change the truth either.

    Sticks & stones... won't save a liberal.
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    Regardless, they won't be overturning the government. And if you're going to bring up facts, try citing them - specific and referenced.
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    Cantor was a good man, just tried to please too many and got away from his constituency and forgot his promises at times, but it is time for us to get back o our Constitutional Government and away from the tryant we now have running things, so welcome Tea Party, you have been needed a long time.
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    sorry, that vote up was a mistake. i clicked on the wrong button. the fact is that we most certainly don't need a bunch of uneducated teabaggers running things in washington. good lord, can you imagine the mess they'd make by hanging teabags all over the white house and capital building?
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    @dances-weebles bunch of uneducated teabaggers ? So you think Dr. David Brat is uneducated? Maybe you are more educated? Here is a little about him. Originally from Alma, Michigan, Brat moved to Virginia in 1996 with his wife, Laura. Brat attended Hope College in Michigan and received a B.A. in Business Administration in 1986; he also graduated with a Master's degree in Divinity from Princeton Theological Seminary in 1990 and earned a PhD in economics from American University in 1995. After working for Arthur Andersen and as a consultant for the World Bank, he became a professor at Randolph–Macon College (RMC) in 1996. His published papers include "God and Advanced Mammon: Can Theological Types Handle Usury and Capitalism?" and "An Analysis of the Moral Foundations in Ayn Rand." David Brat is a Roman Catholic and is a parishioner of St. Mary Catholic Church in Richmond with his wife and their two children.
    Now, you want to tell us your education?
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    @jerbear sure... if you really want to hear it... 1965 through dec. three purple hearts, bronze star, silver star... us navy udt in vietnam 1968... 1972 bachelors degree from suny system in education, 1975 masters in choral music and education, eastman school of music / rochester, ny.
    1977 masters of divinity / john roberts wesleyan college, ordained umc pastor, 1979 masters of theology / university of chicago received orders from gcc. over 3 decades served as an active christian pastor.

    do you feel better now?
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    @dances-weebles Pretty impressive if true, and if you served like you said and also preformed like you must have to receive a Bronze star, a Silver Star, and 3 purple hearts then my hat is off to you! Question, are you completely retired from the Wesleyan religion? I am a Nazarene which is very close to the Wesleyan church and we have an associate pastor who is Wesleyan. Question, you sometimes come across a little short on patience and seem upset, are you still involved in your church? I hope I have not been too nosey. About the Tea Party, do you know what the Tea name meant? If not, it stood for “Taxed Enough Already" And they felt that they had no representation and they did not. Today we have no leader who wants to obey laws or keep the constitution and thereby uphold their oath.
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    @jerbear i've never been a wesleyan... i studied in the seminary there... i was ordained as a united methodist... then i changed paths. i guess you could say that i'm 'semi-retired'. i still work at and around the church's property. we operate a hostel where we host anyone who needs a place to stay. right now there, in addition to the folks who work on the farm and sleep there, about 40 homeless and wanderers. they can stay as long as they wish, and leave when they please. we feed them, give them any necessary medical care and give them a comfortable, dry place to sleep,+ three to four meals a day... it's all absolutely free. the members of our congregation also have built a 100 bed, full service, state of the art hospital where we offer any needed medical service for free to anyone who walks, crawls or is carried through the doors regardless of insurance. that also includes a full scale surgery, medical laboratory, cardiac ward, maternity ward, neo-natal, pediatrics clinic, well baby exams, vaccination center, adult clinic, a free pharmacy, dental and optical (including laser surgery) we're now in the process of installing a mag-res exam system also. on top of that we own and operate a 250 acre farm where we raise almost all of our own food. last year we also installed a fully operational dairy plant. we also produce all our own electricity through sustainable sources including hydro, wind and solar. i've been working on the design for a generation system which uses the heat trapped below the roofs of buildings... i don't knwo if it'll ever work, though.

    what do i do? i'm manage the kitchens for all, and am the head cook... plus i fill in in the pulpit when necessary.

    our congregation has done this all out of their one pockets and by the grace of god and all our medical staff are members of our congregation and donate their time and services.

    on top of everything else that we do, or congregation is first call in our region in case of natural disaster such as flooding, fires and mudslides. i keep occupied.
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    Time to educate the unwashed and put bad journalists on the unemployment line.
    Simple Google search terms "Eric Cantor voting record"
    Hardly to the "far right"... unless of course you believe Nanny Pelosi...
    Didn't do anything in 2013 other than collect a paycheck at your expense...
    So another "parasite" using his office to collect money from corporations for "re-election"...
    Starting in 2012 with the 113th Congress Cantor started drinking the kool-aid. Voting records don't lie.
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    That's a chart of bills SPONSORED, not his voting record. His voting record was ultra-conservative.
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    Allah_speaking - Boy! Do I like it when I agree with my conservative informed friends. All of the 'experts' are playing Monday morning quarterback.

    Right! He didn't lose because he's too far right. He lost because He's NOT FAR ENOUGH right. Remember, this a Pepublican PRIMARY in a district that's 57% Republican.(I still like to think that maybe a lot of Democrats voted in the primary because they wanted the Democratic challenger to run against Brat instead of an incumbent in the general election :-)) When you said "Voting records don't lie", I'd imagine (and forgive me, I don't live in VA and didn't check out his record), that a whole lot of his votes were too 'liberal' for the so-called 'conservatives'. Brat very effectively played his stall tactics on an a sort of immigration reform bill against him. When a politician who controls the legislative agenda wants to appear that they're for something, when they're actually not, and a lot of their 'buddies' aren't either, they can simply talk a good game, and sit on their hands when it comes to actually doing anything. Cantor got caught.

    Loved the line by Boehner. "We're not going to do anything on immigration, because we don't trust Obama to enforce it." BS!.. Obama has deported far more illegal aliens than Bush ever did. Even though he thinks that's the wrong course of action. Of course if he took some sort of "Executive action" he'd be labeled a 'Dictator and Tyrant'. Of course he's issued far fewer Executive orders that the three Presidents before him, and the GOP didn't say a thing about them.

    Right again - He (Cantor) just collected a paycheck.(Even during the shutdown). But that doesn't make him any different than the other GOP members who always vote themselves pay raises, and paid themselves during the shutdown). If he had actually passed any legislation (and he did for kids cancer research btw), the Tea Party would have been even madder at him for not 'standing firm' and following Mitch's lead to obstruct.

    Right a third time. as far as "collecting money from corporations for reelection". I have to agree with you that that is the number one job of ANY politician who is supported by BIG BUSINESS interests. And yes, it happens on both sides of the aisle. That'a also why I like LEC's (Laura) idea of the $1,000.00 limit per donor.
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    It's interesting to see the self delusion amongst the Democrats. Cantor being out of office is a win for everyone, but mostly the conservatives.
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    It's a delusion that spawned from despair & desperation. The game is up, and they know it. The Obama tide has turned against him big-time. The "Revenge of the Bitter Clingers" is at hand. Adelante!!
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    F... Illegal aliens and their kids.
    The President talk about hiring VETS is that before or after to 20 MILLION ILLEGALS he wants to let in?
    Screw impeachment put this president in JAIL!
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    With over 90 million adults of working age out of a job, why do we need to "import labor"? Why not import jobs instead?
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    in america everyone is equal. vets are no better than anybody else... they proved that to me when i came home from vietnam to find that i had less benefits than people who served in europe.
  • #132
    @dances-weebles - no LEGAL American's are better then others, but in AMERICA you have no constitutional rights if your not legally here in the first place.
    AMERICANS WILL pick lettuce or apples but you have to pay them a fair wage, considering a person probably picks a 1,000 apples an hour PLEASE pay them $20 a hour and healthcare, that's penny an Apple I would rather pay that then the free food, cell phone, housing AND healthcare for an ILLEGAL!
  • #152
    @DrSilicon um... who told you that anyone is getting anything for free?

    the fact is, however, that 100% of all health care for every person stand on u.s. soil should be paid for out of our tax dollars. that's why we pay them. there's more, do you want to hear it? 100% of education should be covered as well.
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    Always good to see you being the uninformed step-child on the block.
    Who is the Democratic candidate? Now do your own research.
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    Heavn help us. I fought Cantor by responding to comments, signed petitions to get him to stop being so right winged, delivered petitions to his office, called his offices on the phone, all in an attempt to get him to allow votes taken in the house. Be aware for what you wish for. Now we have someone even worse, running for the office. Only, in the past month have I even known who was running against thim. Saw a (very) few signs along the roadside and had no idea who Brat was, but the name itself appears very appropriate.
  • #312
    rdr - Agreed. But your statement is the reason we're in trouble. You said "Heaven help us.", and that's exactly what too many people are counting on.

    We have to 'help' ourselves.

    Nobody cares to become informed (And by 'informed' I truly mean informed by others than the talking heads). But everyone bitches when we get exactly what we didn't want. And that goes for both parties.

    BTW - I also said Brat would become a Tea Party darling exactly for his name. Hint to Democratic challenger: Change your name to "Overthrow".
    Brat - When I was a kid, that was the one who insisted you played by his rules, or he was taking his ball and going home.
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    From a conservative's point of view, getting a more conservative congressman is good, but losing Cantor's legislative skills could hurt next year. He's not gone, in any event - Cantor will resurface soon as a senator or governor.
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    I agree. We most definetly haven't seen the last of him.
    I will say, I hope its a sign to come of peoples' enlightenment for real representation and the realization that career politicians while yielding much power only throw crumbs to their representative states while personally enriching themselves.
  • #54
    Legislative skills?
    What skills would those be exactly? In 2013...
    >Cantor cosponsored 0 bills and resolutions introduced by other Members of Congress.
    >Cantor introduced 4 bills and resolutions in 2013
    >Cantor missed 3.1% of votes (20 of 641 votes) in the 2013 legislative session
    >The House and Senate often work on the same issue simultaneously by introducing companion bills in each chamber. 0 of Cantor’s bills and resolutions had a companion bill in the Senate.
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    Is this something you would like to happen? A man who in an attempt to save his incumbency flat out lied about his opponents positions. That move burned him because he thought he had an insurmountable lead and the voters were ignorant sheep who wouldn't see through his lies. The problem with that logic, especially in a primary, it that the people who vote in primaries are all likely voters in the general elections. They, in particular, are paying attention. No, he would be shameless, and a fool, to attempt a return.
  • #98
    "Cantor will resurface soon as a senator or governor."

    You think he can win statewide in Virginia?
  • #105
    @Cal "You think he can win statewide in Virginia? "

    Absolutely. Cantor's political skills are as good as anybody's in Virginia, and the Republicans usually pick dolts for the statewide seats. And the next elected governor is guaranteed to be a Republican when McAuliffe goes off to prison.
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    I love how the right wing pushes itself further and further to extremes. It makes the yoga loving liberals look like stiff necked conservatives as the tea party inspired extremists make a right wing governance an oxymoron.
  • #68
    1. Eliminate Excessive Taxes
    2. Eliminate the National Debt
    3. Eliminate Deficit Spending
    4. Protect Free Markets
    5. Abide by the Constitution of the United States
    6. Promote Civic Responsibility
    7. Reduce the Overall Size of Government

    Oh my god, these ideas are so "radical"...

    Congrats on making the urban dictionary btw
    1. jono: n, one who regularly consumes drugs (legal or no) in bacchanalian quantities in lieu of social activity
    2. jono: v, to smoke up in amounts or ways that lead to one of the following: a) sex, b) public embarrasment or c) arrest
  • #76
    yes they are.... when you see the consequences of the elimination of national debt. free markets? mythology. Capitalism requires regulation to work else it becomes monopoly. government size reduction sounds great. devil and radicalism are in the details. civic responsibilities includes paying taxes. Why don't you support the rich paying their far share?(an assumption here for which I take a risk). deface spending - needed in times of recession, else I agree, but tea party right wing wants to do it only via cuts not via balanced revenue increases matching cuts. more interested in tax cutting that deficit reduction.
  • #104
    Do you have any idea how contradictory those are? Slashing taxes would make it impossible to eliminate the national debt.
  • #126
    @Allah_speaking - Guess who was President the last time the government had not only a balanced budget, but a budget surplus.
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    IOW, the measure voted on made TOTAL common sense BUT the GOTP was against it simply because they felt it helped the ACA. Never mind that it made COMMON SENSE,....they were against common sense.

  • #279
    He was beat because he was outshined by Dr. Brat and the voters recognized it. I wish our area would have dumped Graham, we had two real good replacements running.
  • #293
    In reality, it was a combination of the fact that he took Brat for granted AND that he had lost touch with the voters in his own district.. Cantor lives in the Richmond's VERY affluent West End but he was rarely seen among his own constituents in his own district UNLESS it was by invite only or the fact that it was a rich contributor. That was a BIG, BIG complaint. A good portion of the 7th is rural and middle to lower class. They saw him as running for Speaker of the House, rather than as a congressman to represent them. It wasn't cause Brat outshone him, it was cause Cantor beat Cantor.

    Brat now has to WORK to win the 7th. It's NOT going to be handed to him on a platter. His opponent is also a prof at Randolph-Macon College. While Brat will pick up the TP votes, the question is will THAT alone be enough.

    Unfortunately too many in Congress have forgotten that they represent ALL of their constituents, NOT just those in their own party, but ALL constituents. They have to remember that or it WILL come back and bite you in the ass BIG TIME.
  • #294
    In reality, we need people who know the meanings of the words DIPLOMACY and COMPROMISE. This is how things are accomplished in every aspect of life. When you oppose common sense applications (either side) simply because the other side wants it, you BOTH lose, and ultimately, the biggest loser is EVERYONE. There has to be a meeting of minds and BOTH sides have to give to get. When you are SO strict on ideology, you and everyone else LOSES and you lose big time.

    Some of the biggest milestones in this country's history have been made because of compromise, both good AND bad, but this is what moves the country forward.
  • #302
    @BenFE You are referring to the President telling the House that, We can go it alone, we don't need your input, or when he told all of Congress he has a Pen and a Telephone, or when he bypassed all of our nations checks and balances in the Terrorist/Traitor swap I assume.

    I agree.
  • #304
    @BenFE This will not hurt Republicans when people find out who Dr. Brat is. This is no Obama, he has the education and integrity to handle this job. The fact that he will be a freshman and not in a position to take the whip, it should at least send a message to the 13% approval rating group sitting on their butts while Socialism is being installed in our country. We need more Dr. Brats. Clone one for a Sen. Lindsey Graham swap please.
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