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    Republicans WILL ALWAYS block any campaign finance reform because its not n their interest

    Many conservatives are already pushing to make all donations anonymoys
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    As if Democrats actually want reform. They are the beneficiaries of some of the largest big money donors.
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    @Yank Both parties now represent their wealthy donors instead of the American people. And every law they have proposed to get money out of politics actually keeps money in politics! The sad fact of the matter is that absolutely no law is needed to take money out of politics. No one is holding a gun to any politician's head to take money from anyone - IF THEY HAD ANY HONOR OR INTEGRITY, EVERY POLITICIAN IN OUR COUNTRY COULD SIMPLY STOP DOING IT TODAY!

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    Money plays a roll but I worry more about corrupt politicians. I also feel that public financing of politicians is a very bad idea because we would have every dirt bag known to man running for office just to obtain the money. Unfortunately I think in some ways we are already there when it comes to dirt bags running for office.
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    I'll start paying attention when a pundit leads off a discussion with the total cash each party has to play with. There's nothing you can do with statements like "the Koch brothers have too much money" or "George Soros has too much money" - they are proofs of an immature thought process, since money is just a mobile form of power.

    You want to take money out of politics? What form of power are you going to replace it with, sex and violence? The list is pretty short.
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    And again. Cantor lost. His "big money" did him no good.$5.5 million lost to a guy with a $200k budget. How'd that happen if "big money" is making us a plutocracy. Does "big money" force you to vote for who "big money" wants?
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    @Ets101592 remember it is no long the millionaire, it is the multi-billionaires who run the world.
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    Corporations are not people and money is not speech. Whether it's the Koch brothers or George Soros, it doesn't matter. If I give a campaign half a million dollars, am I going to just let them do what they want? Of course not! I want favors! I want loopholes! I'm not giving you money, I'm BUYING you!
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    It is, without hesitation or exaggeration, the single biggest reason why our democratic republic is going down in flames.
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    As far as the Koch brothers you really didn't have to say anymore about them than that........
    "The clan inherited its initial wealth from their father, a stalwart right winger who co-founded the John Birch Society........." but shouldn't clan start with a K in this case?
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    FYI the dems have had more Klan members in the house and senate then the repubs.
    Your'e just mad because your name is not Koch.
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    @Yank Not ignoring just going with the "facts". More goes to Republicans from far fewer people. Your brand of a republic is one in which the rich plantation owner also owns the town and the government. My form of government says he is one man and only gets one vote, and doesn't hold sway over anyone else.
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    While I'm not sure about overturning Citizens United, I know for sure with a chaotic atmosphere like this, Citizens United isn't going to be sustainable without some major change.
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    The buying of america continues!
    We can't control the money coming in thanks to the supreme court but we can control how the money is spent. We can start by banning all political ads on tv and the radio and after a election have all remaining funds in all these tax free super pacs go to pay the nation debt. That way the politicians and their rich backers would pay off the debt they create.
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    Obama was against big money before he was for it. I guess his stance on it being "a dangerous trend for Democracy" evolved over time.
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    The Socialists have been gaming the big money system for years. Now this pinhead says conservatives can't compete on a level playing field?? Really!!!
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    1st, Eric Cantor just lost to some nobody who spent 1/50 as much on his campaign;
    2nd, the Kochs are merely leveling the playing field after labor unions had free reign for 100 years and Dems bribed urban preachers with walking around money (and now to counter the social media disinformation machine).
    If Dems aren't happy with their electioneering struggles, they should look in the mirror for blame.
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    Why do you keep peddling that nonsense? Corporations and billionaires have ALWAYS put FAR more money into politics than labor unions.
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    @Cal you mustn't have looked at non- campaign and non-financial support unions have forced their worker members up contribute or else be deemed scabs.
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    Until Democrats stop the big union money from getting them elected & then expecting favors like the GM bailout, there will be no campaign finance reform. It must work on both parties!
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    Unions represent working blue collar long as Koch Bros hand out millions I am glad we have unions sticking up for us....Unions are slowly going away thanks to people like the Koch bros who want to dominate all of us and thwart the government to suit their own needs...You must be a corporate troll.
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    @akita96th Like I said hypocrite, you CAN NOT have it all your way. You want to stop big money from one side, you must stop big money from all sides. UNIONS ARE CORRUPT & they are bankrupting our public pensions & cities while the voter has no say in the cost of their state taxes because we have no voice in those public unions.
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    In a perfect world money means nothing. Just good feelings and fairness and equality all that stuff would be wonderful. I think there was a movie about this Utopian Wet one. The game unfortunately is he who has the most toys at the end of the day wins. The dems just want the Repubs to give them their toys, after all that's only fair.
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    How concerned are you about the role of money in politics?
    YES...Simply because You have to be Rich to get into our Government.
    Then once you are their they forget why they were elected in the 1st place.
    Its truly saddening