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    Her computer is not the storage source for emails they are held by the server of her email provider or if in house then the in house servers which are hard copied and crashes do not necessarily erase them and in any case are supposed to have duplicate backup in place......anyone in IT knows this!
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    That's the bottom line here. I'm not going to even read any more of this thread. This is the stupidest shit I ever heard of from government.
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    Lmao. Anybody that can't see through this lie is a blinded disciple. This criminalistics regime needs to burn. We all know they're lying. Even the leftists know they're lying. This is simply more proof that this goes much higher than Lerner. Just think. It started out as "two rogue agents in the Cincinnati office." The regime has lied every step of the way on this scandal. Good god, I hope the truth comes out. Every one of them, from odumba, down to Lerner should be in prison.
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    @Chavo EXACTLY. Of course liberals will argue that just because you plead the 5th doesn't mean you've done anything wrong. I know, because I've argued with them about it before. It's laughable.
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    Lerner & the IRS was asked 2 years ago for these documents - Why were they not lost then, hmmm? I have a life size picture of me telling the IRS that the dog ate my 1099's.

    Corruption starts with our wannabe dictator....

    (Thesaurus - noun 2. dictator - a ruler who is unconstrained by law.)
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    @S-N-A-F-U "why we're they not lost then?" They had more time to see that dumbo and most of his regime, like holder, are implicated too.
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    This whole regime is as crooked as a dog's hind leg! But yet, his leg humpers give him and his surrogates complete cover as if his errant policies won't effect them! Stultus est sicut stultus facit!!!
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    From what I understand, it's literally impossible to lose 2 years of IRS e-mails unless there was systematic sanitizing of the e-mails and their backups. In other words, crimes were committed. Not long ago, I said the following in response to the the pole question: "Would it be wise for Democrats to participate in the House committee's Benghazi investigation?" My response was: "Whether Democrats should participate in the House's Benghazi investigation depends upon whether they can shred (physically or electronically) the documents fast enough to cover up their lies."

    I knew then, and therefore it isn't a surprise to me now, that the Obama administration would be willing to shred (electronically and physically) IRS e-mails in order to cover up its deliberate targeting of conservatives and their organizations in order to illegally deprive them of their constitutional rights of political speech and lawful assembly.

    Whether the IRS e-mails are actually lost depends on whether the hard drives themselves were destroyed, which I suspect they were. Again, this means, from what I understand, that the only way the e-mails could literally disappear is if crimes have been committed.

    I suspect that the IRS e-mails contained information linking the IRS scandal directly to the White House and therefore the Obama administration and perhaps even the President himself had no choice but to shred and destroy the e-mails and hard drives in order to avoid impeachment. If would be surprised if the hard drives themselves haven't been destroyed.

    Given the arrogance of President Obama and his administration when it comes to doing whatever it is he wants regardless of whether his actions are unconstitutional, leads me to suspect that the IRS scandal reaches directly into the White House, and therefore it was only a matter of time before the e-mails and their respective hard drives disappeared.

    But, I'm being cynical here--or am I?
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    "From what I understand, it's literally impossible to lose 2 years of IRS e-mails unless there was systematic sanitizing of the e-mails and their backups. In other words, crimes were committed. "

    Your understanding is incorrect, which is why we have a deliberate system of justice here, to prevent jumping to conclusions with bad results.

    Being sure isn't at all the same as being right.
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    @Cincinnatus you do realize that emails are stored on a server and not on a persons individual computer, right? A computer crash does not result in a loss of emails.
    You do also realize thst federal agencies are required by law to maintain records of emails, which means backing them up, right?
    In other words, it isnt possible to lose her emails in a computer crash unless it was deliberate, and laws were broken...
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    So far in every congressional investigation, I have been stunned (and very troubled) that the various federal agencies have been simply refusing to supply congress with information in one way or another. We, the people, seem to have absolutely no oversight whatsoever in these agencies.
    Having said that, and given the arrogance of this administration, this data may not be destroyed at all. Hell, it may not even be deleted off of her computer and iphone. They are probably just saying they are lost, because they have learned congress has no real authority anymore.
    Hell, have you seen the video that surfaced of eric holder flat out threatening a congressman in a hearing for asking a pointed question?
    This really shouldnt be a republican vs democrat thing, because it IS a scary as hell thing. Whatever a persons political affilitiation, if this party can get away with it, the other party can get away with it. But right now, dems refuse to speak out against obama for doing the exact same things as, or often worse things than, president bush.(Remember all the democrat opposition to the patriot act prior to 2009?) I have no doubt when the republicans take back the federal government, the majority of the republicans will decide there is nothing wrong with such issues, again, and the dems will be fightingnagainst them, again. This is why we cant get our country back on track.
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    @Cincinnatus Even you have to agree that this is fishy. want to hold off a final opinion until the investigation runs its course...but somehow I doubt there will ever be damning enough evidence for you to admit a criminal and treasonous act was committed.
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    @Cincinnatus Impossible? No. But its DAMN close. There is so much redundant systems protection measures for government networks its rediculous. Regular backups to offsite servers, copies on several different databases, nothing short of an actual intentional purge would cause 2 entire years worth of emails, sent out over a government computer network, to simply disappear. Iv gone through 4 computers in the last 9 months on my network and still have almost everything that wasnt saved directly to the desktop. This excuse is laughable and a pathetically obvious BS excuse.
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    Well, it is kind of a Democrat mess...maybe we can in a way this November...might give Trey more room to get to the bottom of these things then as well.
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    Emails are saved on a server. When a computer crashes, it means nothing. Furthermore if the individual sent the emails on some sort of public email provider those emails exist forever. Period. They're out there. Somewhere.
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    @Cincinnatus My email is through Verizon. I have Outlook on my computer, which downloads the emails from their server to my computer, and allows me to create emails on my computer to be sent through their mail server. If my computer crashed or got destroyed, all I would have to do is install a fresh copy of Outlook, configure the POP3 and SMTP settings to be able to send and receive my email through Verizon and voila! They've all be miraculously returned to my new computer without skipping a beat.

    As others have said, there are multi-layered redundant servers that keep this information in the event one of them goes down...or is taken out, not to mention the backups at the NSA, so blaming the loss of emails on her computer crashing is an insult and would be laughable if this weren't such a serious case.

    For these emails to have been truly "lost," every hard drive associated with email storage on the redundant backups would have been systematically destroyed.

    Whomever made this statement should be held in contempt of Congress for lying about it!
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    @Cincinnatus Or, they openly lied about it as this may be a sign of desperation on their part.

    Images of Indians circling the wagons come to mind...
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    Now that several other people's emails have gone missing, it seems less likely that Ms Lerner should be lynched.

    I wonder if all those people who were standing out in front of the jail with a rope are going to admit that they may have been a little hasty.
    I suppose it would be asking to much for them to learn anything.
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    If you believe this, you must be an Obbumer supporter. Just another example of the respect this administration has for the people of this country.
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    Given the current state of the American electorate: I would estimate that 35-40% would support Obama if he snorted crack during the SOTU, led a gang to loot the gold reserves at Ft. Knox, and surrendered 20 red states to the rule of an al-Qaeda caliphate. That's the hill we must climb, folks!
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    @WinstonSmith The in corporate, farm and individuals weighs heavy in every election and on both sides of the aisle. Red states, blue states, the only real difference is the end recipients of the tax payer dollar. The tax payer will always foot all bills in one way or another.
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    @Cincinnatus Why would they conveniently become "lost" if they didn't point higher up the ladder?

    Once they are outed, we'll find out how high.

    My guess is the WH.
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    I respect your opinion. In many ways I feel the same about your posts: there mostly narrative talking points sprinkled with facts. Anything further is simply not credible!
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    One lie , followed by another cover up, followed by another cover up and on , and on , ad nauseam. No one is competent in this administration, No one! If this wasn't so insulting to anyone with a brain, it would be funny. Ugh! Are Americans frustrated yet??? I hope so.
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    Well i been frustrated for a long time lets see maybe 6 years that tell you anything. How many scandal we have going on now in Obama administration now I lost track it's more then 6 now not good for 6 years one a year really not good at all.
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