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    It's amazing how people on here actually think that a company buying polititians is a "good" thing for this country. And don't try to pull a "well what about Soros". How about you STOP ignoring the true problem and turning face when the person that is corrupting our government just happens to have similar views as you. I don't care if any billionaire has the same interests as me I DO NOT want a government that makes rules for whoever has the most money. And if you believe these kock bros have the people's best intrest in mind god help you, and I'm not even religious.
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    I always find it interesting that you guys wail and wail about the Kichs but ignore Bloomburg and Soros. I'd love to see you guys rail on them to.
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    @BobSmith The koch brothers are friends of their wealth and nothing more. They sure as hell aren't friends of us working class folks. Sure they have wealth, and a boatload of your and my tax dollars in the form of corporate welfare. They are scared of unions, cause it will cost them a few more bucks to pay decent wages and offer good benefits, so they pass right to work, or as I call it, right to work for less or right to fire laws in states where they can get away with exploiting workers. I have absolutely ZERO sympathy when it will cost these guys acouple hundred million to pay the workers a good wage. They have that in their couch cushions.
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    @Arumizy "I don't care if any billionaire has the same interests as me I DO NOT want a government that makes rules for whoever has the most money."

    I think you missed my point, it doesn't matter which side is getting giant donations and it doesn't matter from where. Bottom line money in politics is corruption plain and simple. Now with that aside even if for some wild reason you do think the Koch bros do do good for this country, that shouldn't mean you would want them to corrupt and buy politicians and our government. That should be common sense.
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    @callingthemout Koch brothers enrich themselves while enriching others. When did free market capitalism become a bad thing? It sure beats the hell out of shared misery that Democrats are pushing. At least for those willing to get off their lazy butts and work.
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    Its a bunch of BS! They are doing nothing by trying to improve their image but not what they do. Don't fall for their crap, they are still the same bigoted, money hungry, earth destroyers.
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    Thats how you liberals aways define truth. The problems are not that complex: Too much government eating up too much of everyone's money while thwarting private efforts to create more wealth for everyone.

    That about sums it up.
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    I call them bumper sticker slogans. It's easy to distort the truth w/ them and stupid people will gobble them up.
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    @CaryNickel Thank you for highlighting the fact that you don't actually understand the issues. It is FAR more complex than that.
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    @CaryNickel " thwarting private efforts to create more wealth for everyone."

    Uhm, they're billionaires. And they don't think their own employee's have a right to ask for a liveable wage,,, or the employee's of anyone else for that matter?

    It occurs to me they could have used some of the 400 million+ they've spent on campaign contributions to give their employee's a raise as well as hire a few more. Maybe even start some new company to create a few more jobs.

    Of course, you actually believe they're going to spend millions supporting outright lunatics because they just love us wittle people allll to death.

    Riiiiiight. And the left is accused of being the kool aid drinkers.
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    @Tolpuddle Sorry, but billionaires have no responsibility to create jobs just in order to create jobs. That's what government does, and look how it works for government.

    You will not find one word uttered by either of the Koch brothers that says employees don't have the right to ask for a raise. Any employee has the right to ask for a raise, and every employees has the right to simply say no. The Koch brothers simply don't believe government should give everyone a blanket pay raise simply because they can. And neither do I.

    And of course you blow your own argument completely out of the water when you equate my belief in limited government with the beliefs of "lunatics". I happen to believe anyone who supports bigger government in order to accomplish social change is a lunatic...not to mention a threat to liberty.
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    And of course they were going to be a target. The 2010 asskicking the Democrats took on a City-State and National level left them with a giant case of ButtHurtitis....

    Just to review.....

    Alabama’s most monumental shift came in the state Legislature, in which Republicans gained control of both the House and the Senate for the first time since 1874. State Rep. Robert Bentley’s win kept the governor’s mansion in GOP hands, and Republicans picked up a net of seven seats in the Senate and 19 seats in the House. In the state’s most contested U.S. House seat, Martha Roby defeated freshman Democratic Rep. Bobby Bright.

    Read more:
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    Hmmm.....well, how is Alabama a "Model State" for anything positive? What are they best at?....Overt obesity, political regressiveness, abject poverty, and one of the lowest standards of living in the country? What again are we proudly holding Alabama up as for a great example of..........Lunacy in governance? A failed 3rd-world U.S. State still basically living inside a 19th century worldview?
    OK, whatever...Roll Tide! Go 'Bama!
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    This ad proves that what the liberals have been saying is must be true. Otherwise there would be no reason for the billionaire bros to run an ad.
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    Well, you know, when libs backed by billionaires and an idiot Senator run a smear campaign against you, you gotta do what you gotta do to get the truth out.
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    @blue_yahoo The truth is the truth no matter where you stand. There are a lot of things that get in the way of the truth the Koch brothers pet themselves in between people and the truth so that people sometimes can't see the truth. But, there is only one truth.
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    Well looking back throughout history I can think of a few things that people in mass thought was "truth" until years or centuries later they were proved wrong. But, up until then, they were sure they knew the "truth".
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    If there is demand for something, be it energy or candybars... the people who manage to fill that demand are as a general rule helping the economy and if thier paying taxes and protecting the environemnt, they should be valued and appreciated. At the same time, if they are doing very bad things to our environment and not paying enough in taxes to offset/fix the damage they cause... they are bad for the country and deserve our scorn.

    The Koch brothers deserve our scorn.
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    Paying taxes? How many big corporations skirt taxes like a cat avoids water? I wonder how many layers of dressing Koch companies wear in order to hide from the tax man.
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    As a libertarian, I don't begrudge the Kochs their wealth, provided that they did not defraud anyone to get it. They can also pay money to whatever politicians they like, and put out any ad that they want on TV. However, when it comes to politics, votes are what counts, not dollars. If we do not like a politician being a puppet for the wealthy, we do not vote for him/her. If the people refuse to vote for corporate puppets, the politicians will avoid corporate sponsorship. Liberty is a two way street.
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    Considering these arrogant cretins are multi-multi billionaires....even if we suspend belief and reality briefly to accept the fallacy that ANY person or persons actually create any jobs from the supply-side, since only the MARKET has ever created a job or any jobs........their claim "we created 60,000 jobs", is truly pathetic considering any numbskull with that kind of money could easily fund 100ea $20,000 per year minimum-wage jobs for every million dollars invested......or 100,000 jobs for every billion dollars invested. For $20B, those 100,000 jobs could be funded over 20 years........and given that the Koch boys likely pull down that $20B coin each year in profit..........what's the shouting about?

    How many American jobs have the Koch brothers sent offshore, or eliminated through corporate takeovers, or through the closing-down of facilities domestically to save a dollar or boost a widget's profit margin?

    Is it 1,000,000 jobs lost, or 10 million jobs lost due to the malingering interference and profit-taking by these Kochs, over the last 20 years?

    Thank you, Koch boys, for voluntarily illustrating just how LITTLE you've contributed to the livelihood of the American lower Middle Class. It isn't bad enough that two miscreants like the Kochs have virtually bought our entire election process and political system, now the Republican slaves to the Koch empire want us all to like their Slave-Massuhs, too.

    Yes suh! No suh! Whatevah you say suh! We have way too many citizens who apparently hail from the "Mo-tea-suh?" tribe........just more folks living under the Koch whip and starting to like it........
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    One money hungry greedy evil fat cat equals thousands of people with paychecks.
    One power hungry greedy politician equals thousands of people without a paycheck.
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    "One money hungry greedy evil fat cat equals thousands of people with paychecks."

    Walmart, the number one employer in the U.S. The only person in the store NOT dependent on food stamps is the store manager. Walmart sucks 7 billion a year from the tax payers to feed THEIR employee's.

    Just because people are getting a paycheck doesn't mean the people getting those paychecks aren't still living in poverty.
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    Thank Walmart. If it was not for them those people would need more than food stamps. They would have no job and would need complete assistance.
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    The Koch's need to tell everybody whether they agree with those LIbertarians (Hayek, Friedman, and Charles Murray) who say they are willing for there to be a Basic Income Guarantee (a BIG) by government or with those who say "no" to that proposal (like Rothbard and Hospers.) See the website Bleeding Heart Libertarians. If they said "yes," there could be bargaining on its size. If "no," it's endless war.
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    Only the ill informed and ignorant will fall for it. Of course we've had "American Idol" and "The Love Boat" as some of our top rated TV shows over the years so it just might work.
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