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    am I the only one who sees this whole iraq iran thing as another vietnam and there's no way we should continue to lose our soldiers or other countries who are trying to help them even because it's a dead end thing...
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    No, you are not, disabldnotdead. I, too think it's disgusting and irresponsible that the United States is still in Iraq at all, and the fact that Obama's even been considering using drones over there in response to Iraq's U. S. A.-made crisis in the first place is beyond stupid...and vicious.
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    No, your not.. but what we should do is everything we can to support the Kurds in the north to break away and form their own country. We should have done years ago but I think Turkey protested against the idea.

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    @mplo We weren't in Iraq. Bush signed The U.S.–Iraq Status of Forces Agreement on 12/14/08 for, "All U.S. forces are to withdraw from all Iraqi territory, water and airspace no later than the 31st of December of 2011.", which we were. We just sent in some special forces and FBI to check on their preparedness and to help their Army secure Baghdad. Hopefully they'll get the Hell out of there if thinks go South, which it looks like they will.
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    I disagree with you, Bodhisattva. We ARE still in Iraq, whether you or anybody else on here realizes it or not. We've still got 50, 000 troops in Iraq at present, which we shouldn't. We should get the hell out of Iraq, once and for all! We don't belong in Iraq, or any other country, for that matter.
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    I don't think the United States government has any business whatsoever trying to tell other countries, including Iraq, how to govern and manage the affairs of their countries and their people. This gunboat diplomacy on the part of the United States, which has been going on for over half a century, has destroyed the infrastructure of countries, killed, maimed and sickened their population(s), has cost the United States the respect of the rest of the world, and has proved to be a criminal waste of money and resources that could've and should've gone into fixing up our own back yard, if one gets the drift.
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    They are distracted enough hating each other right now? Why give them the chance to unify forces by involving ourselves giving them a common enemy.
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    I hate to think about getting in another mess but they are planning on coming after us too. We should have never let our guard down. The terrorist have to be stopped . Unfortunately, that's the way it is. There will never be peace but in order for us to be free we have to take a stand against evil. It is sickening!
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    No aid to Islamic terrorists! Sunni or Shia. Propping up a Shia tyrant. And thereby aiding Iran, is not in the best interests of our national security.
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    I'm torn because I think the USA should get out, period. The Shia and the Sunni have been killing each other since 632, when Muhammad died: That's as much time as between Christ and Columbus. Let them settle their own problems, and direct the saved moneys to Detroit, the VA, the National Debt.
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    I'm a little late getting in on this discussion. I am pleased that some one other than myself realizes this "war" among Shia, Sunnis and Kurds has been ongoing for thousands of years and is not going to end today, or tomorrow or ever! This is not the situation, only in Iraq, but in all the mid-east. When will we ever learn to keep our noses out of other Nations' business? These countries never were and never will be a democracy. Remember, the price for the "prize " is high. May the "prize" flow forever.
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    the only option Barack Obama is contemplating is what to have for lunch after his next round of include him in any news article claiming he is somehow involved in strategic planning of anything other than what shirt to wear is journalistic malpractice
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    Okay, Let's warn them before we strike??????!!!!

    No warning should be given as to what the USA plans. The middle east is a giant toilet. Let these people live in their giant latrine. At the first inkling of terrorism towards the USA, that toilet should be flushed, without warning.

    Meanwhile, the southern US border is wide open so just about anyone can get through and yet the government tells us to be vigilant as to suspicious behavior possibly related to terrorism. Incredible and pathetic!!!!
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    The War is over for America. We don't need to be there.
    He didn't listen to President Bush advice about leaving before we should.
    I guess he will still blame Bush.
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    If it was up to several Republicans, we would never have left but just stayed there until dooms day. Even though we were told it was time to go and they no longer wanted us there. We honored the time frame we were given by the president of that country.
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    Its impossible to have left Iraq before we should. Brain dead and the war profiteers had faked up an unjustified and unprepared invasion overextending both our forces and our political abilities. Your digestive end products are spewing from the wrong end. We should not have been there, it was impossible to leave too soon.
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    We're still in Iraq. It makes no difference whether or not there are Democrats OR Republicans taking the lead, especially at this point in time.
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    @j2saret Maybe we shouldn't have been there and I agree on that. But due to the Obama & Hillary being the prolific liars they are. The Media backing up and biasing what they said. There is no telling what the Iraqis was promised and we have not kept our agreement.
    Also look at it this way. Every leader that the Obama administration has set up in the Muslim nations, those countries have put them out of office.
    But after we got there and got engaged in the war. It was the United States responsibility to help maintain the governments and not just leave cold turkey and say do it the best you can.
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    @Carolo43 How do we know it was the time frame coming from the the Obama administration who tell a different version of a story from day to day. You catch them in a lie and they tell another lie.
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    Before we do ANYTHING for that shithole they need to start filling up oil tankers to send us enough oil to pay for the last time, plus interest....then keep sending them and we can drop some bombs or fire some missles from sea on a "pay as you go" basis....anything that costs America lives or money is bullshit. Iraq is filthy rich in oil reserves, why should we spend anything? Let them pay for it.
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    I hate to use the words Human Being here,because these people are animals and are as backward as any animal on this planet.Even animals do not kill just to kill.These people slaughter prisoners just to do it.They live by no civilized rules of war.They think they are massacring these people to instill fear and it may work against them.The world itself should be outraged over there killings.The best thing that could be done is Iraq taken over by many different united countries and impose rule on them.If not the world should put them out of their misery and nuke the hell out of them once and for all!!!!!
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    Sounds good to me. We've lost enough men and women for other countries benefit.
    Wish our leaders would appreciate the fact that they do not think like we do. Heck, dogs are terrified of the Iraqi people! Our soldiers took care of the one's they could and shipped some of them to their families back here. Their priorities and values are not the same as OURS.
    I adopted a few soldiers via Soldiers Angels....I had one soldier who told me that an Iraqi officer shot a dog the GI's had been feeding, inside the base. The dog ran towards 'Samuel' and died at his feet.
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    The area needs to be stabilized, under a government the is unlikely to support Sharia law. If the.extremists win they wil most than likely use the country as a base for missions OUTSIDE the area. TERRORIST STRIKES.
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    First of all we would need a significant aerial campaign to have any effect, in addition the iraqi troops are not up to the job. With the significant delay in reaction it may be too late, the door is opening for iraq to fall and be divided among regional powers, further destabilizing the flow of oil. Another example of a president not prepared and unable to act with decisiveness.
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    The far east has been a mess forever and will be yet 50 years from now. There has never been a president that could calm that mess down and never will be. The only one who was able to control those people was Saddam. Perhaps we should have left him alone. He sure wasn't bothering us any.
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    They've had sectarian war for over 1,000 years. Let's not follow the lead of the dumbass neocons this time, and just let them go at it on their own.
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