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    I can't help but wondering how I would feel if I made my living fishing that area....only to have my livelihood ripped from me from one man.

    I would imagine that I would be very upset.
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    If there are no fish, then it won't matter. And since most of the people destroying our fish stocks are NOT US based, this is like a double win.
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    Learn some history, its happened before, the fishermen were very upset but the resource recovered. in areas where the resource was not managed and protected it never recovered. You could have more rational reactions if you had more information. Fish now for a few years or stop for a few years and assure fishing for decades.
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    You may be miscontruing "one man" commercial fishermen with big Japanese fishing conglomerates, y'know, the gill-netters and the guys who catch sharks, cut off their fins, and throw them back........the same folks that drag their nets for miles and miles, destroting the seafloor and dragging many sportfishermen's crab pots along for the ride......tossing the dead porpoises, mangled sunfish, drowned sea turtles, and other dead "by-catch" over the side and strewing the ocean surface for miles with their garbage. America's sportfishermen, many of who also have a commercial license, are supporting this mandate, because without it, Pan-Asian BIG Fish Inc. corporations will continue to rape and pillage our natural asset, which has been devasted over the last 20 years to almost to the same sorry state our Atlantic fishery was..........
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    Well put. American Pacific coastal fishermen, both our sportsfishermen and small commercial ventures,(sometimes these are one and the same; often our sportsmen also hold commercial licenses so they can go out singlehandedly during the workweek to make a living catching a dozen salmon or lincod or a few crab pots or so) have been asking for protections for over decade, as "BIG FISH INC." from Japan, China, and Northern Europe came here and were destroying our last vital and vibrant coastal fishery.
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    As usual, he takes it too far. Too bad he isn't this interested in the people dependent upon fishing this area. And too bad he isn't this interested in the crisis in the middle east or the one going on with all of the illegal children pouring into the country. Too bad he doesn't care that the IRS has just commited another criminal act and are hiding the Lerner emails.
    He's going to save the oceans.
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    Too bad you blame him for everything. Maybe you should grow up a little and realise just what Presidents can and cannot do. Last time I checked it was Congress that declared wars so if you want another insane middle eastern debacle just get your Bat s**t crazy Republicans to declare it.
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    @AlmostIllusion In your ignorance you assume I want another war. I didn't even allude to that. His lackluster leadership (and I'm giving him way too much credit) shows how little he cares about current events, especially those that are most important at the moment. Thousands of kids and some adults, are filtering in from South Am. and overwhelming Texas. Instead of sending them back he's asking for 1+ billion dollars to help them. Border Patrol has been ordered to stand down. So much so that even drug trafficking is on the rise.
    The middle eastern "debacle" has already happened, is happening. What Obama needs to understand is that in his repeated denial of the dangerous al qaeda groups, he has allowed this to get out of hand.
    And hate to have to tell you, but Batshit was taken long ago by Pelosi. She owns that one.
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    "That's likely to draw the ire of tuna companies, which actively fish in the western and central Pacific."

    But the next generation will be grateful that he kept the tuna fisheries from collapsing.
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    We already are doing that with the regs we have, we have some of the best managed fisheries in the world already. There was no need for the removal if the exemption. Other then that it was fine.
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    "we have some of the best managed fisheries in the world already."

    You sure have a warped sense of irony, most of our most productive fisheries have already crashed.

    "The Atlantic cod has, for many centuries, sustained major fisheries on both sides of the Atlantic. However, the North American fisheries have now largely collapsed. "

    "Pacific herring is considered a keystone species because of its very high productivity and interactions with a large number of predators and prey. the Pacific herring fishery collapsed in the year 1993."

    The Historical Collapse of Southern California Fisheries and the Rocky Future of Seafood
    Though the media tends to focus on the effects of pollution, climate change, or overfishing, outdated systems of management are actually the main cause of the collapse in many cases.
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    By what authority does he attempt to control fishing , or anything else in international waters used by many nations??
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    Sure you can. Just watch.

    But in reality, the amount of radiation is not terribly dangerous.

    It might result in one or two extra cases of cancer per year.(That's a guess)
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    Expand , expand, expand.. and we are does he do anything other than make everything worse.
    He expanded the National Debt pretty good too, and now our kids & grand kids will inherit this MESS!
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    Is this the same twit (playing the *dictator) that said he doesn't need congress - he has a pen and a phone? Once again, usurping the "separation of powers act" by executive fiat. He's already made a mockery of our Constitution, rule of law and the Sovereignty of our nation by not protecting our borders from unauthorised entry!

    *(Thesaurus - noun - 2. dictator - A ruler who is unconstrained by law.)
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    Guess you would also say Reagan, Clinton and Bush where dictators too? The president has a lot more executive orders to write before he even comes close to those three!!!

    Oh Yea. You miss this?

    "...Obama's executive order will expand the amount of protected sea by nearly nine times the area designated by >>>>Bush<< <<"

    Object? Disagree?

    Get the facts!!! Stop listening to talking heads telling you what to think.

    Same applies to other nay sayers.

    Many fisherman agree. Better to have sustained fishing then no fish to catch.

    My 2 Cents (ΒΆΒΆ)
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    @DoneTwice Guess you don't know Dictator
    when you see typical of the SHEEP.
    They will be the demise of America. Our real
    Enemies are within...
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    Guess you got sand in your eyes. You don't have a clue what fishing is all about. There would be no fishing industries (commercial or private) if the seas and oceans where not to have some regulations. No Fish. No fish to catch!!! All that simple!

    If making some areas around some islands and off the coastal areas off limits to fishing, it would or should stop China from over fishing as another member stated.

    Shouldn't even be a political issue. Should be a sustain the food supply issue for generations to come. I fish and I am aware of the consequences of over fishing.

    I am all in favor what BUSH did and never supported him nor all his policies. But this one was one I did. Imagine that? LOL!!!

    Disagree? That's cool!
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    @DoneTwice I am all for a clean environment, I believe that there should be a balance. In other words, do you put thousands out of work due to the" endangered" Salamander? I have seen 'environmentalists" in action...pretty scary. Since I am an animal lover, PETA pesters me all the time wanting my money to fight for the life of a rat or mosquito...remember how mad they got when Obama swatted the fly? They're whacko's. There has to be a balance, I just don't see one w/
    the Left, I used to, but...I was one once too.
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    @AlmostIllusion You liberals are obsessed with Koch. I'd even go so far as to say that you have a major Koch fetish.

    While you BDLs are dreaming of Koch, the truly evil George Soros is manipulating the government and bringing about corruption and the ruin of America.
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    First of all, if the resident is once again going around Congress you can bet he has an ulterior motive that will bite most tax payers in the arse before it's over. Secondly,wouldn't regulation (I mean limits) be far better than outright banning all commercial fishing within a 200-mile radius. Surely there's some middle ground for cooperative conservation.

    Congress has the authority to reject all executive orders, within a 30-day period, and I'd like to see them exercise that option so that bo will be reminded that he works for us. We should take his pen away from him, but he can keep his phone.
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    I feel sorry for anyone who is forced or willing to eat plastic, toxic, radioactive fish from the Pacific ocean on a daily basis.
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    I support the attempt to protect wildlife but not at the expense of humans, who may need to fish there or drill for energy there. These things can be done in a fashion which also protects the wildlife.
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    And who in the hell would that be? Surely not the serial golfer who continues to fiddle as the world and most importantly, OUR country burns down around him. Go DIAF Hobo.
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    @GovLePetomane Burning the country down? You mean the time that the Repubs actually shut the governement down because they refused to pass CR?
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    Well, that's likely to put many people out of jobs...Ahh, give into the Left, and put people out of work. More on the Public Assistance programs for the Tax Payers to have to ante up more of their hard earned money for... The left sooo loves spending other peoples money and then we
    all wonder why there are no jobs? Really? We're too busy stopping logging, fracking, etc. Ad Nauseam to pacify the Left, the same ones who want to "save the planet" at the cost of everyone living at poverty level. UGH! We will be soon, the Wagon Pullers are getting tired of
    pulling the wagon riders. Gotta love Obama & Company!!!
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    Hey dipshit. It's not all about us humans. There are 1000s of other species on this planet too. What a pompous ass you are not to give them any consideration. It's far past time we take into consideration something more than the almighty dollar.
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    @Brewmeister When they start working and pay their fair share, talk to me. Otherwise, pull your lip over your head and swallow.
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    The Dear Leader dictates and we must follow the directives for our own good. No discussion from the illiterate masses is allowed!!! HAIL VICTORY!!!
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    @AceLuby actually he changed it in a way to effect jobs. Don't get me wrong other then removing the exemption for fishing I support a rare good move from Obama.
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    He did what presidents do, George W included. Have some foresight. This is needed for YOUR grandchildren. Don't you care about them?
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    @Raybo actually this isn't needed for our grand children, we have one of the best regulated fishing industries in the world. Something like this does nothing, the only thing that will help is getting places like china to adopt regulations.
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    I not against executive orders, but I'm against always bypassing the Congress in every turn. Wait until we take the Senate and this will stop. Wait until we get someone other than John Boehner as a leader in the house. Come November, things will be different.
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    As long as there is a (d) in the White House, congress won't play nice and the president will do what he (or she) needs to do to keep this country running.
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    What will be different, exactly? Will the GOP congress start working w/ the President? No? Yeah... then nothing will change.
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    @Now_What so you're saying mr Clinton was unable to do things when ge was in office. Bush was able to get things done & he had the big "D" in control of both houses... i think when you have a community organizer in charge is where things go very wrong.
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    @Now_What that's why so much got done when there were (D)s legislature as well? Maybe have Reid stop blocking house bills from being brought up in the Senate if (D)s want to pretend to work with (R)s?
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    @freaky6smurf I actually think it is two parts. Obama campaigned on working with the Republicans and then completely tossed them to the side. Then he expected them just to play nice later. We also have Reid who is blocking house passed bills from the House from even being brought to the floor to be read, amended, or voted on. Which is funny that the left talks about Republicans blocking bills, but not so much what Reid has been doing for years.
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    Conservatives seem to think resources will never run out, let me tell you we are already fishing out more than is being produced. "Oh there is nothing to worry about just some crazy liberals out there." Oh really? Tell that to your future generations maybe they want to enjoy some fishing sometime instead of their being nothing but chemical waste and overfished seas
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    I think we should declare Obama to be a national disaster and keep him in isolation until he blesses us with his demise, and learn to never trust the liberal idiots again. I hope everyone has learned their lesson. Never trust a liberal.
    Things that taught the lesson to us; The Benghazi debacle
    The lies about Obama care.. The punishment of those who disagree with him, Tea Party, Republicans, Christians, and others by having the IRS attack them.. The lies about a computer crash and emails disappearing that prove Lois Lerner was in cahoots with Obama.. The Mexican arms debacle where guns went to terrorist.
    . The reason thousands of children are showing up on our door stoop. The Red line Obama put down then did nothing to those who violated it. The reason we are the laughing stock of the world, Obama.
    . The debacle in Iraq, is because Obama against his advisors and military went ahead and took us out of Iraq too early.. The horrible debt we have.. The economy he wrecked.
    . The war on Christianity he is waging on us.. And many more.
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    I actually applaud the effort but in the end I do not think it will matter much. The only fisheries that have to follow this rule are US based. There is nothing saying that a Japanese flagged vessel will not troll the waters some 150 miles off the coast of Guam (purely speculative I do not know if there is a legit fishery in that location) and harvest the tuna that would have previously been available to US fisheries.
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    @richstacy Tell congress to do their job then.m time for the republicans in office to get some ethics - they are a joke.
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