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    Statements like this at least let us know her true intent .

    Millions of decent law abiding citizens made to feel like terrorist by her ramblings. I am shocked and outraged.

    If she hates guns so much she should disarm her family's security. She should be like the rest of us who do not have armed security guards 24/7 at the tax payers expense.

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    Without a doubt, cray.
    I wish I could add more that would be relevant. I can't.
    Quite frankly, the long time privileged have long forgotten their roots.
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    AMERICA IS TERRORIZED BY GUN CONTROL OPPONENTS. I said it. Does that mean I hate the 9mms I own and carry daily? Does that mean I hate the M16A2 that I've fired +30,000rnds from. Or that I secretly hated the quasi-sexual experience I had from firing 1,000 rounds from an M2 .50 cal in one sitting?

    Your logic is faulty.
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    So say's the woman that has highly trained, heavily armed guards that's paid for the US taxpayers........
    Don't be fooled. They are our Queens and Kings. Bow down and start kissing.
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    I hope she maintains this stance.....
    Even many Liberals like their guns.
    She'll never see POTUS office and will remain a POS.
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    AMERICA IS TERRORIZED BY GUN CONTROL OPPONENTS! I said it; and I don't have highly trained, heavily armed guards. Unless you count a former Marine rifle squad leader with two tours in Iraq, a 9mm and 26rnds. Now that I've swept your talking point aside...go!
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    Well, of course you're not terrorized. Having one of those evil "assault weapons" makes you one of the terrorists!
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    As I understand it, Presidents and their spouses have, under the law, Secret Service protection while in office and for life thereafter. It isn't optional.
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    No, if you walk into peaceful public places in a big group and all of you are conspicuously armed, you are frightening people. Even the NRA briefly acknowledged it is very rude and counterproductive to do that, though they backpeddled as soon as the "gun enthusiasts" cried about it.
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    @Zazziness People armed with firearms don't scare me .... hell, I feel extremely safe ... even more so when its a large group of people =)

    It's the unarmed lying socialist snakes who pretend to want to protect everyone by disarming them for their own personal socialist agenda I fear the most!
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    @Zazziness you mean like the civil rights movement did during Jim Crowe? How dare any group of Americans get together peacefully to fight and champion for their constitutional rights. I mean it's not like they have a constitutional right to do so, oh wait they do.
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    @Zazziness - rude; maybe, in some cases. Counter productive - quite possibly, in some cases. Terrorizing? Certainly not. Only to people who have been conditioned to respond in a manner in which they are instantly frightened when they see a group of peaceful law abiding citizens walking together.
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    "Minority of people..."
    Clinton opposes minorities?
    Back in the reaa world, every possible metric shows that people by and large do not want more gun control.
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    "Back in the reaa world, every possible metric shows that people by and large do not want more gun control."

    In three minutes with The Google:

    *Whole Foods has a national policy that bans guns in stores, but not in parking lots
    *Ikea has a no arms policy that's posted in its stores
    *Starbucks' competitor Peet's Coffee doesn't allow guns in stores or in its outside seating areas
    *The movie theater chain AMC bans patrons from bringing guns in theaters
    *California Pizza Kitchen prohibits patrons from having guns in restaurants unless they're uniformed officers
    *The toy chain Toys R US prohibits customers from bringing guns to stores
    *Buffalo Wild Wings doesn't allow customers to carry guns in its restaurants
    *Weapons of any kind are banned at Disney World and Disney Land
    *Dallas-based Brinker International Inc, which owns the Chili's chain, said in a statement it was dedicated to providing "a safe environment for our guests and team members."
    *Sonic, owned by Sonic Corp, also issued a statement asking that customers "refrain from bringing guns onto our patios or into our outdoor dining areas."
    *Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc, and Jack in the Box Inc have asked diners to keep their firearms at home.
    *A majority of likely voters in swing congressional districts and states this year support stricter background checks on gun purchasers, and the support spans both parties, a new POLITICO poll finds.
    *Two-thirds of Tennesseans favor requiring a background check and permit before carrying a handgun in public, according to the most recent poll from Vanderbilt University.
    *The poll, released today by Everytown for Gun Safety, shows that 83 percent of Arizonans -- and 88 percent of Arizona women -- support criminal background checks on all gun sales. Results also show that over 65 percent of Arizona voters would be less likely to support a candidate who opposes background checks.
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    @DARSB It's funny....
    And I guess it's not scientific, but..... let's just take the polls here on Politix about gun control issues. How about this very topic... over 80% of respondents disagree with Clinton. How does one explain that?
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    @AndrewMC "over 80% of respondents disagree with Clinton. How does one explain that?"

    Sampling error.
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    @DARSB Lol, clearly Politix weeds out the anti-gun contingent, preventing them from taking part. My error, sir!
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    @AndrewMC No error. Polls here are simple opinion aggregators, not validated random samples. Given the predominantly conservative membership on Politix it's not hard to explain poll results that bear little resemblance to the actual country.
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    This PROVES that she did sustain brain injury to her bilateral globus pallidus. Her brain damage is much worse than mine, lol
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    @TigerLandSC Have had a number of little emergencies here at home that required immediate attention, but thank G_d they've all been taken care of now, lol. Thank you!
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    She almost had 2016 locked up, but she's gonna throw it away. If she keeps making statements like these, the Republicans are actually gonna have a base for their attacks. She's being ridiculous. Terrorizes? No need for exaggeration.
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    The smartest thing Demecrats ever did was removing gun control from their platform after President Clinton. The stupidest was picking it back up.
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    No, I'd say that's correct -- she's referring to the idiots who gather in groups and walk into peaceful public locations armed well enough to kill everyone there, should they so desire. It's bullying, at the least, and I'm sure some people were terrified.
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    @Zazziness you mean the ones who are exercising their right to peacefully assemble. to exercise their right of expression and speech.
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    Here's an idea, enforce the laws we already have. Start by securing the borders and getting rid of all the illegals, many who are gun toting criminals. Hillary is a buffoon.
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    @MyGauntlet --- I invite everyone who wants to ban guns to put a sign in their front yard saying "Gun Free Zone" and see what happens.----

    Noooooo. If I want any bullet holes on parts of my property I'd rather be the one putting them there thank you very much.
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    The "Majority" of Americans appear to be arming themselves more and more. I've been into the shooting sports for over 20 years, I've never seen so many new gun shops, or new firearm owners ever...I'm not even sure I like it to be honest as they take up all the slots at the shooting ranges and buy all the ammo. Maybe Hillary will win, hard to say, but these same new gun owners will vote for her and go out and buy an AR15. You can argue that it doesn't make much sense, but I've seen it with Obama supporters. Owning guns isn't political as much as politicians want to make it that way.
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    A lot of people are low info voters and vote according to campaign ads. Just wait if those hardcore gun owners still vote for her once the campaign ads start rolling with her calling them terrorists.
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    I think a lot of liberals will vote against their interest to save their gun rights and the GOP will play and bet on that.........So she is just wrong for the Democratic party...
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    I have to laugh thinking that a lot of gun buyers are buying because of her (and other Dems). Actually I suspect she thinks this is a chance to catch the wave on gun reform(or confiscation or whatever) because she really is interested in the Presidency.
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